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Jun 20, 12 at 10:20pmEiche


Read ahead at your own risk. Ha
quote Serebii
As per the last releases, several users on the Japanese forum, 2ch, have started to receive their copies and are to post new information they find within it. We'll be posting the information as it comes while we await our own copies to be delivered. At the moment, it's unlikely we'll receive anything new due to the reveal in Dengeki magazine but the moment we do get something, it'll be posted here so keep checking back
05:21 First, we have a clear map of the new look Unova region
05:28; It's confirmed that the capability of selecting multiple Pokémon in the box is back
06:06; You have to participate in PokéWood after defeating Homika
06:26; Other information. You can use the Xtransceiver to call various characters. Your mother will tell you information about your current location, Professor Juniper will rate your Pokédex, Bianca will tell you the happiness of your party and Cheren will tell you about the types and abilities of the Pokémon in your party
06;35; Default name for the Rival is confirmed as Hyu/Hugh (ヒュウ )
06:42; Aesthetic version change. HP/EXP area in battle is Black in Black 2 & White in White 2
06:46; Burgh's team:

07:25; Gym Leaders may not be at their gyms when you first get there
07:33; Elesa's team:

07:47; The Female Character's default name is Mei (メイ )
07:53; You receive Cut, Fly and Strength by Nimbasa City
08:00 The World Tournament is based in Driftveil City where the Freezer Containers were
08:06; Like previously, there are forced Rotation Battles in Pokémon Black 2. You battle Biker Charles again
08:16; There's a move tutor in Drifveil City. He teaches a variety of moves. He teaches a variety of moves; Gunk Shot, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Low Kick, Dual Chop, Seed Bomb, Uproar, Super Fang, Iron Head, Signal Beam, Bounce, Drill Run, Bug Bite & Covet. These cost Shards to teach
08:25; There appears to be an encounter with the old Team Plasma sages
08:28; Gift:

08:45; Clay's team:

08:46; It seems you can change between Black City & White Forest in your game by using the Unova Link feature and connecting with Black & White. You can do this repeatedly, but not if you are in the area
08:52; World Tournament now houses the Move Relearner/Deleter
09:00: You need to enter into the World Tournament where you meet Achroma in the final
09:22; You seem to get a Deerling with its Hidden Ability; Serene Grace, within the game. It's Level 30 and female
09:36; Some old Pokémon in the routes; Budew, Roselia, Baltoy, Nosepass, Cleffa, Combee, Castform
Ratatta, Grimer, and Zubat also available
09:52; The other gendered character will appear at the Battle Subway and is called Kyouhei
10:09; Evolution stones can be purchased using BP earned from Battle Subway and World Tournament. They are sold for 3BP while other items such as Scope Lens, Wide Lens and Muscle Brace sell for 8BP
10:17; Skyla's team:

10:26; It is said that after completing the game, you receive a key which will switch the game between three difficulties. Normal, Assist which lowers the difficulty and Challenge which increases it. We have no confirmation for this yet
10;34; A new feature of the Random Matchup and Tournaments prevents you from battling for a while if you disconnect on your opponent
10:45; More Move Tutors: Last Resort, Iron defense, Magnet Rise, Magic Coat, Block, Hyper Voice, Electroweb, Icy Wind, Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, Earth Power, Zen Headbutt, Foul Play, Superpower, Gravity, Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse. Cost Blue Shards
11:05; Bianca appears, referencing the Pokémon Heatran
11:22; Cobalion is, as expected, found in the game near Undella Town
11:42; You can find an area with a Minccino with its Hidden Ability of Skill Link. It is found at Level 20 and is 109 in the Unova Dex and is found in the Hidden Burrow
11:49: Virizion is also randomly found in Unova on Route 11
11:51: Terrakion also confirmed to just be sitting in Unova
11:59; At some point, you battle a heavily underlevelled Volcarona, at Level 35
12:00; TM95, Snarl, which was hidden in Black & White, appears to be available at some point in Black 2 & White 2
12:10; Drayden team:

12:15; The player has now discovered that Unova is in fact frozen in various areas
12:20: First picture of Frozen Unova
12:35: The Shadow Triad can be battled
12:40: Virizion remains where it is when the region is frozen. Not all parts get totally covered
12:53; New Move Tutor. Gives moves for Yellow Shards; Bind, Snore, Heal Bell, Knock Off, Synthesis, Roost, Sky Attack, Role Play, Heat Wave, Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Pain Split & Tailwind
13:06; Shizui's team:

13:11; Shizui gives Scald
13:14; Other wild Pokémon: Absol, Banette, Drapion, Seviper, Drifblim, Sneasel, Mantine, Altaria, Starmie
13:49; Another Move Tutor: Magic Room, Wonder Room, Spite, Recycle, Trick, Stealth Rock, Endeavor, Skill Swap, Worry Seed, Gastro Acid, Outrage, Helping Hand, After You, Endeavor, Sleep Talk, Snatch
14:12; Lunar Wing is obtained within this game.
14:23; Iris is found in Castelia City
14:23: Achroma is confirmed as a Plasma Boss
14:26; Achroma's team:
14:35; Latias is shown to be in the game, found in the Dreamyard
14:42; Regigigas is also set to appear
14:43; Ghetsis' Team:
14:44; Kyurem is found at Level 55
14:56; Castelia City has sewers, which are filled with Zubat and Rattata

15:54; Achroma, when first battled, has got Klink and a Magnemite
16:11; The player can also receive N's Sigilyph
16:46; There's a building called the "Strange House". It's unusually empty
16:56; New Town; Yamaji Town (ヤマジタウン)
17:00; Wild Eevee can be found within Castelia City. This is done in a small park area. The area also houses Buneary, Rattata, Pidove, Cottonee and Petilil
17:04; You battle your Rival and Cheren in the World Tournament when you're first there. Cheren has a Stoutland, Watchog & Cinccino. Achroma has Magneton, Klink and Elgyem
17:08; Uxie can be found in the game
17:40; There's a Triple Battle within Chargestone Cave
18:02; Juniper will give you the Master Ball in Mistralton City
19:03; Elite Four Rematches

19:06; Lenora is said to revive your fossils
19:21; Alder is battleable;

19:27; Cresselia is Level 68 on the Marvelous Bridge after obtaining the Lunar Wing
19:31; Numerous skyscrapers and areas within Black City
19:35; Have to battle through the skyscraper in Black City to fight Alder's grandson
20:00; The previous game's playable character is out looking for N
20;27; After the end of the game, you will meet up with N
20:33; N will battle you and has a Level 70 Zekrom (in Black 2)
20:40; In a random tree, you are able to find wild Amoonguss with their Hidden Ability of Regenerator
20:56; After not being able to be captured earlier (the game won't let you), you can get Kyurem at Level 70. It can know Fusion Bolt/Fusion Flare depending on the form
21:12; There's a Triple Battle with a member of GameFreak. Their Pokémon are Level 68 (Skarmory and Kingdra shown)
21:13; To get Kyurem, you have to meet N in his Castle by Victory Road. Then, go to Dragonspiral Tower and capture Zekrom/Reshiram. Go to Giant Chasm and meet Kyurem and it will challenge after the two are united Edit @ 21:34; After request for clarification; The Pokémon do merge together. It is said this is done using an item, but you can then seperate them using the same item
21:17; An image of White Kyurem after its initial unification with N's Reshiram earlier in the game
21:21; Latios also confirmed for Dreamyard indicating potential version exclusivity. Latios is confirmed for Black 2
21:49; Elite Four Rematch - Challenge Mode

22:06; Regirock is found in the game at Level 65
22:08; Among the Pokémon of N's you receive in the game (in addition to Zorua and Sigilyph), it seems you can also receive a Pidove which is found in Pinwheel Forest
22:14; Jellicent with their Hidden Ability can also be found within the game
00:08; Latios/Latias are found to be Level 68 on capture
06:10; It is said that Unova Gym Leaders do appear within the World Tournament. Drayden, Brycen and Shizui have been noted. It's currently unknown if their teams are completely set

