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May 21, 12 at 4:59amkrishen

I was having A conversation with crimson-falcon on the other Off topic(1) and was wondering if any one would share their experience here

i made a full fight against feral chaos level 130 in final fantasy dissisda doudecim 012 long ago
if anyone interested you can see it here
its 1 of the hardest optional bosses i beaten in my rpg games history and achievements
part 1 2
it's a dungeon the hardest i've come accross as the whole thing might be considered a boss

one of the hardest if not the ultimate hardest dungeon i have ever face has to be the wondering dungeon of Star ocean 4 aquired after clearing the 7star dungeon. there are 20 floor and fail even once and its game over no save point inside so you need to reload and looses all the mats and level you aquired inside (not to mention a boss every 2nd floor)similar to mysterious unison in eternal sonata. but the Ethereal Queen (20th floor boss) even at level200 highest in the game can kill your party with 1 hit. to make it worst you have to do it 3 times the whole dungeon to get the mats for your ultimate weapon and each time the DAM queen get stronger...
the fight will go on for hours seriously but great fun

reminded me with dirna in valkyrie profile 2
i still remember the bloody fight with her
HP 1.440.000
and took me 2 hours to defeat her
and she can 1 hit the whole team if your party not having enough AGI
so the whole fight is built on luck
note that this girl i have beaten is the 1st replay on seraphic gate
and after every replay you fight dirna stronger than the previous replay
i reached replay number 8 as max i couldnt go for the 10th really
was her HP 3.120.000 in the 8th run
and couldnt even lower that much to even half then i gave up after hundreds of retries lol

talking about seraphic gate, remember infinite undiscovery seraphic gate where you fight The 3 most formidable foes Gabriel Celeste, (found in the Vesplume tower section), Leonid (found in the Lunar Sanctuary) and finally, the Ethereal Queen fought immediately after defeating Leonid. who you need to fight on infinite mode to get 5 achievement points thats right 5/1000 the only one i missed to plat the game infinite mode the whole game as you need to fight all 3 to then fight Sigmund( optional but necessary) for him to join you for the 3rd run i.e infinite mode only unclock after you clear hard which is unlock after you clear normal
fyi i got infinite mode but never completed the game on infinite mode
again Etherreal Queen dam she comes back in every game

so share with us and if there was an optional dungeon in WKC2 what will it be?

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Feb 19, 13 at 12:22pm

Probably. Everybody seems to be posting it on facebook -_- I have yet to watch it due to that i can really care less about it.

Feb 19, 13 at 1:05am

harlem shake, is this some sort of new craze?

Feb 17, 13 at 3:24am

Yugioh's out

Decade Duels plus Ps3 Platform

Advice-No Storyline at all really, boring, use it to grind for yugioh cards/unlocks...

Multiplay- Buggy/glitchy 1.0 JUST released very bad/poor

BUT always good to keep at it and unlock and eventually itll get better hopefully?

feb 20th is the meeting date for Sony...

Umm what else feb 25th FF Ps3 Beta? if it goes all planned.

Feb 13, 13 at 7:33pm

Anybody planning to get the new Metal Gear? I'm really debating on it.

Feb 13, 13 at 12:01pm

I kind of wish SE remakes FF5 and FF6 like the PSP versions of FFI-FFII and FFIV Complete.

Feb 12, 13 at 2:05am

critics i never listen to i prefer actual footage of gameplay now a days

Playing FF4 advanced FF5 advanced

Feb 6, 13 at 2:00pm

square enix has 1 chance to keep me as a customer they have provided 1 good game since PS3 and 360 was released that was infinity undiscovery

star ocean the last hope imo was the worst star ocean game they released and i wasn't impressed with it the game felt like how fast can you spam your skills

The Last remnant battles felt like a movie

FF13 the whole game felt like a boring movie

FF13-2 kept the same battle system which put me to sleep

Feb 6, 13 at 1:49pm

anyone else getting Tomb Raider?

Feb 6, 13 at 1:04pm

I would love for tri ace to release a so5! hell even a valkyrie profile game would be pretty awesome.

Feb 6, 13 at 10:49am

Bayonetta = poopy

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