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Jun 15, 12 at 12:47pmRaThaLoS 123 MhFu

Ok before we start, when I say hit Tigrex's left claw, I mean hit his claw in (your point of sight) it's his right claw.

People out there, well noobs out there, when you first see Tigrex, how do'you feel? Scared? Pissed off, that he owns you with his charge, bite or roar? Don't be he is a walk in the park. Remember to read all of it, all pieces of info is valuble.

A flying Wyvern that maintains it's primitive origins. Prone to violence it possesess incredible ferocity thanks to it's four limbs, claws and jaws. Inhabits wide area, it has been spotted hunting Popo in the mountains.

Whats that? He has Four limbs strong jaws and claws? Wow I'm scared! He is so easy after you kill him, staying on your right will make you say ftw . Here are his attacks.

Basic Charge: A fast, dangerous, charge that origanly takes 1/4 of your healthaway. Sometimes he K.O's you and stars spin around your head, also can be followed by a bite or a claw pound. Be careful, if he is in rage mode it'll take 1/2 of your health Damage: Medium

Bite: A strong, powerful bite, that can K.O you. It can be followed by another bite.
Be careful a bite in rage mode can cause death, or obviously will stun you, then he will combo you to death. How to evade:
*Roll to your right side
*Roll underneath his shoulder NOTE: This is a risk, only do this if neceseary.

Damage: Medium to high

360 spin: Tigrex spins his whole body blowing his victim away. How to evade:
Stay on your right and panic dive (run and press ) to your right.
Damage: low to medium

Snowball: Tigrex slams the ground with his claw and 3 astronomical snowballs apear heading towards you. Note: This move only happens in long range.
How to evade:
Asap run to your left, and stay on his side, if you don't go far away from him he won't do this move. But it's better if you panic dive, but the risks are the he may charge at you, so after you panic dive run again and panic dive to your right!
Damage: Medium to High

Kitty Pounce: A HUGE pounce by Tigrex. NOTE: His tail will affect you.
How to evade: When he jumps, (remember your always staying in your right and his left claw) just roll to your right.
Damage: High

Taunt: Tigrex Roars and bites twice, though the bite does a puny amount of damageand the roar wont affect you. NOTE: Mainly he taunts after kitty pouncing twice, you can tell if he isn't doing the traditional Tigrex roar, because he lifts his chest up, and his ribcage sticks out.
It won't damage you, but his tail will thump you if you go behind him and he will trip you when he bites.

Ok here are some recommended equipments by me, for you to use.

Sword and Sheild: Raven Blade
Why? Because poisoning Tiggy is good tactic.
Items for it?
Garuga tail x1
Garuga wing x2
Garuga scale x3
Med monster bone x3

Armour: Full Ceanatuar armour.
Skills: Sharp sword, Sharpening Skill inc, Defence -20.
Get any defence jewel to negate the negative skill Defence -20.

Book of combos 1-3
Potoin x10
Mega Potoin x10
Max Potoin x2
Hot drink x10
Whetstone x20
Shock Trap
Prtbl Shock Trap (From Box)
Tranq bomb x8
Flash bomb x5
Well done steaks x10
First aid med x3
Paint ball from box
Large Barrel Bomb x3
Small Barrel Bomb x5
Ration from box
Trap tool x2
Genprey Fang x2

[Now remember, before you start the quest, if you haven't unlocked the video Raging Tigrex, then start the mission, go to area 8, see the movie and abondon quest, remember to save too.]
-----------------------------------------------------Sword and Shield------------------------------------------------

