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Jun 26, 12 at 1:27pmPerkoApple


Performs exceptionally well in general while possessing a good sportsmanship attitude. The players on this list can include: Humans, White Phantoms, Red/Blue Phantoms. Basically anyone.

Some examples of a player that may belong in the Hall of Fame is:

- Someone who sacrifices his own life or comes close to sacrificing his own life to save yours (ie. Suicide charging hoards of enemies, fighting a red phantom, etc) *Note: Jumping a red phantom while he is spawning will not count*

- You as the person adding the player can also have discretion on what is exceptional sportsmanship or helpfulness. Obviously, we don't want to include every single person we come in contact with. Also, when you add a name please include your encounter story.


- just4giggles
- tori-qq



This Hall of Shame is for players who Disconnect, Glitch & Jump people.

Please be sure to include whether this the id is for PS3 or XBOX.

Feel free to include the stories with the ids you list.

I will be editing this first post with any responses.


*Anyone who purposely disconnects to avoid a fight or lose a fight yet stays connected so that you can keep cycling with their worlds. This won't include: Dropped Connections (when this happens people usually immediately apologize when they come back on) and Hiders (Red Phantoms that hide for 30 minutes).*


- zachary1226
- colors_dance
- magidmadani
- zyunyq
- cdelatorre1975
- BzilMcNoobSauce


*Here are some ways you can spot a glitcher:
- Frivolous use of at least two Divine Blessings in PvP duels (you can't farm for divine blessings so no one should have many. However, you may see someone use one on occasion who isn't a glitcher).
- Damage received from certain equipment, damage sustained from weapons is unusually high or low, or even after a large amount of damage has been dealt, the health bar looks full - i.e; Great Combustion depletes a third of the health bar even in very high fire resistant armour, high damage output weapons deal small amounts even after a direct hit, several hundred points of damage have been dealt and the enemy's health bar hasn't moved.*


- g0gaQ8
- siren0105
- jackLION555 (seen spell swapping)


*Anyone who has a white phantom w/ them when they decide to summon you as a red phantom*


- Judgemastar


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May 28, 13 at 6:46am

Been playing online for the past few days (since they fixed the glitchy visuals) and the impact of the Dark Souls mule save is evident. I grabbed the save myself and recognize all the character builds that were on that save file are now in mass use (mostly Japanese players too, where the PS3 save filed hex editing tools originated). The ridiculousness has worked both ways though, as now there are far more phantom allies engaging in Jolly Cooperation with the same ridiculously OP items. Invaders are pressed to actually have skill instead of relying on cheap Avelyn kill in the church, etc.

Really underscores the problem with the progression system in the game though. Gear was far more imbalanced in Dark Souls than it was in Demons Souls. They need to add in scaling requirements for every weapon, including elementals, so that you need to have some stat or another raised up before they can be of any use. On top of that i'm not against them capping the amount of upgrades you can perform on any gear item for a playthrough, so it restricts equipment to the difficulty (NG, NG+, NG++ etc).

Jan 28, 13 at 10:31pm

(I have no idea what "still learning" is trying to say above me but whatever it was from 3 months ago).

I think I just encountered one of the most annoying types of players anywhere. I put him under the "Disconnectors" but really he's kind of a jumper too.

His PSN is: BzilMcNoobSauce

He summoned my red stone and immediately jumped on top of me while I was spawning and killed me instantly. Many times I can roll away whens some one does this but in this case the lightening stunned me and there wasn't a chance to roll.

As soon as I'm back in my world I try to invade since many times you can get lucky and get the person that just unfairly ganked you or attacked you before you had a chance to spawn. I was lucky and by the 2nd/3rd try I invaded his world.

Well guess where he was standing? Right behind where a red phantom spawns in the township (he was try to backstab me). I KNEW to look behind me and managed to roll away. I roll down the first set of stairs and buff with stamina grass then came charging at him. He immediately disconnects.

This is one of the worst players ever. In my opinion this is one of the most annoying things you can do. Not only will he summon you (red stones are for duels) to immediately jump on top of you, but if you manage to turn things around on him he's just going to disconnect. I will never ever understand the mindset of some of these people. How is that even playing a game?

Nov 24, 12 at 6:58am
still learning

Considering how its cheap to know how to have your stats right and good weapon upgrades while invading noobs, this list is missing its creator in the hall of shame.

Oct 23, 12 at 3:59pm
Ryu Iraki

its about like any kind of medieval fantasy books full of battle

Sep 17, 12 at 6:46pm

quote Ryu Iraki
perkoapple, that spoiler about how you fought the invader and killed him with a backstabafter you trained in the ways of PvP battle was epic.
It was like a warhammer book except from a gamers experience.
Not familiar with warhammer but thanks :-) True story too.

Sep 11, 12 at 10:12am
Ryu Iraki

perkoapple, that spoiler about how you fought the invader and killed him with a backstabafter you trained in the ways of PvP battle was epic.
It was like a warhammer book except from a gamers experience.

Jul 30, 12 at 1:07pm

Sorry yeah siren was encountered on Playstation. Can't remember what armour he was wearing but he appeared to be using an Uchigatana that wasn't upgraded with lightning or fire.

Jul 30, 12 at 6:52am

quote jbh
quote PerkoApple
Jumping is the same thing as ganking right?
Jumping = Ganking but you were Red Soapstone summoned.
Hum? I'm confused. So it is the same thing?

Siren - This is on playstation right? That name sounds very familiar. I've either run into him before or it looks similar to someone. Any memory on what kind kind of build or character?

Jul 29, 12 at 8:42am


This guy invaded my world and when he found me he just stood and didn't do anything, I approached him expecting something, but still he didn't do anything. I started attacking and he didn't even block just let me thrash him, however I noticed his health wasn't moving at all. I then started repeatedly backstabbing him and his health still didn't move. Then I assume he got tired of flaunting his invulnerability and started attacking, I got a few more hits in but quickly succumbed.

I've come across people before who I'm fairly sure were pulling some kind of health glitch, however this was the first time anyone has actually rubbed my nose in it like this!

Jul 26, 12 at 6:09am

PSN: tori-qq

Excellent player who helped me out a lot as his phantom against Nito. I swear he was more concerned about his team mates than the actual boss and took the time to personally thank me for helping him.

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