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May 2, 12 at 2:19amNINJAMAN101

post here wether u think mw2 is better than mw3 personaly i think that mw3
is a fantastic sequal to mw2 mw3 advanced in so many ways like
the campagin was much better it had me more excited then the mw2 campagin
the multiplayer like the equipment and weapons all of it.
modern warfare 3 is to me personaly way way way better but that just me

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Aug 12, 16 at 8:59am
Cod Casual

Boi infinat wurfure is going to be fire. I so mcuh beteer tha fooking modernwurfure6 or cod10

Oct 26, 14 at 2:18am
Hi top

Yes because mw3 is good but starts to get crap as u get through.while MW2 is opposite crap to good.Mw2 starts not that good as mw3 but gets way better.

THATS MY OPINION and my friends always say mw3 is so good so i dont know but what ever u think.

Jun 26, 14 at 8:29am
Filbert Lee

I've play both of the game. MW 2 is better. Even though I never play online on PS3, the multipayer (mw2) is more like awesome, the perks and attachment is more useful

Aug 8, 12 at 12:04am

quote Army_Man92
MW3 is definitely a better game. Just so clean-cut and balanced. (Besides FMG akimbos and the 95)
In your humble 'opinion' ofcourse.

Aug 7, 12 at 11:03am
Matt 123456789

Na, MW3 was released to make the shite that was MW2 look better, God MW3 is a farce

Aug 7, 12 at 8:58am

Let's put it this way: If MW3 the game came out before MW2 the game and called itself MW2 instead of MW3, then people would have really liked it, certainly on average more than how they liked MW2. Consequently, if MW2 the game was released as the sequel to MW3 (which is acting as MW2), then people would rage about how horrible the game is and how noob tubes suck, killstreaks are overpowered, etc.

So despite the nostalgia and just plain idiots, MW3 is definitely a better game. Just so clean-cut and balanced. (Besides FMG akimbos and the 95)

Aug 7, 12 at 6:11am

quote CrematedMan
Yes. I enjoyed it more, and still do. That should be the only measure of 'better'.
I'll go with that logic.

Yup, that makes my favourites:

1: Cod4
2: MW2
3: WAW

And a massive list of random terrible things i couldnt be bothered finishing followed by MW3, another list of horrendous punishments and eventually Black ops.

It was too long. I couldnt commit.

(Thats what she said)

Aug 7, 12 at 6:01am

Yes. I enjoyed it more, and still do. That should be the only measure of 'better'.

Aug 7, 12 at 5:51am
marc gibson

mw2 is the daddy. mw3 should of been great, it was'nt. the dlc's for mw2 to me made it a great mw2.5. mw3 is just not what it says on the tin. mw2 all the way...

May 18, 12 at 11:13am

For me, MW3 is a bit more fitting.

With MW2, I absolutely hated the fact everyone used stopping power in Core. Never been a big fan of a perk that allows you to kill the other guy faster, simply because he chose a more tacical perk. With that said, I only ever played Hardcore TDM. Even though it was full of turd-tubes and UMP's. I did enjoy it, and i still play from time to time.

With MW3 and Black Ops, Stopping Power was built in. Therefore, I had nothing to complain about, considering I could choose whatever perk I wanted and not have to worry about losing every gun-fight. (Now, OP guns are a whole different story. Thats a given complaint.)

As for the killstreak and anti-air discussion:

I agree that it is really easy to take down a killstreak. A SMAW rocket and a few shots takes down the basic air support, let alone the Stinger and Blind-Eye pro.

What I really hate about it though is that taking down killstreaks count for your own pointstreak. Why? Isn't it good enough that you shot it down and saved yourself and others?

The noise from a launcher fired at a killstreak should sound like Staple's "Easy Button". It should NOT reward someone with anything but some XP. Why? Because I honestly think a large portion of players shoot down killstreaks to build up their own. They don't care whether or not it saved their team.

When I play well and get alot of kills, I would like to be rewarded with a hard-earned killstreak. But this is how it normally plays out:

1. I find a nice spot to lay down and pull out my lap-top.
2. I excitedly look upon the thermal image of the map.
3. I'm looking for a red box...
4. Still looking...
5. Found one! I fire 2 or 3 missiles and get a kill.
6. Searching for another red box...
7. ...
9. I am engulfed in a fiery explosion.
10. I return to my prone position and put away my lap-top.


There is no need for such easy and abundant anti-air support when so many people use blind-eye anyways. So go away SAM turrets and piss-easy stingers, and come back when its more of a challenge to use and obtain the two of you.

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