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May 17, 12 at 1:25amKokushi

Thank you Kybur for this banner

The Story So Far...

Divus, a simple yet beautiful world split into six separate continents ruled buy six separate lords. The six continents are called Batillus (Fire), Nymphe(Water), Tellus (Earth), Zephyru (Wind), Tenebra (Darkness), and Lucerna(Light); each named for one of the six elements that the people have mastery over, not to say that those who live on these continents cannot master other magics. The six continents form what appears to be a ring around a single barren island the size of the present day Alaska where legend says the Dark Lord and his companion lay in an enchanted slumber cast upon him buy the Six Sages. One Sage from each continent was meant to be trained as the years passed in the event the Dark Lord should awaken, yet as years turned into Centuries and Centuries into Millennia, the practice slowly died out. Those that showed exceptional power with the elements were taken in to schools to train and become strong warriors, but nothing more.

Each Continent is dominated by a different race, though other races do live within the main populace. Those among the magical races are Elves (Tellus), Demons and Drow (Tenebra), Humans (Lucerna), Shifter (Zephyru), Nymphs (Nymphe), and Dragonborn (Batillus). Among the non-elemental based magic races reside the Centaur, Dwarves, Half- Orcs, Gnomes, Harpies, Minotaurs, Lycanthropes, Vampires, Gnolls, Trolls and the Halflings. The twelve non-elementals live on the continents with the six main races, though it is not always a peaceful co-existence for some races wish to see the Dark Lord rise. Now, nearly 5 millennia since the Dark Lord was sealed, those races may get their wish.

A disturbance has occurred within the middle island, the very thing that those who remembered the legends have feared. Each school has set forth their top student, one who is strong in their main focus, yet a master of all six, in hopes of being able to seal the Dark Lord before he awakens once more, casting shadows across their beloved world.

The School where the six Sages must train is located on the continent of Tenebra, within ēna Kristāla City, the capital of the Continent. This is where the story begins, but where it goes from here is completely up to those that the people of Divus now depend on. Each Sage has a stone representing their element that is embedded within the weapon of their choice and if they have no weapon, it was fashioned into a piece of jewelry they never remove.

Sapiens Ignis
Sage of Fire

Sapientis Aqua
Sage of Water

Sapiens Terrae
Sage of Earth

Sapientis Ventus
Sage of Wind
Blue Topaz

Sapiens Tenebrae
Sage of Darkness
Black Diamond

Sapientis lux
Sage of Light

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Sep 8, 12 at 2:35pm
Aulis Vaara

"Come on you retarded Gnolls, what do you think I hired you for," Mehrune Sinn shouted with masculine voice as he shifted into his male form for added strength and toughness. Maybe not the best idea, as his female form was actually the one that could handle more pain. Many of the Gnolls at the edge of the room still held back or hesitated, forcing the Fox Demon to lead the charge herself.

Shadowthorn, his spear, was completely ineffective and thus he threw it back into the realm of shadows. At the same time he drew out his other weapons, two Elven blades, maybe they would be more effective against the Demon god, but Mehrune Sinn had his doubts. It was unlikely it could be hurt much by mortal weapons, regardless of their make. Fire seemed to work fine, however, and he planned to use that as often as he could. However much it took to make this deity return what belonged to him.

The few Gnolls that followed Mehrune Sinn's example were quickly besieged by shadowy tendrils that were intangible and yet hit with enough force to knock a Gnoll off its feet. Ironically, that simple action brought more Gnolls to the fight than any encouragement that the Fox Demon could throw their way. It was not a well known fact that Gnolls were in fact fiercely loyal to and protective of each other. Gnolls always stuck together as a pack, which is what made them such good guards in the first place. After a few attacks from the Demon god, every Gnoll had joined in on the fight, more biting and clawing than using their weapons.

Mehrune Sinn himself didn't hold back either. He slashed around with his Elven blades, and while they were no more effective in hurting his adversary, they actually succeeded in deflecting some of his attacks.

As soon as he felt his magical energy was replenished enough, he sent another Orbis Ignium crashing into Balthazar's chest. The chest was a better choice, as the Demon god might expect another attack to his head, which was already a smaller target and could more easily be moved out of the way.

The fighting was chaotic, simply because of how much stuff was going on around this one adversary. One, two Gnolls collapsed to the ground, dead, without the Fox Demon seeing how it was done. Troubling, but he didn't let it distract him too much. He kept his focus on the battle itself, on staying alive, correcting his reflexes there where they would've made a mistake. The Gnolls did much of the same, as did Yori Moonskar. Mehrune Sinn now understood why this being was called a god, though he had no intention of giving up or losing this fight.

Fire not being his natural element, the energy he needed for it only came slowly to him. Mehrune Sinn gritted his teeth as he bought himself more time to collect that energy. He blocked and dodged whatever he could, but still he had to take number of hits. No matter how tough he was, Mehrune Sinn was only going to win this fight if he could seriously injure his adversary with his next attack, otherwise the god could easily outpace him.

The Fox Demon fell back to give himself a breather, even though it was not guaranteed to work. Balthazar could simply move after him, or just switch to ranged attacks that he had already proven he was adept at. But no, the Demon god simply smiled and increased the intensity of his attacks against the Gnolls. Good.

Unexpectedly, it was Yori Moonskar who provided the perfect distraction for Mehrune Sinn to do what he needed to do. With massive shadow claws she attacked the Demon god from behind, cutting so ferociously through him that shadow rose as smoke from the wounds. That meant it was bloody time to finish this.

Dropping his swords, Mehrune Sinn dashed forward, teeth bared and aiming for the Demon god's throat. The timing was perfect: Balthazar was just turning toward his last attacker. The Fox Demon got halfway before his adversary even realised what was happening. Nevertheless, the Demon god managed to block his attack with a swipe and a snarl. It didn't matter, Mehrune Sinn merely altered his plan and instead of going for the throat, punched the biggest Orbis Ignium he could make into his adversary's mouth.

A loud, painful roar began, but it was cut off as the Demon god suddenly seemed to be pulled from behind and got dragged into the realm of shadows. Mehrune Sinn smashed his fist into the nearest Gnoll and cursed in turn. So much effort and nothing gained.

Tari and her Elven entourage sat around a table in the inn, which seemed to have emptied over the last day for no apparent reason. She found it somewhat disquieting that she didn't have any idea why this had happened. Hopefully it was just a coincidence, but if this Mehrune Sinn demon knew she was coming, maybe they had cleared out to avoid the fight.

"So, we're all clear on our roles?" Ruindel asked as if they had not gone over it three times before. He sipped the water in front of him, casting a worried look at the innkeeper. "Talariel?"

"I take out the upper roof guard." There were two major rooftops on the School that were patrolled, but the top one only ever had one guard on it. "And then I try to get as many of the others guards to follow me off the roof as I can."

Caranthir immediately took over from there. "At this point, the four of us get up to the roof through a useful Earth-boost provided by me, taking out any remaining guards. Once inside, we find a stairwell that leads to the basement. I stand guard at the top."

Turgon's specific part was small: "I guard the staircase on the ground floor, keeping out of sight so long as it's possible. In unseen, out unseen."

"And we go into the basement. Impossible to tell what we'll find, but we get the Elves out and leave, we can't save the others." That last bit still gnawed at Tari, but Ruindel had had a point: even if they could get them out of the School, it was impossible to get them all off the island. In any case, everyone knew the plan and their part within it. Now all they had left to do was wait until the sun began to set.

