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Jul 13, 12 at 8:15pmAl The Killer

Supports. We all know 'em. some of us love 'em (cough) some of us never want to play as 'em. but I think we can all agree they are a huge asset to the team.

So, Neo-Summoners, what supports do you like to play as/lane with?

What are your favorite duo lanes?

Any unconventional lanes you just love?


Personally, I main support in ranked. I often play as a support who can save teammates (Janna, Alistar, Leona.) rather than cookie cutters like Soraka (Who I kind of despise playing as unless it's with Ezreal.)

Personally, I love a good Ashe/Janna bot lane. Impossible to gank, safe to farm, and packs a punch late game. As for unconventional lanes, some of my best moments have been with my buddy as J4 and Pantheon.

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Aug 17, 12 at 2:37pm

Each support has their own unique skillset and learning curve. Some champions you can jump right into and do decent, but may take a while to master. While others are incredibly difficult to learn, but easy to master. And even more so some supports require a lot of teamwork and positioning, while others can be incredibly easy to use, regardless of communication. You also have to think of late game purposes of each champion. Some champions can really enhance a team come late game, like Taric's aura and guaranteed stun, or Leon'a passive and AoE stuns. In my opinion Soraka can make laning against her a total hell, but the amount of utility she brings late game is extremely lacking. A heal there, some mana here and a magic resistance debuff. Also that 5 player heal, but meh.

Aug 17, 12 at 2:14pm

Alistar and Leona have hard CC on longer CDs so once they go in they have to stay in because there's no way to get out, unlike say Janna, that can cc, wait for CDs or get out. Janna is really hard to gank and kill for this reason. But, if Ali/Leona go in on someone, and your AD carry isn't an idiot, it's pretty much a guaranteed kill because they won't be able to do anything for about 3sec.

Taric is a nice aura whore, like Sona, nice offtank if needed, just outclassed normally. He's good, like Lulu for hybrid AD carries, like Ezreal, because of his stun + ult + shatter then you can heal Ez and get out super easy.

I like Taric, and I want to learn how to play him effectively, but I just prefer others. :c This thread makes me want to stop jungling and go back to supporting I hate all of you.

Aug 17, 12 at 10:37am

I disagree that all supports have the same skill cap. Karma is easily the most difficult support to play, because managing mana, mantra, map awareness with warding and CV, your own health and proper positioning are all things that need to be well done as Karma, or you will falter pretty hard. Her presence in teamfights really shines when the Karma knows what they're doing, and to be honest, she's a very impressive support, contrary to what other people think.

Janna is difficult for positioning and timing Eye of the Storm. She can take risks warding a bit better due to her Howling Gale, Zephyr and naturally high movement speed coupled with a huge knockback ultimate and a shield. Janna's difficulty lies in the positioning of her ultimate, warding everything by abusing high mobility, and proper use of Howling Gale to defend/secure a kill. She is tricky to play, because you need to be highly concious of your team in team fights and how you can position her Howling Gale and Monsoon to be the most effective.

I honestly don't see much difficulty in using Soraka. She's the Support 101, her healing is non-complex and about the only thing that's a bit more tricky about her than other supports is you need to monitor allies a bit more because of Wish, but most supports should do that anyway, just not to the degree Soraka has to.

Lulu looks pretty hard because of positioning Pix and Glitterlance to be the most effective. She can also keep an eye on an enemy champion's position with Help, Pix! which can secure kills easily with a 80% slow from Glitterlance. I can't say for sure because I haven't played her yet...

Other supports...Never played Taric, don't really plan to. I don't really have an opinion on his difficulty because I've never really looked at him, neither Alistar.

All in all, I think Karma's skill cap is the highest, followed closely by Janna. What makes supports have different skill caps is not their roles, but how exactly their kits work to assist the team. Janna has hard CC, Karma has every utility spell under the sun except for stat buffs, Lulu has huge movement fluctuations and CC with whimsy, and a life saving ultimate etc. etc.

I'm in no way saying Soraka/Taric/Alistar/Leona etc. are bad, I just don't feel they take as long to learn as other supports.

But supporting in itself is on par with Jungling for difficulty.

Aug 17, 12 at 3:08am


>Tristana Q

Aug 17, 12 at 2:23am

I'd say Soraka has a high skill cap. Being able to harass and heal and all that crap actually takes decent timing and mana management until you get something like Athene's.

I always max heal and mana first. I don't see a point in using her q at all until team fights anywho, so in the end, it comes down to how much and how often I can heal my AD carry/replenish their mana. I work very well with Graves and Ashe as Soraka because of it. That and being the one to take the risk to ward everything in living sight takes a lot...

Aug 17, 12 at 1:52am

>all supports have same skill cap

Aug 17, 12 at 1:33am

To be honest Janna and Karma have a very high skill cap for different reasons. Karma goes exceptionally well with any AD carry during laning phase but requires knowledge and skill to get the synergy going. Janna however tends to be less useful in the laning phase compared to Karma but is definitely a stronger team fighter and definitely a game changing champion.

It just boils down to the fact Karma can snowball an AD Carry extremely well, very underrated in my opinion but her late game is extremely poor without decent gold supply from CS and assists. Whereas Janna can snowball an AD Carry not as well as Karma can but overall is a stronger late game champion.

In my opinion all supports have the same high skill cap. A lot higher than any other champion mainly because you will always get blamed if something goes wrong.

Aug 17, 12 at 12:43am

I usually choose Lux or Zyra as a support, and by support, I mean kill lane. Soraka's fine and so's Sona, but I like doing more harass. Regardless of which one I play, I'm usually pretty good about warding, and by the end of the game, I'm providing extra damage no one else'd expect.

Aug 17, 12 at 12:06am

Omg have you tried 0 CS Support Shen? It's really hard, but then you don't do nothing late game, whilst providing a few aura's. captain boo Janna's skillshot (Q) is more difficult that hitting all 4 of Ez's skills on one person in my opinion. Just so not fun...

Aug 16, 12 at 10:12pm

quote Phoenixmon
Oh ok captain boo. And do you play her full support, AP, or AP/Support hybrid? Because she seems like a little AP could make those shields ridiculous, and make her deal more damage than the average support.
I play full support. Philo Stone>Shurelya's and HoG>Locket with 0 cs. Janna is vastly inferior to other supports when played AP, in my opinion. Ie. Karma. Karma's shield absorbs more incoming damage by a decent amount and they get stronger the lower health she has remaining.

Karma's burst damage is insane for a support. Her Mantra+Soul Shield and Heavenly Wave deal loads of damage while supporting herself, and her bond if landed correctly can secure the kill. Lulu is another support that is also a bit better as AP because she can shield, grant vision of an enemy, a serious movespeed buff/debuff and AP buff. Though this is speculation as I've never played Lulu, I see no reason why she wouldn't be better as an AP mage than Janna with the only disadvantage being much lower mobility.

In fact, Janna's burst is probably terrible. Howling Gale and Zephyr are her only methods of damage because her basic attack is terrible. Lulu has Q and E for direct damage, whilst W increases her damage output and mobility or incapacitates the enemy. Her Ult is just ridiculously powerful.

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