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Apr 27, 12 at 6:05pmKybur

As an act of thanks and recognition for all that we have achieved together, from the smallest introductions to the grandest finales, I would like to formally dedicate this role-play to the following people…

The Kushala Kid
4 Aces

For the discovery I made of each of you individually, that there were such people here to befriend and work with for so long. For showing interest in my work, and making yourselves a part of the many trials I lay down. For remaining by my side, up to the distant or premature ends of each of those trials, still expressing satisfaction for what had already been accomplished. For helping me come so far down the path, to write so many incredible stories, and befriend so many wonderful people…

Thank you all. So much.


    Here we are once again. Seated in anticipation for what is to come. The wonderful thing here is that we, both close and distant affiliates, have joined once again to partake in a story meant to jog old memories and pay appreciation to those old goals we once strove for. We few, we fortunate few, are gathered here to honor those stories both we finished and we left behind, to remain where they are in the hope that some may pass by, read of our endeavors, and nod in approval.

    This is not the same as any of those old games. This is a tribute. To the characters we created, the locations we placed, and the paths we took. For mere days, I have been mentally constructing an island hotel, a veritable paradise where every character from every story we ever partook in now resides in blissful retirement, done with their old existences and seated in the lap of luxury. There stand monuments to their achievements, their comedies, tragedies… every event we put them in, from the alpha to the omega, the beginning to the end.

    Yes, they now know who we are. Their creators, their gods… they understand, and because we see fit, they have accepted their histories in return for their current and perpetual residence. Best yet… I, as the master of this house, have invited all of you to visit this paradise, reconnect with all your old characters, bring them together, tie up loose ends, and eventually say your goodbyes.

    We will all congregate amongst our mental fabrications and mementos. No restrictions are in place, no laws have been declared. We are merely to enjoy ourselves, spend time with our creations, and participate in variety of activities, both which will come spontaneously, and that which already been planned out. There shall be a reunion, a celebration, and even an awards ceremony, for both our characters and us… a fitting finale to all our old gambits.

    I welcome you here. And so do all our creations. You shall arrive by train over expansive waters, and then… we will begin.

Your good friend,
Roy Kybur

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May 7, 12 at 1:07pm
The Kushala Kid

"Oh shit..."

An underwater train? I think I'm going to be sick. Probably should've mentioned by now that I get motion sickness, and seasickness. Normally, I can ignore 'em but on top of a hangover it's a little more unpleasant.

Only one solution I can think of at least.

I take another swig from the flask and begin to extend my hand to the other member of our group, who seemed more than happy to have some. But, before the motion even becomes noticable, I stop.

Outside the train, there are replays of the events of countless adventures, or would they be called memories, I really have no idea. They were the scenes we'd all seen in our heads, but only ever been able to describe in words, played out before our eyes. I guess that's the best way to put it.

In one, a young man, with short dark hair, casually raises a pistol before firing and rupturing a water main to a house he clearly dislikes. He then turns and runs for the town exit, to flee out into the wasteland that every passenger on this train knew too well.

Another, shows two men fighting in the middle of the wastes, one slightly older than the first, the other slightly younger. It is a short scrap, brought to an end as one raises his gun to meet the others face. They lock eyes, and the scene changes again.

This time a standoff. One man, holding a grenade launcher pointing it at his former teammates. Neither party wanting to open fire. I can't hear what's being said, but I remember the general jist of it. Then the groups leader cries out, and fires from his own weapon and a firefight kicks off, explosions and bullets everywhere.

Countless more follow, highlighting nearly every character I can remember making, and their individual stories. Far too many to spend time thinking about them all. So I turn to make a little merriment with the others, assuming they're not too engrossed in everything that's unfolding outside the train.

They are.

So I take another swig and return to soaking it all in some more.

May 2, 12 at 7:02am
Shave ya Head

I sat there, watching scenarios pass. I saw Jet being squashed and the faces of Team Vulture the first time they saw the Victory. I sat and watched the various scenarios pan out, it was strange watching them having only been able to imagine them.

