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Aug 5, 12 at 5:34pmIts_my_time24


Ahead stood a giant black figure. The heat was intense, he looked to his side to his comrades. Suddenly, i terrible sensation like no other filled his chest, as he fell to the fiery surface. He looks above, and all that he see's is a dark sky. The pain in his chest subsided, as the figure moves closer, but not noticing the 4 hunters are in its midst. Its too far to see the actual color of it, but just its shadow. Even it being far away, he can still feel the powerful strength within that monster. Ahead, was probably the most difficult monster thats going to be faced. His 3 friends had ran over to see what happened...but among them were 2 white, faded figures. It was his parents. They smiled, and nodded at him. The fate of the world, was in the hands of him and his 3 friends. The diffrence between peace, and destruction. The only 4 left that are capable of handling this beast. He knew what he had to do...when suddenly, the figure screamed as the sound pierced through the air, and right into their ears. Its wings spread apart, and now they could truly see the dark power that this beast had. He got up, and along with his friends...charged straight at the beast.

AN IMT CHAPTER! Chapter 1: The ship ride

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. The names Vincent. I was born in the Volcano. By the age of 8, i was already training to be a hunter just like my father. His sword was one of the most powerful weapon of our village, passed down from generation to generation. Its name? The Alatreon Metamorph, created from the dark monster, the Alatreon. Back in my great grandfathers time, the mighty alatreon attacked our village from the sacred land which isnt too far from us. My great grandfather was one of the top hunters of my village, and took on the alatreon toe-to-toe with 3 other companions, my bestfriends' great grandfathers as well. They chased down the beast, and led him back to the sacred land. From there, no one knows what happened. But about a week later, the 4 of them returned with bags full of Dark scales, Horns, Scutes, and blood. With those blood, they asked one of their friends to create weapons for them, to protect the village in case of any other attacks. Thus, 4 weapons were created: The Alatreon Metamorph which has the power to crush anything, The Black Harvest which with one swing of it can cut any monsters tail, The Alatreon Gleam which is said to hold the key between light and dark, and The Dark Claw Demise, which is out right terrible. No other weapons can wield such power. Once our great grandfathers have died, they passed down the weapons on, and on, until eventually it was handed down to my bestfriends and i's fathers. day, there was a terrible scream, and the village elderly's were thinking it was the new Alatreon. They told one of the village females to contact the Guild...but meanwhile, my father and his friends, the ones with the weapons of the old Alatreon have set off to a journey to the sacred land, to confront this dark beast. They returned...but not as my great grandfather did...they came back weak, with no souveniers...and cuts everywhere. Everyone knew they were going to die. They passed down the weapons to me and my bestfriends, and breathed their last. Ever since that has happened, i've been training myself for the worst. I know there is a new one out there, hiding and still injured, but much alive. It probably is still young...but once i face it and take it down, it'll have to be full grown, because why win, until you dont see the full potentiel? I always say its not a win until both sides have gone all out. So, i decided to take my Rathalos armor, my new weapon that i could finally use instead of that lame War hammer i used, The Alatreon Metamorph, and my 3 friends, Kholdstare, RockofKuthian (known as Tarek in the story) and wildfire to come and the city of Loc-Lac!
"Ugh...VINCENT! Its 8 in the morning, do we have to go now?" Asked Kholdstare as he got up
"Khold, Loc-Lac's really far from the Village of Honah, we HAVE to dude! How about we pull a prank on wild to wake him up?" I said
"Fine, im up, dont get your panties in a twist" Kholdstare said "Hey, im holdinng you to that prank"
"Yeah, yeah, come on, lets we should go get Tarek now" I suggested
Kholdstare and I started walking down the dirt road into Tarek's hut. Immediatly we saw him through the window lying down with a well-done steak one his belly as he snored.
"PSST! Tarek!" Kholdstare said as he threw a stone at Tareks head. "Its time to go!"
"One...more minu-zzzzzzz" Tarek mumbled
"YO T! Were pulling a prank on Wild, hurry up dude!" I exclaimed.
"On wild?! IM IN!" Tarek screamed as he sat up. "So, Loc-Lac huh?"
"Yeah, whats so 'huh' about it?" I asked curiously
"I heard a Jhen comes every sandstorm...Im getting ideas guys..." Tarek said
"Well, first we need to GET there. Lets go get some hot water, i wanna see wild pee his pants!" I stated as we headed to the well. We got water like we did everyday...even though we do, and in about 30 seconds we headed towards the city centre, to the undistinguishable flame which was created when the first Alatreon attacked. We heated the water a bit, and quickly headed to Wildfire's house with a bucket full of water. Luckily for us, Wild was still asleep, and his one of his hand was hanging off the bed he was sleeping. We knocked on his hut, and his mom answered.
"Oh, hello. Is it time already?" Wilds mom asked.
"Yeah, we just gotta wake him up, i promised Khold i'd do it his way" I said as a glanced over at Kholdstare who grinned.
"Oh, your not gonna make him...haha, i give you permission too." Wilds mom said.
"Ha, YES!" Kholdstare exclaimed. We creeped towards Wilds bed as I held the bucket.
"alright, Tarel, grab his arm gently. I'll put the bucket, down and as i do that, put his hand in the bucket, make sure it touches the water" I whispered quietly.
"Alright" Tarek said, clearly still sleepy. On my words, we did what was stated. Now we watch his pants...His clothes got darker as he woke up.
"WHAT THE! Guys! Did i just- oh my gosh, i love you guys, but im getting you back!" Wildfire exclaimed. There was no response, we were on the ground laughing.
"You do realize this is my only pair of clothes left, i packed everything in my box already!" Wild said. His response was even harder laughter.

