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Jun 30, 12 at 7:41pmSymphonic Abyss

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Welcome to the Fire Emblem NeoWiki

Welcome to the Fire Emblem NeoWiki - this wiki is a community maintained repository of walkthroughs, guides, and information about the Fire Emblem series of games. Don't hesitate to add any and all the Fire Emblem information you can find into the Wiki! Be sure to check out our Wanted Pages to see which pages we need on the NeoWiki!

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Wil, the Pheraean Archer

"Wil is a minor character of Fire Emblem who helps Lyn reclaim Caelin and ultimately becomes one of her knights. He is from Pherae, and is good friends with Rebecca and her brother Dan. Wil later joins Eliwood's army after Caelin is freed from Laus....Read More"

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    Hey guys! With the recent release of Kakusei in Japan, we'd like to bring the Fire Emblem NeoWiki to your attention. If you can help out on any game, that'd be awesome. Just remember - plagiarism is not allowed. This thread is here for you guys to ask questions or give your progress on your edits. =)

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    If you need any help, notify the Wiki Moderators, Wiki Leaders or resident wiki super (Symphonic Abyss). Thanks!

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    Jun 15, 13 at 7:45pm

    These Fire Emblem threads have really died down

    Apr 24, 13 at 7:43am

    quote Fluidity
    Yeah, I think what we have for supports now is good enough. I like what you did with the quotes though Justin so let's follow that format, ok Thrawn? You can see it on Maribelle's page.

    Once we tackle the characters, what's next, chapter summaries?

    Sounds good, we really needed to find something for the quotes and that fits the ticket perfectly.

    Yeah, chapter pages, weapon pages, perhaps skills. Next should definitely be chapter pages since it's usually the most important after characters.

    Apr 23, 13 at 4:17pm

    Yeah, I think what we have for supports now is good enough. I like what you did with the quotes though Justin so let's follow that format, ok Thrawn? You can see it on Maribelle's page.

    Once we tackle the characters, what's next, chapter summaries?

    Apr 22, 13 at 7:42am

    Great to have you starting up again Justin, the help is definitely needed since it's going to be a real challenge getting all the Awakening character pages up.

    Thanks for posting up those links as well, I like a couple of those stats templates. Not really sure if we actually need a template for supports though, the list should probably be good enough.

    Apr 21, 13 at 2:52pm

    Cheers for the feedback Justin. I made separate templates for Awakening character info boxes and base stats to tailor specifically to this game as much as possible. I understand consistency is important, but I think as long as each game is consistent within itself, that should be good enough considering small details vary from game to game.

    We didn't get as far as support templates yet, but I do like the one you provided. The support system is a bit different in this game though and there are no affinities, so if we use it it'll have to be tweaked a tiiiny bit.

    Apr 20, 13 at 7:27pm

    Hi guys.

    Before the release of Fire Emblem: Awakening, Symphonic Abyss and I tried converting all the character pages into one, uniform template. Doing this was a bit of a challenge because of all the very different styles of pages that have been already created and played with on the NeoWiki, but I think it'd be cool to continue with the template applied to pages like this or this. There is a support template, which can be seen on the Wil page.

    I like the templates you guys are doing, though. I'll try adding to them when I can.

    Apr 18, 13 at 10:25am

    Just updated the Ike, Black Knight, and Hector pages last night to include Awakening info. I'll probably do more of that tonight before I start taking on bigger things.

    Apr 17, 13 at 9:03am

    I've still got three and a half weeks before I'm done with classes, so I'll begin around that time depending on how my other site responsibilities pan out. I know that starting June 9th I'm going to have my hands full with the AC forum and wiki, so I'll try to get as much done in the mean time.

    Apr 17, 13 at 9:01am

    That's great news Fluidity, I think I might get working as early as next week since I'm really not that busy right now.

    Apr 17, 13 at 8:57am

    I already plan on working on the wiki this summer. I'll be picking up where I left off on FE7 chapter guides and then I'll focus on FEA characters.

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