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Sep 20, 12 at 10:16pm

Ganon's new moveset

^ B: Warp up then temperarly hover, think Zelda's Farore's Wind and Pit's Wings of Icarus put together in one super recovery move.

B: Energy ball, he could charge it up by holding B to release the big Energy ball from OoT

[B]Flame Choke: Keep it

Bv:Ground Pound: he punches the ground and it creates shockwaves

Final Smash: Ganon, make ether the NES one or the OoT one and we could control him for alittle bit.
I think I might be leaning towards the NES Ganon for his final smash since it had more appearences, although they could also make each form version exclusive.

What about the [A] move were he kicks?

That was used in Twilight Princess by Ganondorf in the swordfight.

Sep 16, 12 at 5:54am

Overall ganondorf should either use a sword or his trident for his attacks or at least for some of them,maybe he could switch between his weapons depending on the attack he does,like ness who suddenly uses a baseball bat during his side smash and uses a yo-yo for his down-smash(and up-smash).
He could for example use his trident for his up-smash,his tp-sword for his side-smash and his ww-swords for his down-smash.

Ganondorf teleports,you can control the direction of the teleportation,however when he jumps forward and strikes enemies with his weapon.
The origin of this attack would be from the battle against him in the linked oracle games,where he an disappear for a short time and then reappears while attacking.

After a short time charging he would shoot a ball made of energy,the ball is quite powerful,but can be knocked back with a well timed smash attack(the hitbox of the ball would however be rather small,making it very risky to do this)
The origin of the attack is of course from OoT and from Phantom ganons attack in OoT and WW.

[b]:Flame choke:
well it could be kept since it is ganondorfs only original move and resembles the scene where he punches the sage in tp to death.

Bv:Ground pund:
He punches the ground and creates shockwaves,in the air he would smash down to the ground,damaging enemies who stand between him and the ground.
The origin is obviously the ground pound attack in OoT

Final Smash:Ganon:
He transforms into ganon(either the one from OoT or from the 2D-games) and you can control him.

Sep 15, 12 at 7:48pm

What should his new moveset be?

I think his new moveset would be:

B^ - Fly - He jumps up into the air, with an energy ball in his hand.

B - Energy Ball - He makes an energy ball and throws it like the one in Oot and WW.

B> - Flame Choke - Same as Brawl. I think he will keep this move because of this:

He looks like he is using Flame Choke (Without the flames of course)

Bv - Shock waves - He punches the ground, making small shock waves that hurt people.

Post your moveset ideas here!

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