After everything settled down, everyone wide awake and ready, i told them to get their armor on. We met in the undistinguishable fire, me with my full Rathalos Armor made with the first monster that i ever slayed alone with the Alatreon Metamorph, Wildfire with his Agnaktor armor and his Alatreon Gleam, Kholdstare with his dads armor that we couldnt recognize, but had the kind of japanese style look and his Dark Claw Demise, and of course, Tarek with his Rathian armor, which alot of people underestimate, until they see him fight, and his Black Harvest. Together, wielding the 4 weapons that saved the Village of Honah, headed onto the ship that rides the sand towards the city of Loc-Lac!

It was on the boat ride where I noticed something. This Loc-Lac would have other hunters, maybe even some hunters who took down an Alatreon as well...Could they have such power to take down a monster? Something that my father couldnt achieve? My friends and i have took out countless monsters, in countless places. We've been in the desert a few times, underwater, and even in a small island. But the one thing that we hadn't seen were other huntes than us. I would say we arent that bad of hunters, but are there really that many of us out there who just love fighting? I heard of a couple famous hunters who can put such a power surge in a weapon that they can defeat monsters in under 5 minutes. I got out from under the deck. Surprisingly, we didnt share rooms, which meant Wildfire, Tarek, and Kholdstare are somewhere else, probably just checking out the boat. I thought i'd do the same. I climbed the deck, and all i can really see werer mountains covered in sand, a bright blue sky and a shining sun. There were quite abit of hunters riding this crew, as the Volcano being the last stop. They visited all the places of which we are going to get assigned to by the guild to fight monsters on a quest recieved in Loc-Lac. The boat was huge, and full of hunters with all sorts of armor. Being experienced, Khold, Wild, Tarek and I knew most of them...but emerging from the bottom deck was someone...unusual. I didnt know what he was wearing, or the weapon he wielded...but it was impressive. It was white with a kind of light blue glow on some parts of it. The helm had horns on the side of it where his hears were. His weapon was a huge great sword that looked very similar to his armor. "Hm...hey. Dont see many people with Rathalos armor on this cruise. I take it your from the Volcanic region?" he said
"Uh, yeah. Village of Honah. The names Vincent, you?" I replied
"Honah, Kenji. Nice to meet you. First time in Loc-Lac?" Kenji asked as he glanced at me, probably looking for a weapon.
"Yeah. Came with 3 of my friends. Where'd you get the armor?" I asked. I couldnt resist, it looked really diffrent, and it had a powerful aura from it.
"Fetched this off a Ceadeus. Its an elderdragon. Just heading to Loc-Lac after i slayed it in Moga. Get to get a break finally. Hey, since its your first time, i'll come with you and your friends to the guild. You'll need to register so the guild can keep track of how good you are by "Hunter Rank" which keeps track of skill. Each quest a couple Hunter rank points are added. Once you get a certain number, your hunter rank increases, and get assigned much more challenging quests" Kenji explained as we found ourselves walking to the front of the ship, just looking at the view.
"Alright, sounds good. But, we're not the average hunter...we took down many things in our village. We even travelled because the Guild Recieptionist got requests from other lands. We've faced Qurupeco's, Barroth's, Rathian's, Agnaktor's, Rathalos', and Great Jaggi/Baggi's! We can handle some monsters!" I said, thinking that this Kenji was doubting our hunting skill.
"Remember one thing kid, the quests you get in the city are MUCH diffrent than getting quests in the village" Kenji said. "Once we reach Loc-Lac, meet me here" He went off, under the deck. I stood there, looking at the view once more. There were some other hunters on the deck too. I saw one with Qurupeco armor, one with Barroth armor, and one that had really fat armor. Kind of purplish. Looked pretty cool though. I decided to go under deck. I'd sleep and once i wake up, im pretty sure, it'd be time to get off the boat. I knockedout as soon as i slept...then, the dream started.

