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May 15, 12 at 8:57amThe Stinger

Here we are again, about a month and a half before the release of another Spider-Man game. Its been several years since my personal favorite, Web of Shadows was released, and in the time since, Beenox has tooled around with Spider-Man with less than stellar results.

Shattered Dimensions, and Edge of Time tried to do their own thing, and in some instances did some pretty neat stuff, but overall, the lack of an open world environment and the claustrophobic camera really hurt these games. Throw in the basic button-mash combat, and you get a pretty dull game.

My biggest cause for hope with this newest game is first and foremost, its open world gameplay once again. Some of the early shots that Ive seen look really good, with the camera up close on our Spider-Man character and we can really see some nice animations.

Secondly, I read Game Informer religiously and the latest magazine features an article that states "If all you saw were the combat and stealth sequences, you would be forgiven for thinking that Amazing Spider-Man borrows too liberally from Batman: Arkham City." Now, Arkham City in my mind is THE single greatest superhero game ever made. Period. The combat system in that game is absolutely killer. I even made a few jokes about how they stole the "Spider-Sense" over the enemies' heads when they were about to attack.

If Beenox incorporates an Arkham City style combat system, with the Webslinger spin on it (see what I did there...) this could in fact beat out Web of Shadows for best combat. I would LOVE that gameplay style.

The Web Rush mechanic I hear about sounds cool, but Ill have to see it in action before I take it off my "gimmick" list. From what I hear, you can slow down time and the game takes you first person mode. From here, depending on what you want to do, you basicly highlight where you want to go, or who you want to attack.

In terms of travel, they say you can slow time in mid-swing, highlight a location on a far away building or rooftop, and then Web Rush will take over. The engine calculates what is between you and your location and then generates a flashy string of animations that will get you to your next location. Cooler still, at any time, this process can be interrupted by the player, with you either webslinging off in another direction, or simply initiating a brand new web rush sequence to a new destination.

Works similarly in combat as well. Im assuming the Arkham City counter style is in there, so that alone can allow you to destroy your enemies with flashy things like the classic web rodeo, but putting Web Rush in there will allow you to incorporate parts of the environment to help you fight. Ive seen a couple clips of a dumpster being snagged and flung into a group of enemies, as well as Spidey snagging a dude in a web cocoon, swinging by and grabbing him and flinging him into the ceiling.

It looks like Beenox finally gets it. The head of Beenox pointed to Rocksteady's work with Batman, and how they tried to capture what it was to be Batman, and he stated that they wanted to put that kind of effort and work forward so that we could basicly get our version of the perfect Spider-Man game.

I really hope it works out. I cant say that Im too jazzed about the giant robots that have been shown in previews already. I dont know why every game put out has to have Spidey fighting freakin robots. I must have missed those issues when I was collecting where he just fought giant robots all the time. Thankfully, the game takes place AFTER the events of the new film, so there wont be huge license problems with having to follow the film's story, and theres hope that a really great story could take place in this game.

Ive been so impressed by the coverage on the game, and with the new direction that Ive actually pre-ordered this. Im going back on my word saying that Id never buy a Beenox game without renting first. Ill be getting a bonus code that will allow me to rampage around as the Rhino as well, so we will see what that is like when it comes out on the 23rd of June.

Im really hoping that this, for us Spider-Man fans, turns out to be our Arkham City.

While we all hang out and wait for the arrival of this game, lets just use this thread to discuss whatever's on everyone's mind.

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Aug 4, 12 at 1:00am

Really? I'm with Tomski, I thought it was awesome. No more whiny Parker!

Aug 4, 12 at 12:07am

Yeah Lavitz, even though I wish I didn't agree with you I do. The movie was kind of a letdown for me.

It wasn't terrible it was just kinda... blah. Compared to the game the movie sucked, or that's how I feel anyway.

Aug 3, 12 at 1:18pm

Glad you liked it. Having redone the origin and boring me with this film, I'm hoping they come back with ASM2 and blow me away. This film just didn't click with me.

Jul 11, 12 at 10:01am

Finally saw the movie last night. Bloody brilliant!

Jul 4, 12 at 3:11pm

Just read Carnage USA over the weekend. Anybody who reads the comics should check it out. The TPB just came out and it's pretty good. Carnage is a sick bastard.

Jun 30, 12 at 6:54am
killer iPod

Ah cheers Dragonfist, everything makes sense now haha.

Jun 30, 12 at 6:26am

^ You put an @ at the end of the username as well. For example, to notify The Stinger:

@The Stinger@

ChiroVette Yeah, that's definitely the case for me. I only really got into comics about an year ago, and am used to the impressively detailed art seen now. Although, it's not just the art- I find the awfully dramatic dialogue with an exclamation mark at the end of every sentence you see in the older comics a little annoying as well.

Jun 29, 12 at 8:29pm

The story takes place after the movie. I would tag you, but I can't figure out how to tag people with a space in their username. Can you help me with this, ChiroVette?

Jun 29, 12 at 8:06pm
killer iPod

Had no idea it was the release date in the UK when I saw it in the shop. Only heard about it the other day and picked it up. Glad I did.

Gotta ask, is it based on the movie? Or is it pre/post movie?

Jun 29, 12 at 6:09am

I'm currently at work and my girlfriends just informed me that my game hasn't arrived. Think I'll be sending GAME a very angry e-mail tonight...

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