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May 1, 12 at 7:42pmssbm freak

Shameless copypasta go~
-------- ------- ------ -- --- ----- --- - - - - ----- - - ---- ---- ----- --------- --- --- - ----- -- --

“What is Mafia?” you may ask. To put it simply, a mafia game pits an uninformed majority - the Town - against an informed minority – the Mafia – with each side trying to eliminate the others, and the last team standing wins. There can be additional parties to mix things up, of course, and they'll have their own win conditions.

1. Mafia know who their teammates are and may communicate with them outside of the thread

2. Townies only know their own identity and cannot communicate with other members about the game outside of this thread.

3. Characters of neither alignment will be governed by their own rules; of course, you're expected to follow those rules if you land in one of these roles.

Game Progression

The game is divided into two alternating phases:

In the Day Phases, members vote in-thread on who they would like to lynch; if a majority of the participants can agree on one person, then that person is killed. These phases last 48 hours, or until the majority is reached.

During the Night Phases, members with active abilities PM the GM with who and/or how they want to use their ability. These phases last 24 hours, or until all actions have been sent in. You can change your action at any point within the time limit if you so choose by sending a new PM and invalidating your last one.

If, at any time, you do not feel you have ample time to stick around and keep watch on happenings in the thread and execute your actions, please inform the GM so you can be replaced and your role doesn't go to waste.


When voting, please do so in bold, and separate from the body of your post, like so:

Vote: Mastix

When changing a vote, you use the same format, but with “Change Vote” instead of just “Vote.” If you have cast a vote and wish take it back entirely instead of just changing it to someone else, use:

Change Vote: No Vote

If you wish for nobody to be lynched during a Day Phase, then you also have the option of casting a vote for “No Lynch.”

For the sake of the poor old man your GM is, please notify him whenever you vote or change vote; that way, it will be easier to keep track of and tally votes. This is how every voting post should look like:

Magnaillusion CM
Vote: Mastix
Night Actions

Night actions are special abilities some of the characters on the game have. People may have Active Abilities, which must activate each Night Phase by sending the respective Ability Code provided with their ability via PM thread to the GM, or Passive Abilities, which activate automatically whenever the right conditions are met and do not need to be explicitly activated by the player. If you're not giving an ability code, don't worry; your ability is passive and will activate automatically.

For the record:
  • Abilities that block block each other; that's a no-brainer.
  • Protecting abilities block Killing abilities.
  • Both Killing and Protecting Abilities stack; a protecting ability may only block one Killing Ability. In short, if a player has more Protecting abilities on it than Killing Abilities, they survive, else they die.
When sending in your night action PM, please use a format similar to voting – for those of you with active abilities, this means using the bolded word from your role description. Some examples:

Investigate: Mastix

Kill: Mastix

Protect: Kanon

This is to help the GM keep straight who is doing what without having to memorize everyone’s ability or consult a list (more than is necessary, anyway).

If you have no intent to act during a night phase, please send a PM saying "No Action". This will speed up the night phase so the GM doesn't have to wait for everyone's PM. You do not have to worry about this if you do not have a night phase ability.


At any time you see fit, you may make a claim to which character you are and what your alignment is; this generally done as a manner of defending oneself, though the effectiveness will vary. An example:

quote Role PM
Shinji Ikari: Town Aligned Total Badass

Losing The Game

There are two ways in which the players can be declared defeated:

1. At the start of a phase, the amount of Mafia is equal to or greater than the amount of non-Mafia.

2. If the remaining number of Mafia exceeds the total remaining Mafia kill opportunities; i.e., it becomes impossible to kill all the Mafia within the remaining time. Only the GM will know for sure if this has occurred.


A Modkill is when the GM has to step in and Erase a member due to them violating one this game’s four rules:

1. Do not talk about the game outside of the thread with people you aren’t allowed to talk to it about.

2. Do not edit or delete your posts. Just like in real life, once you’ve said something, you’ve said it – no take-backsies. If you need to say something else or clarify a certain point, you are allowed to double post.

3. Do not quote anything from another member or the GM’s Private Messages to you in-thread without their permission, with the exception of your character name and alignment.

4. Do not disclose ANY information about the game (your power, the results of your night actions, the identity of your teammate(s), etc.) after your death has been confirmed in a write-up.

Beyond these restrictions, anything goes (all forum rules still apply).

Additionally, you will be Modkilled if you are absent from the proceedings (either in-thread or from night actions) for four consecutive phases – that’s like a week IRL. Being active in the proceedings does not include one post every five days simply saying you are busy. If you’re going to be away for a while, say so ahead of time in-thread to avoid receiving a Modkill. Alternatively, you may simply send PM to the GM to notify them that you are still paying attention, but aren't acting/speaking for strategic reasons.

Be Polite

No one likes a douchebag, lets refrain from 'LOL YOU ARE *bleep*IN' TERRIBLE' and 'X IS OBV SCUM VOTE HIM YOU STUPID MORONS'.

Be efficient

Don't just sign up then disappear off the face of the Earthlol@kluck, being silent for strategic reasons is fine and all that, but never sending a move in? Not so much, if you're not gonna move, PLEASE send No Action. Lastly, make an effort, don't just kick your feet up and let the game play itself, if you can't think of anything that's fine, but maybe you'd be able to see something if you tried.