Ok we start off the mission, we look through the box and get First aid med, Portable Shock Trap, Map etc and head off. When your near the cave, gulp down a Hot Drink, Max potoin and a well-done-steak. Get in the cave, climb those 3 mini white cliffs, then enter. By then you should see some anteka, go to area 6, he should be there. If he looks at you quickly run to your right, and go to his side, get out your weapon, combo to his his left claw if he attacks asap block, roll to your right, hit his leg, roll to your right then, put your weapon away. Run, throw a flash bomb from long range. Place a Shock Trap(save one Lg Barrel bomb untill he limps to area 3), now just check your health, sharpness etc. but after he heals from the flash's stun, quickly go behind the Shock Trap and wait from him to get immobilized, place 2 Large Barrel Bombs set off one small barrell bomb and panic jump. The bomb will make him flinch, take out your weapon and go around him hit his tail, if he turns and faces you roll around and hit his tail, 360 spin? Block! keep hitting him.
Remember to retain your stamina by walking around him, then, when he's looking at you block, but press then wait for him to attack, after attack asap hit, wait, hit, wait, hit repeat ( I call it The fortress's human Dragonator.) , untill he jumps back, his eyes are blood shot red and he roars-Rage mode. But before he actually roars put your weapon away and quickly use Farcaster. You'll go directly back to camp. Then just sleep at the camp bed if you got hit, don't waste Potions, just sleep to retain all your health. Sharpen your weapon if it isn't green, eat a ration if your stamina doesn't go up to the end of the screen. Then just wait a few mins. And go down to to snowy mountain tops. He may be at area 8 or 7. If he sees you throw a Paintball at him, if he doesn't do so too. Then run to your right, roll to his side take out your weapon, do the fortress humand Dragonator keep repeating. If he limps he's near death. Sometimes he doesn't limps but just flees somewherelse check areas 7, 8, and 6. If he's not there, he in area 3 trying to recover and sleep. That Large Barrel bomb you saved will be useful now, go to area 3, quickly plant a Large Barrel Bomb, before those pesky Giapreys hit Tigrex and wake him up, asap plant a LBB and a SBB. He might die, if not, quickly run upto him and combo him twice, he will die!
---------------------------------------------------------Dual Swords---------------------------------------------------
Weapon: Bladed Edge
Items for it: Ceanataur Claw x2, Ceanataur Shell x4, Sm Ceanataur shell x6 and 8 Carpenterbugs.
Armour: Full Ceanatuar

Get 4 Power juices aswell as the items ontop, get First aid med, Prtbl Shock Trap, Ration and map etc. Before you go to Tiggy in area 6, Drink Hot Drink, a Max Potoin, Power Juice, go to him, when he roars throw a paintball, roll to his left side, go to his legs press then and hit his legs a few times and roll out of the way, put away your weapon. If he charged and you dodge him asap place a shock trap on the floor go behind it, let him get Paralized then Demonize press and to his legs, (I call it demon dance) about 4 time then he may trip, Demonize and press toghether and his face, by now his face crest will brake, and Tigrex will enter jump back, roar and enter Rage mode. While he roars plant a Prtbl Shock Trap, roll behind it asap, Demonize and demon dance his head. When he recovers from paralysis, sheath weapon and use farcaster. Then his health maybe halved by the time you go back to him, just keep hitting his claws and roll, keep an eye out for you unlimited stamina negate time.

-----------------------------------------------Great Sword-----------------------------------------------------

Weapon: Ravager Blade + or Sentroyu Raven
Ravager Blade+ mats:
Earth Crystal x15
Dragonite ore x3
Machalite Ore x10
Sentroyu Raven:
Garuga wing x2
Garuga Shell x3
Garuga Tail x2
Giant Bone x2

Note: Ravager Blade+ is better than Sentroyu Raven but Sentroyu Raven is easier to get.

Full yian Garuga armour with Garuga mask.
For Earplug skills.

Okay when we start off the mission, get your Prtbl Shock Trap out, Map etc.
Tiggy is in area 6, Gulp down your power juice, Hot Drink, Max Potion and Well done Steak.
Go to Area 6, when he sees you he'll roar. Go to his left claw, unsheath your weapon block if he attacks, hit his face, roll to his side. When the time is right plant a Prtbl shock trap, level 3 charge his face, lv2 charge again, he'll flinch, roll to his left side, hold wait for him to look at you and release, I call it the '3 charges of timing.' Roll to his left side agian hold wait for him to look at you, release, he'll jump back-Rage mode! Farcaster, sleep in the tent to regain your health, check weapon sharpness etc. Wait for 3 mins precisely go check area's 7, 8, 6 he will be in either one, use your prtbl shock trap on the floor. Lvl 3 charge his face, repaet lvl 3 charge if not lvl 2. He'll be in rage mode quickly, which is a sign of weakness, just do the '3 charges of timing' read it's patterns then attack. If he goes to area 3 the cave, he's almost dead, go to his face, lvl 3 charge his head he'll die for sure.


