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Jun 21, 12 at 8:15pmKave En

(This is my new universe mode diary. I plan on getting somewhat detailed with the storylines, throwing in a couple promos, and recording and uploading video of the main events for each show. If the video thing gets popular, maybe more than one match per show, otherwise, just the main event. Most, if not all matches, will be simulated or played out with me in control of no character.)

I've simmed this diary for a whole year and made some significant roster, show, and championship changes. The divas championship has been rendered obsolete, as has the whole divas division.


Big Show
Brock Lesnar
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Drew McIntyre
Eddie Guerrero
Edge (Semi-Active)
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
John Cena (Injured)
Justin Gabriel
Kane - Attitude Era's WWE Champion
Kevin Nash
Kofi Kingston
Lord Tensai
Mr. McMahon (Semi-Active)
Rey Mysterio
Shawn Michaels - United States Champion
Stone Cold
Ted DiBiase
Triple H


Attitude Era's WWE Championship - Kane
United States Championship - Shawn Michaels
World Tag Team Champions - Demolition


Alberto Del Rio
Ax-Demolition - World Tag Team Champion
Booker T - Hardcore Champion
Brodus Clay
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Dolph Ziggler
Heath Slater
Kurt Angle
Mark Henry
Mick Foley (Semi-Active)
The Miz
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Sin Cara
Smash-Demolition - World Tag Team Champion
The Miz
The Rock - Undisputed WWE Champion
Tyson Kidd
Undertaker (Semi-Active)
Vladmir Kozlov


Undisputed WWE Championship - The Rock
Hardcore Championship - Booker T
World Tag Team Championships - Demolition



Kane & Big Show ( Kane & Big Show)
Demolition (Ax-Demolition & Smash-Demolition)
Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal)
The Militia (Randy Orton & CM Punk)


The Alliance (Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold, Mr. McMahon)


It's the first week of January, and the Royal Rumble is 4 weeks away! What's going on in the WWE?



Stone Cold shocked the WWE Universe as he turned heel and joined forces with McMahon and Lesnar, forming The Alliance. Austin did this by walking out on Eddie Guerrero in a tag match. Now, Guerrero is seeking revenge at the Royal Rumble, but what will happen in the weeks leading up to it?


The champion, Kane, managed to defeat HHH to win the Attitude Era's WWE Championship, but a rematch clause means these two will be batting it out at the Royal Rumble. Who will emerge victorious?


The Great One and the Apex Predator have been colliding for months, both managing to gain some sort of victory over the other. But they've agreed to meet one last time in an extreme rules match to determine who truly is the better man, and with the Undisputed WWE Championship on the line, both men will give their all, but who will emerge victorious?


A team they themselves have dubbed "The Militia" for their seemingly unstoppable power, CM Punk has urged Orton to focus on the Tag Team Titles with him, but Orton seems far too concerned with his feud with The Rock. Will the team manage to pull through, or collapse under its own weight?

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Jan 7, 13 at 6:43pm

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Jan 7, 13 at 6:43pm

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Nov 2, 12 at 9:29am
Kave En


Wrestlemania! The Grandest Stage Of Them All! Wrestlemania kicks off with a video montage of past wrestlemanias, and then focusing on the feuds leading up to this year's Wrestlemania. In particular, the feuds between Edge and Triple H, and Randy Orton and The Rock are highlighted.The pyro then goes off, and the fans go nuts! Wrestlemania is in action!

Justin Roberts announces that the first match is set for one fall, and is for the United States Championship!


This was a technical back-and-forth contest between these two young men. Both got in a fair amount of offense, but it was Rhodes who was dominating the US Champion by the middle of this one. Bryan tried to get something going after reversing a Cross Rhodes into a Yes! Lock, but Cody escaped. From here, the two men went back and forth until out of nowhere, Daniel Bryan hit a boot to Cody's face and locked in the Yes lock for a second time! Cody Rhodes has no choice but to tap out! Daniel Bryan retains! 8:21

After the match, Daniel holds his title high, parading around the ring and shouting "Yes!" as the crowd chants along with him!

King and Cole welcome us to the show and tell us it's an honor to have us watching for another Wrestlemania!


