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Dec 18, 12 at 11:30am

Deity Wars December 14th Updates:

New Card & Facebook Page

Deity Wars is now on Facebook, updates include latest news about the game and special deals from their page for users. You can access the facebook page via your Mypage icon and there's a chance for rewards when Liking the page.

Lucifer <- New Hell Referral Card
(21 Invites to reach SSR)

Stage 1:

R - Fiery Angel Lucifer
Max Level: 40
ATK: 1560
DEF: 1370
Cost: 9
Material: o o o

Skill: Fallen Heaven Seal
Effect: Slightly raises hell element attack

Stage 2: (After 5 Evolutions)

RR - Rebel Lucifer
Max Level: 50
ATK: 2240
DEF: 1970
Cost: 14
Material: o o o

Skill: Fallen Heaven Curse
Effect: Greatly raises hell element attack

Stage 3: (After 10 Evolutions)

SR - Fallen Lucifer
Max Level: 60
ATK: 3260
DEF: 2890
Cost 19
Material: o o o o

Skill: Demon Soul
Effect: Enormously raises hell element attack

Stage 4: (After 20 Evolutions)

SSR - Fallen Angel Lucifer
Max Level: 70
ATK: 5060
DEF: 4480
Cost: 25
Material: o o o o o

Skill: Satan Soul
Effect: Extremely raises hell element attack

Battle Royale Fixes

Fixes have been made for Battle Royale

- The matching system whereby some players would win or lose every time.
- The rewards system whereby players would not get rewarded beyond 1000 consecutive wins (these players will be sent their due rewards today)

As a result of the fixes the team has reset the currently accumulated VP to allow the system to be run on fair grounds.

- Players will be offered 30% battle elixirs to all affected players (The # of elixirs will depend on the # of consecutive wins)
- You can now recover BP during the battle as you can during Raid Boss instances

Altdia Updates

The issue with the release of the 4th Stone Spirit Altdia has been corrected for those users who have met the requirement to earn it. The special skill for Altdia has also been activated as of the 14th.

December 17, 2012

General update

1. Clarification regarding last week's interim rewards

- You will receive only the highest reward according to the furthest area you've reached and not all the rewards for each area you passed that offer rewards. (Example: if you reached area 120, you will receive only the reward for clearing past area 100 but you will not additionally get those for area 50 or 20 completed prior to that)

2. Lucifer series cards are now untradeable & unofferable

- These invitation rewards were meant to be untradeable and unofferable. However due to a glitch this restriction hadn't been properly implemented. This has been rectified as of December 17.
- You can no longer gift these cards or trade them except for cards already in the market.

3. Gifting CP Tickets

- CP tickets are meant to be unofferable, however due to a glitch, some tickets are being offered and they end up being unusable.
- Please cease from offering any CP tickets. We will follow up on this issue once we find a complete fix to the glitch.

December 18, 2012

Mat's Bidding Glitch Fixed

We have fixed the follow market glitches that occured when you big more than one material of the same type:

1: Your bid materials would seem to remain in the Material page <- They will now disappear during the bid

2: You didn't get your materials back when they were rejected <- They will now return if they are rejected

The materials which hadn't returned previously should show up in your Material page by the end of this week. If not, please contact the customer support form via the in-game notice / news for this announcement. Upon reception of the application the team will check the DB to confirm the claim and that all unverifiable claims will not be fulfilled.

[Deity Wars ref code: CJF5141]

Sep 14, 12 at 12:27am

Guild War Update - September 17, 2012


Guild war is a war between guilds. Your guild's victory depends on each players strength.

Prepare by getting some of the strongest cards on the limited CP

What is Guild War?
"Ragnarok" is a battle where up to 4 guilds fight at the same time. Guilds that rack up victories earn honor and rewards

To participate in guild battle, first, you need a guild with at least 5 members

If there are not enough people you should scout and gather more people.

Only the Master can choose to join Guild Battle. If someone other than the guild master wants to enter a Guild Battle, ask your guild master to enter for you

After applying for Guild Battle, opponents will be decided one hour before the start of the match.

ex. Guild Battle Proceedure (Ex.)

12:30 - Entry
13:00 - Announcement of Guilds
14:00 - Guild Battle Starts
15:00 - Guild Battle Ends - Results Announced

Battle between 4 guilds

When Guild Battle starts, 10 Vidar rings will be given to each guild member (100 max)

4 guilds fight each other and steal Vidar rings from each other, and the number of rings possessed at the end of the round determines the guild rank.

Also, guilds can summon a guardian. When a guardian is summoned, it will effect both your guild and the opponent guild, helping your guild achieve victory.

When a ring is stolen, you can request support from a guild member, and if that guild member wins you can steal the ring back.

