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Jul 08, 12 at 2:31amSwampasaur

There are a lot of wish lists when it comes to smash bros, but I never see one particular character in these lists. This character is from a small yet successful franchise and represents what would be a brand new series in smash.

That character is..


The cleaning robot could be one of the new characters in SSB4. Think about it. He's a great character from a great franchise that has made Nintendo an fair amount of money. He has a pretty large fanbase and both games were received with praise. What's that? You think that Chibi Robo doesn't fight and therefore cannot be in smash bros? Well guess what! He does fight! He has a blaster incorporated into his arm that he uses frequently (complete with charge and long range functions).

His moveset would be easy to make as well!

Work with me for a second!

Neutral B: Chibi Blaster: CR stands in place and charges a cannon similar to Samus' charge shot. What? Sounds boring? Clonish? Well let's mix it up a bit! Let's make CR's blaster much weaker than Samus' shot in terms of damage and knockback, however let's give him the ability to MOVE WHILE CHARGING! Of course after a certain point he'll stop charging and it'll fizzle out (for balancing purposes).
Up B: Chibi Copter: CR has a propeller built into his head. Normally he uses this for slow descents but it make sense for him to go up with it. Perhaps we could put a small hitbox at the top of his head where the actual propellers are to make the move safer. Essentially, this move would hit opponents just above CR while he rises up with a multihit attack.
Down B: Toothbrush: CR would take out his toothbrush and repeatedly scrub the floor in front of him. This would cause the opponent to get caught up in the flurry of cleaning and take several small hits. Also this move could sometimes cause the opponent to trip after the attack finishes. You know, like several crouching normal already do.
Side B: Squirter: CR takes out a squirter and sprays water over the opponent. It could work like Water Gun or Fludd and push the opponent away. BUT THOSE MOVES SUCK!!! (Trust me, I'm a PT and Mario main) To make things more usefull, let's add a little multihit in there.
Final Smash: Giga Robo!!!: CR summons his good buddy and giant predecessor, Giga Robo. CR would ride him and GR would stomp around, jump on enemies, smack them around a bit and finally warp out.

I realize the moveset isn't perfect, but the point I'm trying to make here is that a moveset for him could easily be made while staying true to his games.

Thanks for reading this little character suggestion. I just want people to remember this great character and get the word out about the possibility of him being included. If you don't want him in, feel free to say so. If you do want him in, also feel free to say so.

Just remember this...

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Dec 09, 12 at 1:40am

quote GaTheZakk
R2 D2 looks like a garbage can on wheels.

C3PO is lame.
Lol, agreed and agreed.xD

Dec 08, 12 at 3:42pm

R2 D2 looks like a garbage can on wheels.

C3PO is lame.

The only humanoid robots I like are androids.

I like Alisa Boscanovich, put her in.

Dec 08, 12 at 3:02pm

quote GaTheZakk
Like Mecha Godzilla or Mecha King Ghidorah?

I love those ones!

As long as they are monsterous.
So you don't like humanoid robots then?

What about R2-D2?

Dec 08, 12 at 3:00pm

Like Mecha Godzilla or Mecha King Ghidorah?

I love those ones!

As long as they are monsterous.

Dec 08, 12 at 2:58pm

quote GaTheZakk
I hate robots, but I love monsters!
What about Monster Robots?

Dec 08, 12 at 2:25pm

Right on, Milennin!

Kill all robots!

I hate robots, but I love monsters!

Dec 08, 12 at 4:23am

Never heard of that thing, but looks like it could make for a nice punching bag. Yeah, I don't like robots.

Dec 07, 12 at 11:38pm

I wanna see Roy get in, with the same sound effects (the bonk noise he makes sometimes), and the same voice (his star ko scream).

Dec 07, 12 at 2:19pm

quote GaTheZakk
Like I said I do like Cooking Mama and yeah seriously put her in
Stay on target.

Dec 07, 12 at 12:00pm

Actually I like Cooking Mama's voice too, Swampasaur.

I think shes funny.

I wasn't trying to hate on her, I was instead suggesting her to annoy those who do dare hate Cooking Mama.

Like I said I do like Cooking Mama and yeah seriously put her in.

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