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Apr 12, 12 at 5:33amR a i n

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Gilgamesh (3:47)
Coliseum DLC

Opponent - Gilgamesh
HP - 9,999,999
Common Drop - Power Crystal
Rare Drop - Genji Glove

Weapon - Gandiva (Chain Bonus Lv 5)
Accessories - Durable White Cape (75/100), Delicate Magician's Mark (25/100)

Weapon - Grasitha (Chian Bonus Lv 5)
Accessories - Durable Pain Dampener (75/100), Delicate Power Wristband (25/100)

Paradigms: (Serah - Noel - Monster)
Cerberus (N) ---------------------------- COM COM COM (Chichu)
Cerberus (N) ---------------------------- COM COM COM (Chichu)
Smart Bomb (N) ------------------------ SAB RAV RAV (Cloudburst)
Relentless Assault (N) ------------------ RAV RAV COM (Chichu)
Mystic Tower (N) ------------------------ RAV RAV SEN (Goblin Chieftain)
Solidarity (N) ---------------------------- COM MED SEN (Goblin Chieftain)

Hardly a strategy here other than build his chain using Ravagers and then Cerberus him to death. Few things to note though:

1. Once you're close to staggering him, say around 240%, use Goblin's Feral Link. That will give you all the necessary buffs except En-spells.

2. As soon as he staggers, use your debuffs. All three, Deprotect, Deshell & Imperil will stick in one turn.

3. Immediately after finishing your command for the debuffs, use Cloudburst's Feral Link which should give you those missing En-spells.

4. Then switch to Relentless assault for one turn. That should take his chain to around 650%, which is enough for Chichu to be hitting 90,000+, if his HP is high.

5. In your first Stagger, limit your damage to around 5 Million HP. You don't wanna get below that, or he'll use Enhance Power mode after he recovers. The limit could be at 4.5 Mil HP, as I tested him at 4.3 Mil, and he used Enhance Power. It should be either of those figures, but should only account for a difference of 5-7 seconds.

6. Now, after he recovers from first stagger, he'll be a little more aggressive but not crazy like the Enhance power mode. Use RAV RAV SEN more in this period to build his chain, and heal if needed in COM MED SEN.

7. Follow the same steps when you are about to stagger him, and go all out once he is staggered. This time, it is important that Chichu doesn't get hit with Pain.
You can do 6+ million damage in one stagger, so you are more than capable of finishing him off.

Other Comments:
Use Remedies, Painkillers & Wound Potions if needed, even though I didn't need any items in this battle except a Librascope.
Do make sure that all your monsters have their feral links charged before going into battle.

Here is the video for reference:

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Aug 11, 14 at 3:30pm

thanks for this. i made a wrong build using Don Tonberry instead of Tonberry hence STR of Chichu is only +25% instead of 35%. and another wrong move i've done is during the smart bomb i'm using auto hinder. a deprotect + deshell + 3 imperil is sufficient then proceed to the feral link of Cloudburst.

Nov 11, 13 at 5:11pm

YES! thanks to this i finally beat Gilgamesh. Thanks a lot! although i didn't get his crystal, he was the last challenger i needed to beat. question though. can i potentially swap out Mr. Goblin Chieftain for my incredibly-high-health Snow? i mean he has 8k health while Snow has 19k... or is Goblin Chieftain used for buffs?

also i sorta screwed up my cloudburst. namely i gave him rav bonus boost rather than ATB gauge +1. >.> still, t worked.

next objective: obtain Valfodr's crystal...

Jul 14, 13 at 1:47pm

Hey Rain, your such a liar, 3 minutes, I tried your strategy and its a fail even when I heal pain from chichu, it takes around 12 minutes & 48 seconds too even get Gilgamesh too 3 million in HP, plus that little test so he doesn't use enhance power is bull, I got him too 5 million and he uses it right then and there, I don't know if your math is correct, but your timing is incredibly off.

Feb 1, 13 at 1:25pm

I was able to use this method using the exact same Cloudburst and Chieftain. My Chichu has 1330 strength and while he was hitting for 99999 most of the time, he wasn't all the time. The end result was that I had to stagger him a 3rd time to finish the job ( he had about 1/5 bar left at the end of the 2nd ). He gets a little difficult on the last stagger, but with that sentinel, it's very manageable.

Thanks for the tips - just started playing about 3 weeks ago after being after from the FF series for a number of years. Played FF13 before christmas and once I got over the "linear" gameplay, I began liking it. Decided to try 13-2 and do not regret it.

Sep 16, 12 at 2:37pm
gilgamesh rising

hey no problem, when you dont have chichu like i did lightning is the best option youll have, hurray for experimenting!

Sep 15, 12 at 7:36am

I'VE DONE IT!!!!!!!! With 1HP on Noel Serah and Chichu, I beat Gilgamesh, Turns out it's because Chichu didn't have two infusions. Thank you Rain, your strategy worked flawlessly. And thank you Gilgamesh Rising as I abused Legion of One afterwards to get Gilgamesh's Crystal, now I'm using my favorite character in all Final Fantasy, thank you both so much, so now I just need Snow. So If someone could tell me how to beat him I'd appreciate it.

Sep 14, 12 at 5:19pm
gilgamesh rising

i almost forgot, requiem lightning has break damage limit so she can go past 100k if shes got real high strength, with just power crystals she can get to 1200-1300 easy, i didnt but she reach just over 1k with potents, and dont forget to get a tonberry so you can give her STR+35%, with that mines total STR is 1297, which is sadly just 100 less than my gilgamesh

Sep 14, 12 at 5:15pm
gilgamesh rising

do you have requiem lightning? (the commando version of lightning)
if so use her instead of chichu as i did, she is more concrete in beating gilgamesh because she has the most abusable feral link, make sure b4 you stagger him the last time its ready, once it is stagger him then if you havnt killed him and hes almost dead use her feral link when the gauge is at almost nothing then serah and noel will rip him apart with 6-10 scourge attacks which increase damage by 10x! makes them do easy high damage! my noel almost did 100k damage in a single hit because of this, this happens because while lightning is using legion of one which is longer than army of one a little serah and noel will keep attacking, try this and see if you beat him , if you cant then get tons of elixirs from chocobo racing (i suggest training a black chocobo to 99 as they get the best grades)

Sep 14, 12 at 6:37am
R a i n

Last 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000?

If you're still having trouble, use Noel or Serah's Ultimate Move just as the stagger is about to finish, to give you some extra stagger duration.

Sep 9, 12 at 4:28pm

Got him down to one qeue worth of HP but he broke the Stagger when he still had a decent chunk of stagger left. He keeps spamming Slice Thrice (Probably named it wrong, it's his Triple strike) On another attempt, he one-shotted Goblin Chieftan. Now I'm stuck on the last 10,000 HP, I can get him there frequently but I can never go over it.

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