This rivalry began because of Big Show disrespecting the WWE Universe, and Shawn Michaels just wouldn't have it. HBK looked strong in the beginning of this one, managing to take the Big Man down a few times. Michaels went for the Sweet Chin Music, but Big Show caught his foot, then proceeded to grab Michaels around his throat and deliver a pummeling Chokeslam! Big Show then picked Michaels up and hit a powerful clothesline! Big Show continued this reign of terror on Michaels with few counters, before delivering a devistating W.M.D to the Heartbreak Kid and picking up the win! 9:27

The fans boo Big Show as he picks up Michaels post-match and throws him into the crowd, shouting insults at him before exiting the ring.

Backstage, we see Triple H getting ready in his locker room. John Cena walks in (HUGE pop) and wishes him luck. Triple H thanks him, before resuming getting ready. We haven't seen John Cena in nearly 5 months! Is Cena going to return to the ring soon?

We see Mick Foley walking to the ring - a trashcan in his hand and the title around his waist! Hardcore Title action next!


As Mick entered the ring, he clobbered R-Truth with the trash can and then tackled Alberto Del Rio! Big cheer for Mick! R-Truth mananged to then take control of the match, tackling Foley and Alberto to the outside. Truth went to tackle Alberto into the stairs, but Alberto hit a drop toe hold, sending Truth's face crashing into the stairs and bloodying his mouth. Mick and Alberto then fought for offense, hitting each other with chairs, kendo sticks, and ladders. R-Truth knocked a ladder over while Mick and Alberto were on top, tackled Mick into the barricade, and rolled Alberto into the ring. Truth then delivered a hard shot with a ladder, and covered! 1-2-3! R-Truth picks up the victory! R-Tuth is the new Hardcore Champion! 17:02

R-Truth holds the title up in triumph. As he begins celebrating, the lights in the arena die. A cryptic message about the revolution coming plays on the titantron. R-Truth is left confused, holding his new title. Alberto Del Rio then attacks from behind with a chair! Alberto lays out our new Hardcore Champion! The fans boo as Alberto exits the ring.

Static hits, and then Cult Of Personality blasts through the arena. CM Punk makes his way down to the ring to tons of cheers from the fans. He grabs a microphone before sitting Indian Style in the ring. He tells the WWE Universe that he's sick and tired of the Alliance running around like the delusional mock dictators they are, and he's formulated a plan to end them, and it begins tonight. With him breaking Brock Lesnar. Fans cheer as Punk drops the microphone.


This was a very physical match, with both men going back and forth. The strenth of Lesnar, and the agility and diversity of Punk made for some of the most tense moments of the evening. Lesnar had control towards the end, pummeling Punk with fists, and then hitting a devistating spinebuster. Lesnar taunted, and then hoisted Punk onto his shoulders! F5! NO! Punk countered! DDT! CM Punk then whipped Lesnar into the corner, and hit a knee to the face, followed by a bulldog! GTS! CM Punk covers! 1-2-3! CM Punk brings home the victory! 12:01

In a post-match replay, it's shown that just before the third count, Lesnar's foot was on the ropes, but the referee and Brock Lesnar argue as Punk celebrates and works the crowd.

Backstage, we see the rest of The Alliance talking about what just happened in Lesnar's match. Vince tells Austin and Edge that this is what the WWE has stooped to, crooked officials. He then shakes his head and tells them that that referee will be fired and stripped of any dignity he has left!

We see a split shot of Jericho and Angle walking to the ring. Submission match next!


This was a long, exhausting match that clocked in near the half hour mark, and both men were absolutely destroyed at the end of this one. It was a back and forth contest with both men getting their fair share. At one point, Angle Angle Slammed Jericho through the table and it looked as if Jericho was unconscious, but Vince McMahon appeared on the titantron and declared that this match will continue, no matter what! Jericho got in some offense with strikes and a powerful suplex. Angle managed to counter a Codebreaker into an Ankle Lock! Jericho was within moments of tapping when he managed to counter. Between more Angle Slams and Codebreakers, both men were left bloody. The crowd was really into this match, with both superstars getting chants. In the end, it was an Angle Slam reversed into a Codebreaker, followed by the Walls Of Jericho that resulted in Angle tapping out, but Jericho collapsed afterwards, with both men being removed by a stretcher. 28:41

Both men received a standing ovation from the crowd as they were escorted out of the arena on a strecher.

King and Cole tell us that it's been an explosive ngiht already, but it's only going to get worse. Another video package detailing the rivalries between Triple H and Edge, and Randy Orton and The Rock is shown, getting the fans super hyped up.