I wasn't one for emotion really, but i felt a small smile spread accross my face.

Apr 30, 12 at 5:38pm

I was breathless...

It all came back in a way I hadn't seen before. Actually in front of my eyes, playing out like a movie.

There Ben was, sneaking past landmines, and brutish mutants, stabbing them in the face and shooting his way to safety. His battles with his new companions, going toe to toe with that boy, using a shishkabab. His last dying breaths in the tent where he lay.

Jim, being chased by the pack of dogs, staring as the MIRV had been taken from his grasp, as he was mauled by the Remnant Howler, and ultimately murdered by Odin.

Anupa, taking his frightened steps out into the wastes for the first time, trying to track down Zachary Banes with the help of Angela. Watching as both of them were savagely beaten, and abused by the raiders, with Angela killing herself. Him taking refuge with the Berserkers, fighting Caesars Legion to help Zachary Banes.

Audriana, fighting with Ben in the Battle of the Enclave, coming to the aid of Zoey Odessa. Odin and Her trying to prevent the outcast assault, and ultimately her getting shot down by a tank.

Odin traveling with his pack, switching sides, protecting his master, being injected with the enhanced FEV virus, and becoming an ever-growing beast. Eventually going his separate ways, and coming to the rescue when Anupa needed him.

Bubba, running from his abusive masters, and coming across Odesh. Both sitting and eating mirelurk, whilst fighting off greenhorns whom so rudely interrupted in a swarm of incomprehensible gibberish. Both of them sitting above the bog, watching the sun descend.

Lyla, crying in her cage, and kissing Theron as he released her. Her running from Cazadors, and finding the crawling dying man, spitting gibberish from another land. Watching as El decapitated Smith, and The Beast ripping off the arm of the Endless Walker.

Then Faust, shooting his beloved Wunderwaffe at the Walker, finding Danny lying in the sun, dying. Witnessing as he took on the mobile Festus with the pulse gun, drinking with Mike, riding the Nuke with Cheesy Mike and Cyrus, and ultimately his death; spear to the face.

Cavin, taking his junk-heap upgraded for a ride, and getting laid. Watching as he took on the government soldiers in his robot body, fighting with the First and saving Jason, his part of development with the HP weapons.

Monty, walking through the wastes on rotten legs, endlessly searching for the monolith, killing that man for food, and helping the town from the empowered.

Jordan Graham, him taking on the leopard chimera near his tree house. Confronting May, and running from Arkland to the laboratories for safety and supplies.

Werewolf Benjamin, changing under the half moon to hunt and feast, arriving upon Wade, and having his numerous, violent, confrontations with him. Getting aboard the modified bus full of vampires, drawing in his sketchbook.

Ahab, keeping vigilant watch on the banks of the irradiated lake, just trying to locate the whereabouts of the thieving white wolf. Hunting with his fellow comrades, and dealing with the newbie.

And to finish it off, was Gordon Tops. The giant of a man, with a pocket watch for an eye. Watching as he lost himself in the maze of a building. Meeting with Bently, and being confronted by the Great Defiler by the Stone Aquarium. Jumping from wall to wall, narrowly evading the grasp of the monster...

All of it. Seeming to happen at once, while being completely separate in its own right. I don't know how mister Roy had managed such a feat, such a view, and such an airtight train, but his pleasant surprises continued to be... well, pleasant. As a plus, I could tell the ride would soon come to a halt, and we would be able to get off this train. Then we will visit our characters in their blissful paradise.

Apr 29, 12 at 8:45pm

The train begins to slow down…

The screen at the front suddenly fades to black again. The same low, pleasant tone of piano keys returns.

And once again, I appear.

“Are you having fun, gentlemen?” I say in the most sincere tone possible, “Wonderful. However, I am here once again to inform you that your current pleasantries are about to come to an end because… the train is about to submerge.”

