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Apr 03, 12 at 1:41pmScarchelli

So, I just saw someone mention one of their pet peeves on Facebook, so I thought about my pet peeves. I have a couple I could think of right now:

I think the biggest, at least off the top of my head, is when someone calls you, you miss the call, call them back seconds later, but then they don't answer.

Or when you are talking to someone and you say, "No I've never done that." And they say, "Wow, you've never done that?" No, I haven't, why don't you rub it in more?

Those always gets me going, how about you guys?

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Jun 29, 12 at 3:55pm

I've been reminded of one I hold dearly.

*bleep*ing car horns that beep when people lock or unlock their cars.

You'll be reasonably calm and enjoying the day when suddenHONK. WHAT THE *bleep* WAS THAT. OH! You didn't KNOW your car would lock, so it has to SHOUT at you to reassure you.

In vehicular language, honking is a way of bringing attention to a vehicle, to communicate something. Such as "Here I am!" or "What are you doing, GO!"

But please, when one person needs to lock their car, THE ENTIRE WORLD DOES NOT HAVE TO HEAR IT. I'll be crossing a street then HONK. What? Am I about to get run over or something? Did I cross in front of someone or something? The coast was clear! OOOOH SOME SCHMUCK WAS JUST LOCKING THEIR CAR! It's even worse when you're relatively calm and peaceful and suddenly your environment is disturbed by an abrupt and harsh sound emitted from someone's car through the press of a button. Are flashing lights not enough to signal locking? IS PULLING THE DOOR HANDLE NOT ENOUGH TO TEST IF IT'S LOCKED!?!?!

Clearly I'm a bit peeved.

Jun 07, 12 at 8:16pm

quote KR_1250

Im turning youtube off before i ram my head through my monitor...

Woosah, woosah.
Especially creationists who get into my university. If I were their biology teachers, I would give them all the grades they deserve: an F.

Jun 07, 12 at 7:48pm

When people say a movie is the best movie they've ever seen simply because there was a big buildup, it's popular, or they liked the book and go on and on and on about it for ages when obviously it isn't the best movie ever, far from it.
I know, doesn't happen often, but The Hunger Games has been way overrated, and I just wanted to share my feelings about that, for one. It's a prime example here.

Jun 07, 12 at 5:25am


Im turning youtube off before i ram my head through my monitor...

Woosah, woosah.

Jun 04, 12 at 5:15am

It's pretty hard to grind my gears but here's a recurring one that I just can't ignore: the endlessly mooching fat friend. Now this behavior can come from people of all shapes and sizes, but it's guaranteed with bigger folk in my experience. That one friend who, especially when you're at home grabbing a snack or preparing a meal, you KNOW is going to wander over and ask for a piece of whatever it is you're having. Without fail. Happens every time. My antidote to this situation is preparing a meal so lavish and time-consuming that the fat friend couldn't possibly justify asking to partake, as they've contributed nothing to it. This is the natural extension of that one kid we all knew who never brought a snack to recess and thought it was his right to mooch off of everyone else. Now of course I have no qualms about being charitable with my food, but on my terms you know?

Jun 04, 12 at 4:56am

~ Sound of Styrofoam squeaking and/or rubbing against another
~ High pitched noises
~ People who won't stop talking
~ Kids who think I like them and try to hang out with me, but in reality I hate them
~ School
~ Rain
~ The smell of cigarette smoke
~ People who like quiet all the time, sometimes LOUD is good
~ Eating with mouth open
~ Anything screeching in a high pitched note or tone, like chalkboards etc..
~ People who change once another person comes and they act differently towards them and they're previous personality changes

Jun 04, 12 at 3:54am

When people sing and don't hit the right notes. That is my very biggest pet peeved. I hear someone singing and just want to say "STFU you tone-deaf piece of...crap!"

Another is when my parents stop me in the middle of whatever I am doing for something completely trivial. *Playing Mario Kart 7 against the world* "You forgot to turn the light off!" Me: "Yeah, yeah." Mom: "Turn it off if you want to play Mario Kart tomorrow!" Me: "I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF A F***ING RACE! WHY CAN'T YOU DO IT YOURSELF IF YOU WANT IT OFF SO BAD!!!???"

May 30, 12 at 4:16am

It was so warm i barely slept lastnight,

My antismoking patch fell out of my hand into the bin,

Work is dragging in,

EVERYTHING is a peeve today. EVERY-f***ing-THING !!!

May 29, 12 at 6:22pm

My personal pet peeve is when I type up about a 5 page essay about a subject that i put a lot of thought in for the someone (Usually my crush) and all i get in response is"Oh" or "Ok" Makes me mad every time

May 29, 12 at 2:38am

Im about ready to punch someone here.

I hate it when people just stand behind my desk talking shite when im trying to work, bugger off and stand at your own desk you inconsiderate git.

Also cannot stand people standing in doorways talking, stand on one side or the other. I just nudge them as i pass. HINT F***ING HINT MATE !!!

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