I was back to being 8 years old. I was running around, playing with Kholdstare, Tarek, and Wildfire as usual. Wrestling, playing tag, hide and seek, and even kick the monster. We were playing kick the monster this time. We hid behind a huge rock, and on the other side of this rock was an aptonoth. Not even a teenager, maybe if we were an aptonoth, that would be us. It was Kholdstare's turn. The aptonoth was with its dad, who was fully grown and huge. Its horn on it was larger than an ordinary aptonoth, and it had a large scratch on it's back. The spikes on the side of its head were sharper, and longer than ever. Since we've been studying all kinds of monsters at a young age, we knew that this meant this aptonoth wasnt normal. It looked much more tougher than the average aptonoth. "Khold, your up. Kick the small one" I said as a pointed to the smaller aptonoth.
"Ha, this is gonna be fun" Kholdstare said as he emerged from the rock, and headed straight for the aptonoth...but not the small one. He went after the big one. The aptonoth noticed what was happening, and turned its head to Khold. Being 8, we didnt have much weapons. All we had were small ones that will take ALOT of time even to kill 1 jaggi. Kholdstare noticed it turn, but instead of stopping, he charged faster, and kicked it straight in the face. But not once, he CONTINUED. The aptonoth started to get really mad, and started to move his tail, ready to hit Khold right in the gut...until Wildfire, Tarek and I emerged from the rock, and sprinted straight for the aptonoth. We surrounded it, and started taking it out with sharp rocks, stabbing it one the aptonoth's body. The small aptonoth already went for a run. The large one lunged right at me, but i jumped to the side, and as i was on the ground, swiped my rock through its legs. It fell onto the ground. Noticing what had happened, Wild, Tarek, and Khold quickly started laying barrages of attacks as i got up. The aptonoth tried to get Wild with its horn, but Wild grabbed the horn, and got his feet of the ground hanging onto the horn, and delivered a kick into the leg which i already wounded. Right after that, we cut the horn off with a ton of attacks. And soon enough, this aptonoth was dead. "And there goes our first monster kill..." Wildfire said, panting.
"Well, we have dinner...lets go get it back home" Tarek said
"And how do you plan on doing that? ITS HUGE!" Kholdstare pointed out.
"I'll call our dads, hold on!" Tarek said, and he was off. We were just sitting around waiting, as this aptonoth being much to huge to even drag along. Then, thats when we heard it. There was a scream, and Wild, Khold and I didnt know what it was.

We haven't been out on hunts with our dads and had no idea what it was. It was coming closer, then popping out from a bush was a Great Jaggi with easily 8 jaggi's with it. They made a circle around us, and started coming closer, tongues sticking out, scales popped out, and screaming. The knew that were were THEIR dinner. They came closer, and the Great jaggi pounced on me,as the rest of the smaller charged towards Khold and Wildfire. The Great Jaggi's foot was on my chest, and scratched it. There was a big cut along my chest, when suddenly a flash was our dads! Kholdstares dad came out with his Long Sword, and sliced the Great Jaggi off me. Khold threw the rock he was holding at the jaggi's attacking him and Wild. Kholdstares dad took on the Great Jaggi one on one, but after about 30 seconds, we heard the beasts last cry, as it fell to the ground. Wild, Tarek, and my dad came over and took out the jaggi's, one hit per jaggi, and soon enough, it was the 8 of us, and the dead aptonoth left. "GUYS! What happened!" My dad asked

"We were playing kick that monster, and this aptonoth was about to attack Khold, so we ran and fought it. We took it out, but then as Tarek was calling you, this Jaggi pack came out from that bush. They circled us, and the Great Jaggi jumped on me, giving me this gash" I said as i showed the ripped part of my clothes. There was blood covering the ripped part of my clothes, and around the scratch. It look ed worst i thought, and didnt hurt much, but it my dad gave me a Potion to drink. Once a drank it, the little stabbing sensation subsided.
"You guys are lucky Tarek can run fast, other wise..." Kholdstares dad said. "But hey, nice job on your first hunt! Lets get this back home, we'll cook some steaks. Vincent, keep drinking those potions, they'll help. Any sensation on that, even if it didnt hurt, just drink one. After that, take some Immunizer, it'll help it heal faster. Thats definetly leaving a scar though" The tied rope on the aptonoth, and started dragging it back home.

