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Aug 21, 12 at 12:21amFluidity

About the possible release of this game in the US. Virtue and Gotenks both disagree with me but hear me out. Grab a coffee and get comfortable because I feel long-winded tonight.

European Assumptions
A lot of people think that since NoE confirmed a mid-2013 release that AC3DS will debut around the same time in NA. I disagree with this based on the fact that all previous games in the series were released earlier in NA than in EU and AU. This is especially true for the previous handheld installment (Wild World) where it came out four months earlier in NA than in EU. This means there is a slight chance this can be true for this game, which would mean the possibility of a late 2012/early 2013 release in NA.

Nintendo's Silence
I think Nintendo's silence is deceiving. Let's not forget the Nintendo Magazine scan with an estimated arrival time of Summer 2012. It is the latest confirmed release info we have for NA and while they failed to deliver, it's still technically summer and an update is due out soon. If they were projecting such an early release, the game is near or fully completed. Yeah, maybe a few things came up that needed fixing, but we have plenty of info (more has been announced since the last update) aside from an official date and title, and new mention seems to happen more frequently now. There's also the chance they had to hold back because they've had so many big titles these past few months.

Angry Fans
Another solid reason Nintendo should soon be making a move is because people are *bleep*ing angry. I don't need to explain how long it has been since the game was announced and how they failed to mention it at major events (E3, GDC), but they owe us for it, dammit. It was a risky move they took building suspense, and they're taking it really far- too far. Look up other forums and comments and videos regarding Nintendo's distribution of AC3DS's info and you'll see a good majority of them are negative and pleading, some fed-up. Even if it's not a close date, they have to give us something.

Sudden Changes
One recent move by Nintendo really sparked my interest: the new information on Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion, specifically the latter. LMDM was supposed to come out late 2012, with a significant spot in the late E3 3DS conference. This abrupt change makes me believe that something is going on, maybe that they needed to make room for another big title for 2012?

The "Big" Title Abundance
The 3DS had a slow start but was brought to the top in 2012 because of its focus on software. Many "major" titles were released in a small time span the first half of the year, so why would the end be any different? It doesn't look like it will be, based on NSMB2 and Paper Mario SS releasing so close together for Mario titles on the same device. There are still months available for bigger titles such as AC, so let's not rule it out. It would be inconsistent to leave them open, and FE, LMDM, and Castlevania are all 2013-confirmed. Possible upcoming months for AC are marked with question marks while the list as a whole shows the "major" title pattern of 2012:

    Jan 2012: -
    Feb 2012: Resident Evil: Revelations, Tales, MGS
    Mar 2012: Kid Icarus: Uprising
    Apr 2012: -
    May 2012: Mario Tennis Open
    June 2012: -
    July 2012: Theatrhythm FF, KH:3D
    Aug 2012: NSMB2
    Sept 2012: ??
    Oct 2012: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (major?)
    Nov 2012: Paper Mario SS, Epic Mickey
    Dec 2012: ??

    (please correct me/fill me in if needed - these are MAJOR titles only)

So yeah. I'm aware of the release date & speculation thread, but I figured this would get more attention this way. Cheers if you read the whole thing; even if you don't agree with me, I hope it made for a good read. Feel free to argue with me and dissect this as you please because I'm interested to hear what you all think. Sorry about the length but I think about this a lot and I'm very hopeful. Humor me, especially you Akira_EX and Symphonic Abyss.

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Oct 01, 12 at 5:26pm

I think we've seen enough to be able to conclude (that for the avid AC fan) this game will prove better than gold. The fact that all these new features make it different is just what the series needs and has me so excited. I'm finally over the fact that this game is coming next year for the exact same reason as you. Plus it's just nice to have a general idea as opposed to being left in the dark for years. XD

Oct 01, 12 at 5:42am

I'm happy waiting as long as the finished product is gold like it's looking to be. Once it's out and released the waiting will be forgotten about and the playing on a game that has had more attention than it would of if it was released earlier will be played! The longer they hold it back the more work they 'should' of done to it.

And with that mindset, I can wait til' 2013 although I wish they didn't give out the feeling that we were going to be seeing it in 2012, that just isn't fair.

It better be GOLD because it isn't easy for any hardcore Animal Crossing fan, this waiting lark!

Sep 06, 12 at 4:57pm

    I hope it's coming out in 2013, I need time to save up. x3

    Anyway, I live in Europe so I'll automatically have to wait longer. =D Yay translations.

Sep 06, 12 at 1:17am

    I hope it's not 4 months apart, like what happened with Wild World </3

    I'll probably avoid this forum for the whole 4 months. >:

Aug 23, 12 at 7:42pm

quote Gotenks
Face it, the game is not coming out until at least 2013 and it would be stupid of Nintendo to release it in the Holiday season of this year.
Nuu. I don't wanna face it.

quote Justin
As much as I wish it to come out earlier, I don't think it'll be released until 2013 like many others have agreed to. Least this way it'll give me more time to save up some money and get a 3DS - definitely need to get that out of the way!
Don't forget about the new Fire Emblem game either. That makes two plus a 3DS (btw get purple <3).

Aug 23, 12 at 5:43pm

As much as I wish it to come out earlier, I don't think it'll be released until 2013 like many others have agreed to. Least this way it'll give me more time to save up some money and get a 3DS - definitely need to get that out of the way!

Aug 23, 12 at 4:48pm

quote Fluidity
Source that's not other people jumping to conclusions? I'm stubborn.

It's not the source I had before but eurogamer is a reliable source. Face it, the game is not coming out until at least 2013 and it would be stupid of Nintendo to release it in the Holiday season of this year.

Not fair to really compare this game to Duke Nukem Forever tbh. DNF had to go through several developers before it was even released and in the end it was a terrible game. Nintendo won't be going out of business anytime soon so this game will be released. It's only been two years since it was announced and we've been told it's coming out in Japan this year and it is coming in 2013 everywhere else.

Aug 23, 12 at 2:08pm

Sad part is, let's just have a look at Duke Nukem real quick.
> One of the most awaited games
> Kept getting the release date pushed back
> Came out 14 years later.

Theories mean nothing to me unless Ninty releases hardcore info on a sooner release date :c

Aug 23, 12 at 7:06am

Source that's not other people jumping to conclusions? I'm stubborn.

Although, I do agree on 2013. I was just speculating. It's mostly denial. But if I'm somehow miraculously right, you all each owe me $10.

Aug 22, 12 at 10:31am

Its coming in 2013.

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