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Sep 15, 12 at 5:23pmUnbeaten

I got banned. KITTEEEEEEENS.

It says it's because of something I've done in-game (someone has used the tribunal thing on me) This is complete rainbows. 3 day ban for something I haven't done. I am so *bleep*ing sick of riot banned me. *bleep*.

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Sep 21, 12 at 5:18pm

I hope you guys aren't referring to standard respawn modes in Call of Duty when you dismiss it.

Sep 21, 12 at 4:56pm

CoD simply doesn't demand as much teamwork at the casual levels. One derp or uncooperative teammate in LoL sinks your team immediatly. Got one wet blanket in CoD? Eh, you might win.

There's also that interaction aspect of people actually utilizing chat within LoL.

quote tekmosis
quote Lorx
  1. There is no I in Team

Found it.
My life is ruined! Ruined I tell you!

Sep 21, 12 at 1:19pm

CoD is fast-paced, like most FPS'. You can't really tell if your team *bleep*s up unless they suicide or you hear 5 sniper shots go off without an enemy dieing. In League of Legends all you have to do is glance at another lane and see a Taric towerdiving at level 1 to know he's an idiot.

Sep 21, 12 at 11:36am

I find it interesting people rage at teammates for being *bleep*ing retarded in LoL, rather than the enemy like people do in CoD.

Sep 21, 12 at 10:32am

    It also makes the game more fun for you and everyone else. Gets annoying seeing people rage in almost every other game

Sep 21, 12 at 10:17am

quote Lorx
  1. There is no I in Team

Found it.

Sep 21, 12 at 9:39am

Oh god the king of postcounts has been summoned.
Somebody, cook some bacon to distract him!

The idea with "ban first" is that people should honestly know how to act in games, and do not require that warning shot. It's planted here and they do little ad campaigns and events for it every so often. Really though, everything on that list is common sense. Short version of that list is:
  1. There is no I in Team
  2. Don't be a jerk
  3. Don't be a jerk
  4. Don't be a jerk
  5. Don't be a jerk
  6. Don't be a jerk
  7. Don't be a jerk
  8. Don't be a jerk
  9. Don't be a jerk
Longer version:
  1. This is a team game, going off on your own because "you can" is not an option. You can't. It doesn't work. You need to be functioning as part of the unit you agreed to be a part of.
  2. Notice a problem? Something amiss? Make sure your feedback is constructive. Whining is useless, bringing forward solutions and/or a well thought-out analysis of the problem is actually helpful.
  3. Treat others as you wish to be treated, be respectful and polite
  4. Don't troll, it just ruins the game for everybody else.
  5. Feel free to reach out a hand and make some friends, this is a community game, why not participate in that community?
  6. Show that you are big enough to admit defeat to the hands of your betters, and show understanding when the boot is on the other foot. Shake hands with your enemies.
  7. Keep your cool, if somebody mouths off, that's no excuse for you to return the favor.
  8. We were all new at some point, you cannot be mad at somebody for not being as experienced as you are. New players are integral to keeping an online community alive.
  9. Be a bro.
It's all a bit repetitive, but it's very simple, easy to follow guidelines. If there's somebody in a game that's really, really getting under your skin, hit the ignore button, report him at the end if you feel it necessary, and move on. If it's really bugging you that he "got away with it", remember how little any of that will matter one year from now. That is literally how to avoid ever getting serious reports against you, except for leaves and unskilled. There is no report option besides those two that doesn't fall in that list somewhere. Also unskilled reports cannot ban you, so leaves is the only thing not on the Summoner's Code that can result in bans. Those rules even cover hacking, that's fun at the expense of others, #4.

Nothing on that list should be news to anybody, or require a warning. It all boils down to "don't be a jerk, use teamwork". Simplest rules ever.

Sep 21, 12 at 8:06am

The Tribunal shouldn't have to issue warnings in my most humble opinion. I used to treat teammates like an asshole back in Season 1, and I despise when I see it happening still, same with someone who has the nerve to play a Ranked when he's lagging or when he has connection issues. Of course if you have the balls to go afk or just leave a ranked game, same deal. Don't be a dick, you won't be punished >=D

Neoseeker's banning system is flawed. Gotenks used to ban me all the time for having a larger e-peen and beating him at brawl.

Sep 21, 12 at 7:12am

Yes, the warning system works with Leaverbuster correctly- they also ban you the next game you leave. >.>

But my point is that the Tribunal did no such thing. A slap on the wrist a warning is not. A warning is essentially a threat to ban, which would have worked nicely for me considering I like League compared to something I don't care about, like Neoseeker.

Sep 21, 12 at 6:52am

Touche Inuyasha, I forgot they had that little auto-message system when Leaves got too high on an account.

quote DC Sniper
quote Lorx
The 3day is your warning, for longer bans. I don't recall any point where there was a warning without bans attached to it in League.
That's not a warning. That's a ban. Why do they call it a warning when it's common sense all bans get longer?
While it's common sense that bans get longer, it's also common sense that if you get a warning with no penalty, that is followed by bans if you continue acting out of line. So I'm not sure I follow. If you want to call Bans and Warnings completely separate things that cannot mix, be my guest I guess. It's all sentimentals anyway, since in the end non-permanent bans serve the same purpose. A slap on the wrist while you tell the person to "knock it off", whereas a warning without a ban is the same thing, but without the slap.

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