When we got home, our families had dinner together. It was actually really nice, it had well-done steak, rare steak, and we even managed to get some Popo toungues from our trading partner up in the Tundra. It was a great moment, we bandaged up my cut, ate, and just had a really good time...until, there was this LOUD screech, and even hearing it, we felt the power travelling... I dont know what monster it was, but the whole village was frightened. We all ran back into huts, as our dads headed to the Village Chief, Adoni. Khold, Wild, and Tarek overheard them talking. "Im afraid it does sound like it. You'll have to go after it, it has the potentiel power to take down this whole Volcano. You guys are the only ones capable of defeating this beast"
"Im in. But hold on Adoni, i needa get my armor on...I'll even solo it if it means saving our village" My dad said.
"Yeah, im in too. Dont get ahead of yourself Arnoi." Kholdstares dad said.
"You know what, we have to do this, im in." Wildfire's dad said
"Well, i have no choice, but if i did have one it would, be im in." Tareks dad said.
"Alright! Hold on Adoni, let us get our armor on." My dad said

When they came back, they had full armor, and the legendary 3 weapons. My dads armor came from a far away land, when he took out a Jhen Mohran with Tarek, Wild and Kholds dad, called the Damascus armor. Jet black, and just looked awesome. Tareks dad was wearing Urugaan armor. Yellow, and huge. Lots of room inside. Kholdstares dad was wearing an armor we actually didnt know. It had the japanese style look, and he was really shiny, it looked almost new. He got it 2 weeks ago when our dads returned from a hunting mission in Loc-Lac. Guild said it was important. Then, Wildfire's dad came out too, wearing black armor with kind of like bumps on it. I heard them talk about how he got it off a "Deviljho" im not sure what it is, but it sounds terrible. "Hey guys. We got a really important quest to do, but we'll be back, in maybe a week or two, i promise" My dad said, as he and his friends came over ready to go.
"Okay, but be careful! That scream sounded terrible...i felt its aura." I said
"Dont worry too much!" He said, and they ran out, following yet another scream.

I blacked out after, but when i got vision, i saw it. A huge black dragon and our dads attacking it. It was taking hits like it nothing, and shot a huge fireball right at my dad, but wildfires dad jumped in the way and brought his shield up, and blocked the fire. Next, he did a spin and unleashed dragon from its claw, and slashed all our dads at once, and to finish it, he shot a fireball. Next, the same dragon aura came, but he charged..and i blacked out again.
"VINCENT! COME ON! WERE IN LOC LAC!" Kholdstare screamed through the door.
I got up. I was here...the place where i'll be hunting monsters, and getting ready to take out that Alatreon.

AN IMT CHAPTER! Chapter 2: The Neoseeker Clan

I woke up, first thing on my mind being that im hungry. I get my helmet which is across the room, kind of with a shine, the terrifying Rathalos helm. As i got it i picked up my Alatreon Metamorph. I sheathed it to my back, and kicked the door open, as i see Khold right in my face, Tarek leaning on the wall, and Wild standing beside Tarek.
"Finally...Hurry up, the second horn already got blown which means we gotta get there now before we're caught in the stampede of other hunters" Khold said.

We opened the door with a loud bang, as all the hunter's eyes fell on us. The made a path for us to walk in as we looked around.
"What are they.." Wild whispered. The whole crows burst out in whispering.
"That cant be the Core Four's kids...can it?" i heard one crowd say. The guy I saw earlier before i had my long sleep noticed us, he was among the ones who were whispering about some 'Core Four' He looked really surprised. Kenji came over to us.
"Vincent...are you..Arnoi's son? Do you realize Arnoi, Junka, Shendo and Baston are one of the strongest of the legendary 'Neoseeker' clan?
"Neoseeker? Hmm, sounds pretty.. strange. Where do you think we can find them?" I asked, as now we started attracting more hunters to speak.
"You dont find them, THEY find you" A voice said from somewhere to our left.
"If your planning on finding them, good luck!" Someone yelled
"You'll be lucky to find where they hideout!" Another screamed. It got me thinking, where could such a clan be? And how can the be so popular, yet not that many people can find out where they coordinate hunts, ACTUALLY hunt, and generally give advice.