A video package detailing the Hall Of Fame Ceremony aired, showing this year's inductees.


Will Undertaker's own flesh and blood be the one to end his streak? This match was very brutal, with both men being thrown into the ropes and being seared by the flames. Kane had the upper hand in the beginning, unleashing the fury that had been building over the past few weeks onto the Undertaker. Kane hit a powerful chokeslam, and then went to throw Undertaker into the flames, but Undertaker countered. The two continued this back and forth action until Undertaker hit a devistating chokeslam. Taker then clotheslined Kane, and then delivered a harsh tombstone piledriver. Undertaker then picked Kane up and threw him into the flames! The Big Red Machine was burned alive as the crews tried frantically to put him out! Undertaker wins! 20:01

The fans cheer very loudly as the Undertaker celebrates his victory over his brother!

In the interview area, Josh Matthews welcomes Edge. Josh asks Edge how he's feeling about his title match tonight against Triple H. Edge says that he's not going to piss around, he's going to lay Triple H out for good, and solidify himself as the permanent WWE Champion. Edge then scoffs and leaves the area as the fans boo.


Booker T and The Miz kicked this one off, two very evenly matched superstars. They went back and forth, lots of counters, no real offense. Until Mark Henry got tagged in. The World's Strongest Man began cleaning house, taking both Booker T and Miz out. After a few more devistating moves from Mark Henry, Booker managed to hit a superkick out of nowhere and then tag in RVD, but it was a futile attempt as Mark Henry nailed a World's Strongest Slam on RVD, and got the cover. 1-2-KICKOUT! RVD kicked out! Tag to Miz. Miz and RVD went back and forth, but it was a Skull Crushing Finale that sealed the deal for Mark Henry & The Miz. 1-2-3! The Miz and Mark Henry retain! 12:59

Mark Henry and The Miz work the crowd, getting a lot of heat as they celebrate. The Miz grabs a microphone and says that Wrestlemania just got AWWWWWWWWESOME and that Mark Henry and himself will not let up! The fans boo as they exit the ring!

Backstage, we see The Rock warming up in the locker room. Big pop!


These two men practically killed each other! Within moments of the bell ringing, this bout spilled to the outside. Batista whipped Tensai into the steps, sending him flying into the barricade. Batista then rolled Tensai into the ring, and continued dominating for the majority of this match. Tensai's break came when he turned a Batista Bomb into a powerful DDT, taking Batista out of commission. Batista countered a clothesline into a spinebuster! Batista's setting it up! Batista bomb! 1-2-NO! Tensai kicked out. Batista continues to beat down the big man, hitting a powerful suplex. Batista looks to be setting up for another Batista bomb! No! Tensai countered into a backdrop! Green mist from Tensai, blinding Batista! Here it comes! Fall Forward Chokebomb! 1-2-3! Lord Tensai brings home the victory 15:37

Tensai celebrates his victory, rolling out of the ring. Batista wipes the mist ouf of his eyes and looks very disappointed. A "Thank You Batista" chant begins, and he exits the ring for the final time.

Backstage, we see a split shot of Stone Cold and Eddie Guerrero walking towards the arena. Falls Count Anywhere next!


This match left both participants bloody and bruised. Stone Cold and Eddie Guerrero nearly ended each other's careers. This was a brutal match that saw Eddie attacking Austin during his entrance and going for the quick cover for a 1 count. Austin fought back, and sent Eddie into the crowd. The brawl then went back onto the stage, with Austin in control. Eddie countered a stunner, and slammed Austin's head down on the stage. This match continued with Eddie in control, seeing Eddie haul Austin to the ring, grab a trash can, and slam it into his skull. Austin managed to counter a DDT, and drive Eddie's head into the steel steps. Stone Cold hit a low blow on Eddie, cracked him over the face with a chair, and then nailed a devistating stunner for the 1-2-3 count on the floor at ringside! Stone Cold defeats Eddie Guerrero! 16:04

Stone Cold celebrates with Vince as the two drink beer in the ring and rile the crowd up, flipping them off and insulting them.

A video package plays, showing videos of the Randy Orton vs. The Rock feud. It's time for one of the two main events!


