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Sep 28, 12 at 1:31pm

Hello there. hope I'm commenting on thr right place. This thread is a few months old, already, but whatever.
I'm re-playing FFx (my cd was rendered useless becuse one of my brothers scratched it, and the memory stick was lost... Had 250+ hrs of game in it :'( oh well, that was like 3yrs ago).
And I've been thinking of making another weapon for Yuna, because honestly I think that the double/triple AP is a WASTE in celestial weapons (meant for combat!) and I don't even need double overdrive (at least not for Yuna IMHO). And I was thinking, precisely, about customising the following:
Break damage limit
One mp cost
Magic booster
And...either magic +20% or Alchemy (because of Auto-phoenix, but I might not go there)

But my thing is: celestial weapons deal more damage according to certain factors (the characters' HP or MP, depending) but I can't find anything about how celestial weapons affect the MAGICAL DAMAGE of the character. Is it all the same (physical our magical damage)? I mean, with a customized weapon will Yuna be healing/damaging more or less than she would be with her celestial?

May 9, 12 at 8:21pm

OP here. Just wanted to give other suggestions for "ultimate" weapons.

Evade and Counter
First Strike
One MP Cost (for excessive casting of Hastega)
Slowstrike maybe?

Same as Yuna

Poisonstrike or Stonestrike

Strength +20%
Evade and Counter
Break Damage Limit

Evade and Counter
Magic Counter
Break Damage Limit

First Strike
Evade and Counter

My three favorite characters are Kimahri, Yuna, and Rikku by the way.

The thing about celestial weapons is that the two compulsory upgrades, Double AP and Triple Overdrive, are useless in battle.

May 9, 12 at 7:23pm

I picked up this game a week ago after remembering it during my first year in college, and from what I can tell, celestial weapons are overrated, but perhaps not that overrated.

The only thing that keeps me from saying they are absolutely useless compared to custom weapons is the fact that Break Damage Limit is so difficult to get on a normal weapon. But even despite this, it is possible to make much better weapons.

This might come as a surprise to some, but when I got some black magic spells, I used them all to get Yuna -ra level black magic. On my first playthrough (which wasn't nearly so complete as my current playthrough is/will be), I did this and, much to my surprise, it worked excellently. It turns out Yuna has many more magic boosts on her portion of the sphere grid than Lulu. By the time Lulu got the -aga spells, Yuna was doing double the damage with her -ra spells than Lulu was doing with her -aga spells (to be fair, I far overtrained Yuna compared to other characters).

Anyway, now Yuna has all of her sphere grid, Lulu's sphere grid, and Ultima. It became necessary to get Nirvana in order to kill Omega Ruins enemies easily. But, looking at my options, it became clear to me. The ultimate Yuna staff:

Magic +20%
Magic Booster
One MP Cost
Break Damage Limit

This gives 170% damage with all magic for only 2 MP a piece, and the ability to do up to 99,999. I have the first three, but getting dark matter is so difficult... but break damage limit is hardly necessary for Tidus and Rikku in my opinion.

So yeah, the celestial weapons are not so OP as everyone thinks.

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