"Oh, sorry i didnt introduce myself, im Kenji, i met Vincent earlier. I'll be guiding you guys towards the guild registration."
"Alright, so when do we get to get off this boat?" Tarek asked
"We will soon. We just need to hear the horn of the Captain's son. The Captain actually slayed an Alatreon with some of his friends. But that was a long time ago, their retired now. However, his son has took the sword of which the Captain got forged" Kenji said. As he said this, a hunter emerged from the crowd. He carried a giant greatsword, which looked really similar to the alatreon weapons that we were holding. He was wearing armor with 2 horns on each shoulder, and from the waist onwards he had huge yellow armor. He glanced at us, a kind of liking passed between us. He gestured for us to come. Kenji, Tarek, Wildfire, and Kholdstare walked towards him.
"Hey. Im guessing you guys are the next generation of the Core 4?" He asked
"Yeah. You must be the captains son?" I asked
"Yup. The names Noxramus, but people call me Nox. Anyway, lets go." Nox replied.

As he said this, he blew a horn signalling that we are to exit the ship. As soon as the sound of the horn stopped, there was a riot, hunters from everywhere on the ship started rampaging to get out, some even jumped off the side of the boat. Luckily for us, we got out first, and headed into the entrance of Loc-Lac. A huge gate stood directly infront of us. There were 2 guards, holding huge spears and a shield. They also had a short sword on their waist. The armor wasn't from a monster according to Nox. It was made from ore all around the world. The helmet closed down so you couldn't see their face, the chest had spikes on the shoulder and on their chest was a picture of a huge monster with 2 tusks. We found out that it was the Jhen Mohran, the legendary elder dragon who created Loc-Lac. The gate was open, and from there, 2 paths were shown. One read "Guild, new hunters come here!" and the other said "Gate, Whos ready to hunt?" We headed towards the Guild path, as alot of other hunters, some even without armor, headed there too. We saw alot of people, rushing to get in line, however, we were simply speed walking, taking a look at the site. There were lots of stores. I saw one even managed by a cat, as he stood there, simply staring at the sun. Another had a lady trying to advertise saying she has the best trades right now...I didnt really get it.

Kenji brought us to where 5 guildies worked. Luckily, we were the 3rd people to get in line.
"Alright guys, this is where i leave. But guys, heres my ID: ZGM840. Once you register, you should get something called a friend roster. You can send messages by typing them in on your registration card. Anyway, see you guys around!" Kenji said as he departed back, his armor still glistening as he ran towards the hunting path. We were up.
"Hey, we're here to register?" I asked
"Yeah, yeah, here's your ID, and your rank. You start at 0 of course. And heres a whistle. Call your Personal Felyne (PF). His name is Chamberlyne...for everyone. Heres the key to your houses. Numbers 100-105" The Guildie said as she passed us 5 ID's, keys and whistles.
"Uhm..okay, thanks.." i said as i grabbed them. We started walking down the road to hunt when Wildfire realized something.
"GUYS! We need a map!" he said.
"I'll get it, come on" Kholdstare said as he started running down towards the Guildie's table.
"Excuse me, we forgot a map. But that can wait. Are you free friday night, cause i can tell you everything about our legacy. Y'know, we've slayed 2 Agnaktors at the time once. Yep, me and my Dark Claw with our friends. I took command though" Kholdstare said.

The guildie simply yawned and turned around to get the maps. Khold hid his face, as Wild took the maps from the Guildie's hands.
"BASTARD, DID YOU JUST YAWN?!?!" Kholdstare yelled. He unsheathed his Dark Claw and began to strike, when Noxramus jumped infront and blocked with his sword.
"KHOLD! Are you insane?!" Tarek yelled. The guildie pressed a blew a whistle, and guards began to charge at us. The same guards who were holding the spears and short sword. Wild charged towards them and knocked them down with his shield, then i came in as i hit them in the head with my hammer, knocking them out."HURRY, LETS DIP!" Tarek yelled, as he threw a smoke bomb on the ground.

We ran out the gates, into the hunting section, where we found another gate that said "Open". We figured it meant that we're eligible to enter as it didnt say closed. We ran in there, and quickly turned left. We saw a large group of houses which were numbered. I threw a flash bomb behind us, not looking as Tarek threw another smoke bomb to keep us hidden. We were at house 57 when Khold said
"Guys, houses 100-105 is ours!" We realized that this was lodge street, so we ran down the path to house 100 and shut the door quickly. We took a large sigh of relief as we panted and sort of giggled, seeing how this experience was rather funny, being our first time in Loc-Lac. What shocked us most though, was outside these doors...werent guards anymore. There was a loud roar, and we only knew that it was monster.

