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Aug 13, 12 at 12:30pmoverKill

Continuing from the last thread....

quote overKill
So, ordering a 13" macbook air this week. I'll be dual booting Windows 8 for some things but will mostly run OS X. Steam is a life saver here!

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Jun 02, 15 at 1:12pm

overKill Well they've taken a step in the right direction, you can earn "reward points" through bossing and mini-games which is treated like NX and can be used to buy cubes and whatnot (it's a lot slower and more tedious but hey, it's something XD). Bosses also drop the occasional cube, and you can actually craft cubes now via the smithing profession. So the normal player can actually acquire the same range, it'll just take a substantially greater amount of time which a lot of us probably don't have. So instead, I just been merching on my end. I received 20k Maple Points upon returning so I bought a shop. From there I buy some crap and then proceed to afk the remainder of the day lol. It's slow, but it's working. And I hardly have to do anything in-game which is convenient.

Crusad3r Lol I was actually watching old maple videos on Youtube the other day. You know those old 3rd job motivational videos spanning over 06-09, nostaldia'd so hard.

May 31, 15 at 3:29pm

Remember when Balrog Jr. was the shit? Lol...

May 30, 15 at 6:50pm

I was about to redownload it until I saw this:

He says he spent less than 100K nx... on his emblem. Literally has spent thousands to get his DPS where it is and then justifies himself in the comments to anyone who is like "WHAT THE *bleep*???? ARE YOU DUMB?"

But apparently Henesys Hunting Grounds and the pig place are back to how they used to be so, COOL. Just happened to see a video that said "OLD MAPLESTORY IS BACK!" and got... a little bit excited, only to be disappointed moments later. GOD DAMMIT NEXON

May 25, 15 at 12:33am

All the nostalgia in this forum, that in which I seem to visit like clockwork around this time of year, haha. Along with re-downloading the game to see what's new with it.

Otherwise, I haven't really gamed at all other than touching Tera for a brief moment last summer to feed my MMORPG craving.

May 17, 15 at 9:54pm

Lmfao, I joined the forums when I was 6 (Soon to be 19), now my little brother is 6 and I'm concerned he'll one day find Neoseeker. I remember days of pushing out 100+ posts a day to recover from creating a new account.

The concerns a child has versus the concerns I have now, so very far apart.

(And yes everytime I post I'm just going to be like "Holy *bleep* it's been so long" because nothing new has happened in MapleStory worth discussion). MapleStory is having it's 10th anniversary which is neat, says like "More than 200 trillion mesos spent!", neat, I remember packet spamming and generating somewhere in the range of 10~50B between my accounts and then selling off a large portion before the rest got reset, around the time of the death of the economy.

FangBlade from 2008 - neat. 2006 some neat things also happened like "Pianus" which still makes me chuckle. Around January 2012 when I joined some others in breaking that level 110+ place in El Nath which has a name I can't recall right now, so that the spawn rate was super OP, and then I vacuum'd the monsters and I got my Demon Slayer to quite high level (haven't logged in so long I don't remember what level I was) and bought a lot of NX before remembering that I was playing a game largely based around RWT and irrelevant to the rest of the gaming world, not that relevance matters, but when there's no other reasons to play it does a little.

Check out the page here:

May 12, 15 at 8:05pm
Anton Herrera

God I'm 20 and I joined these forums when I was 10....


where did time go??!?!?!

also thx landon

May 12, 15 at 10:14am

quote Crusad3r
I don't even remember what caused those arguments. Was it purely on the forums? Or did some shit go down in game?
If memory serves me correctly, a lot of shit went down in-game aswell with our clan "Stealth". BROA FOR LIFE

And happy birthday Anton_Herrera - hope you have a good one.

May 11, 15 at 1:34am
Anton Herrera

Sorry, you guys were in the line of bots that I declined MegaBassMan and Reginald. I will add you guys tomorrow when I get on.

Crusad3r it was for no reason except forum drama. I forgot lmao. I was like 12 though so whatever. God I've know you guys for 8 years, it's crazy

May 05, 15 at 6:47pm

I play League every now and then too. Add bingPop too if you want to.

May 05, 15 at 7:41am

Added you, Anton Herrera. You should be getting a request by Terantiel.

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