Aug 16, 12 at 11:48pm

I was under the deck when the ship suddenly lurched forward. I was astonished because I was under the impression that the damage would keep us here for at least a week. I peered out of a porthole to see we were being pulled by what seemed to be ghostly iceborn. Out of all my travels, I had never seen such a thing. I wonder how Seath achieved such a thing? Speaking of Seath... He reminded me of somebody I had tried traveling with, Xavan. He was a young dragonborn with silver scales and yellow eyes, and he could conjure black flame. We had many things in common: firey tempers, no idea where the hell we were going, and the fact that we had interests that most of society would think of as taboo. We often talked about seeing ourselves in a happy relationship with either a man or a woman, we saw love as love, nothing else. He also had this dream of going out and seeing the world, to look upon what the gods had given us.

I had meet him before I had left Batillus at an inn in a port town. We both noticed each other at a tavern and proceeded to talk with each other. I had found out that he had been kicked out of his home, which I would not find out until later, because his parents had caught him with a man. We had talked about it, and decided that we would travel together. It had been a couple months, but they had a drunken night of passion in an elven town. At that moment, they had tried to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, he was gone after we had camped outside one night. I never wanted to believe that he had left me, but what other explanation is there? There was no sign of a struggle, so he had to have just decided that he wanted to leave.

It's nothing against Seath, but I'm going to try and keep contact betwixt us to a minimum. That inquisitive look in his eye brings back too many many bittersweet memories. Then there's the fact that Iceborn can't handle high temperatures, and I run at 43°C. It's funny though, I myself am one generation away from having an Iceborn hatchling if the current trend in Iceborn birth is correct. My eyes are blue, meaning that I have the gene that produces our icy brethren. You would think this might spark some kinship between Seath and I. Alas, I am still Dragonborn, and thus, too dangerous to be too close to Seath. I felt bad about it, but it's all for the best. Fire and ice are not meant to be in contact. I noticed that he would get uncomfortable if I just stood next to him.

I took a deep breath and tried to banish my depressing thoughts from my head. I went back on deck to see that we were moving at a pretty good rate. We'd be in Tenebra in a day or two if what Ragnar said was true. I looked out to the sea to look at the sun beginning to fall; it was not yet sunset, but was beginning to near the time when dark and light mixed together in perfect harmony. I decided to turn in early, and began to advance toward my room when I heard somebody in the brig chanting.

"For those who lie in dust and clay," a male voice deeply reverberated, "heed my call, rise and obey. Those who once passed the mortal door, gather flesh and rise once more."

I ran quickly toward the door but there was a bright red light that had blinded me. When I looked inside, a man had collapsed, and he was encircled by the others. They were all whispering, but they soon stopped when one drow had announced that "the spell" had failed and had claimed the drow's life. I began to advance back to my room, paying no mind to what had just happened since the spell they spoke of had failed. As I laid my head upon my pillow and began to bundle up in the blankets, I began to hear voices call out to me softly. They were strange, the sound of them almost foreign to this world. Some of them spoke what seemed to be nonsense, others called my name, and one angrly screamed, "WHY DID YOU KILL ME!"

I rubbed my eyes and looked at myself with a small hand mirror that was laying around. My eyes were reddened, so I assumed I was just exhausted emotionally and physically from today's events. Part of me was skeptical though, the failed casting and the red light was very suspicious. I would probably ask the demon girl, Winnie I believe, about it tomorrow. If anybody would know anything about this, she would based on the whisperings about her I had heard from the crew.

Aug 4, 12 at 3:18am

“Ah, damn it…” Ragnar muttered, examining the wreckage of the Flying Maiden’s sails. They were, to say the least, absolutely demolished. The wood was split apart, and the sails themselves were torn beyond recognition.

The half-orc standing next to the dwarf, Brosk, nodded in reply. “Gambit tore the hell out of these things. I suppose if we put everyone on the job, we could have it fixed in… a week? Maybe two?”

“A week?” Ragnar said, “We can’t spend another day out here, Brosk. Sages have got to get to Tenebra as soon as possible, not to mention we ain’t got enough food to last us that much time.”

“Well unless one of these Sages knows some kind of sail-fixing magic, then that’s the best time we’ve got.”

Ragnar shook his head in anguish, just wishing he didn’t have to deal with this bullshit right now. “Oh, for… start getting the crew some tools.” He muttered, “We work around the clock, no stops, no distractions, no…”

“I believe I can help.”

Ragnar and Brosk turned their heads to see their new frosty fellow standing a few feet away from them. Ragnar grinned in delight and said, “Can you now, Seath? Old iceborn secret you got to show us?”

Seath approached them reaching into his satchel and pulling Arnin’s Compass from it.

“You could say that.”

Brosk looked at what he perceived was nothing but an icicle and said, “What is that supposed to do?” Ragnar nodded. “Have to agree with the first mate here, Seath. Don’t see how an icicle helps us.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll see.” Seath replied, “Now… our destination is the continent of Tenebra, correct?”

The dwarf and the half-orc both nodded.

Seath walked past the two of them and towards the bow of the ship, passing the wreckage and making his way to the very edge of the railing at the front. Ragnar and Brosk both followed behind him, wondering what he was up to. Seath stopped and took Arnin’s Compass in both his hands, sighing. “Hindir, please let this work.” He muttered. The iceborn then raised the artifact and promptly thrust it into the wood of the railing, leaving a bit of a crack in its wake.

Ragnar and Brosk both waited with somewhat eager anticipation. Seath gave them both a look before he turned to Arnin’s Compass and proudly spoke the magic words.

“To Tenebra.”

The artifact began to glow a faint, icy blue as a thin stream of light extended between it and the horizon beyond. It flashed, and the Flying Maidenwas met with a slight rocking sensation, as if pulled a few feet forward by some unknown force. And then it happened a second time. But after that, it was motionless. Seath had almost given up, thinking the ship was too big, but then…

Something appeared before the stream of light. An icy, ethereal figure. It was tall, prominent, and… iceborn. No one could make out the facial details, but Seath knew it right away. Still, he just had to ask.


At that moment, several more ethereal figures akin to the spectral form of Arnin the Traveler appeared behind him. They all proceeded to take hold of the stream of light coming from the artifact, as if it was a rope. And then came two words spoken from the icy apparition standing before them in a distorted, but… kind, voice.

“To. Tenebra.”

Arnin knelt down and grabbed the stream of light in his ghostly hands. All the iceborn ghosts behind him stood together in a perfect line. And in perfect unison, they all grasped the stream of light and gave it a mighty pull. And accompanying them was a third flash of light.

Seath, Ragnar, and Brosk all fell backward as the Flying Maidendarted forth like a bunch of startled horses running for the hills. The whole of the ship’s occupants must have felt the brunt of the tug. The trio had fallen right on their backs, having been sent practically flying from the force of the pull. Seath attempted to get up and shake his head, Brosk doing the same. As for Ragnar…

“Seath!” He yelled, placing his beefy hand in the icborn’s shoulder and smiling, “You brilliant, frosty bastard!”

The three of them slowly rose up and recollected their bearings, looking forth at Arnin’s Compass. The stream of light persisted, but the iceborn ghosts… they were gone. Still pulling the rope, but not for anyone to see.