As The Rock makes his entrance, out of nowhere Stone Cold cracks him over the back of the head with a chair! Austin rolls the Rock into the ring and urges a confused Orton from ringside. Orton goes for the RKO, but the Rock counters. The Rock then heads to the outside and grabs a chair, coming to Austin and slamming it over his head! Orton comes to the outside, and The Rock turns and cracks the chair over his head! The ref signals! That's a fall for Orton! The Rock looks confused, but grabs Orton and rolls him back into the ring. The two go back and forth for a bit, until Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere! 1-2-NO! Rock kicked out! Orton went for the punt kick, but The Rock dodged it, then hit a powerful Rock Bottom! 1-2-3! The Rock and Orton both at 1 fall, next fall wins! The two trade moves back and forth for a while, until Orton goes for the Rock bottom, and Rock counters it into his Rock Bottom! The Rock stands at Orton's head! People's elbow! NO! Orton jumped up as Rock came off the ropes and hit a devistating RKO! Orton manages to roll over just enough to cover Rock! 1-2-3! Randy Orton has won! Randy Orton is the new Undisputed Champion! 19:06

After the match, Orton celebrates, much to the dismay of the fans. Stone Cold claps his hands at ringside, before venturing to the back. Orton kisses his championship and spits on the Rock, before exiting the ring.

Cole and Lawler talk about the things we just witnessed in that match, before going on to hype Triple H vs. Edge. A video plays, detailing the feud. It is main event time!


The two men locked up to start this one off, but it was Edge with the control at the beginning, hitting a bulldog and a snap DDT. Edge taunted, but this just pissed the game off, who delivered a devistating spinebuster! Cover for 2. Edge manages to regain control with a powerful German suplex. Edge goes for the spear, but the Game counters into a knee face crusher! The two continue to trade blows back and forth as "Triple H!" chants begin. Triple H clothesline Edge count of the ring, and goes to irish whip Edge into the steps, but Edge counters and whips Triple H into the steps! Edge continues the assault on the game, until Triple H counters another spear into a spinebuster! Here it comes! Pedigree! 1-2-No! Edge kicked out. Triple H hits Edge with everything at his disposal, including a devistating superplex from the top rope, but Edge won't stay dow! Edge then counters a third Pedigree attempt, and hits a backdrop! Edge with another DDT! And a Spear out of nowhere! Edge the falls back into his corner! He's calling for Triple H! Another Spear, this time right into the turnbuckle! Triple H's head bounced off the turnbuckle! Edge covers! 1-2-3! Edge retains! Edge retains the Championship! 21:01

Edge holds his title high as the fans boo him, some do cheer the Rated R Superstar on though. The Alliance comes out, and they all celebrate the win! Edge has managed to retain his championship! He smiles, holding his title high as the logo flashes and we fade out!

Nov 2, 12 at 9:23am
Kave En


2 Out Of 3 Falls
The Rock vs. Randy Orton

Edge vs. Triple H

Tensai vs. Batista

Kane vs. Undertaker

Mick Foley vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth

Stone Cold vs. Eddie Guerrero

Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes

Shawn Michaels vs. Big Show

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

Oct 31, 12 at 11:51am
Kave En


Over the next 2 weeks on Raw, tensions built between Triple H and Edge, resulting in post-match attacks on the Game by the Champion, Edge. Triple H was able to get the upper hand in one of these, the other, not so much. Mark Henry and The Miz continued their tag team reign of terror, defeating the team of Kevin Nash & Sheamus, among others. Stone Cold and Eddie Guerrero were at each other's throats, and in Week 4, they brawled through the arena until neither man could stand, setting the stage for a Wrestlemania Austin vs. Guerrero Falls Count Anywhere match. The Big Show continued to disrespect the WWE fans, and Shawn Michaels has tried to put an end to it, but the world's largest athlete is posting the greatest challenge for the Heart Break Kid yet. Daniel Bryan has been ringside of each of the #1 contender to his US Championship, Cody Rhodes' matches, and tension is rising between the two. And after a brutal singles match between Batista and Tensai, Mr. McMahon announced that at Wrestlemania, the two will face each other, in a loser gets fired match!

