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Sep 03, 12 at 11:45amLiliana

Hey guys, this will be a thread I'm devoting to a bit of a developer battle. With Black Ops 2 on the way, and MW3 being a flop in our eyes, who do YOU think is the better developer. Infinity Ward ties in with Sledgehammer if you want to consider them as a whole, just saying.

Anyhow, I'd like to see some legitimate reasons as to why you think one developer is the better of the two.

Most of you know my opinion. I personally believe that Infinity Ward (even barring MW3) is the better developer. They started this series with CoD1 and have proved countless times that they were the more loved developer. CoD2 was simply awesome for it's time and CoD4 is what started what we have today, even tho what we have today isn't exactly what we want anymore. I give Infinity Ward major props for this because without them, we'd probably be stuck in the same era of the first three CoD's. Call of Duty 4 was simply amazing in both multiplayer and story. Throughout the Modern Warfare line, you were left with breath taking and struggling scenes which kept you more and more interested. Sure, I will say that CoD4's single player was the best of the three but the high strung moments like in the final mission where you're hunting down General Shepard in the boat and finally send him to his grave with one last throwing knife or the mission in MW3 where you unfortunately lose Soap, a character we've all loved since the beginning. I commend Infinity Ward and their side developers for making the single player partitions of the game, while I understand that COD has become more of a multiplayer game. While the story lines are short, they are good for the time you spend playing them.

As for why I dislike Treyarch, it really has to do with the flop that CoD3 was. I hated this CoD. I loved CoD2 and was hoping for another great CoD experience and I was let down. The single player let me down and the multiplayer was choppy and uninviting. My love for the series was re-established with the masterpiece I found in CoD4. I only got to play a little of World at War, so I couldn't exactly tell you what I think of that but when Black Ops came out I was honestly hoping for Treyarch to redeem themselves after COD3 for me, but, unfortunately, that just didn't happen. Black Ops was slow and clunky, the modes were nice but I found that the game moved overall slow. The currency system wasn't to my liking, nothing felt actually rewarding, and getting high kill streaks seemed easy with some of the clearly over powered guns. I do commend Treyarch for actually TALKING to their fanbase, which Infinity Ward clearly fails in.

Anyhow, I'm getting Black Ops 2 and hopefully this opinion may change. I may come to like Treyarch more but for the time being, I don't see it that way. :/

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Jan 03, 15 at 4:06pm

Hello guys and I think MW3 was the greatest game I ever played and believe it was most fun for me and I hope some people agree with me

May 04, 14 at 9:52am
mr cod

Well I personally think treyarch is best because they have a better imagination. Just think about it, they where the ones who put zombies into the game. Now that cod ghosts is out with its new 'extinction' game mode, dont you think its because iw knew they where beaten by bo2 with zombies mode. I mean like, iw just brings out the same old special ops crap each time. Its time for somethimg new and pluses with cod advanced warfare coming out soon, we will be able to see who ends up with the upper hand with imagination.

Another reason why I think treyarch is better is because iw is a bunch of shit full stop. Ive played cod4 to cod ghosts and the way I hear it (especially from the fans) that in ways of movement, treyarch is better. I mean like its really distracting when running with you primary weapon out. The movement of the gun just makes my eyes go funny soo.....yeah. Although i'll agree iw killstreaks are good, I still think treyarch is better, especially with how the killstreak system works in bo2.

For me treyarch is better.

Nov 12, 13 at 11:52am

treyarch for me, guys. Even though it isn't that big of a deal, I find bopsII to be so much more aesthetically pleasing than ghosts.

Nov 07, 13 at 8:22pm

Infinity Ward has a better legacy with The Modern Warfare series, but Treyarch seems to be taking the lead currently, with Ghosts not being that impressive.

Nov 07, 13 at 10:31am

Infinity ward. I played Black Ops 2, and I think it's one of the worst Call of Duty made thus far. The quick scopes, the lack of pro perks, the shoot first die first, funky camera angles. I mean, I could go on all day. I've been playing Ghosts, and I think is better in every way..

Nov 06, 13 at 7:22pm

Treyarch is definitely superior.

Nov 06, 13 at 2:36pm

Treyarch all the way.

Nov 02, 13 at 4:09pm

I strongly support IW over treyarch for one reason. IMHO you have to be talented to play talented on an IW game. Where treyarch gives the less advanced players perks and over powered guns in Dlc, to make them play better.

Oct 06, 13 at 6:24am

quote Guest27
MW4 had great opportunities to snipe. Trey has essentially eliminated that element out of the game.
I meant the first MW.

Also, Trey's lag to show a teammate's green name tag happens all the time. If friendly fire only killed me instead of kicking me, that's fine, but in Bops2 I am getting sick of getting kicked out for shooting people when they were presented as an enemy. If Trey can't fix the glitches to prevent me from knowing who is on my team, they need to stop punishing the players. IW has more attention to detail when standing close to other objects (and a teammate comes into your field of view).