“Hah!” Ragnar called out, “A pull like that’ll knock anyone right on their ass!” The dwarf raised his arms in joy and yelled more happy things, Brosk joining him. Seath merely stood and stared at Arnin’s Compass as it glowed brilliantly, pulling the Flying Maiden straight to its destination.

All those ghosts. Arnin himself. They were past travelers. And they had just stepped forth from the Ether to aid the crew in their dire time of need.

Seath gave a wry smile, nodding in approval. And along with that, he muttered, “Thank you.”

Jul 31, 12 at 3:07pm
Flame Phoenix

OCC: Kokushi game me permission to post on her behalf. Enjoy.

The Tree of Life

Keirana took a deep breath and asked Alicia.

“How is everyone else doing? I am sorry... I thought. I didn’t want them to hurt anyone else but me.”

“It’s ok, though I would like to tell you what you did was a bit stupid,” Alicia said with a small smile, though it was obvious something bothered her, “Anyway, how are you feeling?”

“I don’t know. I just know I feel different... Alicia are you okay?” Keirana asked looking at the expression on Alicia’s face.

“Ostel doesn’t listen and... well I ‘smelled’ him in that demon’s room on my way here,” she grumbled, “But this isn’t about that, I’m worried about you.”

Keirana gave Alicia a somber smile and took her hand squeezing it in a grateful way. “It kind of odd. I was just telling Thomas how I never felt normal, or that I would fit in anywhere. Especially now... But I have you all. So I am happy about that.”

“Well... I’m glad that you are happy,” she murmured, “I’m feeling strange myself but hey, we just got out of a rather large fight so that is normal wouldn’t you think?”

“Errrm Alicia... There is something I feel you should know.” Thomas spoke up finally.

“I can smell the difference,” Alicia said smoothly enough, “But I would like an explanation.”

“Well when she was out of it still. I held up a mirror to see if I can see her reflection. And I did, but something had caught my eye.” Keirana held up her left wrist and Alicia saw a raw looking scar on it. The shape looked like a tree of some sorts but down the very middle it was split into two.

“That woman might be a vampire but she doesn’t know how to curse. Ummm... Her curse didn’t actually work you see.”

Keirana looked down at the mark. “Damn that woman. She couldn’t even turn me into a human properly.” Tears started to stream slowly down Keirana’s cheeks and you could tell she was trying very hard to hold them in.

“Being a human isn’t all that great,” the shifter stated with a shrug, “Being a Dhampire isn’t all that bad either. Honestly there may be more issues with being stuck in between than with one or the other, but you should consider yourself lucky. You are still alive and had she turned you fully human the wound you had would have killed you.”

Keirana looked at Thomas and Alicia and smiled. Alicia was right. Keirana could of died just then, and she wasn’t even close to ready to die. Alicia managed to return the smile though it seemed a bit strained as her mind was elsewhere at the moment though she was there to make sure her friend was okay.

“You are a great friend Alicia I am very thankful to have found you.” Keirana said smiling, and now it seemed her purpose felt different and then she turned to Thomas. “Can you both do me a favor?”

“Does it involve kicking some ancient vampire ass because I have some pent up frustration that I would love to get rid of, may stop me from killing that blasted demon,” Alicia said.

Keirana expression change and she gave them both a mischievous smile, “dear Alicia you know me so well. I have a plan and it will be good.”

“Well then, let’s hear it.”

“You both have exceptional senses. So I need only this group who we travel with to keep a secret. Only them will know that I live. But everyone else... They will know I died. Especially Adonis and Vivienne.”

“I can easily agree to that, I’m not really one to go blabbing anyway.”

“They will be a much easier target. And their plans of evil will be thwarted being led by a mysterious person. Leading up to their manor being raided. And the two being slain.”

“But what if killing Vivienne resolves the issue with Adonis? Maybe with her being his creature that is why he is the way he is because he cannot resist her?”

“Adonis’s actions were only enhanced because of Vivienne. Also once we kill Vivienne, Adonis will want our blood. Because the bond between them is so strong. Killing her will only make him worse.” Keirana told Alicia
“I see. So we will have to be smart when devising this plan” Alicia told them.

“Adonis is no longer able to sense Keirana’s presence or anything. So they will think she is dead.” Thomas told them.

“So do you think we can do this?”

Alicia smiled at Keirana and said “I think we have two vampires to kill.”
Keirana then gave Thomas and Alicia another mischievous smile. “They won’t know what hit them.”

Jul 24, 12 at 9:49pm
Harvest Life

Midnight Story Telling

Winnie led Ostel down the hallways rather quickly. She was well aware that he might just kneel over any second. She could carry him, if she needed too. Dragging would work well, and it would be rather amusing. Just the image of Ostel's head lolling around like a child's doll made the demon want to laugh. However the image vanished when the Sage of Light stumbled into the wall. She sighed, thinking that she would have to carry him, when he grabbed her arm and pushed himself back on his feet. He leaned against her and the demon continued at the same pace they had been going at, only slightly bothered by the weight of the human. She opened the door and unceremoniously dropped the human on the floor.

"You can sleep in my bed, I'll sleep on the floor," she muttered, grabbing a spare pillow from her bed and throwing it on the floor. Ostel wasn't completely out of it since he seemed to wake up once his head hit the floor. "I'm not going to let you sleep on the floor. You sleep in your bed."

The demon bit her tongue, literally. "You are not sleeping on the floor!" The human shook his head, "You aren't either."

Winnie rolled her eyes, "Fine. I'll just have to make you then!" Ostel shot her a glare but tendrils of blackness wrapped around his stomach and lifted him off the floor. She noticed that he was covered in blood. He'd get it all over her bed. She shrugged then walked out the door, heading to the room across the hall. It was Ragnar's. She was pretty sure that the dwarf didn't trust her. But he had let her take Ostel, so she guess he'd come to have some faith in her. He wasn't there, but the basin of water he had was mostly full. It would do. She threw some cloths in the water for good measure.

Upon entering her room, she noticed that Ostel looked really tired. The strand of darkness dropped him and there was a soft thud as he hit the ground. He didn't really look up to moving, since he didn't even try to sit up. The Sage of Darkness sighed, gripping his wrist and pulling him across the floor to where she'd set the basin down.

"Were you always that strong?" she thought she heard him whisper into the floorboards. The demon pulled a cloth from the water, not even bothering to wring it out and washed off his hands. He still hadn't moved. A wisp of darkness gripped his hair so she could wipe his face off. His eyes were closed. She allowed herself a small smile before nothing that his clothes were covered in blood as well. She giggled like a child.

"Like it matters," she whispered to herself. "I've probably seen more naked men then any of the other women on this ship. Half of them are probably still maidens!"

She had the darkness work the clothes of the human. It was a good practice on control. It took more time then it would if she'd done it herself but she truly enjoyed using her magic. Winnie picked up his soiled shirt and leggings, folded them, and placed them in a corner. She was quite happy to see that he wore underclothes. She knew men who didn't. She washed his hair, wishing she had some of the soaps and products they sold on Tenebra. She couldn't wait to take a proper bath.

The darkness set Ostel down onto the bed and pulled the covers up to his chin. Winnie grabbed a pillow and lay down next to the door. She wasn't about to let anyone disturb Ostel. Just because there was a problem didn't mean that everyone had to go to him for help. One man can't handle everything by himself.

She punched her pillow violently before falling into a light sleep. When she felt a hand on her shoulder she flinched but didn't move, "Is it morning already?"

"No," the Sage of Light answered. "I think it's the middle of the night."

