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Aug 15, 12 at 4:46amGigaplex

RageMiner is a Questing Bot for Rage Of Bahamut and is the main function of RagePlex, a multifunctional bot platform. If you are new to Rage Of Bahamut please visit the Android / IPhone market, install the client and then come back here for your first bot program. Although Rage Of Bahamut is free to play, building a great deck is expensive and time consuming. Building a great deck requires coming across the right cards either through trade, purchase or luck.

RageMiner (RagePlex) is our new integrated bot, created by Black Knights. You can start Rage Miner and leave it working for you whilst you sleep, work or study. RageMiner is not playing for you, but repeating the most boring and exhausting actions in the game. Such as questing, boss fights, accepting fellows, creating accounts, waiting several minutes while your stamina rebuilds many times a day. There is nothing interesting in these repetitive actions for an Rage Of Bahamut player, especially if your deck sucks and you're spending money chasing the elusive card that's soon to be outdated. After 10-20 levels you will find this boring. If you are not winning battle and want to spend your cash to buy cards, hp or cw, consider using RageMiner instead. Once purchased, Rage Miner will save you a lot of real money, time and provide you with an increased desire to play Rage Of Bahamut in the future. One bot can make enough HP, CW and cards to propel your deck to the next level.

Video Link Here :
Free setup support via email or TeamViewer

System Requirements:
*Windows XP and up using RagePlex Engine
Confirmed working on the following systems: XP, XP-64,Win7,Win7-64,WHS, MACS with VMWare as well

Recommended System:
*RagePlex Environment
Quad Core Processor
High-End Graphics Card
4 Gigs Of Ram
Hi-Speed Connection
Those who fail to meet the minimal requirements may experience performance issues.

Please do not attempt to purchase RageMiner if your system fails meet minimal specs. Reason being, we are not your tech support department and will not troubleshoot non RageMiner issues! Also, do not expect us to beg you for a sale at RageMiner. Just take your business somewhere else!

P.S. Enterprise clients get Multibox and RagePlex integration included.

Taking orders now.... or via our Rageminer Forum

Coming Soon:
Marvel Miner:
Marvel Logger:

quote hirotaka
Awesome Bot! Works 100% and I definitely recommend it. Seller helped me set it up through teamviewer too
quote anony-mouse
I contacted Gigaplex about getting this bot and have been very impressed. The bot didnt work on my computer and took several hours of work to get it to run correctly. Giga was fast to respond to my questions and quick to resolve all the issues I had.

Would recommend this bot and Gigaplex to anyone. Excellent service from start to finish.
quote Pokeme
Impressive work and very dedicated to deliver!
quote teadaze
Can vouch for Gigaplex too. It works 100% without any issues once it's set up. Works flawlessly. No issues with the seller also.
quote unjukeable
i can vouch the bot works, and also very great support to get everything up and running
quote lidman
Vouching for seller, good bot!
quote randomROBquiter
quote randomROBquiter
Does not work... SCAM until otherwise updated!!!
I'm going on record to say WOW this thing does work. I appologize for my intial frustration. Gigaplex worked with me for 2 days to work out the issues. Bot works flawlessly!
quote Robuser
bought the bot today and it works fine for me
quote ice5461
Works great and great support, thanks a lot
quote Themy
Works like a charm, I ran in to a hiccup with my setup and giga helped me out. Worth the money/items!
quote dbrayfield
Works as advertised, little slow, and needs multiple account support but very solid product, worth the money
quote SaintOz
Another fantastic job been done by Gigaplex thanks.
quote Quartermiler88
Bot is working away while I watch tv.. Thanks again
quote xenosx
very good service! very responsive to emails, and gigaplex was really patient helping me setting up through teamviewer. the bot works wonderfully! thanks
quote shawn030
quote Gzver
100% legit and working.

Spend time to help me set up to ensure its work correctly.

Highly recommended.
quote curado
Works great! Couldn't get it to work properply at first. GIga helped out, now working great
quote letsmakeadeal231
Great Help Giga-- Appreciate It A++++ ... Get It While Its Still Here!!!!

Ps. Great Tech Support Always There For You!
quote HiDefNinja
I just purchased from Giga about 3 hours ago. The bot works fantastic. I had trouble setting it up myself and he gave the best remote support and got me up and running within 10 mins. The argument of who designed this product is irrelevant. I choose to buy a product based on its usefulness and effectiveness. There are a million shoe manufacturers and they all make the same product save for a color scheme, blasting this guy for what you perceive is the same product as another person is juvenile. I suppose we should only have 1 automaker as well.
quote nipbot
good guy and pretty good product, especially given the obvious challenges. Very responsive over email, great guy.
quote Usafa
Dude is awesome. helped me set everything up!!!