And how come Trey hasn't patched the swarm of bugs that glitch on the sound? It's been a problem since the game came out. I'm getting sick of having to reset the game because they won't fix it. I guess they already made the bulk of their money and it's not profitable at this point to spend more time on it.

Oct 05, 13 at 7:19pm

Infinity Ward is better for me.... here's why. I try to avoid Trey whenever possible, usually waiting over 6 months after Treys release date to buy their games. (I wait until I get tired of IWs game and go buy a newer one).

I play Hardcore only and want as realistic experience as possible:

Friendly fire- IW thankfully implemented ricochet friendly fire. The annoying noob tubers and team killers disappeared! Trey STILL hasn't adapted and rewards annoying gameplay (I.e. In Bops2 when I get an airdrop crate, teammates kill me to steal it because they won't get kicked for one kill).

Realism- I like playing hardcore, so I don't enjoy UAVs or bomb detectors at all. Did Trey not understand what "hardcore" is about? Turn that off for hardcore. IW understands the underlying purpose of Hardcore's game mode better than Trey. They made it easier for me to hide from UAVs with my load out.

Ghost- so the only way to hide from UAVs with Trey is by moving? Since when are the developers punishing people who take up a defensive position? The game isn't about running around as much as possible... Trey treats the game like Halo, whereas IW keeps to its roots of trying to make a close-to-life experience with the real world.

H&K USP .45- IW has the gun, Trey doesn't. Enough said. Best gun ever.

SPAS- Both IW and Trey are retarded... the SPAS isn't a pump shotgun. Its a semi with a backup feature as a pump if the semi jams. Have you ever pumped a SPAS? The pull is super heavy, because it was designed as a last ditch option that might save your life if your gun jammed. Its import was outlawed in the U.S. because it's shot semi auto so fast for that day-in-age! Lawmakers argued that there wasn't anything 'sport' related needing of that kind of firepower. Make the SPAS semi or give us an FN SLP or something.

All shotguns- Trey is actually allowing the shotguns to do more damage, as they should. Have these developers ever shot a shotgun? The range with slugs isn't ~15 feet like all these CODs resemble. Both developers need to take a trip to the gun range to learn a bit. COD2 was the last game where using shotguns was fun (the trench gun wreaked havoc close range!)

Graphics- IW has better multiplayer graphics by a long shot. It's hard to see long range on Treys games because the details (grass, floating debris, etc) aren't in the background. Treys misc stuff tend to distract and interfere with seeing people move, rather than add to the overall effect. Bops2 got better at this, but IW has gotten it right every time.

Spawns- In hardcore TDMatch, IW doesn't seem to spawn enemies randomly behind me as much. Trey has on many occasions spawned an enemy I just killed right behind me. I guess they don't want any players to stand still for even a second. It doesn't seem like Treys developers treated this as a priority, maybe the code was too hard to write for them based on the current game status?

FMJ- Trey is much better at IW with bullet penetration realism. Not perfect, there are still some tiny weak objects that tend to block shots unrealistically. IW needs to get better at this. Do some research IW. Even a normal .45 cal FMJ pistol round will go through a car in real life (not through the engine block). Trey even shows the FMJ with a green tip, which is a 'penetrator' round that the military uses. They both need to stop using the term FMJ though. FMJ doesn't mean armor piercing, yet that's the way they're both using the term. The Lake City 'penetrator' ammo has a steel core... FMJ doesn't inherently have one, so calling it a "FMJ" is the wrong term.

Classes- Trey was smart developing the point system. (In case you don't want to carry a sidearm and instead carry an extra grenade or something). Unfortunately for Trey, the mixture of what perks I like are all mixed in one category. Get rid of the categories so I don't only have to equip one or the other. IW had my favorite perks in different categories so I could use them all.

Map design- IW is better overall. Trey has a few in BOps2 that keep me guessing where someone will hide, but for the most part Trey seemed to design a lot of their smaller maps trying to reduce any hiding spot... again forcing people to just run around and shoot without tactic. Why is Trey trying to eliminate tactics out of the game? MW4 had great opportunities to snipe. Trey has essentially eliminated that element out of the game.

Single player- Trey has such a confusing storyline and designed the maps with no thought. I feel like I'm on a Disney ride with Treys single player... follow their ONLY path and shoot people along the way. IW allowed a bit more roaming and the storyline doesn't bounce around confusingly.

Spec Ops- Zombies were cool on World at War and I still play it occasionally, but the screen resolution is too dark to even enjoy on Bops2. If I want to play offline, I find myself playing the last IW version with SpecOps where there are progressively harder rounds of waves of enemies.

IW used to run circles around Trey, but it seems like Trey is learning and adapting from IW. In the near future I'll stick with IW more. I found this post by searching Google for Call of Duty Infinity Ward because I was trying to find out when IW's next version will release. I'm ready to put Bops2 on the shelf.

A huge THANK YOU to both companies... Thanks for not changing the controls from company to company so we don't have to re learn how to play your version!

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