The demon sat up, glaring at him, even though she knew that he couldn't see it. She could see well in the dark, just as well as she did during the day, if not better. So she could tell that he was a little disoriented, since the room was pitch black.

"What the hell do you want! I was having this really nice dream about a knife and-" The human coughed and she stopped. He probably didn't want the detailed description of the man with the bleeding eyes.

"I can't let you sleep on the floor. Why don't you sleep on the top bunk?"

The demon rubbed her forehead, "You woke me up for that?! Go back to sleep, you moron."

She saw his eyebrows raise slightly, "Must you sleep on the floor?" She nodded, but then replied remembering that he couldn't see her. "I can't sleep on the top. It's covered in dirt and blood and who knows what else."

She could see Ostel's brow wrinkle at the thought but shook his head. "Fine. We'll just have to compromise then." She snorted, "Men know how to do that?!" She noticed his eye roll but chose to ignore it. "What's the plan?"

The Sage of Light didn't reply but grabbed her wrist and led her over to the bed. "The plan is, you're going to sleep here. I will sleep on the floor."

The demon sighed as Ostel took a step towards the door. She lunged forward, wrapping a vine of darkness around his throat. The human was thrown against the wall, landing behind her. "I think I'm awake now," he grumbled while rubbing his head.

The demon ignored him and curled under the blankets, "Just go to sleep." There was some rustling as Ostel tried to make himself comfortable without touching Winnie.

"Could I ask you a personal question? You won't try and kill me?" He asked politely. Winnie smirked into her pillow, "Yes, I've slept with men before, do you like sweet innocent girls more?"

"Pervert," he accused, causing her to laugh. "That wasn't the question, though. I wanted to know if you had any family." Winnie thought about ignoring him, but figured that she might as well answer the question, then he'd probably let her go to sleep. "I killed my parents when I was fifty something years old. I would be a teenager in human years, I would assume. From there I decided that I wouldn't use anything that went to me from my family. I wouldn't use their money or live in the house that used to be theirs. So I spent a year hopping from house to house. Killing people during the day and I-"

She rolled onto her side so she could see his reaction. "During the night I sold myself... I got at least enough for a month with the first one. It turns out that you get a lot of money for the first time. Anyway, my uncle was the one who tracked me down. Fane, my uncle, is kind for a demon. He has his sadist moments but he's usually very mellow and happy. He married a woman named Cynthia from the house of Galeway."

Ostel held up a hand, "Galeway is a noble house on Lucnera."

Winnie nodded, "Lady Cynthia Lamia is a human. She somehow survived childbirth. Demon children eat their way though the womb, you know. It's utterly disgusting. So Uncle Fane, Lady Cynthia, and Cerys are the only members of my family that I trust. Our whole family's filled with powerful mages. If you ever meet Fane, he'll tell you why. He enjoys it more then anyone else does." She paused, watching Ostel's carefully composed face. "Did that answer your question?"

The human nodded and curled up to go back to sleep. But Winnie left something out that she felt she had to tell him. He knew almost everything else anyway. "I'm infertile," she blurted, watching as he spun around to face her. "Did those men hurt you?"

"Honestly, the ones who paid a lot also paid for silence. But that's not
the reason. I was born without the ability to have children. It's a part of that family story that Uncle Fane likes telling so much."

Ostel still had a frown on his face but he knew better then to say anything. He turned away, pulling the blanket around him. "I'm glad you shared that with me," he told the wall.

"Liar," she accused for the second time that day but the human was already asleep. The Sage of Darkness tried to smile but knew that, even with Ostel beside her, her dreams would contort into nightmares of her past. She just hoped she didn't try to kill him or worse, start crying. Thankfully, for the human at least, the latter was the only occurrence.

Jul 21, 12 at 1:59pm
Kushluk Shimazu

The Weary find Rest in the Long Night


OOC: Alright I already had this written up before, so I want to do something with this. This happens Before Keirana Awakens while Alicia is treating Ostel’s wounds.


For how long the procedure lasted, the Sage of Light knew not. Ostel tried to keep a brave face as Alicia slowly sapped the poison from his wound, but the painful extraction was too much even for him to bear. After what seemed like an agonizing process he finally let himself fall onto the bed, trying to catch his breath and sweating profusely.

His shifter companion then delicately gave his wound a clean white linen bandage around his waist “If you would like, I will lay with you as you rest,” She said with a hint of nervousness in her tone.

Once he caught his breath Ostel admitted, “I would like that a lot actually.” He said turning his gaze and looking upon Alicia with a smile on his face. Returning the smile Alicia shifted herself where his head rested on her lap, with her slim fingers running through his short dark hair as she gently rubbed his scalp.

The Sapientis lux knew he wanted to stay, more than anything else he was weary, tired, and drained from the encounter with the Gambit. He lowed himself a few brief seconds of the relaxing massage from his newfound lover, but he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth knowing he could not sit idly by while he knew he could save lives.

He took a deep breath and then admitted aloud, “You are so going to hate me Alicia.” The rubbing hands on his head stopped when he said that. He then turned on his side and faced the Sapientis Ventus, whose emerald eyes had a look of disappointment that made his stomach churn/

Alcia looked at the slumbering Keirana, “You are stubborn you know that?” She said while looking away from him.

Slowly Ostel got to his feet, adjusted the bandage, and slung his sack over his shoulder. He answered with a shrug, “I guess you could say I’m a bit dwarven in that mindset.”

Alicia then shoot him a glare, “You’re a bit of a dolt to me … fine.” She said easing herself off the bed, “I’m coming with you then, but if I see you are overexerting yourself I’ll drag you back here.” She said crossing her arms.

The human gave a small smile, “No, not this time Alicia. Someone other than Thomas has to stay and tend to Keirana. If the drow should get loose I will feel better knowing you were safe here.” He said knowing she was going to fight him on this.

Taking a moment to look at Keirana, Alicia gave him a glare and said sternly, “I want to stay with ..” She never got to finish as Ostel embraced her in his arms. The Shifter was surprised, but then closed her eyes and let herself be supported by his strong arms. After a moment in the embrace Ostel slowly withdrew and picked up her chin with his hooked pointing finger. He smiled and said softly, “I’ll be fine, Keirana will need you here.”

Alicia took a deep breath through her nose, looked at her friend on his bed, and then nodded, “Alright, I’ll stay. Just please, don’t harm yourself to save others. You are precious to the group, and to me.” She said before planting a kiss on his red stained cheek.

With a bow of his head Ostel gathered his supplies and departed his room. He adjusted his supplies and proceeded to the center of the ship. He shuddered a bit as he could hear the groans and the wailing of the injured that could be heard even through the creaking of the ship.


Summer awoke finally, her violet eyes easing open to the wooden ceiling of a ship. Her sense returned to her slowly, she didn’t feel any pain, the familiar creaking of the Flying Maiden eased her mind as to where she was, and she was alone … wherever she was.

The blonde-haired elf then shifted to see if was indeed, fine and was grateful that nothing seemed broken. Her memory of what happened on the deck though still was fresh in her mind, and the darkness taking her afterwards. How she ended up back her was still in question, but she smiled seeing that the room was Ezra’s and that the Sage of Water was sleeping soundly in the bed beside her.

The elf could already guess what had occurred, she had fallen over the edge with the drow that held her hostage, and Ezra jumped into the waters to save her. Summer had surprised herself in her striking out at the drow who held her captive, but yet looking back on it now she felt … oddly satisfied with her actions.