The hyhae Rule

If you intentionally get yourself Modkilled to prove to the other Players the alignment of your teammate(s), then your teammate(s) will be Modkilled as well (only you will receive a Warning). You are still allowed to prove your teammates alignment be getting yourself killed legally, such as by intentionally getting yourself Lynched, or requesting that someone Kill you during a Night Phase.

If you are Modkilled, then whatever action or vote you would've taken that phase will be invalidated.


If you want to sign up after a game has started, you may sign up to be a replacement. Replacements will be called upon if a player is absent from proceedings. If you know you will be gone or too busy, please ask to GM to replace you.

Further Questions

If you’ve any questions about game progression in general, ask in-thread so that someone may assist you as soon as possible. Questions specifically about your role or ability works should be PM’d directly to the GM. Suggestions concerning things to be done in future rounds may be PM’d to the GM or posted in-thread, whichever you prefer.

--------- ------ -- -- -------- ----- -- -- - --- -- - - --------- -- ----- --- -- --- --- --------


If you don't know who your character is or which anime is it from, please do use Google or ask me; we'll be happy to help. We'll have a grace period of about an hour to a day, depending on the time the last person signed in, in order for you to recollect over the Googlez basic information about your character; it's specially important for you to know how do you look like so you can find yourself in the story.


Some important details for this specific game, there will be some new mechanics implemented so there's a teensy tiny chance the game may be imbalanced as all hell.

Three of the characters are from videogames (although ones closely associated with anime)

Also there will be one additional win and loss condition that will be hinted at but not outright said, an alternate path to victory so to say.

Pretty much the goal of this mafia is less win or lose, but to experiment and have fun.
So participation is required. Please don't lay low too often. I want everyone to participate atleast once every other day phase.
A passive town makes things no fun..
So new rules

If there is no lynch a majority is still required to reach the next day phase.
Rule Edit: Lynch is no longer forced, but after time is up you cannot change your votes. If you haven't voted you can vote after time is up but cannot change it. The game wont proceed to next phase until majority is met.
No lynch counts as not making a vote so you can change it.

Sign-up Board:
1. luffyluffy
2. Eternal
3. Luis_GT
4. Kanon
5. GlancingReverse
6. KnightmareChaotix
7. kluck
8. molater
9. Magnaillusion CM
10. Fatal Error
11. Kratos
12. Toast *omnomnom*
13. Megabassman
14. shadow warrior 9
15. Lorx
16. Wolverine527
17. Arcliff

Noise Food:
GlancingReverse: Beatrice Reaper Aligned PERFECTOO~
Fatal Error: Ushiromiya Battler Town Aligned Endless Sorcerer
shadow warrior 9: Terumi "Hazama" Yuuki Town Aligned Intelligence Operative
Arcliff: Kogasa Tatara Town Aligned Powerless Youkai
[b]Kluck: Izaya Orihara Reaper Aligned Information Broker

Luis_GT Kaname Madoka Town Aligned Aligned Ordinary Girl
Replacement List:

Write Ups
Night Phase 0
Day Phase 1
Night Phase 1
Day Phase 2
Night Phase 2
Day Phase 3
Night Phase 3
Day Phase 4

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

May 31, 12 at 9:58pm

Oh *bleep* homuhomu is on a rAMPAGE TONIGHT

May 31, 12 at 3:09pm
ssbm freak

Cable company's fault. Using library internet. \D

A gunshot went off right as lunch was being thrown at the information broker..
The information broker drowned in a sea of turkey, ham, and lettuce.
Through their joyous victory over another one of SSBM's reapers they neglected to notice the dead pink haired girl in the corner.

Kluck is dead they were Izaya Orihara Reaper Aligned Information Broker

Luis_GT is dead they were Kaname Madoka Town Aligned Aligned Ordinary Girl
The bomb the pink haired girl was holding suddenly burst open and a message appeared. "Just Kidding."

The lesbian appeared to be weeping before becoming completely overtaken with anger.

You have 24 hours to send in your abilities.

Arcliff too.

May 31, 12 at 12:43am

I can be Essy's replacement, I talk to him over PM about this so I have a general idea of what's going on =D

*Clears throat*

Okay, you're all dead. Game Over. Solitaire wins.

May 30, 12 at 8:29am

Well then I guess we'll just have to go and get a clone of him or something.

Those are sold at like, Home Depot right?

May 29, 12 at 6:13pm
Magnaillusion CM

quote Kanon
The only thing dead right now is ssbm freak

He's disappeared on us an should be modkilled for this.

I don't think we have a replacement for ssbm freak D:.

May 29, 12 at 5:59pm

The only thing dead right now is ssbm freak

He's disappeared on us an should be modkilled for this.

May 29, 12 at 5:44pm


May 29, 12 at 2:55pm
Fatal Error

Yeah Rabla, I'm not really buying what you're selling there.

May 29, 12 at 2:26pm

Remember after that first night? Apparently being dead does not mean being dead in this game.

May 29, 12 at 12:36am

quote Arcliff
quote Wolverine527
quote Arcliff
quote Rabla
quote Arcliff
I'm already dead, can I still vote? If so then, Vote: No Lynch. Kluck's mah bro.
...Have you ever played Mafia before? You know what being dead means?

Nope and nope.

I thought there was one other time you played Mafia on the TWEWY forum.

Vote:No vote

My vote's not going to change anything at this point,so I'm not even going to care.
I only posted twice there and never played it ever again.
Well, since you're ridiculously uneducated, allow me to point out that being dead means you lose. You're out of the game. You can go back to not posting here now.

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