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Sep 17, 12 at 7:24pmZakuto

I would like to know the best end game ice weapons for every weapon type excluding Bows,SnS and HH.

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Oct 7, 12 at 8:14am

quote Zakuto
Ok what are the best ice weapons (same cats as above) i can get on Hr7 because that where im at?
P.S im also on 9 star village quest.
I got the ukanlos longsword when I was HR7. You cannot activate the quest yourself though, nor will you be able to kill it. If you have friends that are HR9 and have the quest, try and kill it. You could also go online and kill it with people.

Oct 1, 12 at 6:42am

That and kushala weapons

Oct 1, 12 at 6:41am

Some of the early blangonga weapons upgrade into awesome ice weapons

Sep 19, 12 at 3:26am

Ok thanks for those weapons but once im a while in G-Rank e.g. Hr8, what is a better weapon?
The damage calculation program would be great! Since i dont understand anything on what gn_x00 did for calculations

Sep 19, 12 at 3:15am

that's quite cool. I tried to make it too, but I wasn't really understand the formula back then (and even now I'm still not really that good) and now kinda too lazy especially with too many assignments in university... dang it
And before this topic become even more off topic:

quote Zakuto
Ok what are the best ice weapons (same cats as above) i can get on Hr7 because that where im at?
P.S im also on 9 star village quest.

it's quite a good source for "what best weapon at this stage". some of it might not be right (since in HR 8 for example, you can actually make another purple sharpness with S+1 which can be better than Narga Weapon for raw), but should be enough for basic guide

Sep 19, 12 at 1:14am

On an unrelated note, I'm currently making a program that will do all of the weapon calculations, maybe if I finish it I will post it up on the forum for people to use. Would be pretty cool huh?

Sep 18, 12 at 5:23pm

oh ok. I forgot that we use Demon dance as an example

yup. SSG is better for those which weak to ice

Sep 18, 12 at 2:42pm

There's an interesting thing to note about my calculations for that, the elemental caluclations are based on the total elemental damage dealt using one demon dance. Which is 10 hits. Interestingly enough, that means the amount of elemental damage would be multiplied by the amount of hits, since that's how it works (As far as I recall... Maybe I'm just stupid and wrong?). That being said, the divider is negated since it's also 10. If you divide something by 10, and multiply something by 10... It doesn't change.

That's why the element on SSG looks so high in my calculation. The element damage really adds up in multi-hit attacks and helps it keep up to par with the dps from URB. If we were using a single-hit calculation it wouldn't look like a substantial difference. Same goes for fighting a monster that wasn't weak to ice. SSG would fall way behind. I think against general monsters, URB will be better since it doesn't rely on an element. But if you continue to rely on hi-element dual swords with good sharpness against their respective monsters, they'll continue coming out on top.
On one hand, you have URB that is pretty much decent at taking out anything. On the other hand, you can work your ass off collecting multiple sets of element dual swords just so you can take out anything, provided you switch weapons.

Your elemental calculations aren't taking into account that elemental damage is applied for every weapon hit. Since Demon dance has 10, the elemental damage is multiplied 10 times. Divider is negated and you get the actual amount of elemental damage after the entire combo. That's what I see at least.

Also, the way I did affinity may not be correct... But I basically took 30% of the damage total from URB, and took 75% of that, then added that 75% back onto the total, you don't lose a ton from affinity. But it's still a bit of a loss in such a large combo.
So it would go like:
URB Total 300
0.30 * 300 = 90 (Amount of damage that should have been affected by negative criticals.)
90 - 22.5 (25% of 90) = 67.5 (Reduce that damage by the 25% reduction of negative criticals.)
(URB Total minus the 30% that was being modified) 210 + 67.5 (Add the recalculated 30% portion) = 277.5 Total dmg. (22.5 damage lost)
You can also just take that 90 * 0.25 and subtract it from 300. Gives the same answer.

It's assuming that exactly 30% of the attacks are negative criticals. Then subtracting that damage difference from those attacks. It's bad statistics, but it's a simple way of calculating it without having to teach myself anything new.

Of course, anyone that knows how demon dance works knows that if the first hit is a critical or negative critical, the entire attack is a critical or negative critical. But, for the sake of science, let's just roll with this instead.

Sep 18, 12 at 4:51am

Hm... I forgot the [VAR] in my raw calculations XP
The raw ones looks correct (except the affinity... kinda confused). but the element one... I really don't understand the element calculations:

somehow I feel something wrong in my calculation... do tell me if you find it (since RA+3 makes so much different in URB)...

Sep 18, 12 at 3:22am

quote gn_x00
Yup. 3 slots are amazing
anyway, Silhouette sabers G at purple is only slightly better than URB in green and when it drops to white (which won't be long), it will lose to URB in green by quite a lot.
Just realize that S+1 increase the blue bar of URB by a bit. it might be worth it to use S+1. And in the end it will be S+1, SS and RA+2... oh well... it's boring.. I thought I can find a better skill set for it
Dammit man, you made me want to go do the calculations. Here's my results if you factor in affinity and the that both are using Demon Dance in the calculation against a Rathalos' head. (Regular elder rathalos.) If I assumed 0% affinity it seems like they're still close contenders vs. something weak to ice in the green sharpness area. It seems unfair to not count the affinity in calculations, seeing as I could just as easily raise affinity on SSG whenever I wanted to raise affinity on URB.

As you can see from the below results, it looks like if we weren't talking about something weak to Ice, URB would be takin' out the trash compared to SSG, but when it's Ice weakness, SSG takes the cake. Particularly since it loses no DPS from affinity and has a longer sharpness duration before hitting green.

Just thought that was interesting. Hope you can appreciate that data as much as I did. :S

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