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Mar 26, 12 at 7:27amSpectre

Please continue the conversation here.

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quote BrokenKnights
It's absolutely a creation story. The universe resetting itself every 50,000 years. The harbingers taking on the form of life or past life. A Christ-ish figure choosing how to remake the world, needing to sacrifice himself in the process.

I completely see why people weren't fans of the ending. But, to me, this is the sort of ending I love. The way you explain it using "Matrix terms" is that indoctrination = being Agent Smith. Neo (well really the Oracle...) needed to let Smith posses him in order to infiltrate the Matrix program and reset it the way he (she) wanted to (instead of letting the machines reset it the way they wanted to, as they had done many times before). The same is true in Mass Effect. The Reapers reset the Universe every 50,000 years in a manner they saw fit. In order to infiltrate their "network" or I guess the Catalyst, Shepard needed to be indoctrinated (something I actually didn't even catch). Then he gets to decide what happens.

I don't see how any of the endings can be the "right" one. It's a game about choices. It's fitting that you get to chose the ending.

EDIT: Also, don't think it was random at all. They've been setting this up since ME1. The fact that the Collectors were the Protheans is the first solid hint.
Also, Andy? Now there's a sight.

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Jan 26, 13 at 2:41am
Coi Cki

I must say, I'm quite impressed with the Mass Effect trilogy... My gaming is in a decline now and games in general just can't keep me interested for long. It's rare for me to do more than one playthrough (if that) these days, but I've played through all three Mass Effect - games three times now. And I still need to do a Renegade playthrough, to which I look forward to.

I am curious as to how ME4 will turn out to be. Hopefully they'll listen to feedback, and act accordingly.

All in all, Shepard's story is epic, even though ME3 diminishes that epicness some.

Jan 25, 13 at 12:35am

quote finalfight
ME3 was mostly a great game,
Mneh, i wouldnt even go that far. I wasnt very impressed personally.

It certainly had the potential to be a great game i'd give it that.

Jan 24, 13 at 11:59pm

yeah cause apart from (in some people's opinions) ME3 and TOR, which being an MMO was destined to fail anyway, Bioware hasn't really made a bad game IMO. i also liked DA2 which was widely panned by everyone, mostly because of how it takes place almost exclusively in Kirkwall and outlying areas, which i think is an incredibly stupid reason. the city is huge and varies extremely, plus there's lots of caves and stuff (and yes i know they recycle the same 3 or 4 caves, but big whoop). DA2 was still really fun because i love how they made the combat a lot less boring than DAO's and i for one thought the story was cool and epic, even if it wasnt all about the darkspawn.

but they also made Baldur's Gate, or the 2nd one anyway, and that's pretty much the best dungeon crawling RPG ever.

Jan 24, 13 at 6:07am

ME3 was mostly a great game, so while my willingness to go back and play the trilogy has been destroyed I haven't lost faith entirely in Bioware's ability to make a good game. Though the two head guys leaving the team is worrisome. I'll most likely rent the game to see if I really want it and wait for it to drop in price.

Jan 24, 13 at 12:02am

quote Fatherbrain30
I'm only curious at four, not excited like I was for three.
Yeah pretty much how i feel.

I'd give it a chance but i'd be very critical of the story. I'd be sort of scrutinising it much more carefully than previous games and trying to work out if it was worth investing lots of time in.

Jan 23, 13 at 4:40pm

since i was clearly not as put off by the ending as every single other human on the planet, i very much welcome the next game, to see what its like if anything. i was thinking it could be like DAO where you pick from various races to be the "hero" of the game and each race has different origin stories like DAO. only since Bioware has a lot more experience now, they can expand way past DAO and make it even more in depth.

quote Coi Cki
Shepard himself being partially synthetic (if that is him drawing breath in the middle of the rubble)
well it says N7 on the chest, so its either Shepard or Anderson since theyre the only N7s around.

Jan 23, 13 at 2:01pm

I'm only curious at four, not excited like I was for three.

Jan 23, 13 at 2:43am

Do any of you guys feel that Mass Effect 3 has put you off of the series?

Has it changed the way you would consider say a sequel, prequel or other games within the mass effect universe.

For me i feel i'd give any new game a chance certainly. But i'd definately be approaching it with far less confidence and enthusiasm.

Jan 20, 13 at 6:41am

EDI, Shepard himself being partially synthetic (if that is him drawing breath in the middle of the rubble), and we're not shown what happens to the Geth.
The extended cut makes it clear Edi's dead.

Jan 20, 13 at 2:51am
Coi Cki

Just finished a complete Mass Effect playthrough, starting from the first game, ending in the Destruction of the Reapers... This ending leaves a LOT to speculate about. The Star Child - Catalyst - seemingly lied to Shepard about all synthetic life being destroyed. EDI, Shepard himself being partially synthetic (if that is him drawing breath in the middle of the rubble), and we're not shown what happens to the Geth.

A couple minor notions... The Reaper (Harbinger?) guarding the beam, when charging for it has 4 legs when it fires at the soldiers and vehicles rushing for the beam. But when the Reaper takes off, it has 5 legs.

And then the absense of all but human ships fighting the Reapers around the Citadel.. I went all over the galaxy to get help to fight the Reapers, not to sell tickets to the Humanity vs Reapers Showdown...

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