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Apr 19, 12 at 11:07amMaster

There's no thread to brag or to share unusual events?

This one isn't the most exciting of stories, but it should get the ball rolling: Last night, I was in a game with a few friends and they ended up on the opposite team. When a new round started, I switched teams, joined their squad, and then spawned on one of my friends - but as soon as I spawned, an enemy ran by, so I killed him. It was my friend.

I guess I got team-switched as soon as I spawned, and I was in the RU cap as a US, and proceeded to take down everybody unawares.

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May 10, 16 at 11:11am

I haven't had any particularly amazing moments except this one minor event that occurred sometime last year.

I was *bleep*ing around in BF3 as I hadn't played it in a long time. I was playing conquest with the engineer class. I had an RPG. From a far I see this helicopter coming toward me as I'm about to capture a flag. Weird thing is most pilots steer their helicopters very evasively. This guy however was different. He traveled in an unusually straight path. Seeing this I knew I had a good chance at shooting him down. And so I lined up my RPG, fired, and BOOM! Down it goes.

Considering RPG has no such thing as a lock on it felt great knowing I had just shot him down and also captured the flag.

Sep 14, 15 at 6:24am

This is another of my favorite sniper duels in recent history

Map - Firestorm

Loadout - Recon, M98B, 12X Scope, Bipod, Soflam, Radio Beacon

I am a level 16 colonel and as mentioned before trying hard to get better at long ranged targets as a Recon. My team is obviously taking a beating (just my luck) and its down to the last 30 tickets in the game.

I spawn on a squadmate at the top of the hill near the base and it is under heavy suppression by the enemy chopper. I run around trying to take cover but get shot down by an enemy sniper. In the Kill Feed I see its a level 100 colonel on the tower crane near A.

We all know that Level 100 Colonels are like hell hounds from purgatory itself, their skill is beyond supernatural, they can just take out choppers with bipod-enabled knives (Battlefield Friends anyone?). So yeah, with the ticket count going down to zero rapidly I spawn on a Radio Beacon on the same mountain and run to cover and scope out this Level100.

The BF theme for losers has started playing so I know that the game will end any second, I go prone and sure enough get suppressed by the Level100 Sniper. That "Chatt chatt" of the bullets as they whizz pass my head and the blurred view make it more difficult I dont even have time to deploy my bipod. With literally seconds to spare I scope him out, range him at just above 100m take aim and fire as the music builds up like it always does and the screen starts to fade. Right before it fades though I get the Hit marker and the KIll! (Marksman Bonus 104).,

Going up against a Level 100 Colonel is so much fun man seriously!

Sep 14, 15 at 6:08am

Conquest - Firestorm

So I am trying to be a better Recon and this is the kit I am using for this one game:

M98B, 12x scope, Bipod, Soflam, Radio Beacon.

Even with the M98B's stopping power I have to be dead on accurate since I am using a Bipod and if I get a body shot the enemy will find cover and disappear / find cover and kill me / (worse) someone else will get an easy kill and I will get a measly Kill Assist . So I have to make each shot count and this is easy enough under 100-150m but I am looking for longer range targets and this is a story about that.

I am in the RU team (not sure, the one where the sun is towards the right) soon as I spawn i head to that little mountain that shields the base from the rest of the map. I go to the very top and lay down my soflam on the edge to help lock on vehicles (jets on the enemy's side were on a rampage). I then find some nice surface behind cover and lay down the Radio Beacon too so I can respawn easily without having to make the long run up the mountain.

I get easy enough kills picking out the noob recons on the towers at C but get taken out by another sniper. In the kill feed I cannot recognise where he is shooting from so when I respawn on my spawn beacon, I plan my Soflam again at the top (all the while being shot at by the same sniper and his cronies who I assume have spawned on him after he shot me). Soon as I have planted the Soflam I get behind cover and use it to look around for this sniper.

It takes a while to locate him, I see him wedged on the highest tower at C (the one with the ladder and platform at the top). Only that he is not exactly on the platform, he has somehow managed to get into the gap between the platform and is making easy meat out of my team mates. I only barely see him as he realigns to stake out targets at A and B.

