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Aug 6, 12 at 7:15amGeckoCookie

Once, in a land far, far away, there lived a man. That man was a hunter of beasts of Enormous proportions. These beasts where known as Monsters. Before this man came, people where terrorized by these giant beasts, day and night, night and day. Nothing could stop these Monsters, ripping people to shreds and burning whole villages to nothing but ashes.

Then, this very same man appeared. He wore nothing but a black cloak that glimmered in the sun. He walked up to the village, which was heavily defended for it was unfortunately placed right in the middle of a desert filled with Monsters. The man asked for entrance. The guard denied him entrance, but the man asked again. The guard once again said no. The man walked away.

This continued for three years, until the first day of the third year.

On that day, a horde of Monsters attacked. Red and green dragons with shining scales and poisonous talons, Monsters that spat fire from gaping maws at unsuspecting villagers. The village panicked. These particular beasts were easily some of the strongest that existed.

The guards were killed easily, as they fell off the walls, spasms racking their body from the deadly poison, or burnt to a charred crisp from a fireball from the monsters mouths. The assault continued for three days and three nights, until the morning exactly midnight on the third day.

At that time, the man who had been denied entrance again and again came to the front gate.

But he did not wear a cloak. Instead, he wore glittering black armor, and carried a wicked scythe on his back. One of the dragons turned, getting ready to prepare another assault, when it saw the man. Its eyes bulged as it screamed in alarm at the others. Other dragons turned, each having the same reaction as the first. They red dragons redirected their efforts of attack on the man. They all dive bombed him, and soon, the man could not be seen beneath the writhing mass. One of the dragons roared in triumphs, thinking they had one.

And then its head fell off.

All the Monsters which had assaulted the man were dead, cut into pieces. The other Monsters that had not joined in the assault screamed in fear and fled, back to whatever hell had spawned them. The man approached the front gate.

And once again asked if he could come in.

The guard who had denied him so many times before was alive, and miraculously unharmed. He gladly let the man in. The man went straight to see the village’s chief.

The man was recognized as a hero, and trained the guard, the same one who had refused him entrance so many times but ultimately survived to let the man in, in the art of slaying those beasts. The man went off and taught many others, and each of those others taught even more people. Soon, the world blossomed with these hunters.

Many generations later, the beasts are still hunted by these slayer of them. This is the story of the savior of that world, the ultimate hunter.


(Authors note: Hey! This is Chapter one of Monster Hunter: Ultimate Tri. I include a song quote before every chapter. So you know who’s who, and who’s gonna be in this story, here’s a list: Me as Noxramus or Nox It’s_My_Time_24 as Vincent RockofKuthian as Tarek Wildfire as… Wildfire. Others will be included when I feel like it.)

Monster Hunter: Ultimate tri

‘You’re gonna go far, kid! A thousand a lies and a good disguise, hit ‘em right between the eyes, see the lightning in your eyes, see ‘em running for their lives, see ‘em running, for. Their Lives!’ The Offspring, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid

Chapter one: Dem Jaggis Be Dangerous!

‘So… The time has finally come. Today’s the day. The day I depart for Loc-lac.’ Noxramus thought, his Lagiacrus armor shining in the intense sunlight. His Thunderclap was strapped to his back , glowing a faint blue from the energy it held within. He lived in a small village known as Tano, the place where many of his adventures had taken place.

‘But today, that all changes.’ He reminded himself, as he hopped onto the aptonoh cart. Nox took up the reins, whipping the aptonoh. He drove off, making his way towards the place where he could board a sand ship to Loc-Lac.

“I told you, we can’t leave until they’re gone!” Said the captain of the sand ship.

“Oh shut the hell up!” Shouted a hunter, obviously pissed off. Nox stopped the cart just before a mob of hunters, all pissed off at something.

“What’s going on?” Nox asked, tapping a hunter on the shoulder. The hunter turned, his Rathalos armor gleaming in the sun.
“The ship can’t leave because of a pack of Jaggis. It’s directly in the path.” The hunter said, annoyed at the delay.

“Ah. Why don’t they just kill them?” Questioned Nox, wondering why the Jaggis posed a threat.

“Because there’s at least fifty. No one wants to do it.” The hunter explained, as the captain of the sand ship managed to quiet the angry horde down.

“Listen! If someone kills ‘em, then we can move on! Now, anyone want to volunteer?” The captain said, looking flustered. Nox raised his hand.

“I’ll do it.” He said, walking forward.

“Me too.” Said the hunter who Nox had talked to earlier. He had a Demondind switch axe, and stepped forward with Nox.

“Okay then! Now get to it so we can leave!” Shouted the captain, pushing them forward.


“Woah. That is one big ass Jaggi pack.” Nox spoke, looking through binoculars. “Now, how should we kill them while- what the hell are you doing?” He shouted, seeing the other hunter, whose name he now knew was Vincent, running down the hill that they had been resting on.

“Killing these bastards!” Vincent shouted back, pulling out his demonbind and jumping at the Jaggis .

“Idiot…” Nox muttered under his breath, grabbing his Long sword and leaping after Vincent. Together, they slaughtered the Jaggis until there was only ten left.

“Come on you bastards! Let’s tango!” Shouted Vincent, banging his Demonbind against the ground. He was panting however, as the Jaggis had managed to inflict some injury to him.
“Oh shut up.” Said Nox, who was also panting. They both prepared to finish off the Jaggis, when a howl was heard. “Is that what I think it is?” Nox said, preparing for another fight. Nox heard two more identical howls, and cursed.
Because there where now three Great Jaggis in front of them. They were the largest nox had ever seen, easily twice the size of a normal Great Jaggi each. Each one of them had battle scars all over their body, some a sickish green or black from infection.

Nox could only think of one word to describe hi situation.



So how was that? You like it?

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Sep 28, 12 at 7:10am

I suppose so. He wouldn't attack the city if the boat weren't there to distract him, imo. Sure, he's a valuable source of materials and minerals... but it feels like whaling. Hell, it is whaling.
Not that I don't hunt him when RIGD is on, though. And the soundtracks are great

Sep 27, 12 at 7:28pm

So I suppose you feel the same abOut mistah JHEN? Because I've killed I've 100

Sep 27, 12 at 7:24pm

Poor jaggi. They're not doing any harm - they don't deserve to die

Sep 27, 12 at 6:40pm

Hey guys remember my old story! I've just gotten the chance to continue, so it should be updated within 3 days. Giant-ass JAGGI fight, coming up next!

Did anyone read part one of chapter 1 besides IMT24? Because I sorta felt discouraged when no one else said anything...

Aug 15, 12 at 12:46pm

Noiiiice! I like how i dont think but guilty of doing that irl too

Aug 15, 12 at 8:50am

Part one of chapter one is up! Enjoy.

Aug 8, 12 at 2:38pm

YOUR CHARACTERS FROM LOC-LAC WHICH IS IN A DESERT ! but that diablos idea was cool

Aug 8, 12 at 6:59am

... Where's lOc-lac? *Wink*

Aug 8, 12 at 6:04am


Aug 8, 12 at 5:53am

Quick question: anyone notice the village is in the desert? *Wink, wink*

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