The elf slave lashed out not just at the drow but also at the memory of Fredrick and what he did to her. Whereas before she felt ashamed for her actions she now felt vindicated. It was as if a hidden strength from deep within her being cried out to strike back, or at least do something, and she finally heard it’s call and did so. That gave Summer a bit of comfort that she did not have. With that in mind she then turned her gaze to the slumbering beauty beside her.

The elf smiled as she looked down on the slumbering Nypmh, and risked running her slim fingers through the lovely jet black locks of her savior. Ezra was lovely to look at, and Summer was glad that the Sage felt the need to protect her. Summer just sat on the edge of the bed, feeling content in the fact that she was safer with the Sage of Water … maybe more than she was with Ostel.

And then she remembered Ezra fuming about how her and Ostel argued. That brought a sad twinge of hurt to Summer, and she sat her back against the frame of the ship in thought, her gaze falling to her folded hands on her lap.

Unlike his brother Fredrick, Ostel had never laid a hand on her, though as a slave she was bound to his will and indeed his life. He even he tried to free her at one point, only now he claims she would not survive leaving his side. But then there’s Ezra … could she be safe with the nymph for the rest of her life?

No … Though she believed that Ostel would never tell anyone that she left his side, word would get back home eventually somehow she was gone. And then her family and friends would suffer for her freedom. And Ostel was right in that she wouldn’t survive very long, she was too afraid of so many things and could not even fight to defend herself. The first person to take advantage of her naivety would have her with little effort.

The elf hung her head in doubt, so much had happened since arriving at the human fortress back in Lucerna. She missed her home, playing with her younger siblings and exploring the little woods and streams near their enclave. She missed the wind blowing through her hair and cooling her skin as she ran, and the happiness of being with her family. She smiled remembering that despite being slaves serving their human overlords, they had their own way of making their home filled with love and peace.


Summer took a deep breath to calm herself. The elf realized that though she wished that she were back home, sitting here wishing it was not going to make it so. Instead the memory only stung her heart, and she did not wish to think of it any more. Hoping to focus on something else, Summer quietly eased herself from the bed. She didn’t wish to wake Ezra just yet, nor did she wish to talk about her thoughts, troubled as they were.

Ezra had apparently took her wet clothes to dry as she had naught but her bare skin when she left the blue silk blanket. Summer felt sluggish and a bit cold, more than likely a result from her plunge into the sea. As she tried to get her blood running through her body by walking around she then noticed there was another in the room with her and Ezra.

Snow, Ostel’s wolf companion, whimpered softly seeing Summer awake. Summer always liked the four legged beast, it was always kind to her as well. She gently kneel down and petted Snow’s white mane, to which Snow’s tail wagged happily at the attention. In time the cold got to Summer and she decided to get back into bed, resting her troubled mind, as Snow rested himself at the foot of Ezra’s bed.

In a way Snow reminded Summer of his human counterpart, seemingly always there to help, never asking for anything in return. She knew eventually she would have to tell Ezra that the Sage of Light was an exception to his ilk. However the elf didn’t like the thought of telling Ezra at the moment, besides when the morning came there would be time for that later.

So Summer merely snuggled into Ezra’s form, glad to have some warmth to ward off the chilly night air.


OOC: Now it’s Ostel in the current time frame.


Ostel had to stand up and turn his back as the Sage of Darkness had to take another fading life from this world. Though he knew it was necessary, the sight was something that he couldn’t bear to watch. Ostel knew this would be hard for him, the Sage of Light was never truly trained to be a healer. Sure he knew the spells but he was trained to be a warrior, to fight his opponents till death took him. Only this time death was claiming others that he couldn’t help with his sword arm.

Seath and Alphonse had long ago stopped bringing the injured in and they as well were aiding in what ways they could. However only he could mend the broken bones and stop the internal bleeding, whereas his companions could only bandage the surface wounds or ease their passing. The human Sage would have given anything to be somewhere else, but as much as he wanted to leave Ostel knew he would not be able to forgive himself if he did. So he pressed his gut feelings down, and forced himself to march on.

Taking a moment to look himself over the human let out a grunt of disgust seeing the splattered blood that dotted and splotched his green undershirt, tan leggings, and his hair and face. His hands hand probably been in more places and people than he cared to remember …

Ostel shook his head to clear his mind and looked back at the scene before him, more than forty crew members of the Flying Maiden had entered the cargo bay, but only twenty five of them seemed to have a chance of leaving alive. Though he hated what Winifred was doing, it made sense that if a sailor was beyond saving then it was best to shorten their pain as best as they could.

The worst was over, a few more would die but things where at least quieting down compared to a few hours ago. Now they had to tend to the injured and keep watch on them, with the thought alone wearing Ostel. But his weariness was soon distracted as his attention, as well as everyone else's was focused on some new figures that entered the cargo bay

It was the elvish slaves from the Gambit that had been liberated, lead by the elf Vyl and Ragnar. They stopped in front of Seath, Alphonse, and Winifred, making Ostel realize that Seath was the Gentleman Popsicle that Vyl was referring to. The thought alone made Ostel chuckle unexpectedly, as image of Seath in a noble’s garb was interesting to say the least.

Then Seath pointed in his direction and Ragnar, Vyl, Seath, and Winifred made their way to him. Ostel then collected himself mentally and stood up to the assembled group as he was in his own little corner of the bay.

Ostel wiped his reddened hands on a used cloth beside him as he asked to the four, “Is everything alright?”

Ragnar nodded and answered, “Everything’s well in hand Ostel. A lot of the lads owe their lives to your efforts. You did well here kiddo.” He said slugging his thankfully unarmored hand into Ostel’s side. The human gritted his teeth, in his tired state that hurt more than it should have, but he nonetheless allowed a small smile.

However his gaze fell to the bodies against the wall that were covered, “Not all of them …” Ostel admitted wearily.

Seath sensing his companion’s pain simply said in his deep but kind voice, “You did all you could, and they will remember that, as will we.” Winifred came forward and with one finger pushed Ostel unexpectedly. He tried to maintain his balance, but Ostel clearly struggled to even hold his ground from just the one touch from Winnie. He took a step back to balance himself and then gave a questioning gaze.

Only Winnie put one hand on her hip and shook her red manned head, “I told you dwarf, he won’t be able to stand much longer.” Before Ostel could ask his mentor then spoke, “I hate to agree with the demon, but she has a point lad. You ain’t going to be much use to anyone in your state.” Ragnar said while crossing his arms.

The Sage of Light then shook his head, “Someone has to care for the injured. I can’t go yet.” He said hearing the awful moan of one of the causalities.

Vyl then spoke up, “You helped free us from the Gambit. Let us help your injured. My people have some skill in medicine. Not as refined as yours of course Milord Sage, but you appear to have dealt with the worst of it. So let us aid you in this small matter.” The elf said with respect.

Ostel then laughed a bit, “You think the lads will let elves work on them? Humans?” His dwarven mentor then chuckled, “They will if their captain tells them to.” When Ostel gave a perplexed look Ragnar Ironside shook his head, “I’ll tell you later, for now get your arse outta this bay.”

Then Winifred came forward and gently yet firmly grabbed his hand, “Come on, don’t fight us on this one.” Ostel didn’t move for a moment, but then he finally surrendered and let Winnie led him.