On Smackdown, the Undertaker is continuing to play head games with Kane, including taunting him, attacking him after the match, and at one point trying to set Kane on fire. Kane countered, though, and set his older brother ablaze! These two brothers will stop at nothing to destroy one another! CM Punk attacked Brock Lesnar the week after Lesnar assaulted him, and the two couldn't wait to tear into each other. Mr. McMahon told them they have a restraining order against one another until Wrestlemania, at which point, they're free to kill each other. RVD & Booker T, after a winning streak, challenged the Miz & Mark Henry to a tag match at Wrestlemania for the titles, a match they gladly accepted. The Hardcore Title will be defended in a Triple Threat Match, after Alberto Del Rio drew R-Truth in the finals match to determine the #1 contender, allowing reigning champ Mick Foley to have his work cut out for him. And things between the Viper and the Great One have grown severely worse, with Orton RKO'ing the Rock onto a car, and The Rock locking Orton into a car and driving into it with a semi. These two men will settle their differences for once and all on the Grandest Stage Of Them All, Wrestlemania!

Oct 31, 12 at 11:02am
Kave En


Due to Hurricane Sandy throwing off my schedule, I will not be posting Raw and Smackdown, weeks 3 or 4. With WWE '13 out, I will carry my Universe over. I will post summaries of Raw and Smackdown weeks 3 and 4, and post a full-length Wrestlemania. From this point, I will carry over to the WWE '13 Forum and continue. I apologize about this, but I simply don't have time to record the matches.

Oct 31, 12 at 11:01am
Kave En


Smackdown kicks off with the theme song and pyro, and the fans go crazy! The cameras zoom all around the arena, focusing on the signs and the fans! Suddenly, we hear static, and CM Punk comes out to a standing ovation! Sporting a smile on his face, he makes his way down to the ring and grabs a microphone. He tells us that he took a week off to clear his head after The Rock beat him at the Elimination Chamber, and he realized that there are bigger problems in the WWE right now than the WWE Championship. Namely, the Alliance. Pop. CM Punk tells us he has officially declared war on the Alliance, and will take them all out single handedly if he has to. But before he gets too far ahead of himself, he has unfinished business tonight with a certain Randy Orton, and he proposes that they resolve their differences tonight, in a ladder match!


Orton comes out onto the stage, dressed in a casual shirt, holding a microphone. He smiles and tells Punk he'd gladly kick his ass tonight in a ladder match. He then reminds Punk it's him heading into the main event of Wrestlemania, and not him. Orton then calls Punk a fading memory, one he'll kill once and for all tonight.


This was an intense tag team match, with both sides getting a strong offense. It was the power of Tensai that gave his team the advantage on the early going. Chavo had control of Booker T in the middle of this match, but Booker countered a DDT into a gut kick and scissor kick out of nowhere! Booker covered for the 2 count. After a tag to RVD, things heated up. RVD managed to lay Chavo out and kick Tensai off the apron, before nailing the Five Star Frog Splash and covering Chavo for the 1-2-3! RVD & Booker T bring this one home! 8:21

After the match, RVD and Booker T stick around to celebrate, and work the crowd, gaining tons of cheers.

Backstage, we see Jericho walking through the halls, scoffing and shaking his head at the workers. Out of nowhere, Angle attempts to attack Jericho with a steel chair! Jericho ducks, and tackles Angle into a group of pipes! The two brawl for a while, until Angle manages to lock Jericho into a headlock, and then throws him into a large glass table holding several food items, shattering the table completely!

In the locker room, we see The Rock and Santino Marella discussing "pie". Santino then asks The Rock about his match with Big Show. The Rock laughs and says that if that 7 foot bucket of lard thinks he can beat the Rock, he'll be very surprised when the Rock checks his big, fat ass right into the Smackdown hotel! Pop!


As Brodus makes his entrance, Del Rio comes from the back wielding a crutch. He slams it into Brodus' back, and then whacks him in the head with it. Del Rio rolls Brodus down the ramp and into the ring. The match officially starts, but as it does, Del Rio delivers a powerful kick to Brodus' head. Del Rio then goes to the outside, and grabs an assortment of weapons to assault Brodus with, including a chair, kendo stick, and trash can. He slams all of these into an injured Brodus' head. Del Rio finally locks in the cross armbreaker and forces the funkasaurus to tap out! Del Rio moves onto the finals in the #1 Contender's tournament for the Hardcore Championship! 6:01

After the match, Del Rio spits on Brodus, and grabs a microphone. He tells the WWE Universe that's what true hardcore is, and he will reclaim what's rightfully his, the Hardcore championship! Fans boo as Del Rio exits the ring.

