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Apr 20, 12 at 12:59amA Wind Powered Moose

Uttered only in hushed whispers in the seediest corners of the world are the vile words that paralyze many players' hearts with icy fear and dread.

ELO Hell!

Yes, my friends, it does exist. I, too, thought it was a myth perpetrated by bad players who blamed some magical vortex of skill that kept them rooted to the lower brackets. However, after extensive research, I can finally confirm its existence. Now that this slippery beast has been definitely caught in our headbeams, let's discuss this monster. Mainly just bitching/venting...

I was on my way to 1400 when suddenly, ELO Hell struck! My team managed to throw a game where I was 11/2/5 in the first twenty minutes. Our Teemo, against everyone's wishes, felt like he just had to push top the entire game. Especially when the other team had baron and were pushing into our base. What's three turrets and an inhibitor when you're going to get those sick creep frags and a turret? Going to lose if we drag it out into late game because we lack tankiness and our Vlad is dumb? Doesn't matter, Captain Teemo'll push that mother*bleep*ing top lane harder you've ever seen!

Did it stop there? Oh no, my friends! The next three games, count 'em THREE, our AD carry leaves while we're far in the lead. I feel as though Riot is monitoring my activities and never wants me to break out of the 1300s. It's clutching at me like some clingy ex who can't get over the fact that we're done and I'm moving on to bigger and better things.

I feel like the secret is to get a strong top, like WW or Lee Sin, and just *bleep*ing carry that shit for all you're worth. I mean really just heave all of your useless dullard teammates onto your brawny shoulders and drag them kicking and screaming into the enemy base and throw them at the nexus.

Hopefully you guys avoid this horrible fate. I pray for you.

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Apr 30, 12 at 11:57am

It's true you may get DCers or baddies on your team, but eventually they'll be on the opposite side as well.

If you want to win more games in lower elo, you have to pick a character that are better at 1vMany / kiters. Like you said, Morg and Ryze are good vs many targets cuz they can kite. Morg can't really be countered though, sort of like Galio. Ryze's range isn't too great, but he's a solid choice because he can kite enemy initiators and gets beefy late game.

Duo q'ing with a friend also increases your chances more if he's around your skill level or higher.

Apr 30, 12 at 9:53am

Was supposed to play support Nunu for a Kog in a ranked today. Ended up jungling because one person randomed due to not picking a champion. He got Katarina. So, Pantheon destroyed our Fiora top, Ahri couldn't hold her own against Mordekaiser mid, and Ashe/Soraka sustained against Kat/Kog. Ugh...that 0/5/4 Kat. xD I haven't done ranked in a while and lost 25 elo due to decay, too.

Apr 30, 12 at 8:15am
A Wind Powered Moose

Barrier number two! I just started playing ranked again and had a straight victory streak up to 1400, but as soon as I entered into 1400 the rampant arguing and quitting started again. I lost, then won the next game back up into 1400. This time, TWO people quit after arguing for ten minutes about whose build was stupider.
Back down to 1390 I went. Promptly stomped and back up into 1400. Bot lane feeds vayne four kills in the first 6 minutes. I just don't know how it happened.

We managed to win that game, but holy crap, these 1400 lads are of a different breed.

Apr 24, 12 at 2:34am

quote A Wind Powered Moose
I would play mid if I was any good at it. I'm only good with like four mid champs. Ziggs, Brand, Morg, and Ryze, but those last two go without saying. You could be a blind, deaf, and dumb and still win games with them.
It is hilarious when you find a bad morgana xD. Until its on your team ... Had the crappiest morg on my team once- fed mid like a thanksgiving turkey then afked. Insta reported by the whole team after game .

Apr 23, 12 at 11:23am
A Wind Powered Moose

I would play mid if I was any good at it. I'm only good with like four mid champs. Ziggs, Brand, Morg, and Ryze, but those last two go without saying. You could be a blind, deaf, and dumb and still win games with them.

Apr 23, 12 at 11:18am

Yeah that may be the trick to this. Although being AP carry mid can also have it's benefits. I find that going for a more important role in solo queue to be the best idea, definitely carry-standard role. Can't trust the pubs!

Apr 23, 12 at 11:11am
A Wind Powered Moose

Ya see, I'm starting to think that's the secret. If there's one role you should play in solo queue, it needs to be AD carry. If you're good enough that you can just disregard the feeding and horribad plays your teammates make long enough to get farmed up, you can just carry.

I've been approaching this all wrong; I've been under the impression that I should play da jangles so that I can support every lane at the same time. The problem is, most junglers fall off late game, with a few exceptions, so I can't carry dat shit if the rest of the team is super bad, or if our AD carry leaves. =/

I'll probably just start pickin' Graves every game now.

Apr 23, 12 at 7:47am

Sounds like my normals yesterday. Three games in a row, leavers/laggers on my team. Me and Lorx have been rather successful by duo'ing in ranked. I mostly supported him bot. Funny for the highest elo in the team to pick support. xD But I love it. We were 3-0. The last ranked we did...I didn't support him, and we had this Sona who died once, dc'ed, reconnected and went haywire. She ult'ed...our inhibitor turret. No one there, she just did it. She also ult'ed our Nexus. Oh and never placed wards, and fed a bit...a. Sona with down's syndrome.

Apr 21, 12 at 7:34pm

I have that problem too, I love Ezreal, but...he's Ezreal. Played Vlad a lot back when he got overnerfed...etc etc.

Apr 21, 12 at 5:15pm
A Wind Powered Moose

quote Bass Ultra
Play with me and my 1000 elo. :>
We can defs duo if you want to some time.

There's some image out there that details how different ELOs play the game, 1300-1400 is where everyone just buys millions of wards. I hit that stage like months ago. =/ I play da jungler usually, so I do my fair share of warding.

I also have the opposite problem, I only play characters who aren't top tier. It's like I'm a hipster or something.

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