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Jul 02, 12 at 10:51am

Nasus the Curator of the Sands

Nasus, the Curator of the Sand

Roles: Fighter, Tank
Date Released: October 1st, 2009
Costs: 1350 IP PointsIcon.png or 585 RP PointsIcon.png


Health 410 (+90) Health Regen. 7.5 (+0.9)
Mana 200 (+45) Mana Regen. 6.6 (+0.5)
Attack Damage 53.3 (+3.5) Attack Speed 0.638 (+3.48%)
Armor 15 (+3.5) Magic Res. 30 (+1.25)
Range 125 Movement Speed 325
 Nasus, the Curator of the Sand, is a champion which was released October 1st, 2009.
Patch: v1.0.0.123
Soul EaterIcon.jpg
Soul Eater
Nasus drains his foe's spiritual energy, giving him a natural 14 / 17 / 20% lifesteal.
Ability Description Rank Up
Siphoning StrikeIcon.jpg
Siphoning Strike
(Active): Nasus's next attack will deal additional damage. Siphoning Strike permanently gains 3 stacked damage whenever it kills an enemy champion, minion or neutral monster.
Cost: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 mana
Cooldown: 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 seconds
Physical Damage: 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 (+1.0 per attack damage) (+3 per enemy killed by Siphoning Strike)
(Active): Nasus ages his target, slowing their movement and attack speed by 35%. Additionally, they are reduced further to reach an extra slow at the end of 5 seconds. If the duration of the slow is reduced, the extra slow will be applied faster for it to reach its maximum at the end of the duration.
Cost: 50 mana
Range: 700
Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds
Extra Slow: 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 / 60%
Spirit FireIcon.jpg
Spirit Fire
(Active): Nasus unleashes a spirit flame at a location for 5 seconds. Enemies caught in the area are dealt a burst of magic damage. Additionally, enemies in the area are dealt magic damage each second and have their armor reduced while on there and for 1 extra second.
Cost: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 mana
Range to Center of AoE: 650
Radius of AoE: 400
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Initial Magic Damage: 55 / 95 / 135 / 175 / 215 (+0.6 per ability power)
Magic Damage Per Second: 11 / 19 / 27 / 35 / 43 (+0.12 per ability power)
Armor Reduction: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40

Fury of the SandsIcon.jpg
Fury of the Sands
(Active): Nasus becomes empowered in the sandstorm for 15 seconds, gaining extra health. While the storm rages, he drains a percentage of nearby enemies max health each second (max of 240 magic damage per second per enemy) and converts 6.375% of the damage done into bonus attack damage for himself until the sandstorm wears off.
Cost: 150 mana
Radius of AoE: 350
Cooldown: 120 seconds
Health Gained: 300 / 450 / 600
Max Health to Magic Damage Ratio Per Second: 3 / 4 / 5 % (+0.01% per ability power)

I've had some fun playing Nasus recently, and I very much enjoy the fact that he can jungle forever with a philosophers stone and a vampire scepter. Although I hate playing against nasus, I love his kit. The wither spell is one of my favorite slows in the game, as it provides an increasing movement and attack speed slow. With a Frozen Heart or a Randuin's Omen, you can cut the enemy ad carry's damage in half. I feel as though the aggressive top laners these days outclass Nasus, as he relies on farming in the early game. Discuss Nasus

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Nov 20, 13 at 7:49pm

Nasus is the perfect counter to Jax.*

Wither shuts down his DPS and Nasus can stack armor and nothing else. Also they both gain power spikes at level 6, Jax getting an extra 200 damage in burst and Nasus getting an extra 300 health and AoE damage.

Nov 20, 13 at 7:15pm
Bass Ultra

That doesn't make sense to me. Wither would cripple his dps and the both scale pretty hard. It would just be a farm fest since if one of them leaves lane the other would just split push hard.

Nov 20, 13 at 7:03pm

Apparently Jax is the perfect counter to Nasus. BluAnimal Would know if this is the case or not.