His mind became clouded by everything, and Ostel didn’t know where his fellow Sage was taking him, but frankly he didn’t care. He was just glad to be away from the injured, and as the distance between them and the cargo bay grew he felt better with every step. Never before had Ostel willingly surrendered his fate to another, but he let the Sage of Darkness do just that as he was simply too drained and tired to think of anything else.

Jul 21, 12 at 1:09am

The cargo bay was full of treatable wounded. Drow prisoners had been taken to the brig. Supplies had been looted, and it looked like things were clearing up fast. Thus, Seath had been given the chance to cease his duties for a moment. At the bequest of one of the uninjured crewmen, the iceborn had been shown to the crew quarters. There were many beds, all of them layered. One on top of the other. Conserving space, Seath guessed.

Back on Isalis, what counted for a bed was nothing but a stone slab.

Seath took a seat on one of the beds, remembering the same cushiony feel from back in Tellus. His mind drifted back to Inali and Tonnev. Seath had no idea how they reacted to his disappearance, though he was glad knowing the drow left them alone, uninterested. He’d have to make it a point to contact them again, let them both know he’s all right.

Seath set his satchel aside. He paused for a moment, sighing. Then he reached inside and took the journal, holding it in his hands.

Hundreds of iceborn have written their stories, experiences, and opinions in this book. It was about time for a new entry. Two hundred years was long enough a gap.

My name is Seath.

It has been over two hundred years since one of my kin has left Isalis to travel the continents of Divus. And I’m not sure what they discovered, but things here are nothing like I expected. Mere days and I have already traversed the lush forests of Tellus, met some of the elf inhabitants, and was then torn away from them by drow slavers. And not too long after my capture was I rescued by a band of various individuals whom I’ve now come to learn are the six Sages. There had been stories of the old legends shared throughout my time, but I never imagined I would meet their latest incarnations myself. It never even crossed my mind. But I guess what our deceased elder Orthis told me is now starting to make sense.

He told me Hindir shared with him visions of six prominent figures standing against an ancient evil. And he was never wrong about anything before, so I guess these people are destined to fight an evil force from long ago. And evidently, I’ve joined them along for the ride.

I can’t decide whether this is a glorious opportunity or horrible mistake. Nevertheless, I plan on aiding these people as best I can. Perhaps this will be my chance to learn of the continents and what has happened to them as of the last two centuries.

I suppose I can confide within this journal my current opinions of these people.

Ostel Von Grimward (Kushluk Shimazu). The Sage of Light. I would call this human a warrior, but that would be a major understatement. His draw of power is astonishing. And his bravery is something to be commended. He was quite civil when he assisted me in my confrontation with Zondovon, the drow who captured me. I can’t expect anything but the best from him. And I’m certain he’ll make quite the leader in the long run. He’s already appeared to assume that role.

Alicia Nightwing (Kokushi) is the Sage of Wind. As a shifter, she surprised me with her innate ability to change forms. She’s unquestionably fierce. And I can see she cares a good deal about her companions, especially Ostel. The scents when they’re together make it quite clear how they feel about each other. I shutter a bit at the thought of Alicia’s maximum shifting potential, though. I might inquire about it later, if she would allow.

Winifred Lamia (Harvest Life). A demon, and the Sage of Darkness. I was treated to a full display of her capabilities during the battle, and I can firmly admit they’re quite frightening. An army of shaded figures that tore through the drow. And that scythe of hers was unnerving to behold. I would make it a goal to simply ask her some questions regarding demons in general, but I fear too much for my own safety, so I will leave it for a later day.

Ezra Wiloski (sakura nymph), the nymph, is the Sage of Water. I couldn’t comprehend much about her. She seems much too preoccupied with tending to the elf girl. Much the same as Ostel and Alicia, I can smell something between those two as well. It’s not as prevalent, though. Seeing as she holds power over water, and water is simply melted ice, I wonder how strong she is in that latter regard. Yes, she’s no doubt powerful, but I don’t think it would do any harm if I shared with her a few old iceborn techniques.

Alphonse Ofen (00100100). Dragonborn. Sage of Fire. As should be expected, fire and ice do not go well together. And Alphonse gives off a great deal of heat. Standing near him makes my scales itch, but that is not because of any ill regards. It’s simply his aura overcoming mine. I have no desire to impose on him, but keeping my distance might produce the same reaction, so I just hope he figures it out before I have to politely inform him.

That’s all the Sages on this ship, from what they tell me. But there are supposed to be six. That elf girl, though. Summer, as Ostel mentioned. She possesses a very similar smell to the Sages, but she’s not displayed any power whatsoever. I’m not sure what it means, but perhaps we will all find out as time goes on.

There are others accompanying the Sages. The short, bearded fellow named Ragnar Ironside is a stellar example. A dwarf, I believe. I can very easily sense that he and Ostel share an immense compassion for each other. A mentor and student sort of deal. Almost like Orthis and myself. I’m still sad he’s gone. But it was Hindir’s will, and his own desire, so I will not make any objections.

Keirana Desmond (Flame Phoenix), the vampire. It would seem as though she’s gone through a rather unnerving event involving another vampire who, fortunately, is no longer in our company. Her aura has changed drastically between the few moments I stood near her, so there’s not much I can defer as of now. Conflicted emotions and unnerving circumstances, really.

Along with Alica, there are three other shifters aboard this ship. Chogan Gale (ssbm freak), and two others (GreatPhoenix) whose names escape me at the moment. I’m not certain what their business is here, but I’m in no place to judge goals. That’s mainly because I don’t know theirs yet.

That’s the sum of the people here. A good deal of variety, I suppose. I’d say these were avid perceptions on my part, but there’s still much I don’t know. Hopefully that will change. I certainly want to feel welcome here, and I have no desire to forcefully intrude upon anyone’s business. If they ask me to leave for any reason, I will. If not, then I would cherish the opportunity to see where the timeless horizon will take us all. At least until I am called back to Isalis, but I believe that won’t be for some time.

That raises our current predicament, however. The ship is damaged. The sails are almost beyond repair, so we could be stuck out here for quite some time. But the thought has crossed my mind of using Arnin’s Compass to pull us to Tenebra. I know this isn’t a ship made of ice, but it’s worth a shot. And if it does work, it’ll definitely be the fastest and easiest solution. There’s still some work to do, so we’re postponing the attempt until later.

Perhaps this is an appropriate time to cease writing. I’ve already taken up several pages. I should leave some room for later, when there is more to write about.

I just hope Arnin’s Compass can get us to Tenebra. Otherwise all there won’t be anything to write about for a while.

Seath nodded, setting the pen and ink he’d borrowed from the nearby nightstand aside. Useful tools. The stack of paper next to them gave away their purpose.

Seath closed the journal and placed it back within his satchel. Hauling it over his shoulder, he stood up to exit the crew quarters and resume his duties.

Two centuries between journal entries was one thing.

Ten minutes between chores was another.

Jul 21, 12 at 12:13am

Even though the Gambit had sunk the crew was still busy stowing the scavenged goods. If the barrels of ale and gunpowder were nearly empty they were swapped, if they had just been opened they were topped off then sealed, and what little cargo space they had left was used to hold what ever valuables it could hold. While the sailors worked hard handling temporary repairs, Aeros now watched them from the crow's nest. The watchman who he was currently accompanying was mildly annoyed at first but quickly went back to practicing knot tying. With the lookout no longer fussing over his presence, Aeros returned to watching the crew below while reviewing his time thus far on the sea. Since being a passenger on a ship was new to him he had found himself finally getting used to it.