The smirk on your face drops as I finish my sentence.

You hear a faint whirring sound from outside. It is then accompanied by water brushing up against the sides of the train. The clear, flowing blue slowly engulfs the entire thing. There is initially some panic, but it quickly subsides when the outside sounds die down. And then the panic is replaced with awe.

“You have nothing to worry about.” I say in a calm tone, “The train is sealed tight and the track has merely lowered to allow you the opportunity to witness… well, look outside. See for yourselves.”

You do as I instruct, and you are met with a most wondrous sight indeed.

Outside, you see dozens of television screens atop pairs of pillars, each of them playing scenes and events from past stories that you remember fondly. You see Zachary Banes, Lily Seprom, and Michael Black standing before Ramsey, Marcus Gold leading the final battle against Jet’s army, and Cyrus, Faust, and Cheesy Mike… riding a nuke, plummeting towards the ground in sheer excitement. And many more events play out before your eyes.

“I haven’t forgotten.” I announce, “And I wanted to show you all a glimpse of those old times, what fun we had… a stepping stone set before the reunion ahead.”

You don’t turn your head to face the screen, but you hear me perfectly.

“The trip is nearly over. Please enjoy these wonderful presentations until I contact you again.”

The screen fades to black, and the slideshow returns.

No one bothers watching it, though.

Apr 29, 12 at 8:41pm

Kushy offered me some whiskey. Before I had a chance to decline, however, another man approached and offered to take it if I didn't want it. "Go right ahead, man." Turning to Kushy, I added, "I don't drink, despite the probable lack of anyone here to stop me. My own personal morals, you see." He scoffed a bit at that, but nodded and handed his flask to the other man.

"I'm Fenrir, by the way." He said, taking a quick swig. "Blade and Kushy, I presume?" he said, pointing to myself and Kushy in the correct order. We both nodded. Noticing an incoming awkward pause, I did the first thing that came to mind:

Bad puns.

"You, uh, you guys heard about that disease you get from kissing birds?" Thoroughly confused, they both shook their heads.

"It's called... Chirpes..." There was a short pause before they chuckled a bit.

"They say it's a canarial disease." Kushy chuckled a bit more before clutching his head, and Fen, after getting his few chuckles out, began to take another drink.

"I hear it's..... ...... untweetable."

Fen spit up the drink all over the table as he and Kushy doubled over laughing. The same exact thing happened when I told the joke to my friends at lunch the day before, so I was glad that my friends here found it amusing too. Maybe everyone was just a little stir crazy, because a majority of the car started giggling too. As the laughing started to die down, I went to the bathroom to grab a few moist towelettes to clean up the mess on the table. By the time I had returned, everyone seemed to had found their voices, which brightened my day a little bit.

Apr 29, 12 at 6:16pm

Across the way I noticed a boy sit down with a Scotsman in a kilt. If my deduction skills weren't wrong, which they never... rarely... sometimes... mostly are... I'd say that the Scottish born was definitely KK, while the boy across him was more than likely Blade.

I chuckled looking at the kilt again. Bad memories with that damn thing. Creepy old women, flippin my junk out without my say so! In front of family AND loved ones... I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIERY PIT OLD WOMAN! But needless to say, that kilt couldn't be comfortable. I don't know how anyone could just stand not being under the confines of a pair of boxers.

But I digress.

I had worked my way up to them, just as KK offered Blade a drink from his Flask.

"Care for some whiskey? Might liven this trip up some."

"If the kid doesn't want any, I'll take some." I chuckled, sticking my hands in my pants pockets, pushing the bottom of my coat up some.

Apr 29, 12 at 6:00pm

I sat alone. I didn't bother talking to anyone, I just sat in my seat in the back of the train. A combination of excitement and nervousness made my heart pound. The silence made me drowsy.

As I drifted off to sleep, I whispered, "Volo fortuna ad ipse et aliis."

And gave in to sleep.

