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Aug 18, 12 at 7:55pmbrotherofdart95

what is the easiest way to level up additions?

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Jun 3, 13 at 11:56am

quote Rondo
Winglies Coliseum? I grind there to get Dancing Rings.

There's also a method where you have two of your characters at 1 HP and let them get killed in battle so that the other characters you have on the back get more EXP. But this is only worth it training where you can battle those 2000 EXP Triceratops.
That is currently what I'm doing, I find out myself, you equip Dart with the soul eater, then when he gets to 1HP it will kill him, thus distributing the EXP to the rest of the party, I'm almost at level 60 with everybody, I already got 5 guys out of the way, now all I need is Kongol and Dart.

I usually max out an addition as soon as I get it, I just stop right there and battle till it's full no matter if another addition pops up.

Jun 1, 13 at 3:07am

If you mean what's the best place to lvl additions and also dragoon lvl. I've got two spots (that i can remember haha) earliest is the dragons nest. There's a lizard like creature that has a null attack skill that reduces your attack to 0 until his next turn. if he does it again keep assaulting him. If not, skip your turn till he does. make sure not to hurt him if you can coz hell get a extra sleep inducing attack. You could easily get blossom/rose storm for lavitz/albert early with enough grinding:) i quickly hit lvl 5 dg lvl here. Spot 2 is later in the game for when you've leveled and progressed more. In the cave that you come throught after lidiera there are these little drill like monsters that use the same nulling skill. Sorry for the long winded speech but a little detail helps hahah

Sep 8, 12 at 10:05am

quote LOD-squa
Which healing spot would you say is the best bet to train at abbisonny? I am interested in hearing this so I can try it out during one of my playthroughs.
I think in Vellweb is one of the best places. There's the spot where Shirley was, and if you stay in the screen to the right, every time you go to the left and walk into that area, you'll be healed. Great things about this healing spot is that to the right of the screen where I actually run around and do stuff, there's also those peddlers, so if you have to use items in battle, you can go restock right there. Also, the creatures around the area are powerful enough to be somewhat of a challenge for you weaker characters and not so incredibly weak that using your more powerful ones doesn't seem like too bad of overkill.
Another healing spot I tend to use is in the Dragon's Nest in the first disc. Then there's in the Valley of Corrupted Gravity or the Home of Gigantos with the Rock Fireflies for disc two. I use Vellweb for discs three and four. Another useful thing to have near a healing spot is a Save Point, obviously, because if you're in the middle of training and suddenly need to go do things, you can go save and come right back to it later. So that's my ideas!

Sep 4, 12 at 9:06am

disc 1 and disc 4 both have places geared especially for lvling up additions, disc one has 2 areas one at the begining after hoax the raid in the marshlands before each battle you will have the option to run away kill everyone until the commander comes out then run dont fight the commander you will leave and when you reenter all enemies are back. the second place is in the black castle after you climb the big ladder from underground you will be on the rooftop with soldiers kill em all and continue to the wizards where you can recover after you recover all enemies return back track and kill em all again till you reach the ladder to underground go down and again all enemies reappear, the las place to lvl up is on disc 4 in the death frontier stand in one place and fight you dont even have to chase for battles, the whales never counter and you get on average 300xp and 75 to 100 gold per battle. by doing this when i started disc 2 all additions available for the lvl i was at were maxed and albert was complete with his 7 hit master addition which i find is the easiest one, my most difficult so far is demons dance mainly because its too slow weird huh. For cash wait till you have the magic sig stone the speed up dancers shoes on meru and wargod amulet to increase % of attack dancers shoes on shana help as well and go after yellow birds 300g , and ooparts 600g and sp potion (has an intant kill attack) but no prob run to lohan and rest. when you have too many sp potion give them ll to whoever you want to lvl up their dragoon no matter if their sp meter is full, still counts to lvl 5 then switch. im on disc 4 now i have legend casque, legend armor, and an extra 20,000 right now. red birds give 1000g but are harder to kill.

Aug 30, 12 at 8:25am

Dark, this thread is titled "Additions: Leveling Up" and the original poster asked about effective tactics for grinding additions. If you want to talk about a possible sequel, see if there are any threads discussing it on the topic list.

Aug 29, 12 at 7:04pm

Ok OK this post/blog line was supposed to be about supporting LoD2. Im only 13 but i have been playing LoD since i was 5 or so and it was easily put to my number 1 place of all time. So instead of grinding techniques go and support the battle.

[q]Ps. I played LoD on PS1 and 2

Aug 26, 12 at 7:21pm

Which healing spot would you say is the best bet to train at abbisonny? I am interested in hearing this so I can try it out during one of my playthroughs.

Aug 24, 12 at 7:49am

For me, I have this method that wherever there is a healing spot, I train until I level up each person in my party at least once. If you keep each character on the earliest Addition they have that's not leveled up, this works well, and they level up so much faster, or at least it gives the illusion of doing that cuz you get some completely finished. Also, if I have a boss battle coming up and one of my Additions is on level four I level it up before fighting the boss. Basically you just have to train and train and train every chance you get and work as hard as you can to master them.

Aug 20, 12 at 8:04pm

You can find a pair of dancer's shoes in Kadessa, but you can't win them from the enemies there.

Death Frontier is a good spot. You can get into battles quickly, the sandworms never counterattack, and there's a healing spring in the area.

Aug 19, 12 at 7:18pm

Eh. Really don't care. Especially since you can only have 2 ladies in your party, so the 2 Dancer's Ring you can find around the game are enough.

Now if they drop Dancer's SHOES instead, that's a different story.

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