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Apr 30, 12 at 10:10amSlayerKing

SO, was on last night doing some randoms. Apart from taking forever to get on (did anybody else have a problem getting on-line last night?), I was finally able to join a group of 30's to 'help them out' with Lagia.

Went out and the hunts were unremarkable as far as that goes...and when I return...and I have NO IDEA why I did this as I seldom to never do this, I went to my hunter notes to have a look at my monster records.

AND low and behold, the Lagia I had just returned from was Lagia number 100!!! My 100th KILLED lagia. Wow.

While that in itself is amazing to me....I also have cap'd 109 Lagia. Apparently, i am more of a conservationist than killer...hah

Combined though.....THAT is a serious dent in the Lagia population!!!!

Anyway, and I hope this post doesn't cause X too much anxiety (i.e. "there goes Slayer bragging again")....I thought it an interesting milestone.

And while I am at it (sorry X)....I am currently 2 stout horns (damn Stout Horns) away from collecting every version of Switch Axe (got em all), Longsword (got em all), and Lance (damn Diablos Spear needing stout horns). THEN, I will start on hammers...which also means I will actually try to learn how to use them. THEN, great sword (my worst one to use). Bow guns, I think I am good with what I have (rusted, ancient, cluster, crag, sleep) though a pure peirce set may be cool. NO, I will never collect a SNS...hate em.

Slayer, Outa Here!

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Jun 12, 12 at 2:04am

I had trouble with the azure dragongem for my metamorph.

and it's funny, i had no trouble with the Devil jho jems, but had an extreme amount of trouble with the fangs.

just my luck

Jun 11, 12 at 9:53am

So, with the help of Tarek...I carved that last Azure Dragon Gem from Ala...and before that, I fluked into a gobul lantern+ (ended on subquest instead of full hunt) and with that, I am but a few pieces of Iron short of finishing my full Hammer Collection....INCLUDING that one hammer you only get from Arena coins. WOOOoooooooo!

I think also, in my hunts to finish the hammers, I amassed tons of other materials such that my GS collection, when I start doing that, will be in good shape....oh, I'll need a few of the rarer materials...but it will be quick.

Slayer, Outa Here!

Jun 5, 12 at 12:40am

yeah, i am having a bit of trouble with that god forsaken lantern+

i need one to finish off my pierce armor set.

Jun 4, 12 at 11:02am

I hear ya Couttsy

I also dropped it for a bit....went and did some PC games for a bit. Returned a couple months ago and have been regularly playing.

Nearing the end of this bout of MH3-ing though. Its season is right around the corner. Soccer season is well on now....and, well, MH3-ing gets to be more of the same after a shorter time now. Going to finish off my hammer collection and am basically a deep dragongem (for an armour set for hammers), an azure dragongem and a gobul lantern+ short of finishing these collections.

BUT, time will tell if I stay or go for a bit.

Slayer, Outa Here!

Jun 2, 12 at 7:13pm

Well I sorta stopped playing mht, and a couple days ago I started playing it again

So I thought this called for me to revisit this forum

Jun 2, 12 at 9:59am

Hey Couttsy
Welcome back...where ya been?

Regarding "needing sapphires"....Nah, ironically enough, despite my luck (bad) at getting a few of the really rare items (stout horns, gobul laterns+, bird wyvern gems), I actually have a surplus of sapphires.

I (over) hunt Lagia because it is one of those monsters I am really, really good at. Comes from hours of farming for horns. I have also developed similar expertise with Rathian and Rathalos. So, if I am LR help mode, I tend to gravitate to cites with Lagia, Ian or Los.

Ya know, since my original post, I bet that number has climbed by at least 20 or 30 dead/captured Lagia....poor lizard.

Anyway, welcome back

Slayer, Outa Here!

Jun 2, 12 at 1:47am

Thats a lot of laggia, im guessing most of them cam when you were having trouble with the Sapphire.


Jun 1, 12 at 9:07am

I am one Gobul Lantern + and 1 Azure Dragongem (whatever Ala gives you) away from finishing all my hammers....and an intersting phenomenom (I think) has occured with my hunting.

As is the case when hunting fairly Low monsters (jaggi, baggi, quero, barroth, gobul, ian and los), it is pretty easy solo to get done in short time. IF somebody joins, yes it makes it a bit faster...but also (as in the case of long sword spammers) just gets in the way of focused hunts.

For my lantern+ gobul runs, I DON"T NEED anybody...but allow whomever to join...that is not the issue.

What is the issue...and is constant and the time it takes for some to get ready....and again, I don't NEED help with this quest...and is a courtesy if somebody wants to come. SO, and the appears that I may be a bit of a time-*rick (starts with P) and maybe a bit impatient.

In a city I created.....and If I have posted the quest...I will stand for a bit at the gate...and wait. I monitor the conversations going on in chat mode. I prompt to be speedy....then....if not speedy (for me), I start a count down....10...9....8....etc. At ONE....I just leave. I will also just leave if somebody tells me to shut up...or stop counting or a similar response to my counting. I am not upset they are taking time...but I am not patient either. And again, I don't need help with this (or most) quests and if I am farming...its rapid fire hunting for me, not a social outing.

So...I've said it...go ahead and flame away.

Oh, by the way....I have also been hammering the whole time. I kinda like it...especially kamikazi hammering...standing defiant as the monster charges...and smashing its head tryng for the KO. Sometimes you smash, sometimes you get smashed....but its a cool view for sure.

Slayer, Outa Here!

May 23, 12 at 9:35am

[That said, I have been SB'ing Blos for a couple nights (ending on sub quest)...and only need 1 more stout.

That said, I will likley be on tonite 9:00 Eastern, NA server....Diablos room. Slayer is the handle.

Slayer, Outa Here!

That above quote (re; 1 more stout horn)...was from May 15. I have basically focused exclusively on Diablos quests...the majority of time, SB'ing and ending on sub quests. So much so, I am out of scatterfish used for making bombs (back to Moga Woods). I have also quested with randoms doing both the 5* Blos and the 6* Double Blos.....and that single Stout Horn needed to finish my Blos Lance...and finish my Lance Collection....alluded me.

Then last my last run before bed with a group of randoms (not meaning I was going to bed with a group fo randoms....was hunting with them...sheesh...hah)....after having gunned 5 times solo and doing 4 double blos and 3 single blos....I hit the mother load in rewards (we capped the single blos)....and there it was....A STOUT HORN...shining in the moonlight. I also got, as a bonus (and I like to think, apology from the Capcom Gods), a god charm in the form of +10 Precision, +3 Attack 00.

I quickly ran to the armourer...and slammed that stout into the lance....finishing off, finally, my lance collection.

NOW done...Long Sword, Switch Ax ....and Lances. Now onto Hammers.

Slayer Outa Here!

May 15, 12 at 6:40pm

Hey Rock
I am a night hunter (EST) typically starting to hunt about 9:00 (when home from the gym, soccer, football or whatever else). I hunt till whenever but gear down about 11:30 during the week...1-1:30 on weekends.

So...that is my hunt schedule.

Slayer, Outa Here!

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