Weapon: Raven Torrent (It's awsome, when you hit a monster it makes Garuga noises and if you hold R for a cetrain amount of time, Yian Garuga's ears split out!)
Upgrade Kut ku Jaw then you'll see Raven Torrent, it'll require less mats =)

Sharpened beak x1
Garuga Ear x2
Garuga Mane x3

Armour: Full Ceanataur

Ok get required items from box, drink up hot drink, max potoin, well-done-steak and power juice. Go to area 6, throw a Flash bomb to stun him, Plant a Prtbl Shock trap, wait for him to get immobilized, quadruple pound him ( ) Triple pound him( ) He will definately be rage mode'd and just hold R, wait for him face you and release. The art of a hammer is to stun the monster then pound him to death.

Those are my recommended weapon types.

That's it!

My guide.

Hoped you enjoyed!

Take this tiggy

good bye.

Edited by Rathalos_123_mhfu

Edited by Rathalos_123_mhfu

Edited by Rathalos_123_mhfu

Edited by Rathalos_123_mhfu

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Aug 26, 12 at 10:07am

what about the gun,bow and bowguns

Jul 2, 12 at 12:17am
RaThaLoS 123 MhFu

quote gogengantes
quote Rathalos_123_mhfu
Ok..ok I'll edit the hammer section, plus gogengantes thats 'wut a meant'.
As normally I have no clue what you're talking about.

What you said about the hammer my guide I said it too but it's not as detailed as yours.

Jul 1, 12 at 4:36pm

gogengantes post are easily understandable for me

Jul 1, 12 at 3:35pm

quote Rathalos_123_mhfu
Ok..ok I'll edit the hammer section, plus gogengantes thats 'wut a meant'.
As normally I have no clue what you're talking about.

Jul 1, 12 at 2:23pm
RaThaLoS 123 MhFu

Ok..ok I'll edit the hammer section, plus gogengantes thats 'wut a meant'.

Jul 1, 12 at 8:35am

quote PhantomTsuki
Any ideas on how to hit it while active?
don't you think you can hit it with triple pound as many times as you want. Triple pound is indeed the game strongest combo atk, but it takes a really long opening. You might only be able to use it when you knock him out or when he taunt (depend on your initial position). In normal opening, just hit with charge attack, either the one/two hit or with Super pound, then roll to evade

EDIT: gogengantes beat me to more useful info

Jul 1, 12 at 8:33am

Think the most useful attack against a tigrex when running around would be the superpound. Charge up, evade his attack and as he's turning to face you time you superpound so that as soon as he faces you, you hit him with the downward blow (which does almost all the damage) and roll to your right.

Rolling to the right is important because if he should not get stunned/staggered and he charges you, you could evade his charge because he lifts his left claw up high at the start of his charge which gives you some safety.

I don't think that Tigrex has many openings during which you could perform a triple pound, except ofc when he's stunned lying on the floor.

Apparently the side attack (short swing) is also effective in getting tigrex stunned so might be also usefull.

This vid is a nice example of what I said and also shows some nice advanced tactics like how to use the whirlwind attack and triple pound.

Jul 1, 12 at 8:23am

Can you elaborate on the hammer section? Trap hammering it even with demondrugs and power pills won't kill a Tigrex with rank corresponding equipment. Any ideas on how to hit it while active?

Jul 1, 12 at 4:01am
RaThaLoS 123 MhFu

Your welcome.

Jun 29, 12 at 1:29am

sleep bombing and trap bombing is easier. By the way thanks for your guide

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