Backstage, we see Vince McMahon, accompanied by the Alliance, heading through the halls. We'll hear from the Alliance next!

Mr. McMahon's theme hits, and he comes out to a loud wall of jeering, wit the rest of the Alliance behind him. They get into the ring, and McMahon grabs a microphone. He tells us that when CM Punk attacked the Alliance on Raw, he wedged himself into a corner that he'll never be able to escape from, and it begins next week here on Smackdown, when Eddie Guerrero and CM Punk take on Stone Cold & Brock Lesnar! Pop!


Kane started this match out strong, but both men got in their fair amount of offense, with Sin Cara's high flying abilities taking Kane by surprise. It was when the Big Red Machine had his hand reared back and it looked like he was about to deal the final blow, that the lights died. The fans jumped to their feet and cheer loudly! "Undertaker!" chants begin! Finally, the lights come back on, but Undertaker is nowhere to be found. Sin Cara takes advantage and rolls Kane up! 1-2-3! Sin Cara defeats the Big Red Machine! 5:31

After the match, Kane throws a tantrum. Then the lights die again, and Undertaker's theme hits! The Deadman himself makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He grabs a microphone and tells Kane that it's going to be you, himself, and Wrestlemania. In an Inferno match! Big pop! Kane grabs the microphone out of the Undertaker's hand and tells the Undertaker he accepts, before grabbing Undertaker around the throat! Kane chokeslams his older brother straight to hell! Kane then taunts and exits the ring! What a match for Wrestlemania!

Backstage, we see Jericho running through the halls, sweaty. He glances around, paranoid. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Kurt Angle comes into focus, nailing Jericho with a chair. Angle tosses the chair aside, and picks up Jericho. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Jericho, now bloodied, manages to dodge it and then tackle Angle into the cameraman. Brawling is heard. These two just won't give up!

In the interview area, Josh Matthews is standing by with Mark Henry & The Miz. Josh asks the Tag Team Champions how they've been feeling, with their recent victory streak. The Miz grabs the microphone and shoves Josh out of the picture. He says that they feel like they're on fire! And that's because their the best, and whoever their opponents may be at WrestleMania, they better look out!


This was a very physical match, tons of weapons were used in the ring, and a lot of blood was spilled between both men. A chair shot from Ziggler during the match looked to seal the deal, as R-Truth was completely laid out. Ziggler covered, but Alberto Del Rio's theme hit and he walked out onto the stage, shaking his head. Ziggler got up and began to taunt Del Rio, and this gave R-Truth time to grab a kendo stick and crack Ziggler over the back of the head with it. R-Truth then delivered a stolen Zig Zag and got the cover for the 3 count! A very physical, brutal match, but R-Truth walks out with the win! 16:21

In the parking lot, Jericho's bringing a wounded Kurt Angle to a car. He slams his face into it, and then attempts to roll Kurt Angle onto it. Angle won't have it, though, and reverses, before gut kicking Jericho and picking him up! Angle Slam onto the windshield of the car! Fans pop as both men are laid out completely!

We see a split shot of CM Punk and Randy Orton walking through the halls, main event action is up next!


These two men just couldn't wait to get their hands on one another! Punk revealed that he brought brass knuckles to the ring, and the first shot layed Orton out completely! The two went back and forth for the majority of the match, with both hitting their finisher moves, but neither being able to ascend the ladder and get the briefcase. This all culminated when both men were on top of the ladder, trading blows. Orton headbutted Punk and looked to set him up for an RKO off the ladder, but Punk countered a nailed a GTS off the ladder, staying on but extending his knee to send Orton to sleep! Punk grabs the briefcase and secures his victory! 17:21

CM Punk celebrates on top of the ladder, the fans cheering him on! Then, out of nowhere, Lesnar enters the ring through the crowd and tips the ladder over, sending CM Punk crashing to the floor. Lesnar picks Punk up and rolls him back into the ring, before hitting a powerful F5 onto the ladder! Brock Lesnar just decimated the Straight Edge Superstar! The camera zooms in on Lesnar as the logo flashes and we fade out!