That was despite the fact that his first hours on a boat, scouring the barely afloat Gambits' lower decks, were probably the most uncomfortable moments for quiet some time. The minor ambush from the last able bodied sailors of the Gambit certainly didn't help. Being involved in a fight in a cramped and dark place was very far from his comfort zone. Despite this the ambush failed miserably the first attacker had suffered several broken ribs and the others were quickly subdued after the initial confusion. They were all then taken back to the Flying Maiden.

The prisoners still waiting to be taken below to the brig had been forced to sit on there knees with their shackled hands on their heads. One in particular was being difficult, continuously fussing with the shackles. When one of the guards moved to correct the situation the prisoner checked him and then attempted to throw him over board. Hopping out of the crow's nest Aeros landed on the prisoner using his sword sheath to pin them to deck. "A move like that won't do you any good out here." He looked the prisoner over more now that he had gotten closer. He hadn't noticed before thanks to the dim lamp light but the prisoner was female. "Scirocco, I want you to escort this prisoner. I'm going to get some rest." His cousin looked at him with an look of exasperation and took over guarding the female prisoner. As he went below deck Aeros had someone he wanted to talk to.

Jul 17, 12 at 10:54pm
Harvest Life

A Little Depressing Melody
Kiss of Death

Lamia in her native language meant "witch". Bringer of darkness, slaughter, and death. Winnie had always found it a little ironic. But now, seeing the Drow bodies topple over into the sea she thought that her name was quite fitting. She must have killed quite a few of the Drow there were lying dead on the Gambit. Honestly, even though she felt pride welling within her at her accomplishment, she could tell that others hated looking at the ship.

Well, she certainly wasn't going to deal with it.

"I want to go home," she muttered to herself, staring at the smoking wreck that was the Gambit. Or what was left of it. She stood up slowly, holding on to the railing behind her for support. She glanced behind her at the setting sun and watched it sink below the horizon. The ocean appeared to have swallowed up the whole ball of flame that danced in the sky.

She would wait awhile before going down below, just until the world was covered in darkness. Besides, after the events of today there was much to think about. She could see from the way the others fought that they had been chosen as Sages due to magical power, not fighting techniques. The only one with even a hint of skill would be Ostel, Ostel the human. If her Uncle Fane ever found out about what she really thought of him...

Hell, what could Fane say? He's the one who married the human girl and had children with her. Aunt Cynthia was probably as human as it got. Why her uncle would choose her? Cynthia was pretty and intelligent. Just a little crazy. The woman simply made life interesting and unpredictable. She wasn't someone to worry about and she helped take your mind off the fact that at any second some demons from a rival family could break in and slaughter you all...

The demon sighed, she hated homesickness. She couldn't wait to get back to Tenebra. She missed the night sky that lasted for longer than the day. The murky oceans. The street fights. Even the gloomy creepy forests where beauty could be found in the darkest places.

She wished that the crew would suck it up and move on. She wanted to get back home as soon as possible. But no. Humans have to grieve first. The dead guys don't care, they're dead! There were funerals where a whole bunch of people got together and cried. It was shameful. Just throw the lifeless husks in the ocean and be done with it. But no, why would we do a sensible thing like that? She just didn't understand it.

The demon pushed herself from the railing and glanced at the moonless sky. A storm was coming. With one last look at the bloodied deck, she turned away and went down the stairs. She didn't hurry but forced all thoughts from her mind. She would simply have to sit idle and do nothing.

When Winnie made it to her room, she immediately threw off her cumbersome armor before she removed her bloodstained tunic and leggings, leaving her in a loincloth. The water basin that had been delivered to her that morning still had a large amount of water which she used to wipe the blood off her skin. Most of it wasn't hers.

The wounds that she did possess were minor and didn't need bandaging. The demon was glad, bandages chafed the skin. The sage grabbed her folded black dress she'd worn onto the ship and slipped it on. The light material was nice after the heavy armor. She knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep. An idea came to her mind and before she knew it, she was headed towards the cargo hold. When she reached it, she knocked on the closed door gently.

"Who is it?" a muffled voice asked.


After a pause, the door was opened by a man with an armful of cloth bandages. She glanced around the crewman's shoulder and saw Ostel with his hands pressed against a man's side. Even from the other side of the room, she could see that it was hopeless. She pushed past the man and walked through the rows of the dead and dying. The room was dim and the moans of the injured reverberated through the room. The smell was indescribable.

"Ostel," she whispered, lying a hand on his shoulder gently. He was so absorbed in his work that he didn't notice. "Ostel!" She said a little more forcefully. She hissed a profanity in her native tongue and pulled him away from the man. Ostel protested but when she told him to check his pulse, the human rolled back onto the balls of his feet.

"He's gone... How did you know?"

The demon shook her head and watched as Ostel closed the man's eyes.

"Did you separate the hopeless cases from the others?" She asked, looking at the hidden pain in his eyes. She knew the answer before he confirmed it.

"Alright, I'll get started then," Winnie said turning around.

"Wait, how can you help? You can't heal."

The demon turned to face the human and she nodded. "I may not be able to heal but I can kill."

Ostel looked confused for a moment, but he then dipped his head in assent. Winnie walked over to the area where Ostel had put the horribly injured. A man who's leg had been severed by a cannon smiled at her.

"So, death has finally come to take me?" he rasped. He had to speak around the blood that was clogging his throat. The woman knelt next to the dying man and gripped his hand. "It will not hurt, I promise you that." The man nodded and felt ice cold lips press against his forehead. He died instantly. She sat there for a moment before kneeling next to a man who's eyes had been gouged out and his chest slit.

"I can hear you," he said, his voice barely audible. "Your suffering is over," she muttered before kissing his forehead. She sat back and watched his eyes close. Her entire body felt numb and cold but the men looked so... relieved. The next man was in hysterics. He was young, maybe he wasn't even finished with puberty.

"I don't wanna die!" the boy screamed, tears streaming down his face. "Is there anything I can do to ease your passing?"

The boy tried to nod, but his neck was so badly broken and the bandages around his head were soaked in his blood. "Sing? My mother used to sing me to s-sleep." The boy choked on his words and started to sob quietly. Winnie smiled at the boy and touched his cheek, "Of course." The boys eyes lit up and he smiled back weakly. The song she sang was in her native language and it told the story of a man who went out to sea but never went back to his family. As she sung quietly to the boy, she kissed his cheek. The boy's eyes closed and he died with a smile on his face. The man she visited next was bleeding freely, not bandaged at all. "That song... is pretty..." he wheezed as he shut his eyes and left Divus without any aid.

Death saw to many. She was welcomed and met with respect bordering on reverence. The men smiled at her and accepted her help. They fell into the darkness, cold, unforgiving, peaceful.

The last man she saw to was already smiling. He lifted his maimed hand an stroked her cheek with his calloused fingertips. She kissed his bloodied lips and his hand dropped from her face. The demon stayed there for a moment, fighting back emotion. It was disgraceful to cry.

Winnie straightened and glanced at the humans healing their fallen crewmates. She found Ostel and told him, "I am staying."

The man Ostel was working on chuckled, "You'd better listen to her lad, else she might kiss you!" He kept laughing even as the pain of healing ran though his damaged limbs.

