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Jun 19, 12 at 4:19amShadowCrystallux

Well I've begun to wonder who you guys started with in the league. I don't expect everyone to remember but I hope that some of you do .

The first champion I ever tried was Ryze, closely followed by Veigar then Zilean. I got very lucky on the f2p on my first week of playing. The first champion I bought was Ryze, closely followed by Nunu. That was back when Ryze was 1350 IP and could be considered OP. But now Ryze isn't nearly as powerful in the game as he used to be. Oh and when Nunu was ridiculous against pretty much anyone who didn't buy magic resist.

So who did you guys first play? Who did you first buy?

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Jun 04, 14 at 3:08pm

Vayne. After 30 minutes of getting kicked out of custom games for being a level 1, a team full of level 30s accepted me. It was an ARAM, and I was forced to play Vayne. I had absolutely no idea what to do except for the fact that I knew a badass-looking star appeared around me when I pressed the magical R button.

Jun 03, 14 at 5:12pm
Tashur Astur

Ashe, with double phantom dancers as first (and often only) two items.

I also bought multiple boots several times until someone finally told me it didn't stack.

Jun 03, 14 at 4:13pm

First normal game I played, I think it was against bots, was Kennen with Heal and Smite LOL. But the first champion I mastered and did fairly well with in SoloQ was Annie, back when her Q looked like 3 balls flying at you.

Jun 03, 14 at 2:34pm

First 2 Games 3v3 Veigar i Fed like hell.
After that Sion that was much better i tanked 3 champs + superminions. I lost because the Nexus fall. Next Free Champ Rotation i Played ww was Fun with 2x malady. After xin release or vlad release i dropped it. That was my Start.

May 17, 14 at 7:54am

Karthus was free when I first started playing and he looked cool so I tried him out. In hindsight that was stupid because he's a difficult champion to get a hang of and he was my very first lol. But I'm glad I did play him because I liked him and ended up buying him and always give him a run here and there when I play.

May 16, 14 at 10:31am

First champion was Kayle cause she was only 450 ip and looked cool, didn't like her so I bought Twisted Fate, got a penta kill and he's been my favorite ever since.

May 06, 14 at 5:04am

First champ ever played out side tutorial was thresh (He was free) the whole game I would just walk around because I had no earthly idea what I was doing... I died to the wolfs like 4 times

May 02, 14 at 10:23pm

    I feel most peoples first champ would be Ashe but idk. My first champ that I actually put a lot of time and effort to learning was Caitlyn back around the beginning of season 2. I would go Meki Pendant mid and just try to perfect the timing and aiming for her q since I feel the channel time is a bit long.

May 02, 14 at 2:06pm

my 1st champion was swain 0/12 and 1st one I buy was jax I think or it was veigar

Jun 03, 13 at 9:06am

my first champion ever is Ahri<3 My nine tails fox .w. got lucky when she was free
and still is my champ to this day

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