Oct 31, 12 at 10:56am
Kave En



You don't want to miss Smackdown this Friday night! CM Punk returned on Raw this past Monday and assaulted the Alliance - what will his punishment be? Also, The Great One, The Rock, goes one on one with the Big Show! We'll also see the semi-finals of the Hardcore Championship #1 Contender tournament, with Alberto Del Rio taking on Brodus Clay, and R-Truth taking on Dolph Ziggler! Tune in to Smackdown this Friday Night!

Confirmed Matches:

The Rock vs. Big Show
Alberto Del Rio vs. Brodus Clay
R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler

Oct 31, 12 at 10:55am
Kave En


Raw kicks off with a video showing the results of last week's #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way match, and the subsequent assault on thenew #1 Contender Triple H by the Attitude Era's WWE Champion Edge.


Edge comes out to the ring, dressed in a suit, title worn proudly over his shoulder. He grabs a microphone and, after the booing dies down, tells the WWE Universe that what they saw last week was a visual definition of what their new Champion is all about. Power. Domination. Taking what he wants. Edge tells us that he will be the pinnacle of Champions, and aims to display everything a champion should be. He then tells Triple H to watch out in the 6 man tag team match later, because Edge doesn't care about winning or losing the match, he just cares about his title, and Triple H is a threat to that. A threat that will very soon, be eliminated. With that, Edge drops the microphone and exits to a mixed reaction.


Tensai brings on an assault on Goldust from the get-go, and doesn't let up at all throughout the match. Goldust manages to duck a clothesline and nail a dropkick, but Tensai's right back on the offensive, and after a few minutes, Tensai closes this match wit the fall forward chokebomb and gets the cover! 1-2-3! Tensai gets the victory! 6:41

After the match, Tensai grabs a microphone, and waits a moment before speaking. He lets loose a few sentences in Japanese, then translates them, telling Batista that he doesn't stand a chance against Tensai, and he will be put permanentley out of commission!

Backstage, we see a limo arriving. Out steps the Game, Triple H! Big pop from the crowd!

In the interview area, Josh Matthews is standing by with Cody Rhodes. Josh asks Cody how it feels to be heading into Wrestlemania as the number one contender for the US Championship. Cody replies that it feels great, because it confims his victory over Daniel Bryan. Cody then tells us he has a 0 chance of losing his title match, and can't wait to see Daniel Bryan in the ring later for their tag match. Cody then mocks Daniel Bryan's yes chant, before screaming "No!" and leaving the area.


Kofi was as high-flying and unpredictable as ever, but it wasn't enough to gain the upper hand over the Big Red Machine. Kane countered an early attempted Trouble In Paradise into a powerful backbreaker, and then hit a devistating big boot. Kane signaled for the chokeslam, but as he did, the lights died. The lights came back on, but no sign of Undertaker. Kane looked around frantically for him, giving Kofi time to get up and blindside Kane with a Trouble In Paradise! 1-2-3! Kofi gains a victory over the Devil's Favorite Demon! 7:31

After the match, Kane kicks at the ropes and screams in frustration. Then, the lights die again. Big pop! The lights come back on, and Undertaker is behind Kane! Kane turns, and The Undertaker picks up Kane! Tombstone piledriver! Undertaker then grabs a microphone, and tells Kane that he wants him, one on one, at Wrestlemania, in an inferno match! HUGE pop from the crowd!

Backstage, we see Batista, dressed in civilian clothes. He looks into the camera, and tells Tensai that if he wants him so bad, then they should do it right here, next week on Raw. One on one, and they can see who the better man is once and for all. Pop!

We see Daniel Bryan, US title worn proudly around his waist, heading through the halls. Tag team action next!


Rhodes and Bryan kicked this one off, and you could tell these two wanted to tear each other's throats out. It was Rhodes with the early advantage, managing to get it a running kick and a powerful Alabama slam. Towards the middle of the match, Gabriel was taking it to Bryan with powerful grapples and slams. Bryan managed to counter a german suplex and lock in the Yes lock! Cody Rhodes was quick to break up the pin, though. Bryan tags to Christian, and Christian and Justin Gabriel go at it for a while. After an attempted spinning heel kick, Christian hits a Killswitch out of nowhere! Bryan sneaks around and yanks Cody off the apron, and tackles him as Christian gets the pin for the 1-2-3 inside the ring! Christian and Daniel Bryan bring home the victory! 12:31

Bryan begins running around the outside of the ring, chanting "Yes!" over and over. Christian works the fans inside the ring. Big win for the US Champion and Christian!

