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Sep 2, 12 at 3:33pm

I'm on my final round towards my own platinum. It's going to be a "no-kill, hard-difficulty, easy riddle" run for both good endings. The elevator's probably going to be the trickiest part. XD

May 27, 12 at 10:31pm

Thanks for the info MissingScore.Yea, I'm not sure why this forum is so dead, The game seems pretty good to me.

May 27, 12 at 2:47pm

Yeah once you reach the town and are able to begin sidequests, you can go back to any parts of the town up until you get on a boat (I won't go into any details to keep this spoiler-free).

May 24, 12 at 6:20am

Howdy, I have a quick question for you, seeing as though you've completed the game. Does this game allow you do go back freely to certain areas? I've played a lot of SH games and some of them are pretty linear. For example, when I get stuck I will watch video to get hints on what to do. I noticed in one of them the gamer has like 4 paintings. I only have one. I'm guessing I missed some along the way.

May 11, 12 at 10:55am

Judging by the level of activity in this forum no one is even going to read this!
However I just got the platinum for this game and I have a couple of tips for those that just might be interested.

There are 6 different endings to this game and 5 of them reward you with a trophy (the trophyless ending is a kind of 'you fail' ending and whether or not you get it depends solely on the final few minutes of the game). However it is possible to get all 5 ending trophies in 3 playthroughs, this is because at the end of the game there is a specific choice to be made and what ending you get depends on this and your 'karma' rating. This means you can reload your last autosave after completion and make the opposite end-game choice. To put it simply:

Ending 1: Endgame Choice A, Karma Good
Ending 2: Endgame Choice B, Karma Good
Ending 3: Endgame Choice A, Karma Bad
Ending 4: Endgame Choice B, Karma Bad

Be aware there is no way to check karma in-game, it largely depends on 2 moral choices made early in the game, however executing an incapacitated enemy will also slightly lower karma, so be careful when going for good karma endings.

The 5th ending is the secret/joke ending of the game and to get it you must complete the 'Digging up the past' sidequest which cannot be attempted on your 1st playthrough. Be aware completing the quest guarantees this ending no matter what.

The trophy for completing all sidequests is fairly self-explanatory, but it's worth mentioning that the 'Digging up the past' sidequest is NOT required for this and they all must be done in the same playthrough.

The trophy for no kills sounds intimidating, however it's surprisingly easy. Simply keep an eye on the kill-counter in the statistics menu as this is what decides whether you get the trophy or not. Often it will appear you have killed an enemy as they will disappear as if a death but the game doesn't count it. I can't be certain but it may be that only executions on incapacitated enemies or gun kills count.

The hardest trophy on first glance is the one for all mysteries, let's be honest it's easy to miss a bit of paper in the garden of a random house in a street. However there is an exploitable glitch on one of the mysteries where it can be collected repeatedly and counts towards this trophy each time. This is because again the trophy works off of the counter in the statistics menu rather than what is happening in-game. So the game thinks that 53 mysteries is every mystery and gives you the trophy if you reach this figure, regardless of whether there are mysteries still to collect or not.

The mystery in question is Murhpy's parole paper on the entrance door of the Centennial building, after completing that area the first time the paper re-appears and although Murphy will no longer do the pick-up animation, pressing action on the paper will add it to the mysteries counter in the statistics. To collect it again simply make the area re-load by entering and exiting somewhere else and coming back.

The other trophies are all fairly straight forward, however it's worth mentioning that one of the sidequests called 'Will work for food' is currently glitched on normal puzzle difficulty and a quest item has a high chance of disappearing from the game entirely making completion of this quest impossible.

Bit longer than I intended but some useful, spoiler-free information there for those that want it.

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