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Jul 6, 12 at 7:02amMobage


This is a friendly (but formal) warning from your friends at Mobage. Buying, selling or trading in virtual goods with other players on Mobage will result in your account being permanently banned. Not only that, it can also put your account at a greater risk from nefarious do-badders.

Please re-read the Terms you (and all other Mobage players) agreed to upon signing up. They're available here.

Our goal is to provide a safe, secure gaming environment for players around the world to enjoy. We hope you understand and can respect our zero-tolerance policy on real-money trading.

We're always listening at

Game on!

Director, Mobage Player Relationships

Moderator: Fixed links.

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Jan 21, 16 at 6:22am

selling hp for cash!! pm me

Jan 13, 15 at 8:00am

Lol is this a joke? Mobage you're white collar criminals. The greediest most scummy video game company in existence. You overcharge for every single item in all of your games and have the audacity to try to tell players not to buy from anyone but you?

Go screw yourself lol

Jan 9, 14 at 8:32pm
john s

With all due respect to the people working at Mobage, you have got to be some of the greediest, money hungry, and most unpleasantly arrogant people I have ever seen in my life. You squeeze every dollar out of your customers and expect everybody to bend over and take it in? I will not only buy and sell on this forum, but actively and strongly encourage others to do the same. I refuse to pay a single dollar to your company as long as you continue to follow your current path.

If all other options fail and and you refuse to change, then I hope you go bankrupt and go away.

Jan 4, 14 at 2:10pm

Lol fk you mobage you guys get $5 MILLION per month from 1diots spending their life savings on this game and yet card packs still have over 90% High NORMAL cards.

I will be buying hp from others

Dec 18, 13 at 2:34am

I have search full link but no any option find.

Please share full link...

Dec 7, 13 at 1:50pm

Is this a joke? lmao Mobage is gonna put bounties on all our heads...give me a break. The ONLY way to play RoB, is to do what everyone does, buy and sell. It's called supply and demand, Mobage is about to lose their biggest money making game because they are a bunch of greedy, pompous crooks. Try responding to a customer support issue once in a while, by the way!!

Oct 4, 13 at 9:05pm

Fun note if these are gettin read just add a way to bulk buy bazaar tickets or something like that no fair you can only aquire from cp's since you only get 3 an you need 5 to trade up for anything the freebies help but if I want to save and sell it'll take a month to get something decent

Jun 13, 13 at 9:40pm

I can't believe it that I played this game well over a year now. And I have to say, it changed a lot. Cards are easier to get now compared to before. I remember hr cards were expensive in terms of hp. I built a solid deck with rares and thought I was strong. Until they started to push out more hr cards out. Sadly, it isn't about strategy anymore. It has became too easy now to acquire cards and build a cheap deck.

May 29, 13 at 5:20am

I used to play rage of bahamut. Spent ages building a good solid deffence deck with apsara's back when base cards were 55hp. Then bazaar came in which dropped the price amongst other things. Now you can pick up a skill 10apsara for the price of 2 bases (you could at time of me quitting. You then banned my accounts for having multiple alts (seven) which cost me a legitimately earned 120k+att/deff deck and 20,000hp which I had saved for the upcoming holywar. (Banned 3hrs before it started).........and you wonder why I went into selling hp? Your prices are ridiculous for cps which have no in game value and to top it off when I got a qilin stolen off one of my accs you done diddly squat. The game was great in august and I fail to see how all of your meassures to make the game safer have benefited anybody???

May 11, 13 at 10:46pm

quote fran3502
after reading all the comments i can say:
1 I play RoB since it began. Ii was much harder to get higher cards than rare ones, if u got a hr one it was for making a party. this was before bazar and other stories, i worked very hard for getting a 60 k based deck, and then they started to spread many hr , sr cards for the noobs, i started to see how people with the half of level as me nall them had better cards than me, that was frustrating, even more taking on count that i started with a fire elemental god realm card, and the hard work i did to get what i thought it was an strong deck - in that times-.

Then there started the changes - i think that the worst one is the one they did in this just ended Holy Crap, Mobage has to realize that there are many players who live outside the east coast time range, how can i fight at 3 am if i have to wake at 5 am? that´s mad, insane.
thinking about the selling cards in third places it comes to my mind that they take care with this, but be carefull to don´t have an strong deck, if u have it; sonner u´ll be hacked with a brutal force pasword steal anf then u get off the f...cking game, and what does moage? nothing , they don´t do a crap, and if they want they know who hacked who, it is in their records who trades with who, so it would be easy for them to catch the ones who hack on others account, but thay don´t.

Being considering these questions i have clear that they just don´t care a shit for us, just get the cash we invest in cp and in hp, and then go by your own, if your account gets breaked, don´t worry they are there to sell u some crap packs, many low skilled and prized craps will appear.........

the last holy war was the worst i have been in, this and the refill orders that are food for the well organized ones........ what a pitty they are killing this at-first-incridible game.
Lets see if robage listens us......
Have to agree with fran here.
I played RoB almost a year back. Was one of the first few contributors to RoB, if you ever read the guides, one of them would indicate handphone quick tips =D. But... there were a few reasons why I quit. The game mechanics were not polished enough, I am not saying this in comparison to other card games at that point of time, but because all games want you to feel entertained for your time spent. But when I played RoB it was definitely not the case.
To stay a free player, you would have to be like Fran, who spent loads of time (inefficient quest and card enhancing mechanics) to improve his deck. But improving your deck didn't really give you the sort of motivation to keep playing. There is this intense competition to get better for no apparent reason. There is also a lack of strategy and variation for decks regardless of how many card variety... 5 cards is still 5 cards (similar to other card games out there).
Lucky for me, I realized that other free online games (mmorpg, dota 2, lol, you name it) out there was much more fun in terms of time, entertainment, energy level. Until this year, when I found one of the best card games app, Magnus Ignis. Come join in the fun, give Magnus Ignis a try and you will be surprised how much better this game is. You don't need to spend $1000 and your life to have fun. You simply need to spend some time, a bit of thinking and you can get a deck that you're proud of.

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