I go prone behind some bushes to mask my scope glint and adjust the crosshairs (the distance I roughly estimate to be about 300m or so), you know that this is not an easy task in itself. Now his spot is so that my bullets wont hit him, they keep hitting the platform and the other structural elements around him. I decide to call it quits on this target.

He has noticed that I am trying to get to him and he turns his attention to me, we are chatting all the while making snide remarks and such, me complimenting him on his skills, etc. Sure enough I spot his scope glint. I know now that I have a few seconds before he can kill me so I take careful quick aim and fire. I unscope for another bullet to be loaded into the chamber all the while following the bullet.. and lo and behold! it goes into that tiny gap between the tower and platform and hits him..and kills him...those fractions of seconds where you get the Hit marker and the Kill are so satisfactory..

and get this.. Marksman bonus 370m!

That was one of the most intense Sniper duels I have faced, Not only was I at a disadvantage in location but also he had a clear upper hand in terms of difficulty in securing a hit. Not to forget his Straight Pull Bolt enabled M98B that allowed for quick follow-up shots.

We continue talking after this and after the game ends I get a friend request from him.

It was a proud moment

Jul 13, 14 at 6:12pm

I was playing as RU on the team, It was conquest large and Grand Bazaar was the map, famous for it's alleyway shootout. So we were losing 50 tickets against the enemy and I spawned at the RU deployment, went to the market and tried to take down the flag. most of the time I failed but there were success in between, constant enemies coming from the alleyway keep circling behind and killing me off but they leave the market instantly so I keep coming back and getting it to spawn there and keep the battle for the alleyway close. 35mins in the game and the enemy took a tank near the market and blew everyone off fighting at the alleyway entrance. It took me out so I re-spawned at RU Deployment as an engineer to pluck it out of service, I went behind the tank going through the highway flag and shot the tank since it was distracted.. I was using an RPG and hit the tank 3 times from behind (it was moving forward and backward slowly) after I've exhausted my ammo, the tank was still going so I went back a little bit since there was an ammo cache deployed nearby. I reloaded the rpg, went back behind it and shot 2 more... and it didn't explode or disable. Instead I got killed when a Recon coming from highway went through there and shot me. The tank exploded 10 minutes by our own RU tank but it was too late.. we lost the fight but it was a strange one 5 hits on a tank and no explosion? guess there was an engineer nearby...

Aug 13, 13 at 11:20pm

Yesterday I was playing TDM on Nebandan Flats and went 78 for 34 with a DAO-12 shotgun. My mate was also running a Saiga-12 and went 80 for 29.

Probably the most fun game of TDM I have ever played. So many wanks using the AEK-971 and M16A3 rage quit. One guy switched up to a DAO12 to try and counter me and I just ended up killing him more. Got him 15 times for 4. And not only did I headshot a rooftop sniper from a parachute, but I shot an enemy off of his parachute FROM my own parachute. Awesome fun LOL.

I also had a great RUSH game on Nebandan. Grabbed the Abrahms at the last base and shot down 4 choppers. My mate also managed to steal the enemy T-90. Got 49 for 18.

And to this day I still wonder why people use Javelins instead of RPG's when they DONT have a SOFLAM. They are just so easy to counter.

Aug 12, 13 at 4:51am

quote KR_1250
The bikes have made for some really fun and hilarious gameplay.
The bikes have been so much fun, love just doing tricks, capturing flags, swapping seats is fun-you feel like an action hero from a movie shooting while driving, running people over. Hope they include bikes in BF4.

Aug 12, 13 at 4:37am

quote Sev
One time i was on a motorbike with my friend on the back and we spotted an enemy motorbike with our flag. We then chased them down all around the map dodging obstacles, shooting eachother with bullets and rockets, nothing seemed to hit, we finally did take them down when they were 20m from their flag. It was one of those high speed chases in movies. Although this is nothing much it was very fun.
HAHA Awesome. I have had some awesome fun on the dirtbikes aswell. A tactic my mate and I use is he sits on the back with an RPG and we go tank hunting with me just running over any infantry we see on the way. We'll sneak up behind armor as my mate launches rockets then just circle the tank faster than its turret can rotate whilst he reloads. Awesome fun.

