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Mar 26, 12 at 8:05pmWolfGamerXD

Ok so I'm at the 4* urgent quest, and I'm just wondering. What is the best equipment for him? I have Snow Twins but what armor would be good? I realize something with good thunder resistance, but what armor set would be best? And any tips/tricks for him? Thanks for your time!

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Mar 4, 16 at 7:12pm
RevEX Gaming

When i fought it i recommend getting frost razor(iron katana upgrade to + then craft frost razor)and the barroth set barroth is pretty easy but get frost razor first then fight barroth once getting fight the jinouga you might wanna be carefull as it is very agile so if possible use triagle and circle at the same time so if he misses the attack get through also keep regard of your health it damaged me really good with a Furogi Set (lv7)as much as possible dont use your potions to much as its fairly strong
hit the tail and get those sparkly things on the ground you may get rare things like the plate
hit the head you might get the horn however you should be careful
Hit the back legs to trip it very effective so once tripping it attack the tail and other sweet spots

Sep 22, 13 at 7:01am

be careful when u fight jinouga especially when he's fully charge.......his moves are upredictable and can chain his attacks(although its full predictable for experienced hunters)and at that time when i was your level i used only yukumo armor and an upgraded heavy was really hard but i killed it(barely though)

when he's charging(the thunderbug charge thing) aim at the head until it flinch or simply use flash bomb( i forgot if there's a supply flash bomb given in the box ) so anyway if you have a hard time dodging his hand smash attack or whatever that is called......just dodge to the opposite direction where he wants to hit for example if he smashes at right and obviously your standing to the other side particularly his left side
and vice versa!!!!!

Jul 3, 13 at 3:17pm
Karasu Kane

For the most part, the Aoashira set of armor is pretty much good for all of the Village Elder's quests until you get to the Rathalos parts. But I used the Aoashira set and the Ice Longsword. It's going to be a little hard when you first fight him, so I suggest you just go for the capture, but don't bring any shock traps because that only helps charge him up. Bring plenty of potions/mega potions/ herbs and if you have these made max potions/ancient potions. bring tranq bombs and a pitfall trap. At the beginning of the quest you'll also be given a supply pitfall trap. 2 pitfall traps is enough to deal with the Jinouga. Also another thing to NOT attempt to use a flash bomb while the Jinouga is charging up, because that also helps charge it up faster. I also suggest brining cure seeds because if you're hit with any of the lightening attacks, you'll get thunder blight, and thunder blight makes it easer for you to be stunned. so bring those just in case.

Jan 2, 13 at 6:35am

I beat him at the Bulldrome quest. I nearly shat myself when my screen wents nuts with Warning, then I heard his scream. I literally said out loud, "What the *bleep* was that.." then slowly I went searching and was in for a sad surprise when this guy walked up. It was pretty easy, I got him pretty quick, it was difficult, but his movements are so easy to remember, He reminds me of a Tigrex, with his movement speed, and just keep moving, I ran in, hit him with LS combo and would run and evade while he attacked.

Dec 16, 12 at 1:00pm

here is some attacks from jinouga wolfgamerXD thunderball shoot:jinouga will jump in low air while spinning and there u can see some thunderballs coming out since it can do high damage. use sword and shield with ice elemented,i recommened you use nordic butcher.
ground punch:jinouga will start punching at the ground causing some damage to you keep rolling from his side until his finish to do it,he'll do it for 2 or 3 times (he can only do 3 times punch when he charged himself
run and ram:he will charge at u doing med damage
tail whack:jinouga will hit you by his tail on the ground
spinning tail attack:jinouga will hit u by his tail circle causing some thunder ailments on if he jump and spin in circle
calling thunder:he will make a howl and there's thunder popping out of the ground causing massive damage on you (if he's enrage)
thunder charge:jinouga will howl and there's thunder circling around him if u make enough damage to him he will get hurt and stop charging(in his final charge a powerful thunder will pop out of his body if u get near to it it will cause you powerful damage
cannon bolt:jinouga will step back and jump over you with his right hand rising up causing you to blew away nad makes powerful damage
ps:his attacks gets more worse and he's beginning to be faster than ever when he finish doing his final thunder charge.hope this help you wolf gamer

Oct 29, 12 at 2:00am

me i used a aoshira armor and i used a ice hammer,for tail i used ice longsword

May 4, 12 at 7:09pm

Whatever weapon you're most adept with. Though I used a LS and Hammer and preferred the LS for the speed and I love cutting tails. As said earlier, Pitfalls over Shock and Shocks don't work when he's fully charged. Otherwise, he's kinda fun. Enjoy and rage if you decide to make his armor and require a plate.

Apr 11, 12 at 7:12am

take whatever weapon you are best with and find the best ice version you can get.
get the best armor you can that has thunder resistance. upgrade it til you have the most defence

now for jinouga you want to be agressive, but not so much so that you get owned.

when you can, attack him, especially when hes charging up, as you DONT want him to finish. if you can, take along a trap or two (just not shock traps as those dont afect him) and a few flashbombs, as they can buy you some useful time. aside from that do what Narcissus said and watch his movements, and learn what you need to do when he does a move.

Mar 27, 12 at 1:42pm

To be honest just take a while to study his movement and then use whichever class you are best with.

Try not to rely on spamming pitfalls, you are better off learning how to kill it without the free damage

Mar 27, 12 at 8:49am

I self used a ice LS and aoshira armor
My tip use aoshira armor use much PITFALTRAP not shock traps

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