Without really thinking, I came up with a plan. I looked across the room, and there was a stair case. From the outside, i noticed that the house was only one story, but if theirs a staircase, then where would it lead to?

"Guys, burst out the door, and check out what it is. Dont come back in, fight it. Were taking this down. Wild, i'll drop some bombs on the mosnter, shield and explode it on it. Lets do this guys!" I said . I ran to the staircase, passing a space which had a sign saying "Item Box" and even passing a small bed. The house wasnt that big, but it was good enough for one person. I climbed up the stairs, where a door on the ceiling was. I opened it up, to find that i was on the roof. I looked down to see a horrifiying. Their was a Qurupeco..but not one, there were 3, atleast 2 times its normal size. And among them, were about 40 jaggi's. The Qurupeco's were banging their flints together, as the jaggi's went straight after my friends. It took like 2 attacks to take down 1 jaggi, so usually 4 or 5 were okay, but 40 going on against 3 people was too much. I saw wildfire sweep his lance and knock down 3 jaggi, but the just jumped back up and charged again. Khold was stabbing each 2 by 2, as he felt a surge, and a red glow appeared on his Demise. He started a spirit combo, but mid-way, was intercepted by a Qurupeco shooting mud at his back. Tarek was single was taking on 10 jaggi's, as he used his sword mode for the power phial. He knocked a couple down, and actually killed a few, but more and more gathered on him has they pounced to him. Wild charged the jaggi's attacking him, as Khold took on a qurupeco.

"God help us" I mumbled. "WILD! BOMBS AWAY!" i screamed as wild looked up. Tarek was now away, and realizing what was gonna happen, rolled towards a qurupeco calling more jaggi's. Wild lifted his shield as i dropped bombs in pairs, he detonated them mid air with his lance. The Jaggi's stopped going after him, as the 3rd qurupeco charged at wild. I took 3 bomb+ and dropped them, wild timed the stab perfectly, creating a loud noice upon detonation. The Qurupeco that got blown up was now on the ground, squirming around as wild took the opportunity and started poking it in the beak. Over at Kholds Qurupeco, he was dancing with it, having a full spirit gauge, (his sword was glowing) and causing plenty of staggers. Over at Tarek's he was going out all power, the qurupeco charges, he goes right through it's legs, and starts hacking away with his switchaxe. Where Nox was, he took on a bunch of jaggis that the Qurupeco were calling, as his wide slash was effective, but there was too many, as he got attacked

Noticing that Wildfire's qurupeco was up and attacking, as the jaggi's also went after wild, i found my chance. I jumped off the roof, and unsheathed my Hammer, and ground ounded the qurupeco with such force, its face was in the ground as it was stunned. The jaggi's backed away for abit, as they noticed that the Qurupeco was getting weak.

There was a loud sound, coming from the air. I took the time when the Qurupeco was stunned to look up and see what it is as wild continued hacking away. it was a helicopter.On the side it had a logo. A circle, the top left half black, and the other half blue. There were ropes tied to the entrance, as people climbed down towards the roofs. They lied down, and started firing away at the monsters we were hunting. Soon enough, there were 5 other hunters, 4 gunning, one came charging in with a longsword thats kinda green, with a chain. He hacked away, and soon enough, no jagi's remained, and all qurupeco's were weak. I started to look around more. Khold was panting, Tarek was leaning on a house, recovering fatigue, and Wild and Nox was doing the same. I took all my energy into one more super-pound, as i killed one qurupeco, unleashing all my power left. I fell to the ground, as a Qurupeco started charging towards me. It was 10 feet away...5...and just as it was about to hit me, there was a flash, and it fell to the ground. The man with the longsword was behind it, sword unsheathed and had just slashed it. The last one was finished with a huge flury of explosions, as the gunners jumped off the roofs to aid us. They shot recover shots at us, and gave us herbs to eat. Soon enough, we were in perfect condition..,.but the houses werent. Numbers 99-106 Iwere destroyed.

"You guys..did a good..job" the guy with the sword said. "Im Xeros, the leader of this clan" he said as he offered his hand.
"Hey, im Neji," said the guy that gaves us recover shots.
"Im Player, good job guys." The guy who fed us herb. The other 3 mentioned themselves as Damien, Narcisuss, and Couttsy (Ik he's in EUR, but hes a good guy ) .

"Hey..I'm Vincent, this is..Tarek, Kholdstare, Noxramus and Wildfire..We just..arrived here" I said panting. We offered them our hands.

