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May 22, 12 at 11:07pmSheamus No 1 Fan

I Will be posting rosters in a bit.

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Jun 6, 12 at 9:16am
Sheamus No 1 Fan

Sorry about the lateness now for the raw results.

The Miz's music hit to alot of boos he entered the ring and gabbed the mic and started to say how he was the greatest us champion EVER! Suddenly Kofi's music came on he entered the ring and stated that that the only reason he came from smackdown was because he wanted to shut Miz up.Then Eziekel Jackson came out and said that he would also like to shut Miz up so suddenly Swagger came out and said that he came to Raw to prove to everyone he is the best superstar to have lived Swagger also called Eziekel Jackson a lump that couldn't shut anyone up so then Zeke attacked Swagger and Kofi went after Miz.Stephanie Mcmahon came out and annouced that Jack Swagger would defend his Intercontinental championship against Eziekel Jackson and Miz would defend his championship against Kofi Kingston.

US Championship
Kofi Kingston defs The Miz via Pinfall
The Miz taunted for the skull crushing finale but when Kofi turned round he relised and hit the trouble in paradise for 1,2,3 and to become the new US Champion sending the US Champioonship over to Smackdown!

Intercontinental Championship
Eziekel Jackson defs Jack Swagger via Submission
Swagger went for the jumping clothsline and got got caught and put in the torture rack in which Swagger tapped out making Eziekel Jackson the new Intercontinental champion and putting the Intercontinental championsip on Raw!

Chris Jericho and Mark Henry defs Rey Mysterio and Edge via Pinfall
Chris Jericho delievered a codebreaker to Mysterio for the win.

After Jericho had left the ring Henry grabbed a mic and started to calim he was miss treated so then Brock Lesnar came out and claimed the exact same thing so Stephanie Mcmahon's music hit and she told them that they would be involved in a triple threat #1 contender match with a mystery opponent!

#1 contenders match
Brock Lesnar defs Mark Henry and Batista via Pinfall
Batista had Mark Henry in the ankle lock but Brock Lesnar kicked Batista in the back of the head and picked him up and did the F5 for the 1,2,3.

Then Brock Lesnar locked the Kamara lock Edge came out to save Batista but it was to late Lesnar had broken his arm!

May 31, 12 at 1:06pm
Sheamus No 1 Fan

Sorry raw delayed till tommorow night.

May 31, 12 at 4:21am
Sheamus No 1 Fan

Raw coming tonight it will be good.

May 26, 12 at 2:56pm
Sheamus No 1 Fan

Smackdown Results:
Daniel Byran comes out with a mic and starts to tell Teddy Long that he has NO IDEA what a good talent he's got in the ring right now and how he should never defend his championship but then Teddy Long came out and said that if he's so good he should defeat Kane & Randy Orton when he tags with Alberto Del Rio and he should be able to beat the winner of Sheamus, HHH & CM Punk next week on Smackdown when he will defend his championship and then he leaves the ring leaving Bryan VERY unhappy.

Brodus Clay defs Tyson Kidd via pinfall
Brodus Clay taunted for his crossbody and got it for the 1,2,3,

Christian defs Wade Barrett via pinfall
Christian hits the killswitch and then the frogsplash.

Christian grabbed the mic and said that Barrett was a bully and he was going to give him a taste of his own medicine so Christian dragged Barrett outside the ring and got a chair and started to hit Wade Barrett in the back then Christian but Barrett's head on the steel steps and the other side of is head with the chair leading to Barrett being strechered off.

Kane & Randy Orton defs Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio via pinfall
When Kane had Bryan ready for the chokeslam Rany Orton rko'ed Del Rio then Kane taunted for tombstone and Orton taunted for the punt kick and they both hit the ount and chokeslam for the 1,2,3 leaving Del Rio injured and strechered off!

When Orton and Kane were celebrating Orton suddenly rko'ed Kane and the went to the crowd and pointed at them and did thumbs down and pointed at himself and did thumbs up confirming his heel turn!

#1 contender match
Sheamus defs HHH & CM Punk via pinfall
Sheamus did white noise and threw HHH out the ring pinning Punk for the win.

When HHH came back in the ring he raised Sheamus' hand.

Please comment and rate all shows.

May 26, 12 at 6:39am
Sheamus No 1 Fan

Justin Gabriel defs Health Slater via pinfall
Gabriel won from the 450 slash.

Yoshi Tatsu def William Regal via pinfall
Regal went for his big punch but Tatsu ducked and did the round house kick for the 1,2,3!

Jack Swagger defs Eziekel Jackson via submission
Swagger won by applying the ankle lock.

May 26, 12 at 6:28am
Sheamus No 1 Fan

Raw Results (I will be putting in what happened for the match to finish):
Zack Ryder defs The Miz via pinfall
The Miz went out of the ring for a breather and then as soon as he got back back in the ring Ryder hit the rough ryder for the 1,2,3.

Drew Mcintrye defs Alex Riley via pinfall
Drew Mcintrye went for the the big DDT and suddenly Drew reversed it and hit the futre shock DDT for the win.

Rey Mysterio defs Brock Lesnar via pinfall
Edge's music hit and that made Brock Lesnar get distracted so Rey Mysterio rolled up Brock Lesnar for the pin.

Then John Laurenitus tried to restart the match then Mr.Mcmahon's music hit and said that Laurenitus had abused his power and then said, "Yourrrrrre Fiiiiiiiirrrred!!So the knew Raw General manager is" Stephanie Mcmahon's music hit and she was about to speak and then, BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! Starts to mouth off at Stephanie Mcmahon about how he shouldn't defend the title at extreme rules but Stephanie interupted telling Jericho that he WOULD defend his championship in a TLC triple threat match and to qualify you'de have to win one of two triple threat #1 contender matches and one is coming up next!

One of two #1 contender matches
Edge defs Big Show & John Cena via pinfall
Big Show knocked out John Cena and then Edge threw Big Show out the ring and covered Cena to quilify for the triple threat TLC match for the WWE Championship!

When Edge was celebrating Brock Lesnar creaped from the crowd to behind Edge and the boos made Edge look round then when he looked behind him he turned right in to the F5 and Raw ended with Brock Lesnar stood over a knocked out Edge!

May 26, 12 at 5:50am
Sheamus No 1 Fan

quote Moneyman23
Del Rio not on the roster page???
You're right he's not i'll put him straight in!

May 25, 12 at 3:02pm

Del Rio not on the roster page???

May 24, 12 at 11:35am
Sheamus No 1 Fan

No only superstars but on Raw and Smackdown sometimes I have to instead of somebody attacking someone else with a led pipe I will make it more interesting.

May 23, 12 at 3:23pm

Do you sim the matches?

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