"I can't tell you what to do, Winnie. You wouldn't listen even if I tried," he said wearily. She asked the injured man about his travels and he told her stories as Ostel healed him. She helped Ostel bandage the sailors with less major injuries.

"This causes you pain," she told him while wrapping up the arm of an unconscious man. Ostel said nothing. "I don't blame you. You pour your pain into healing others. Your anger into your sword. Your hope is felt by all. You are a very good person, you know."

The human sighed, "You think too highly of me." Winnie shook her head, but choose not the reply. As the pair continued to work, and along with the help of some other crewmen the workload slowly decreased. The demon had to kill two more men as they were too far gone. Ostel, of course, was going to try to heal them anyway, but she wasn't going to let him to that to himself.

"Don't overdo it," she told him, noticing his somewhat labored breathing.

"At least I don't look like I'm going to pass out," he retorted. The demon shot him a playful smile, "You'd enjoy that? Wouldn't you?" Ostel glanced at her in shock, "What exactly are you implying?!" Winnie snorted and started laughing. For a short moment, she felt something she hadn't felt in a long time: happiness.

Jul 16, 12 at 6:28pm
Flame Phoenix


What Should Be Lost Is There

“Hahaha!” echoed through Keirana’s mind.

The vision of Vivienne and Adonis clouded her mind. Their bodies entwined together, Adonis’s look of hatred upon Keirana, the stab in the back. Keirana fighting Vivienne. Jamming her fist into the vampire’s face, dragging her around by her hair, slamming her head into the pole. Then the mental image of Vivienne shooting her.

But then the scene changed. Keirana could see her parents. They were still alive. Back at castle Desmond it was nighttime. There were was a festivity of some sort happening. Keirana peered closer in. It was a ball. Keirana saw her human form standing with her parents. The glow on her face and bright smile. She could see how happy she was. A man in a mask then approached her and asked her to dance. She had bowed to him and they went off to the floor. The nobles that were there stopped. They lined up to look at the young maiden and the one that escorted her on the dance floor.

The people were smiling upon them. Keirana and the mysterious man knew each other. It was a familiar cold feeling she felt. The touch of his hands were cold, his presence felt overbearing. Keirana was looking in the crowd of people for her parents. The man had grabbed her attention though before she could see them.

“You’re parents look so happy… Too bad that won’t last for long. You should say goodbye while you still can…” The man’s voice told her.

The dance ended. Keirana turned around into the crowd and searched desperately for her mother and father. She saw Cyrus enter in from a far. His expression was cold, unforgiving, and greedy. He marched onto the dance floor. Keirana then turned and heard a couple laughing gleefully.

She stopped and turned around and saw her parents. They were together dancing. They were the perfect match. Her father holding her mother in his strong and caring arms. They were truly happy, as they lived happily together. They were smiling at each other laughing and talking sweetly.

“Mom… Dad…” Keirana whispered to herself.

The aching feeling she now felt. How she wanted her parents to live forever. For that moment to freeze and be captured. That way she would not have to live alone in life. The despair she felt at losing them.
“I could free you from this life. It’s so… Unbearable, and will be tragic once you are alone.” His soft soothing voice whispered into her ear.

He was behind her this time. As they both watched her parents. All of a sudden the scene changed. Keirana, her parents, and the man were in a cold room. The walls were grey and the room was empty besides them.
Her parents still danced, but Keirana started to run forward to them.

“Mom! Dad!” She yelled out, trying to get their attention. They stopped and looked at her. They smiled at their daughter.

“Keirana... I love you…” Her father whispered.

“I am so proud of you” her mother said.

Keirana stopped and smiled. “I need you.” She said, tears streaming down her face. Her parents still smiling, but then something came up from behind. Their expressions changed. They were scared and they had this desperate yearning look. Two swords were pushed through their stomachs. Blood started to pour out vastly.

“No!” Keirana screamed.

Their bodies fell together to the floor, and Keirana ran forward to them. Crying over their bodies. A hooded figure stood before.

“Why?! You! I’ll kill you!” she yelled at the faceless man. The man stepped closer and took off his hood. Her older brother Cyrus stood above them and started cackling in an evil manor.

“Cyrus… You killed-“ Keirana started to say. But then the masked man was kneeled down by her side.
“Don’t worry Keirana…” He started to say. The man’s fangs came out.

“Death is just a feeling...”


Keirana’s eyes darted open, and she stood up straight in bed. Sweat laced her body. She then clenched her teeth together.

“I must kill them.” Keirana said thinking of Vivienne and Adonis. Keirana looked at Thomas who was sitting beside her. Thomas saw the expression on Keirana’s face. It looked vengeful.

She felt a tingling sensation on her left wrist, she looked down.

“What happened?” She asked obliviously.

“You don’t remember? Well… Adonis he….” Thomas started to say.

No. I remember that. I am talking about this!” Keirana said raising her wrist to show Thomas.

Thomas gave Keirana a comforting smile. “Vivienne tried to curse you. Making you human again as you know…. But. Well the stupid woman’s curse failed. Oh Keirana… She cursed you into a Dhampir!” Thomas told Keirana incredulously.

“Are you sure?” Keirana said not believing what her friend had said.

“I am 100% sure. When you were passed out I had put the mirror up to you. And lo and behold I saw your reflection. But then… I had seen the marking on your wrist and I knew what the extent of that curse was.”
“Hmmm…” Keirana said thinking.

“Keirana. I must tell you so you’ll know. About Dhampirs.”

“No I know, I know. No fangs, tanning, glamorizing, not as powerful, can’t suck blood, attracted to silver-“

“Be careful when you eat…” Thomas said finishing her sentence.

“…Why is that…” Keirana said cautiously.

“Well if you even get the slightest hint of bad food. You’ll get insanely sick from it.”

“No offense but it seems that this is worse… I mean I feel like now I am stuck in between two races. I… I was happy at the thought of being human again to be perfectly honest. Then I would feel normal again actually. Not some freak. That people don’t trust, run from, and who can’t fit into society properly.”

Thomas looked at his friend who hopeful eyes.

“Keirana you have always fitted in anywhere you went. And don’t be too down about what you feel now. Because think about the things you loved in your human life, that you can have again. Although, I would be careful for a while so you can adjust. But you also know that you will be an easier target to kill than you were in your vampire life.”

Thomas then handed Keirana a hand mirror and she grasped it cautiously. Wondering what other results the curse gave her. Vampires did not have any reflection, so they could not look into a mirror. Looking through the mirror her gaze was fixed on herself. Not having seen herself in so long. It felt as if she was looking at a stranger. She smiled weakly at the reflection but she looked at the scar on her check from where Vivienne scratched her up. Her stomach started to turn and she felt uneasy.

Her emotions seemed to feel worse now than from when she was a vampire. Keirana’s heart began to ache and she felt lost inside. Wondering what was going to happen next. She felt like an abandoned child. Thomas studied her expression very closely; she then merely looked at him and gave him a somber look.

Keirana then heard a knock at the door and she turned her head to look that way. “Come in!” Thomas said.

“How is she-“the familiar voice of Alicia sounded through Keirana’s ears. Keirana looked at her friend.

“Keirana you’re awake!” Alicia said smiling at her and immediately walked over to Keirana, sitting next to her on the bed and hugged her.

“Alicia…” Keirana said softly.

“How are you doing?”

Keirana gave her a silent look as if she was about to tell Alicia how she really felt. But she then did not want to worry anyone else.

She then tried to look happy and said “I feel different.”

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