Only the guild master can choose to enter. Up to 3 of the 4 time options on the Guild War Page 1

You have some time before Guild War begins, so take some time with your members to plan strategies, form squads and prepare for victory.

At the start of the guild battle, 10 vidar rings are given to each vanguard member

Guild war ends after 1 hour, the results are posted on the guild battle page after about 5 minutes

During a guild battle, guild members cannot be added or dismissed, members cannot leave and the guild cannot be dissolved.

One person can hold up to 30 vidar rings

Five guild battle matches are held each day

In guild battle only roles "Guild Masters" "Vice-Masters" and those with "Guild Battle" mentioned in their effects are valid. Skills for Vs battles are ineffective.

The guardian is the god that protects each guild

Various types of guardians exist in this world, and the powers displayed are different for each summoned guardian. It is still not clear how each guardian is obtained.

The guardian appears only during guild battle. Build up summon points and summon to release its special ability. Choose the guardian that will make the most of your guild members power, and aim to be the strongest guild.

The higher the level of the guardian, the greater its effect. Obtained guardians can be selected from the Guild Battle top page to make it available for summons.

In Ragnarok, each guild divides their guild members for battle into vanguard and rear guard, with 10 guild members at most in each.

During Guild War, you can attack your opponent, but they can attack you too. When the front members are defeated while carrying Vidar rings their rings will be stolen. Each time you attack your opponent the guardian summon gauge goes up.

Rear Guard
During Guild War, you cannot attack opponents, but they cannot attack you either. Back members can "assist" to support front members.

Cheer is a form of support that only back members can do to support front members

This action uses BP and raises the spirits of one front member. The assisted member goes into "High-Spirits Mode" and if you win the next battle you can steal 2 rings from the enemy. However, if the enemy only has 1 ring you can only steal 1.

When you win Ragnarok, based on your battle stats you can pieces of slab.

A legend card can be revived by gathering all the slabs. Also the card obtained by completing the slabs can be obtained over and over again.

That's all the info they provided on the phone update ^ hopefully it's useful although I know they made a ton of spelling errors.


[Deity Wars ref code: CJF5141]

Sep 10, 12 at 9:10am

Pretty big addition to the gameplay this week, check out the news below. Starting off with the material comp and how things are obtained.

If you've found this helpful please try to use my referral code of CJF5141

Material collection changes

From the Deity Wars announcement feed:

Now a completely NEW feature, Comp material collection is available

Fill in your material collection by collecting the comp materials for reaching level max on each stage.

N Comp Material

[Comp materials generated at the end of all N class cards] (38 displayed for me)


Attack +1300 + Kujata x3 + 5000Gil

- - - - - -

NN Comp Material

[Comp materials generated at the end of all NN class cards] (30 displayed for me)


Attack +1500 + Kujata x5 + 5000Gil

- - - - - -

R Comp Material

[Comp materials generated at the end of all R class cards] (52 displayed for me)


Attack +1800 + Great Kujata x2 + 10000Gil

- - - - - -

RR Comp Material

[Comp materials generated at the end of all RR class cards] (35 displayed for me)


Power Shoot + Great Kujata x4 + 20000Gil

- - - - - -

SR Comp Material

[Comp materials generated at the end of all SR class cards] (23 displayed for me)


Chakram Shoot + King Kujata x1 + 30000Gil

- - - - - -

SSR Comp Material

[Comp materials generated at the end of all SSR class cards] (6 displayed for me)


Justice Maximum + King Kujata x2 + 50000Gil


Deity Wars New Quest Areas

Lune the White Lily Kingdom. Clair the Capital
"Order of the Lunar Eclipse"
Petrify Curse
Statue Army Aka Manah

Lune Royal Palace, the "White Moon Tower"
Ceremony of Dimensional Ascension
Impossible Moon
Ragna Breaker

Ruins of the Moon People, Diriculum
A lava and A basalt
The castle of dark
The Throne of Satan

All new quests will include hidden treasures and powerful materials within!


Login Stamp Sheet Error

There was a display mistake on Limited Card reward for Stamp Login Sheet. We apologize for the trouble.

The sheet on the animation showed you would get Limited [RR] card for every 5 times login, however it was Limited [R] card actually.

We are sorry to make you confused. Now we have made the correct sheet showing this change.

We put this notice here in replacement of returns to all Customer Support E-Mails due to this problem.

Best regards,
Deity Wars admin. office

Unificating Log In Bonus

There now are two kinds of log in bonuses; the one which Luna opens the treasure box and the other with a Kujata showing you the rewards.

From tomorrow we will unificate the log in bonuses, leaving the one with the Kujata and the stamp sheet instead.

Please keep on enjoying the world of Deity Wars, and don't forget to log in everyday!!

That wraps up the news for the day / week it looks like, I'll keep you posted if anything new comes along.


[Deity Wars ref code: CJF5141]

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