Apr 29, 12 at 5:48pm
The Kushala Kid

Oh yeah, I kinda forgot about that.

Apparently when you meet people from the internet in real life, there's a little bit of awkwardness because nobody really seems to quite know what to say, or in this case what name to use. It's a fair enough point though. I mean, if you've known a guy for years as *insert generic username here* and suddenly you come face to face with the same guy in the real world, except his name is *insert generic guy name here* what would you call him? I don't even know. I guess I'll stick to the internet names for now.

"Let's go with Kush. Sam just seems strange and scary right now." The kid nods.

"And Sam's my grandad. Well, was my grandad. You are Blade now. Makes you sound like some stereotypical badass." He nodded again, too quiet compared to the internet.

Now, that was out of the way, I just have to kill the awkwardness. And I have just the thing, random incoherent bullshit.

"So, did you know that the reason nobody has ever seen the Loch Ness monster is because they're looking in the wrong place. Despite the name, Nessie actually inhabits Loch Lomond, and so any travellers that take the low road like the song says, usually meet with a gruesome munchy demise. Also, she only eats the ugly ones. Not sure why."
The look on his face says it all. It was pretty much screaming 'What the *bleep*?!' at me.

"Listen to me son, alcohol's a bad bad thing. Messes with your head, and my God does it hurt in the morning after. On that note," I extend the hipflask to him, still open, "care for some whiskey? Might liven this trip up a little bit."

Apr 29, 12 at 4:17pm

I felt like a total idiot. Of course, being my messed-up self, I feel stupid in any public situation, but this in particular was worse. In a normal public place, I'm only worried about being thought of as an idiot by total strangers. But these people here, I respected them. They were, for all intents and purposes, my friends, and for some of them, family. Hell, a few of these guys raised me more than my actual family did, and here I showed up in a pair of jeans, my "A Better Way" shirt, and my jacket while everyone else seemed to be dressed up in suits.

I sighed, leaning onto the window. Still, I figured that they probably wouldn't think much less of me. Probably. At least none of my creations would judge me. Well, probably. Then again, they are all adults, and I'm only 15. I was slightly amused by the thought of them trying to take control just because they're older than me. However, after thinking a few seconds about who they actually are, it seemed even more ridiculous.

Sitting back up, I checked my phone. I told all of my friends that I'd be busy and not to message me, and, to my chagrin, they listened. And, although I doubted there was anyone here to enforce the law, my own morals prevented me from drinking. I'm usually pretty stable for long rides, but I hadn't been on a train for probably over 10 years, and I didn't bring anything to entertain me. Fed up, I stood and looked around for my closest comrade-in-arms.

Seeing the kilt, I knew I had the right guy. I quickly walked over and plopped myself down next to him. "Okay, so let's get this awkward part out of the way. Do I call you Kushy or Sam or what? Because I knew you as Kushy first, so Sam just seems weird." We chuckled a bit, so I knew I was doing something right. "You can call me Stephen or Bladesta or whatever, just not Steve. Steve's my father." I said with a small grin on my face.

Apr 29, 12 at 12:36pm

I'm sitting near the back. Not the back of the train per se, but the back of the particular compartment we're all waiting patiently in to see exactly what's in store for us. There's plenty of empty seats here. Makes you wonder about lost possibilities. Who could've been in those seats; who ended up there in the long-run.

Thinking philosophically about train seats... keep up the great work, Steve.

I'm letting my mind wander again. Everyone here... I've worked with them before. Done writing projects with almost every single one of them, all over the course of a year and a half. And here they all are again, in one place. I have fond memories of writing with these people. Good to see them again.

But then there's my creations themselves. Am I really going to interact with them? Will they accept me as the person who sloppily threw their background stories together late at night when he was having trouble falling asleep? Hell, will they even *bleep*ing care? Probably not. But it's good to come back again either way.

I'm glad Roy included me. Here's hoping I don't make him regret it by the end of this.

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