Also i was playing on Kaiser Railroad the other day and jumped a bike over the rampcoming from the US base at checkpoint "A". As i was in mid air i noticed a sniper bellow me, jumped off the bike and headshotted him before i landed on his body with a DAO-12. He must have shit himself.

And another tactic i have used is to switch seats as you are driving for kills. I done this whilst chasing another bike on Nebadan flats. He wasnt aware i was behind him, I pulled a wheelie (which also acts as a boost BTW) to catch up, switched to the rear seat, shotgunned him in the back then switched back to the front seat just in time to get f**ked in the brain with an enemy Javelin LOL.

The bikes have made for some really fun and hilarious gameplay.

Aug 11, 13 at 4:54am

One time i was on a motorbike with my friend on the back and we spotted an enemy motorbike with our flag. We then chased them down all around the map dodging obstacles, shooting eachother with bullets and rockets, nothing seemed to hit, we finally did take them down when they were 20m from their flag. It was one of those high speed chases in movies. Although this is nothing much it was very fun.

Aug 7, 13 at 12:45am

So lastnight I started a CQ game on Nedandan flats. Wanted to get on some jet action and just have a laugh.

I made a cannon run over the enemies base on full afterburner and BANG! A tank destroyed me with a cannon shot. First time ever.

About 1 minute later after i spawned in the next available jet I was flying over checkpoint C in a tight turn during a dogfight and BANG! A competely different player driving a different tank shot me down with another cannon shot! ARGH!

Man the whole jet piloting thing just went badly. I know when to give up. I switched to using the IFV's and ended up having a great game. Got both the tanks who shot me down using long range TOW missiles.

Awesome shooting from those tanks though... the bastards LOL.

Aug 6, 13 at 12:11am

quote donmonster
I usually carry a SMAW/rpg with me now, since every lobby says no IGLA/Stinger and no Javelins. Javelin I don't care much about as when I'm in a tank I can avoid them pretty well. I'm more concerned about what's after me in the air.
Yeah Javelins are only useful if you have a dedicated SOFLAM man or a tank making good use of a CITV station. They were more useful when the game first came out but there are too many experienced players around these days.

They are also good for taking out soft targets i suppose like Jeeps, buggies and motorbikes. But largely I run with normal AT launchers or a Stinger if a pilot keeps pstering me. I hate using the AA launchers because you have to lose your RPG/SMAW but no way am i letting a chopper just repeatedly kill me for a whole game.

How far ahead do I need to lead a chopper?
Hard question to answer unfortunately. But it is much more than with a tank shot. First of all like you say there is a delay and secondly the RPG/SMAW's projectile actually accelerates and gets faster in the air. As a result its trajectory flattens out the further away it gets.

However I only ever attack choppers which are within 50m-80m of myself. usually only if they directly attack me or my squad. And in that case your lead depends on the angle the chopper is flying in and how fast it is travelling. Unfortunately practice is the only way to do it. However I have a kind of tip for that:

Find a map you like with lots of choppers (Some of the AK and EG maps have two enemy choppers to shoot at). Then find a spot you like. Reach that spot as a support gunner and drop an ammo pack then go on a suicide C4 run. When you get the oppertunity to respawn choose the engineer class then just spam rockets from your chosen spot. You'll get infinite rockets from your own support ammo pack. It'll stay there unless destroyed by enemy fire.

A good choice for a spot is one of the upper floors of the skyscraper in "Death Valley". First of all theer are two enemy choppers, second of all you'll often be shooting down at choppers which helps negate the rockets drop lettign you focus on lead. And lastly if a chopper tries to attack you back you can move between rooms to avoid incoming fire and the walls between are indestructable. Rememeber to leave your ammo pack centralised within the core of the building. If you leave it on a ledge it can be easily destroyed.

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