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Jun 19, 12 at 4:19amShadowCrystallux

Well I've begun to wonder who you guys started with in the league. I don't expect everyone to remember but I hope that some of you do .

The first champion I ever tried was Ryze, closely followed by Veigar then Zilean. I got very lucky on the f2p on my first week of playing. The first champion I bought was Ryze, closely followed by Nunu. That was back when Ryze was 1350 IP and could be considered OP. But now Ryze isn't nearly as powerful in the game as he used to be. Oh and when Nunu was ridiculous against pretty much anyone who didn't buy magic resist.

So who did you guys first play? Who did you first buy?

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Jun 03, 13 at 9:06am

my first champion ever is Ahri<3 My nine tails fox .w. got lucky when she was free
and still is my champ to this day

Jun 03, 13 at 5:14am
Tashur Astur

Couttsy back in my day there was no such thing as a 4800 IP champion!!

That said I just played free-week champions since I didn't realise you could buy champs until about level 11ish.

Jun 03, 13 at 2:34am

Annie and then Cho'Gath, loved them!

Jun 02, 13 at 11:57pm

My first 6300 Ip champ was Diana, took sooo long to save up for that and she was also the first one i tried to main.

first 4800 Ip champ was irelia, first 3150 champ was gangplank, first 1350 champ was tryndamere and first 450 ip champ was master Yi

Jun 02, 13 at 11:37pm

It was back in season one, when i met rammus.... my first ever champ i played and bought till level 20s... good times

Jun 01, 13 at 2:52pm

The first 3150 I became somewhat good with was Mordekaiser. My first 6300 was Vlad. Other than that, I'm not sure. I've been picking up more and more chmaps to the point I'm not playing any of my older champs now.

Apr 05, 13 at 3:23pm

The first champion I really liked, was Mordekaiser.
Then Ezreal.

The first skin I got was Assassin Master Yi.

Apr 04, 13 at 3:13pm

first champ I tried was ashe because I played the tutorial first and she was free too,so I used her in my first actual game too.
Then I started to use ziggs who was also free for that week.

After some weeks in which I tried different champs of the week,I finally got my first main:
Shen,who I still play today,not that often but from time to time

I got the wasp-shen skin for him,not only because it looked cool and was cheap,but also to honor my first main in a way^^

Apr 02, 13 at 7:06am

First champion I ever played was Lee Sin, and I still play him today lol.

Mar 29, 13 at 12:21am
Mouldy Cheese

Definitely Ashe! I played her for ages until I bought...I think it was teemo that came next?

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