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Aug 11, 12 at 8:10amAdvait

Hey guys. I'm going to give you a guide on CLUBS!!!
The slow, yet most devastating weapon class, has MANY pros and cons and requires skill to handle.
The Pros and Cons, including the basic description and personal opinions are given below:-
First, let us start off with the Weapons of the class, and detailing them are:


Ore Club:

Clubs are unique weapons ideal for dealing huge amounts of damage. Their gigantic long-range charge shots can even pass through WALLS! The ore club is fashioned from minerals that were mined on the mountain of the Gods.
The basic Club, which is made of raw ore from the Mountain of the Gods. It is capable of launching shockwaves of energy when slammed into the ground, as well as miniature whirlwinds that can hit multiple enemies with one attack.
Its charged shots feature tornadoes and whirlwinds. They deal good damage long range.
Strategies: You would want to focus more on Ch. Shots rather than Melee because melee isn't your best bet when fighting quick foes. Use Quick Charge to unleash rapid sheer force on a single victim.
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 2 or more.
Melee Combo + 2 or more.
Melee Dash attack + 2 or more.
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Babel Club:

Designed to look like a tower that incurred the wrath of the heavens, this club has the longest charge time of ANY weapon. It's charged shots kick up a violent storm that delivers consecutive strikes. So try to make sure all of them hit.
A stone Club with small clouds circling around it that can unleash massive shockwaves of sand and dust. Its projectiles have an irregular path that may hit the same enemy multiple times, but take longer to charge than any other weapon in the game.
Due to its horribly long Charge time, I'd suggest using Quick charge or Reflect Barrier(To wait till it charges up). The Forward dash ch. shots are DEVASTATING!
It serves as a good defensive club.
Strategies: I suggest you to focus on Ranged, again, because melee is pathetic compared to the tornadoes of doom.
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 2 or more.
Paralysis/ Freezing + 4

Skyscraper Club:

A club with a rather modern look. It's charge shots deal massive damage up close and decrease in power the farther they travel. The Skyscraper club decreases the user's speed more than most clubs.
A colorful Club resembling a modern building with even windows that flicker on and off. The Skyscraper Club can launch large rotating structures similar to the gears created by the Black Club. This weapon is most destructive at close range, but slows down the user more than any other Club.
Now, those charge shots are laughable long range, but those brutes won't know what hit them close range. So either find a good way to get up close(Use something like Lightweight or Super Speed to get up close to the enemies) or use energy charge and fight them long range.
Defensive and supportive play styles work well with this weapon.
Strategies: Simple. Get up close and personal for a 1HKO dash ch. shot and put an end to their misery.
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 2 or more.
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Atlas Club:

Unlike most clubs, the Atlas Club allows the users to run quickly while using it. Its shots don't pass through obstacles, but its dash attacks travel fast with a high homing ability. A club that handles more like other types.
A large Club resembling the fist of the great titan, Atlas. Its shots cannot pass through walls but have better homing capabilities than most other Clubs. Also, this club does not slow its wielder down.
Using something like Energy Charge would be helpful here.
Good as a supportive weapon.
Strategies: Here, on the other hand, melee suits this weapon as it boosts running speed. Use the special epic homing and speed of the shots to your advantage, but don't depend on it.
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 2 or more.
Melee Combo + 2 or more.
Melee Dash attack + 2 or more.
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Earthmaul Club:

The Earthmaul Club has the longest range of any other weapon, travelling up to 126 m(Dash ch. shots). This is roughly 3 times the range of the First Blade(about 43 m).
It's backward-dash charge shots reflect off walls.
A Club with what appears to have a spherical, molten top. Its backwards-dash charged shot can bounce off walls, making it deadly in enclosed areas. Its projectiles have the longest range in the game, with charged shots that can travel about 126 meters (or three times the distance of the First Blade's charged shots).
This being the longest ranged weapon in the game, you shouldn't have to worry about mods involving Shot Range.
Using Energy Charge, Quick Charge and the backward-dash ch. shot in an enclosed room is DEADLY.
An offensive play style suits this club.
Strategies: If you have great Range stars, with a Ch. shot mod, you're unstoppable with Energy Charge and Quick Charge.
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 4
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Ogre Club:

The club used by Dark Pit in his battle with Pit underground the temple in chapter 6. Though its charge shots are slow and easily dodged, this superbrutal club has the most powerful melee attack of any weapon.
A bulky club with spikes all over it. It can launch slow red spherical projectiles that are surrounded by dark purple energy, while the power of its melee attacks is unmatched.
Being my personal fav, I developed many techniques to use this carefully and efficiently. The Melee on this club packs a serious punch.
A loner would like this club as long as he has an efficient way to creep up close and personal with the enemy.
Strategies: You'll lose out if you depend on its melee. To get up close and personal with this monstrosity, use a Dash. ch. shot at an enemy, and use Tirelessness to follow right behind the shot, acting as a shield. Once they dodge the shot, melee away! If they get hit, watch out for the getting-up-attack, but you're already in melee range, so let the have it!
Preferable mods:
Melee Combo + 4 .
Melee Dash attack + 4
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Halo Club:

This lightweight club fores halos as ammuntion. nlike other clubs, the Halo Club's ch. shot can paralyze opponents. However, it has a particularly low attack power and ill-suited for melee atacks.
A seemingly celestial variation that is made up of numerous glowing rings. It can create luminescent projectiles made up rings surrounding a blade-like star. These projectiles do more damage at longer distances and occasionally paralyzes foes. This Club is smaller compared to others so its shots travel much more quickly. Unfortunately, due to its smaller size, the Halo Club is a weak melee weapon.
Use Energy Charge and STAY AWAY from those opponents!
A loner would like this club.
Strategies: As long as you stay away from enemies, use Energy Charge, and Quick charge, let them die!
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 4 or more.
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Black Club:

While the mysterious Black Club's attack power and homing ability are high, its charge time and shot speed are slow. And not only do its charged shots cancel out enemy fire, they look really cool doing it too!
A version of the Club that resembles a large iron slab, rumored to be crafted from all chemical elements, or perhaps the intentions of all people. Although it is rather bland in appearance, it can unleash a large, guided (but very slow) tower of spinning gears, or a giant metal ball as a projectile attack.
This club is pretty nice, not to be underestimated though...
This club suits a defensive player well.
Strategies: Nothing much, actually. Just smash away! Oh and beware of its weakness, slow and small shots(dash ch. shots)
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 2 or more.
Melee Combo + 2 or more.
Melee Dash attack + 2 or more.
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Capricorn Club:

The Zodiac bearing sign of the Capricorn. Its spiraling ch. shots lack range, do less damage as they travel, and don't cancel out other shots. However, these shots do move fast and have a superfast charge time.
One of the Zodiac Weapons, this club is inspired by the tenth sign of the Zodiac. Its spiraling charged shots lack range, do less damage as they travel, and don't cancel out shots. However, these shots do move fast and have a superfast charge time. It can be found in Chapter 20, hidden behind a false wall in a cell containing a Skuttler Mage.
This is a rather supportive club. I personally don't like it...
Strategies: Quick charge isn't required, but I DO NOT SUGGEST USING THIS WEAPON! See, a Club is meant to end people, without hesitation, with a single or 2 shots. But THIS weapon is utterly useless with coping up!
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 4
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Aurum Club:

This club has charged shots that have limited range and lack homing but are large, making it harder for targets to avoid them. It can also shoot through obstacles, and its shots have strong potential for nullifying incoming fire.
A club made with Aurum technology, it has charged shots that have limited range and lack homing but are large, making it harder for targets to avoid them. It can also shoot through obstacles.
This club does excellent for a supportive player or a defensive one too.
Strategies: Find a way to get MID range and use Ch. shots. Epicness I say!
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 4
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Hewdraw Club:

This club fires blade blasts and flame breath like the beast himself. Its charged shots have an extremely long range and high homing ability but are somewhat lacking in damage. Its melee attack also packs a mighty punch.
A Club that resembles one of the blade-like horns on Hewdraw. Its charged shots have a long range and have strong homing ability, but they don't do as much damage as other Clubs' charge shots.
A loner who likes creeping on enemies would favour this weapon.
Strategies: The dash ch. shots are very ideal in taking out enemies from afar. The standing ch. shots, along with Autoreticle, will knock foes' brains out through WALLS! XD
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 2 or more.
Melee Combo + 2 or more.
Melee Dash attack + 2 or more.
Paralysis/ Freezing + 3

Magnus Club

Designed to look like Magnus's sword, this club is at the top of its class in melee power and even boosts the speed of its user! Its shots barely have any range, making it the rare weapon exclusively suited to close combat.
Known as being a quick and swift 1HKO weapon when maxed out.
The blade used by Magnus, classified in this weapon group instead of the Blade group as a result of its sheer size. While it boosts the speed of the user and deals massive amounts of damage with both its ranged and melee attacks, its projectiles are extremely short-ranged, making it useless outside of close quarters.
Libra Sponge and Aries Armor will KILL those pesky foes.
Strategies: Using the above 2 powers, with Lightweight will leave no stone unturned! Here, stones are foes, and unturned means alive. XD Metaphors, just amazing!
Preferable mods:
Ch. Shot (Either dash or standing) + 4
Melee Combo + 2 or more.
Melee Dash attack + 2 or more.
Speed + 2 or more

So the above are the detailed weapons of the class.

Now, what you want to be focussing using a club is to get close to an enemy.
There are many favourable ways to do this depending on play style.
Using an Ogre Club, I used to use a forward-dash ch. shot at the targeted enemy and follow the projectile. When the enemy dodges it, BOOM! Melee dash attack and dead!
That was just ONE of the MILLIONS of ways, being a club user is very diversing and different.


Pros of a Club:
1. VERY devastating ch. shot and melee attacks.
2. Very long range to attack.

Cons of a Club:
1. Horribly slow.
2. Slow charge time (On an average).