Nov 20, 13 at 4:28pm

I have to agree with BluAnimal here, if you manage to get nasus behind all he has to do is stay in top lane for a while and he comes back just as strong as ever, the nasus game I recently had in my blog is a perfect example, I was getting camped hard and had been counter picked by garen so I had gotten behind but a few minutes spent farming top lane and I came back for an instant triple kill

Nov 20, 13 at 3:46pm

The problem with picking Garen is that you've now picked Garen.

Nov 20, 13 at 3:14pm

BluAnimal play Garen . It's literally the only lane I've played as Nasus where I've been too far behind to catch up (in a ranked setting). I can see what you mean, but anything with some kind of cleanse or spellshield really screws with him. An ultimate team to counter him would be: Garen, Nocturne, Sivir, Morgana + Janna or a tanky mage mid, depending on the position of Morgana. Not to mention the fact that the team is still very solid. I do think wither is a bit overbearing, and could definitely do with a nerf to the length of the slow (the potency is fine, but the fact it slows over 5 seconds is a bit cuckoo). He really isn't that hard to wreck though.

Nov 20, 13 at 7:46am

quote ShadowCrystallux
quote BluAnimal
I also think Nasus is the most toxic champion in the game.
How so? He's easily punished and recovering when behind is an absolute nightmare as Nasus. There are a lot more toxic mechanics in the game that what Nasus have, imo. I.E. Blitzcrank's pull, Nidalee's spears (as much as I love Nidalee, her spears really are nothing but pure venom), Tryndamere's ultimate etc.
He's a champion that, as long as time passes in the game, he gets increasingly stronger. Because of his Q passive he has no need to build a single damage item in the game. He is impossible to bully out of lane because of Doran's Shield start with 3 Lifesteal Quintessences puts him at 20% Lifesteal because of his passive. Any harass you inflict will be negated by the shield and healed by the passive. You cannot force him out of lane.

His wither is incredibly toxic. It's a low cool down CC that is often enough to completely cripple an ADC or any attack speed reliant champion.

Then there's spirit fire which is an AoE armor (and MR?) shred. And an ultimate that gives him 300-600 free health as well as an AoE damage. The only way to kill Nasus is level 1. And the second he hits 6 you will lose to him because 300 free health is a good way to break top lane.

So you decide it's best to give up on the lane or you've lost your tower. You go roam to another lane. But Nasus is split pushing and Q'ing towers for 600 damage.

The issue with Nasus is that no matter what you do to shut up down, he will always come back stronger than any other champion in the game. His kits gives him free stats galore (which is something Riot says they want to stop) and one of the best CCs in the game. He will out scale any champion because he only has to build defense.

He and Tryndamere suffer the same fate. Oh you shut me down? Doesn't matter because as time goes on in the game, I'll get stronger and continue to back door.

The only thing that makes me happy is he's getting a legendary skin and a VU, so hopefully nerfs are right around the corner. Until then he'll remain my first ban.

May 13, 13 at 8:13pm

quote BluAnimal
Pro player plays champion X with setup Y.

General community plays champion X with setup Y.

Riot doesn't approve, nerfs champion X as well as setup Y.

How long have you played this game?
My wording was a little vague.

I was trying to say that the people that aren't pros don't think about the game in the same way. They let the pro players do the innovation for them.

Before recently, a 95% MS and AS slow, quick clearing, and near uncontested farm wasn't enough of a reason to jungle Nasus.
If Stonewall hadn't updated his tier list with Nasus at the top, Nasus would still be unnerfed, and Jungle Nasus would stil be present in less than 1% of games.
People don't know why they play the champs and roles they do, they just do it. The entire metagame is based around this.

An even better example is when stonewall listed Taric as top tier jungle after his little rework. Jungle Taric shot up in popularity until it was quickly nerfed.

May 12, 13 at 10:08am

quote BluAnimal
Pro player plays champion X with setup Y.

General community plays champion X with setup Y.

Riot doesn't approve, nerfs champion X as well as setup Y.

How long have you played this game?
One of the best examples is the patent "Blue Build" Ezreal !

May 12, 13 at 3:19am

^ and that is the reason I don't watch pro players. I like doing my own thing, and it'd be too tempting for me watching to try a few of the things pros try, which defeats the purpose of me being an individual. Although, I do play by the meta in the main.

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