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May 2, 12 at 6:20pmVeGiTAX2

So I should have made this a while back but at least I'm starting something now.

Current Rig: Skyfire

Core components

Case: NZXT Phantom (White)
CPU: AMD FX-8320 @ 4.4GHz
MB: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
Cooler: GELID GX-7 in push pull configuration
GPU: ASUS R9 290 4GB DirectCU II OC Edition
Audio: RealTek Digital Output to Onkyo TX-606
RAM: Samsung 8GB DDR3 1333
Storage: Hitachi Deskstar 1TB SATA (x2)
Storage: Toshiba SATA 7200RPM 1TB SATA
Storage: Toshiba SATA 7200RPM 2TB SATA
PSU: Antec High Power Gamer 850W
Optical: ASUS 24X DVDRW


Monitor 1, 3: Soyo 24" 1920x1200 LCD (Left, Right Monitors)
Monitor 2: HP Carbonite 24" 1920x1200 LCD (Center Monitor)
Monitor 4: Samsung 32" LCD (1280x720) LCD
Mouse: Logitech G9
Keyboard: Ducky Shine Zero - Cherry MX Blue
Speakers: Onkyo TX-606 - JBL 12" Sub + RTi4 x 4 + CSiA6 (5.1)
Headset: Turtle Beach X12 Headset (gaming)
Headphones: Sennheiser EH250 Headphones (music / movies)
Wheel: Logitech G27
Joystick: X-Arcade Solo
Controller: Xbox Wireless + Xbox 360 Controller


Current changes:
  • Overclocked B93 from 2.8GHz to 3.6GHz using 257x14 combination, memory was lowered to 533 for headroom and vCore was raised to 1.45 for stability. Will pursue higher frequencies in the future, for now the NB and HT were adjusted down to compensate as well.
  • ASUS R9 290 is stock, haven't found any reason to demand more out of it yet, the presence alone warrants being listed as a change
  • Phantom has dual 200mm fans in push configuration, fanbus keeps these and the rest of the fans at low RPM.
  • Phantom has a BitFenix white LED light strip on the bottom, with the case off it showcases the entire system with just enough light while still letting the blue fans glow. [LED strip died in under a year]
Old changes:
  • Overclocked EAH6850 to 1000MHz core and 1150/4600MHz memory at 1.20v chip runs stable without needing to force the fan on. Average load temp is in the high 60's to low 70's.
  • Windforce 3 is stock at 1.1GHz - pushed to 1.2GHz and GDDR5 to 5200MHz

Future changes:
  • Add a BD-ROM drive to the system

Past parts in this build (Jetfire):
  • Phenom X4 9600 (defective)
  • Phenom X4 9750 (retired)
  • MSI 570 SLI (retired)
  • Sapphire 4850 512 (retired)
  • Acer AL2423W 24" 1920x1200 LCD (Secondary)
  • Cooler Master Real Power Pro 650W
  • Cooler Master Hyper 612 (retired)
  • Jetway HA08 ComboL (CMOS failure)
  • Crucial 4GB DDR2 800 PC6400 (retired)
  • Maxtor 250GB PATA (retired)
  • ASUS EAH6850 DirectCU 1GB (retired)
  • Gigabyte HD 7870 Windforce 3 OC 2GB (retired)
  • Logitech K200 (hoping to move to illuminated) (gtfo)
  • Turtle Beach AK-R8 headset (dead)
  • ASRock 970DE3 / U3S3
  • AMD Phenom II X4 B93 - 3.2GHz (Spring clock)

Current temps:

CPU: 27c Idle | 41c Load -- GPU: 35c Idle | 68c Load



Original Config (Antec 250mm side intake)

GELID GX-7 Upgrade + Phenom II



Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jan 18, 16 at 1:05pm
Ren of Heavens

Cool, I look forward to the full write-up. So far most of the reviews I've seen are either "It's Amazing 8D" or a short video review without really going into much detail.

Jan 12, 16 at 9:26am

I do have a write-up coming up on the chair, for the most part I'm satisfied but there are some areas of the chair I think could do for impromvement as they're kind of annoying features to deal with for something this expensive.

Jan 11, 16 at 11:10am
Ren of Heavens

Any more thoughts on the dxracer now you've had a few months for it to settle in, VeGiTAX2? Really tempted to get one, but there's nowhere to demo them in the UK so I'll be ordering blind if I do.

Aug 27, 15 at 11:29am

quote Randome
I've noticed Angry Joe has one of these chairs.

Lower back support is important, but that pillow looks like it extends so far out.
Yeah it's a popular chair now, been meaning to get one for a few years but never quite stepped up. Once I found out they had a showroom in CA though I was up for the purchase since I could get one final seating with it and then pick one up on the spot.

The pillows themselves are crafted really well, they stick out a little but the contour of the seat itself adapts to them, seriously fell asleep right after I assembled it. The tilting backrest and normal chair pivot are really really nice if you want to sit back and think a second. Pretty much unlike any other chair I've had for my desk since it has a minimal footprint but it's designed for my height exactly with support where I need it.

Aug 26, 15 at 8:04am

I've noticed Angry Joe has one of these chairs.

Lower back support is important, but that pillow looks like it extends so far out.

Aug 25, 15 at 4:29pm

Haven't had to do much to the system, switched from computer audio to TOSLink -> Onkyo Receiver for 7.1 with Onkyo and Pioneer speakers.

After a bit of that I tossed my old chair and now I have this gem:

DXRacer King Series Gaming Chair

Aug 17, 14 at 11:14am

quote teodortenchev
Love your setup, I'm gonna work on putting something like this together one day.
Nice, the FX was a tossup but it's performing well, got a good piece of silicon so I'm able to take up the Turbo frequency pretty high. I've had it safely at 4.8 but I'm getting a high enough performance level in productivity and gaming for it not to really matter. That R9 290 needed more CPU power than my Phenom II could give it haha

Jul 8, 14 at 10:11am

Love your setup, I'm gonna work on putting something like this together one day.

May 22, 14 at 10:11am

So system was still having issues, replaced the PSU some of the drives and dumped in a new CPU and motherboard.

CPU: AMD FX-8320
MB: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 850W
HSF Update: Dual Corsair AF120's (Push-Pull config)

Pushed the FX to 4.4 then dialed it back to 4GHz, temps stay around 38c right now but I'd rather start with a mild oc to begin

Edit: lol put it back to 4.4, had to balance fan speeds, cooler works like a dream now.

Apr 17, 14 at 5:24pm

Retired the 7870 today, the ASUS R9 290 DirectCU II OC 4GB replaces it, thing is a beast but I love it so much

Comparison shot:

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