Now I'll list out the powers that are suited for Clubs, and in what way they are useful.


Explosive flame:
This power, you could say, "slows down " the foe, leading to easy succesful ch. shots and melee madness.

Black Hole:
Does the same thing, just a little more efficient.

Health Recovery:
Being a Clubbie, you should always have good health to avoid death from skirmish ambushers.

Libra Sponge:
This helps a lot when accompanied with Aries Armor. 1HKO is almost always assured with this.

Aries Armor:
This is a very good power when paired with Libra Sponge.
You won't get knockbacked and recieve only little damage.

Sky Jump/ Angelic Missile/ Jump Glide:
All of these powers help reach the foe VERY easily.
Evasive and efficient.

Lightweight/ Superspeed:
These powers are EVEN MORE efficient when it comes to reaching the foe.

Stages/ Maps

Small Arena:
This map is Horrible for Clubbies in LvD. However, you can be Devastating in FFA if nobody is focused on you. Just launch those Huge ch. shots and Kaboom! You can also sneak up on those victims of your weapon of mass destruction with Transparency.

Large Arena:
This map is just BAD. In LvD or in FFA. You can't run around half the time! And the ch. shots are easily dodged and predictable unless the victims are engaged in someone else.

Spiral Tower:
This map is recommended as you can take cover behind Poles and wait for ch. shots. Even the tower is good for sniping with Quick Charge. Also, in the tower, you cover up your biggest con, long range madness. While going up, just melee your life out!

Cave of Spirits:
Another great stage for providing cover and sneaking up on foes.

Windy Wasteland:
Nothing much here except for that little spot at the end of the stage, good cover there too.

Desert Tomb:
Easily the BEST stage as it is GREAT for sniping, melee and cover! Those ch. shots can cover up the whole corridor!

Forgotten City:
A good stage as it comes in handy with melee and ranged combined. Use the cover to your advantage!

Rail Temple:
Using this, is a GREAT place to snipe from the top and sneak up on victims with the Grind Rails combined with Transparency.

Twilight Stratosphere:
Not a very good place for Clubbies, NO cover.... I advise you to avoid the stage.

Starlight Observatory:
Another Wonder for a Clubby! Provides great cover and you can easily sneak up on enemies with Transparency.

Ancient Fortress:
I advise you to stay INSIDE the Fort, safest there, more cover, great sniping, more melee. And outside, there is not much cover except for a few pillars.

Lava Basin:
Great for melee as you can get around a lot with Jump Pads. Try to use ch. shots to knock the enemies into the lava from a distance. Even for melee, knock 'em hard!

I REALLY hope this guide has helped me, err, YOU all to become Club Professionals. Know your weapon, cover up the Cons, and take advantage of the Pros!
Happy Clubbing!
You're real nightmare,
THAEdit:: Fixed the title for ya.

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Jun 29, 16 at 6:46pm

I never really used clubs. i tried once and it felt like i got so many kills for doing so little. it was use reflect, forward shot, back up, repeat till everyone dies.

Nov 15, 12 at 7:26am

MKnightDH, now now, no external advertising. Although I do understand that that guide is obviously better written and well- planned. But you should also know that this is my first guide and I'm inexperienced, unlike the author from the other guide.

Nov 15, 12 at 12:25am
Here's something more complete.

Oct 11, 12 at 9:34am

Eh, could you organize is a little more? It would be better if you spaced out each paragraph, because I like to kind of skim through it, but that makes it hard to read when it's all bunched up together.

Aug 25, 12 at 2:14am

Thank you canderson! initially, even I detested clubs, but it took time to understand the complex uses and advantages of these clubs!

Aug 24, 12 at 11:06am

Gonna be honest, I dislike Clubs, but after reading your guide, I really want to give them a shot again. Like I said in another thread, I enjoy playing single player much, much more than muliplayer, so I'll be using your guide to help me clear these chapters on the hardest difficulty.

Since I usually like to play from a distance instead of getting close up to my opponents, it looks like the Earthmaul Club may be suited for me. I'll try them all though.

Great job with this guide.

Aug 24, 12 at 4:59am

Well, thanks captain boo! Your two cents are my 2 gold!

Aug 23, 12 at 11:43pm


Looking good, I would suggest one thing about the Babel Club, as it's the only club I use.

Suggested mods should have Shot Cancellation(especially) and Evasion. Charge time on shots decreases with every successful dodge, so its useful to have on such a delayed charging weapon. Also, believe it or not, despite the fact that those whirling tornadoes dealing 400+ damage in multiple hits with huge knockback, the Babel Club's Charge Shots are astoundingly low stamina. Its huge shots with Shot Cancellation modifiers make it more defensively solid as its slow moving, large shots work well in tandem with it.

Just my two cents and whatnot.

Aug 22, 12 at 6:47pm

Thanks Neo Raze!

Aug 22, 12 at 2:24pm
Neo Raze

Advait Excellent guide dude!I already liked clubs,(Offence is awesome)but I think I can perfect my clubbing now.

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