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Mar 24, 12 at 7:06pmMetal Shadow

So as I have been playing, I have used at least one of each weapon class, except clubs. Is there a weapon or weapon class that is just above the rest? I understand it comes down to personal preference in the very end, but when I was playing online, it seemed everybody was using claws or bows. I was using palms, yet they seemed to do now damage.

So the question is: Is there a weapon class that is cut above, OR below the rest?

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Nov 12, 16 at 5:09am

End-all arm. That weapon kills INSANELY fast.
Its range is pretty low, but at close range it's killer.
Think of it like the Sploosh-O-Matic in Splatoon.

Jan 27, 13 at 9:16am
Death by blade

I always use a crusader blade I have gotten so many kills with that thing it is not even funny

Dec 12, 12 at 5:08am

quote Epsalon X
quote Sokolniki
quote AJ from KI:U|message:33163087
I use several weapons, of all types, but my favorite for PvP is Arms. They dish out massive damage, particularly during melee dash attacks, and work best at medium-close range, where most people happen to be in PvP. I use staffs in single player mode so I can back up and fire while being able to dodge most, if not all, enemy attacks. Right now, I'm trying to fuse for a high-value Upperdash Arm with dash charge and melee dash bonuses, as well as a high-value Babel Club with standing charge and shot homing bonuses. Anyone familiar with these weapons can see where I'm coming from. As for the "best" weapon, it's always going to be something your opponent with the Knuckle Staff Sandwich doesn't expect. Experiment with unconventional strategies! And DO NOT EVER boost similar stats... They're just about redundant and are very, very predictable.
Redundancy is a tricky thing when looking at a wide variety of issues and cannot be treated simply as an issue of "it's wasteful, generalize to cover all your bases". In public management of economic resources, redundancy is ultimately just a waste of resources and you are indeed better off just pooling multiple agencies that do effectively the same thing into a single agency and using the money saved on other ventures. In armed combat, redundant design is that extra edge you have to exploit over an enemy. This is most notably seen in aerial combat where that extra twelve million or so $ U.S. that was spent to achieve a 1 degree difference in turning radius over your opponent kept you alive and resulted in the splashing of the bandit.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising, stacking various stats of similiar benefits can provide a significant advantage if you are able to exploit them. + Homing and +Charged Shot and +Dash Charged Shot bonuses on a weapon that already has strong homing and charged shot capabilities results in instagibs from across the map or around corners... with Slip Shot, through walls. Stacking +Evasion with + Overall Defense and + Health, all of which benefits your survivability can greatly extend your life expectancy even when being focused down by 2 fighters + an angel. The main thing is you have to adopt a strategy that best takes advantage of your stacked nature. If you are that across the map instagibber, you'll want Warp for those "Anywhere but here" moments. I saw one staff user who used it to devastating effect on the more open maps. We'd finally get up to him and poof, he's back at a range where he hits for half or the entire health bar, and he's transparent. If you go with a surivability oriented build, you'll want at least one mobility power to help with closing the gap with your desired targets so you can get their attention and throw them off their game. You have to be able to dictate the nature of the fight as a "Specialist".

Wow...that was really thought out and deep...I'm impressed.

Personally, I like the claws best, followed by the blades, but every weapon type has at least one weapon that it strong in its type's weakest area. For example, the claws are meant for melee combat, but the Beam Claws are good for rapid, long ranged attacks as well. Still my preferred weapon, But then again mine has a 4.5 range, and 4.0 melee power value.

i have used laser staff and beam claws i love just attacking from adistans a
on pvp but if i need to i will attack i noticed that when i was using laser sttaffs would always beat me when i used beam claws bows would win so what has range and good meelee earthmaul club sometimes during light versus dark i will shoot with forward dash if i am in a highr elevation . but i will 2 hit ko anyone with my club plus it burns and poisons

Oct 25, 12 at 4:26pm

Ya Very Weak Tiger Claws.

Official Noob Weps:
Magnus Club
Eyetrack Orbitars
Taurus Arm

Oct 25, 12 at 2:43pm

I use a pair of Tiger Claws. They are literally sexy. 95 damage for dash melee, about 100 damage for a melee combo, and a charged shot up close does 90. The continuous fire is 5.4 damage per hit, which is about 30 damage per second.
And it makes a lovely cutting sound when you hit someone :]

Oct 1, 12 at 9:09pm

Cannons are becoming a huge favourite of mine with Orbitars and Staffs. I use every weapon from time to time except arms because they're a combination of everything I hate.

Cannons are also the closest you're going to get in terms of supporting your team in this game, their wide crowd control can save your angel or simply knock people away enough to let your team get away from a skirmish they might lose. It also helps staff users from being rushed and destroyed and helps claws and arms users to get close.

Poseidon and Twinbellows cannons are becoming my favourite weapons because they give some utility. Ball Cannons are tremendously powerful because they have the strongest bounce/ricochet physics of any weapon in the game, with a an acceptable charge time and super fast fire rate and its continual fire even ricochets off obstacles as well...

Oct 1, 12 at 12:37am

I love claws to the point where I have a 4 star ranged hedgehog claws and I also have 5 star melee stealth claws. But I prefer ranging with claws. Bows are a close second in preference. But I hate clubs. I can't use them.

Sep 30, 12 at 7:22am

i by far think that claws and staffs are the best because anywere you ether want too go up with claws incredible speed and kill them or stay back so you snipe before thay see you with the amazing range of the laser staff

Sep 4, 12 at 2:14pm

Samuel111183932 That Was me That Killed Everyone I founded Easy to do it

Sep 4, 12 at 1:28pm

I understand this question a lot. However the game is very balance. It all comes down to preferences. I personally like Claws and Bows at first, as they balance each other out... But after a while I got intruiged with a bunch of other weapons.
Claws for me are used for quick consecutive charged shots. A lot of them are quick to charge too, and are infamous for their flurry of talons.

My strategic plan for bows is to shoot from over walls, using their homing ability. Their melee attacks should only be used as last resorts, usually against melee users.

I use orbitars for their handy dual shots, which are definitely useful if a foe has a weapon good for nullifying fire. They're also very great with neither slowing or quickening the user.

Cannons are relatively fun weapons to use. Although they don't have MUCH melee, and slow you down, their wide ranged explosions are fun to watch as opponents fly into the air. MY opinion, of course, ahem. I use cannons for precautions when my teammates and I are sneaking along a corner.

Staves are great weapons as well. These, along with bows, give you a chance to use the sniping feature at the right time. However, they corrupt any close up vision, so it's best to stay out of sight, pulverizing prey from unoticable distances.

Clubs can be tricky weapons, but are brutal. They fire powerful charged slams instead of continuous fire. However I notice a lot of them are slow to charge, you can never go wrong with the added melee damage as club users throw charged shots.

Blades overall are well-rounded weapons. Decent with any distance and good for almost any circumstances. Their dash attacks not only do considerable damage, but make a satisfying "SLICE" sound too!

Arms are like claws, however they are more powerful in melee damage, and contains a super dash melee!.. On the other hand, it's range is pretty short, and slows the user a little.

Palms are colorful tattoo-like weapons. They shoot high-homing energy forms. I like to use palms for spraying continuous shots everywhere.

Overall, no class is the best/worse. They all have their downsides as well as their advantages. The trick is to use any class that you prefer. Whether it's speed, power, homing, freezing, burning, weakening, charge time, etc. Many users either take time to get modifiers that balance out their disadvantages or accept the troubles the weapon may cost. I hope this helped.

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