06:14; You earn 1BP from Unova Gym Leaders, 2BP from Kanto Gym Leaders
06:16; World Tournament modes in the post -game
06:28; World Tournament features:
Driftveil Tournament - All Pokémon at Level 25
Rental Tournament - Pokémon are randomly chosen for you, akin to the Battle Factory
Mix Tournament - All Pokémon at Level 50, can switch a Pokémon with your opponent before combat
Unova Leaders - Battle Unova Gym Leaders at Level 50
In one of the modes Roxanne, the Gym Leader of Rustboro City , is battlable
06:38; The Battle Skyscraper in Black City has you go through the rooms, battling trainer after trainer until you defeat the Boss. You can pass to the next room and have your Pokémon healed
06:50; More World Tournament modes unlocked World Leaders - Battle Leaders and Champions from around the world Rental Master - Another rental battle system, but with rarer and stronger Pokémon
06:55; Type Expert is another of the World Tournament modes.
06:58; Trainers in the Battle Skyscraper will have Pokémon such as Entei
07:04; Back to the World Tournament, after participating in a certain amount of battles in the World Leaders tournament, you then unlock the Champion's Tournament
07:22; Alder's Grandson, Banjiro confirmed in Black Skyscraper 07:28; Banjiro's Team

07:35; Banjiro's Team is Level 85 in Challenge Mode
07:39; You get given a Gible after defeating Banjiro
08:27; More World Tournament teams - Team Spoilers

08:39; An Image of Champions; Red, Blue, Steven, Alder, Cynthia, Lance & Wallace
08:46; More World Tournament teams - Team Spoilers

09:11; Defeating Unova Leaders unlocks the other region tournaments (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh). Then, completion of the other region Leaders opens up World Leaders, which merges them all. After that, beat World Leaders to access the Champion Tournament
09:13; The Stranger's House is located in the middle of Marveous Bridge. At a certain spot, you will be removed and taken to the house where you will get the Lunar Wing
10:10; The Underwater Ruins make a return with a similar layout as before. Like before, there are ancient treasures within which can be exchanged for items
11:08; Mesprit confirmed for the game. It's Level 65. It's at the top of the Celestial Tower following a request to search for them by Professor Juniper
Woo, finally!

Map looks nice, loooaaads of areas. Multiple selections in the box is nice as well. Depressed PokéWood participation is mandatory, but I guess it's not so bad.


Editing in new updates.

    New updates.

Even moar updates.

Added in large spoiler to not ruin parts for everyone. Didn't work so made a large header.

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Jul 4, 12 at 5:17pm

i meant that i kinda failed

Jul 4, 12 at 5:15pm

quote kyogre1234
ll know is that it comes out september 7th in fall 2012 in the us and canada
It's october 7th and just about everyone knew that. It was announced over a week ago I believe.

Jul 4, 12 at 5:10pm

ll know is that it comes out september 7th in fall 2012 in the us and canada

Jul 4, 12 at 11:11am

That wasn't my point.

Point is, FR/LG, XD, Platinum, HG/SS. The birds are in more games than any other legendary, they're the 'easiest' to get.

Aside from Lati@s, all the BW2 legendarys are only found in a specific group of games, generally DDP.

I'm certain Gamefreak are trying to average out legends to have equal apparently rates, and the birds sure as hell don't have any lack of them right now.

Jul 4, 12 at 10:54am

quote Kanon
[quote=Castlewars|message:33251717]You mean the most available Legendaries of all time? Who had been in two games in a row with Plat and HGSS. Those legendary birds?

I dunno, I think I prefer the Regis, who haven't been available non-evently since Emerald.
Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit were in the same generation as well.

Jul 4, 12 at 10:51am

quote Castlewars

You mean the most available Legendaries of all time? Who had been in two games in a row with Plat and HGSS. Those legendary birds?

I dunno, I think I prefer the Regis, who haven't been available non-evently since Emerald.

Jul 4, 12 at 9:57am


Jun 26, 12 at 10:41pm
Dark Arcanine

I might finally get my first shiny outside of staples and trading. And it's not the first rate improvement either so eventually it has to happen, haha.

Jun 26, 12 at 8:58pm

Seems like they have finally heard the pleas of those who lack shinies. Breeding for shinies have never become so easy.

Jun 26, 12 at 2:48pm

quote Blood Wolf
    Shining Charm chances confirmed: 1 in 2,370.6 chance for normal encounters and it drops down the Masuda chance to 1 in 1024.

    I like it.

    That is the most wonderful news I've heard in a while.

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