Buy His Stuff!!
quote AceBahamut
I bought Rageminer around a week ago and have been very impressed with it. I was somewhat reluctant to write my support for it because this is my first post here after being a lurker, and didn't want any heat drawn to either giga or myself.

All I can say is that the bot works. I am running 15 accs on rotation and am racking up the personal HP and soon the Hr and up packs.

The setup isnt difficult, I ran into a couple of issues that were actually my fault and giga very promptly helped me solve them.

The price isnt a lot for what is on offer. I actually gave him an additional donation because thats how impressed I am with it. I am a regular poster on gamefaqs and will be happy to talk to people about the bot through pm.
quote randy21m
Just bought two days ago after reading through all 10 pages. I'll give my honest opinion. THIS THING WORKS! I will say that I had problems at first (partly due to my fault), but Gigaplex was quick in responding, never unprofessional and resolved my issues quickly with same day responds! That's more than I can say for some major companies that offer paid support!

Thanks Gigaplex! Satisfied customer here! Looking forward to future releases.
quote cjliguori
i think it works great... my comp is a little sluggish but it works great. giga always replys too.. even to my dumb questions. keep up the good work
quote yiffie
Free bump.

bought 2 days ago and im very satisfied
quote ITrade
Real deal, works great, helped me set it up via Team Viewer. Thanks Giga.
quote RageCreation2012
I've had it for a couple of days and it's definitely the best on the market. You get what you pay for.
quote bebo
Gigaplex has my seal of approval. A+++ service
[quote=demonicjoe|message:33889372]beautiful, fast support too! awesome
</div> </div>

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Nov 18, 13 at 1:10pm

Just a warning I made a large purchase from this user, never received what I purchased and was denied a refund. I would stay far far away from Gigaplex as he is a scammer. Sadly paypal refused my claim and I am now out a lot of money. Fingers are crossed that my credit card dispute goes through as I am pissed.

Sep 17, 13 at 7:13pm

quote sylwia212
Well.... that sucks.

But at least you didn't rip me off my money.

Thanks for being honest and letting me know my laptop won't meet your requirements! You have my respect
Consider you were advised not to purchase because your laptop didn't meet the minimal specs. I shall file your advised with the others who've never paid for or owned our products.

Regards and Happy Gaming

Sep 17, 13 at 1:46pm

I posted here asking about laptop requirements few months back, maybe even a year. I came back with a laptop that could handle your bot. But... after I read how you treat people, I am not going to use it and I am sure a lot of people won't either. If you want to be a serious company, act like one.

Peace out!

Jul 11, 13 at 6:18am

Hello All,

We've just finished integrating RagePlex into all our Enterprise Editions. So, there's not 3-hour setup, changing cookies, blah, blah, and etc with us. If you guys didn't get the hint, "BlueStacks for our top level clients are gone.

Have fun and happy gaming!!!

May 24, 13 at 1:37am

People dont post here cause they dont like the bot.
its because they all hate giga. The bot is ok if u just have 10 - 20 Accounts.

May 22, 13 at 1:10pm

That's why you keep posting. lol

May 22, 13 at 12:35pm

Just drop it. rageminer is total crap, I know, I have used it. Lets just leave them alone and let them fade away.

May 22, 13 at 11:29am

I would like for everyone to calm down - since everyone is right in some points.

Gigaplex has a subscription so they are not obligated to keep people, who didnt pay the subscription, in the forums.
Yes, it is macro based - which is a good thing also since there are people who cant run their PC 24/7 as the ZaSi bot needs. There are people who can use their laptop/notebook during the night only for the bot - during the day they are on the move(home - school-work-home) with it and the connection is disabled inbetween. So ZaSi bot is not an option for them currently.

Though Giga,
saying ZaSi bot is clone is quite far off isnt it - while its purpose is the same, the setting up and functions are still totally different.
saying URB is a clone - maybe..but atleast it wont freeze up and will continue till the end and the user can check the Log file to see if any accounts had issues. So you could say its an improved version actually.

May 22, 13 at 11:00am


It's nice to see that you've taken the time to create a fake account to post in this thread. So, you've used my software when? Just what I thought, if their software is so good. Why are you wasting time in this thread? See the difference between myself and the clones like you are simple. I don't need to waste time in a clones thread because my sales speak for themselves. Yet, feel free to hang around and bump the all day. I have real work to attend to.

P.S. my week is your year!


May 22, 13 at 10:56am

No you dont Software like yours which is completely disabling use of pc is not worth anything , ZaSi done software which can run hundreds of accs on mid spec computer , and you can still use it , you are using crappy bluestacks , which is slow , and crashes alot so yours software is almost on all time restart timer crappy code , pixel recognition , yours works is crappy , and yours security measures are so half assed

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