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Sep 6, 12 at 11:06pmMachienzo

Discussion of your thoughts, theories and queries as to the setting of this game.

I personally believe that it is set in the late 70's. Some of the devices (ie. Music Player) look roughly old enough to be from that period. I read a comment about the feature of the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk possibly relating to the United State's Army field testing back in 1976 of three (count them, three in the trailer) before being selected for production at the end of the year.

The boy in the cell looks to be Chico. As a matter of fact, the Gameplay video announcer stated that it is infact Chico. He seems to look very similar to his Peace Walker appearance (perhaps a little bit older). Plus, the voice over throughout mentioning the survival of Paz wouldn't be a far stretch to be news a year or two after PW's end.

And if it can be taken for consideration, the use of 'Ride of the Valkyries' for Helicopters during wartime was popularised by the 1979 film Apocalypse Now.

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Nov 27, 12 at 8:53pm

Also of note: That ugly mofo looks a hell of a lot like Mason Verger, of Hannibal Lecter infamy. Coincidence? I think not.

Nov 14, 12 at 10:59am

Well it takes place in Cuba lol. Or it could very well take place in Zanzibar land and your 'just visiting'. From what I'm reading it seems that Mother Base will exist in this game as well but it will be on land and can be developed similar to the previous Mother Base. So somewhere there is enough land to allow a open world sneaking system to be implemented. Also as Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks being shown in the trailer before it was taken down imply a late 70s or early 80s level of technology. We also have to take into account that Big Boss did not age too significantly from Peace Walker. Paz is known to be have survived the Zeke Battle, Chico is still a child and it was discussed that he would break easily under duress which is implied that happened. As for who XOF killed (if they weren't bluffing) it could be Amanda, Paz, Strangelove, or really any female member of MSF.

Btw everyone did you hear that Kojima has announced MGS5 (not rising or Peacewalker but the actual 5) is a direct sequel to Ground Zeroes... and supposedly coming out some time afterward.

Nov 9, 12 at 12:17am

Definitely set after Peace Walker, but easily before MG1.

All in all everything that SGD has said seems to me as a VERY accurate depiction of the game. We'll come back when MGS:GZ is released and it'll all add up, I'm sure.

Oct 18, 12 at 7:55am

Ok, I had a nice post about my thoughts on the setting, but Neoseeker decided to nuke it at the last second before I posted it.

Tryin' to remake the post from memory, here goes...

From what I can tell, the time setting will probably be late 70's or early 80's, but if I had to put money on a year I'd say 1980. Then again, with the 'Diamond Dogs' image that was released a while back, that could be a reference to David Bowie's album of the same name, which had a track called 1984. And on top of that, the Daewoo K2 rifle in this image was first used by frontline South Korean soldiers in 1984. So, 1980 or 1984.

I know Chico looks the same as he did in the Peace Walker incident (he was twelve years old then), but there could be a number of factors like angles, lighting, and stuff that make him look younger than he is. Japan seems to have a big deal with crazily-young looking characters. I was perusing the trailer, and Chico's shins seem to be rather long... So he could be fairly older than twelve. BUT WHY WAS HE PLUGGED INTO HIMSELF?! Anyway. The main reason I think it's so much later than Peace Walker is because every pertinent character from that game has now gone their separate ways, and they seem to be pretty drastically spread out at that. Remember how far apart people had drifted from MGS3 (1964) to Portable Ops (1970)?

As for geographic location, I reckon that the American base is just that, a forward outpost or operating base in hostile (or at least not home) territory. Kojima Productions seem to have a fetish for South America, so it may well end up being there again. But seeing as chronologically we're getting closer and closer to the Outer Heaven Uprising, I'm betting on it being in South Africa. There's also the Diamond Dogs image, which features Rhodesian Ridge-backs, which (naturally) live in Rhodesia, South Africa (these dogs are at the beginning of the trailer, too).

Also there's the 'Diamond' part of that, which may refer to conflict or 'blood' diamonds, taken from diamond mines that used P.O.Ws from regional wars to mine the things under savage and brutal conditions. You can't tell much from this screenshot, it could well be similar to the Irazu Mountains from Peace Walker, but it looks altogether too dried out and dusty to be South America.

Still, with all the clues from the trailer ("Blacksite on the tip of Cuba"), seems like that's where it'll be.

I dunno, I may be over-rationalising and over-constructing this, but I feel pleased with my contribution.

Oct 8, 12 at 12:07pm
Seeker X

I just recently saw the of the things that caught my eye was that the guy with the disfigured face was telling the kid (obviously Chico) that they'd killed "her" quickly. I'm thinking they're talking about Amanda, Chico must've been captured again and tortured and he talked or something. Secondly, shouldn't Snake be now Outer Heaven instead of MSF? I mean, according to PW's actual ending, Big Boss makes the transformation official. Thirdly, since Cipher's the enemy this time around, I imagine Zero's making a pretty big appearance, maybe even some of the bosses from MG1/MG2 (under different names, of course). I personally can't wait to see Paz again, even though she was a traitor, if you listen to all her recordings she was starting to really like staying at MSF before she was caught.

Sep 11, 12 at 9:34am

Yes yes, Chico. Also, there was a sighted United States of America Flag in the concept artwork. Is this a big revelation for Big Boss to finally have returned to US soil?

Sep 10, 12 at 1:56pm

I think the boy in the cage is a little too old to be any of the Snakes since based on the looking of the timeline on this game, they would only be very young.

Also it's already been confirmed as Chico I believe.

Sep 10, 12 at 9:36am

fair enough i know it probally is chico but knowing konami he likes to throw people off so its a surpirise but untill the game comes out who knows whats going on

Sep 9, 12 at 6:45pm

I still think it's Chico. It looks like Chico, and there's heavy implication that it is. The skinned-face man calls him a 'traitor' and Miller and Snake are talking about Chico being capture. Also, in case you didn't know, the presenter during the gameplay demo actually stated "it is Chico".

Sep 9, 12 at 8:51am

yeah this also could mean solid, liquid or soliduis could be the boy in the cage!!

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