Backstage, we see Batista heading towards the parking lot, nodding to a few works as he does so. He comes to a car, and begins to unlock it. Suddenly, out of nowhere. Tensai slams a pipe into the back of Batista's head. Tensai then jams it into the gut of Batista! Tensai rolls Batista onto the hood of the car, and then gets on top himself. Tensai picks Batista up, and nails a fall forward chokebomb through the windshield of the car! Batista has been taken out completely!

The Big Show's theme hits, and the big man comes out with a microphone in hand, not looking too pleased. He steps into the ring, and tells us that two weeks ago, at the Elimination Chamber, he was screwed out of his championship opportunity! And he blames the fans! He claims none of them had the balls to be on his side, and he despises each and every one of them for it! And since they don't have the balls to stand up for who they believe in, no superstar will come to their aid-

Shawn Michaels' theme hits! The Heartbreak kid is back! Shawn Michaels has returned! He walks out onto the stage, microphone in hand. He tells Big Show that he's free to be unhappy with the fans, but he, himself, Shawn Michaels, loves the fans. Shawn then says if Show has a personal problem with the fans, that he has a personal problem with him. Pop! Shawn Michaels then challenges Big Show to a one on one match at Wrestlemania! Big Show replies that he's in, but it's going to be a steel cage match, so Big Show can grind the face of Michaels into the steel, and take him out of the WWE once and for all! Michaels agrees to the match, but tells Big Show to be careful, he hears some Sweet Chin Music brewing in the distance.


DiBiase tries to get in some offense on the Great White, but Sheamus simply doesn't allow it, and counters a kick to the gut with a belly to belly suplex! Sheamus then hits a snap DDT, and a powerful clothesline on DiBiase! It isn't long after that Sheamus takes DiBiase out of commision with a Brogue Kick! 1-2-3! The Celtic Warrior brings home the victory! 4:31

Backstage, we see Triple H walk into the locker room of Eddie Guerrero, to find Eddie and Rey. The three begin conversing. Eddie says he can't wait to get his hands on Stone Cold. Triple H says that tonight, the three of them are going to pummel the Alliance, and kick their asses! Big pop!


This was a long, brutal, phyical match between these 6 men. Triple H and Brock Lesnar kicked this one off, but it was the next big thing with the advantage. It wasn't long before tags were being made on both sides. Towards the middle of the match, Eddie and Stone Cold were going at it, neither seeming to get the advantage. Stone Cold hit a powerful lou thez press, but Eddie struck back with a counter to a DDT and hitting the Three Amigos! Eddie worked the crowd, and then tackled Stone Cold to the outside. Eddie threw Stone Cold onto the announce table, but Lesnar struck from behind, spearing Guerrero. The end of the match saw Edge and Rey Mysterio going at it. Vince McMahon made his way down, and ordered Stone Cold and Lesnar to get into the ring, and attack them! Lesnar and Austin obeyed, pulling Triple H and Guerrero into the ring, and pummeling them! The ref has to call for the bell! 16:21

Alliance pounds away at Triple H, Guerrero, and Mysterio. Lesnar hits a brutal F5 on Eddie! Vince gets into the ring, and smiles, barking orders at them!

Suddenly, we hear the familiar static, and CM Punk's theme hits! All members look towards the entrance ramp, shocked. Punk comes fron the back of the crowd, wielding a chair! Punk jumps over the ramp and rolls into the ring, before delivering a thunderous chair shot to Brock Lesnar! He rams the chair into Stone Cold's gut and throws the chair to Edge, before kicking it into Edge's face. Punk goes to tackle McMahon, but the leader of the Alliance barely escapes the ring. Punk works the cheering fans as he throws each member of the Alliance over the top rope. CM Punk is back!

Oct 31, 12 at 10:51am
Kave En



Monday Night is going to be crazy, as we'll see a six man tag team match on Raw! Triple H will be teaming with Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio to face the Alliance! Not to mention, Daniel Bryan will be teaming with Christian to take on his number one contender Cody Rhodes, and Justin Gabriel! What sort of things will the Alliance be up to? Tune in on Monday Night to Raw to find out!

Confirmed Matches:

Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, & Rey Mysterio vs. The Alliance (Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold, & Edge)

Daniel Bryan & Christian vs. Justin Gabriel & Cody Rhodes

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