"You guys are great hunters...Im surprised you just started coming to Loc-Lac. Welcome! Hm...whattya say we meet somewhere more...professional to speak. Come in the helicopter. We'll take you to our hideout. Oh, sorry forgot to mention... we heard there was an attack, so i got my best men and flew over here. We're representing the Neoseeker Clan, and we're interested in you 5" Xeros said, gesturing them to their helicopter.

The helicopter ride was bumpy. Together, Nox, Wild, Khold, Tarek and I sat at the back. Infront of us, were Xeros, Neji, and Damien. In the front were Player and Couttsy, driving. That was probably why it was so bumpy. I looked out the door, and found myself staring at a fascinating sight. Loc-Lac was like a huge toilet. The city in the circle, as the desert surrounded the walls of Loc-Lac. The city had lots of kids running around, but more importantly, some really tough looking hunters. Some had armors and weapons beyond my knowledge. One guy created a crowd, where we was showing off some new weapon. It loooked like a lance...and a gun. It had a sharp end, and a shield. But, there was a hole like it had on a gun. From so high, i didnt nottice the details. They took us to the end of the city, where it was right by the wall...but it had atleast 20 miles by 30 miles. It was sort of a square, with a huge gate. The gate showed the same logo as on the helicopter. Couttsy managed a pretty clean landing, and hopped out. He wondered else where with Damien.

"Here we are. Follow me, i'll take you to the discussion hall" Xeros said. We followed him through a door, and in that door was a long table, with a few people sitting in several seats, scattered on the side of table. The room has huge, and the table was atleast 25 feet long. On the wall, was a huge screen, where Xeros said we would be watching whats going on in Loc-Lac, and even contact some people. A guy sitting on the table even mentioned that they had an appearance on a Loc-Lac show from that screen. On the other side of the wall were a fridge, stove, and another door.

"Take a seat guys. We've got a couple things to discuss. First things first, i would like to mention how well you guys fought back there. For just arriving in Loc-Lac, taking on 3 unusually large Qurupeco's, and atleast 100 jaggi's is pretty tough. Well done." Xeros said clapping.

"100..? I thought it was like 40. Uh, we have fought some pretty tough monsters, but where are you going with this?" Kholdstare said, confused. I was pretty sure it was could it possibly have been 100?

"You guys didnt see? The Qurupeco's were calling the Jaggi's out from a cave. Most likely a nest. Luckily for you guys, one of our gunners had fired clust's in the whole, and blown it up, crumbling rocks blocking the entrance. It may have seemed like 40, but you probably hadn't realized, more and more were emerging out" Xeros said.
"Back to the point, im interested in you guys. The way you guys took those things out, it was as if your skill ran through your blood. Would you guys like to join this clan?" Xeros asked

I never knew how to respond. I dont think we did that great, i mean, we barely took out some of the pack before these guys came. But, this hideout looked pretty safe. No one could find us, and these guys seem pretty cool.

"Whattya guys think? These guys seem pretty good, we could learn something" I whispered.
"Yea, im with you, i think we should join. They seem like they took out plenty of large monsterss" Wild said.
"Im in. To be able to contact one of the greatest clans of all of Loc-Lac anytime monsters attacked, just as they did...we would make a great team." Tarek said. Nox and Khold also had agreed.

"We'll accept the offer. When do we start?" I asked. Xeros grinned. He handed us badges, not really huge, nor noticable unless your looking for it. We pinned it on our chest plate of our armor. I never really noticed it, but Xeros had some really strong looking armor. Through the window of this room, the sun was shining on it, it gleamed like crazy. It was black, and had to horns on the helm. The chest was had spikes on its shoulder part, and it had a powerful aura coming out of the armor.

"Hey, where'd you get the armor?" I asked Xeros.
"Heh. Well, long story short. Killed an Alatreon. Got its armor. You jelly?" Xeros said. So, HE even killed an Alatreon. This brings me to a many are out there? Why have so many hunters all around slayed them?

"Oh yea, welcome to the Clan. We're glad to have you. Feel free to lounge around, i'll stick back here, apparantly there has been warning of sandstorms..You can only know what the means!" Xeros said. A couple of the hunters down the table laughed, but 5 of our expressions were blank. What did it mean?

"Alright...But, i kinda wanna go check out Loc-Lac. First time actually coming, i wanna see how the tavern's like" Nox said.
"I kind of too...Hey, why dont we go? You guys cool with us leaving?" Tarek asked
"Yea, sure. So, we'll meet at our houses at like...10:00 at night. I wanna check this place out, maybe hunt a couple times too" Khold said. And just like that, our 5 became a 3.

