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Sep 05, 12 at 8:26amcheesypotatoes

im statring a new game on heartgold and im thinking my team will be


plz tell me if i should change anything and give me movesets

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Sep 07, 12 at 6:39pm

nahh im not that big of a fan of fighting types.

i was thinking maybe espeon?

Sep 07, 12 at 10:42am

I'm personally a big fan of Heracross, but if you need a fighting type, Machamp wouldn't be a bad choice. DynamicPunch and No Guard are lethal.

Sep 07, 12 at 10:17am

i will keep donphan

should i replace heracross with anything?

Sep 07, 12 at 10:04am

Lapras is also a pretty solid water choice. The Ice subtype only makes it more deadly for Lance. Just watch out for those Thunders on his Dragonites as they'll still OHKO your Lapras. Just don't use Rain Dance in that fight whatever you do!

As for Golem... I would only consider it if you felt like you really needed a STAB rock user. Donphan's better for the most part in stats and doesn't have the extra rock typing to make it useless against grass, water, fighting, and other ground types.

Sep 07, 12 at 8:46am

Im going to play wifi after i finish the campaign

Sep 07, 12 at 8:44am

I decided to take out starmie and replace it with lapras so i can take out lances dragons a bit easier.

Im also debating if i should take out donphan for golem.

Ive also decided against heracross so if you have any suggestions to replace him with........?

Sep 06, 12 at 10:40pm

I would consider swapping Starmie for something like Vaporeon or, if you can get your hands on it, Milotic. Both of them are still pure water types, and both of them can take a few good hits before needing a potion or switching out while still doing some respectable damage on their own. Your team focuses a lot on speed and power. While that can be a useful strategy, nearly all of them are easily taken care of in one blow. Typhlosion, Dragonite, and Ampharos are weak to rock and ground type moves; both of which are fairly common. Heracross goes down easily to fire, which is also fairly common. Vaporeon and Milotic can soak those hits a lot better than Starmie can.

If you want to go with Vaporeon, I'd recommend something like this:

-Acid Armor
-Baton Pass

Toxic can be replaced with Surf (or Ice Beam if you really need an ice move), but three Acid Armors would be a pain to break. Pile that on with Wish to restore HP and then Baton Pass to an injured Pokemon that can still take a hit on the switch, and you've got yourself a great defensive utility to work with. Toxic is mainly to deal secondary damage while Vaporeon tanks whatever it's up against, but as I said you can use Surf for STAB or Ice Beam if you need some extra oomph for Lance. I'm not a big fan of Ampharos or Typhlosion, so I'm not going to be of much help there. Dragonite is a very fun Pokemon with a lot of viable options to work with. Heracross and Donphan are a bit more limited in their moves, but they're both still pretty fun. I can help you out a little better if I know what you're trying to go for. Are you just trying to get through the game or do you want to play on WiFi after the campaign is finished?

Sep 06, 12 at 9:55am

    Looks good. A bit of an Ice weakness so watch out for Lance's Ice Beams.

    As for movesets, I'm not going to tell you six of them. Just give them a STAB move and move to counter their weaknesses. Also, don;t go giving them Special moves if their highest stat is Attack.

Sep 05, 12 at 8:26am

im statring a new game on heartgold and im thinking my team will be


plz tell me if i should change anything and give me movesets

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