Me, Khold, and Wild exitted the discussion hall, and said our good-byes to tarek and nox. They went through the gate, flashed their ID to the guards, and headed out. Meanwhile, we walked into this narrow path, where we found a room with tons of interesting things to do. There was an arm wrestling barrel, 3 tables that fit 4, a long U shaped table, where 2 guildies, one wearing red, one wearing blue stood. On the very left, a short old man sat on the table. To the right, there was a staircase, and from what i heard, im pretty sure it was a workshop. To my left, was a sign that said "Lodge Street" ...Okay...somehow there's more than 1? Loc-Lac is getting weirder by the minute.

"Woah...This must be the..errm..Hunting Tangerine" Kholdstare said, struggling
"Hunters TAVERN" Wildfire corrected. We walked over to a table and sat. A menu was there, and the food sounded amazing. From PoPo tongues, To Dragon heads and Master Cola. A man came to us, wearing armor that wasnt thaat intimidating, but no helm.

"May i take your order?" The man asked, but at the exact same moment, a figure stood in the entrance of the tavern. He wielded a lance, and Agnaktor armor, just as Wildfire. He approached us with good posture, clearly trying to make a name for yourself. I found this pretty weird, how can someone get in the tavern...this is private.

"Hey, i just got recruited. The name's Scion but people call me Sci. Nice to meet you" He said, as he waved, his shield flailing in the air.


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Sep 29, 12 at 12:02am

haha i always thought of my charecter as one of those always joking and palying around taking nothing serious, but somehow really skilled

Sep 28, 12 at 1:17pm

Or Guild armor

I used escadora to desrcibe him, because alatreon is often considered "the last monster in tri" so allowing Xeros to have it would emphasise that he is skilled.

Also, if you guys are wondering about the "AN IMT CHAPTER!/ A SCION CHAPTER!" . Its for me to put the perspective of the different characters in my fanfic.

Sep 28, 12 at 8:32am


Wow, I like how they live in a world that has helicopters and t.v's but still use swords XD! Xeros the slayer as the head of the clan is a great addition that you beat me to, lol. You should describe him as wearing a black suit and a 1950's mobsters hat. That's how I would

Sep 19, 12 at 4:57pm

Not that much, but i tried a sort of different writing style...i cant really explain, but i knew it sounded different as i was typing.

Anyway, Scion, welcome to my fanfic

Sep 17, 12 at 3:17pm

I apologize, i know, not the update you expected .. Forgive me, but i needa go somewhere right now, and i cant bring my laptop. I'll TRY to complete it tomorrow. Again, im sorry. I will continue to be on neo for abit via Ipod. Oh, and, Scion, heres a heads-up for tomorrow.

Sep 8, 12 at 2:30pm
neji 9889

quote wildfire
quote neji 9889
m retired haha. i think the oldies here will recognize me as one of the more helpful ones ;D

i have 4K subs on youtube now, so i wonder if i should start doing MH videos...
Youtube username? because you're about to have 4001 subs


I haven't had time to read through the update yet ... I've been really busy this week trying to nail down a job....
ha, thanks man
i gotta work on getting some more variety and just growing as a whole. my goal is to get to 100K in 4 years, but thats hard work...

Sep 7, 12 at 7:03pm


Oh yeah, hows that job thing going along for yoou? I found the Capcom US branch btw. "San Mateo" Its either East or West Georgia. So your pretty close right? Guess i am going to Georgia after all Well, my fanfic's gonna be up here, everyone's welcome to read it anytime xD


YOUR NOT RETIRED! COME BACK! Also, your appearance shall be in the next update. Uhh...


neji 9889 And i never played with you. Also, what is your Youtube name? Your about to have 4002

Come back for one more hunt? I wanna see a real guy turnapound. I never played with someone who turna'd often...

Sep 7, 12 at 1:38pm

he basically just meets all the neo's..... EXCEPT ME

Sep 7, 12 at 4:18am

quote neji 9889
m retired haha. i think the oldies here will recognize me as one of the more helpful ones ;D

i have 4K subs on youtube now, so i wonder if i should start doing MH videos...
Youtube username? because you're about to have 4001 subs


I haven't had time to read through the update yet ... I've been really busy this week trying to nail down a job....

Sep 6, 12 at 8:07pm
neji 9889

im retired haha. i think the oldies here will recognize me as one of the more helpful ones ;D

i have 4K subs on youtube now, so i wonder if i should start doing MH videos...

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