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Mar 10, 12 at 9:25amnnnddd101010

What is the difference?

I think I read somewhere that the EMS is what affects the endgame.

Also, please no spoilers.

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Jun 10, 14 at 5:16am

In other words, those who hate side missions and want nothing but action should play the multiplayer before committing to the point of no return (Attacking The Illusive Man's base) for the best ending.

Jun 10, 14 at 5:06am

Galactic Readiness does drop over time, but i believe it's based on overall player performance. Whether it is just the players you've interacted with or not is beyond me, but I have seen the end of the game once before. According to that statement you quoted from BioWare what really matters is whether or not you got that Military Strength bar to reach maximum capacity. If you did, then the best possible ending is open for you. The Galactic Readiness is , in my opinion , a built-in cheat for those who would rather speed through the game than to explore as much as possible.

Oct 14, 13 at 2:51am

quote Existence
Put simply, Effective Military Strength = War Assets(forgot if there's a specific term) x Galactic Readiness

War Assets refers to all the stuff you gather from doing main and side quests, and scanning systems. You'll probably have noticed notifications in the lower right corner.

Galactic Readiness is locked at 50% in a single player game. Now, what it means is that if you have, say, 1000 War Assets, your Effective Military Strength will be 50% x 1000, ie, 500. The GR can be increased by playing multiplayer, or the iOS game. The advantage in increasing this entity is that your War Assets will be used more efficiently. So for example, if you raise your GR to 80%, your Effective Military Strength will be 800.

Effective Military Strength, as I said above, is a product of War Assets and GR. For the best ending, you need a EMS of 5,000, so if you're not planning on doing multiplayer or anything apart from the core ME3 single player, you'll need 10,000 War Assets (since GR is set at 50%)

Just to clear things up, I believe this explanation is backward. You need 50% effectiveness to get the best endings, not 100%. That being said, you can achieve the best ending without ever touching multiplayer, and with something like 5000 war assets. The only thing Galactic Readiness does is speeds up the process, or makes it easier. For people playing single player only, they must devote more time to gathering assets, while those playing multiplayer need less total assets. In conclusion, effectiveness is simply a bonus, and not needed for single player games. Think of assets as the number of people rowing a boat, readiness is the number of sails on said boat, and effectiveness is how quickly that boat will go on a windy day. It will still move, it's just easier with sails.

Sep 24, 13 at 5:38am
Emperor Piccolo

Not that Readiness or EMS *really* matters in the end. Just play the game how you choose to play it. Like ME2, its much harder to fail at the game than to win.

Sep 19, 13 at 10:19am

If you don't want to use multiplayer, you can use the N7 hq (google it) to boost galactic readiness and also mass effect infiltrator game for iOS.

Apr 19, 13 at 2:43pm

Im new to the Mass Effect series, usually prefer my JRPG's however fancied something a bit different for a change so got Mass Effect from ps store, also got the 3rd one for free and going to buy 2nd one. One thing im wanting to know about this EMS is does it help if you play through ME and ME2 to enhance them in ME3?

Started ME yesturday but already hate my Shepard, she doesnt look right to me

Oct 19, 12 at 5:04pm
Mass Effect player

i have not yet got around to scanning all the planets, but i did all of the side missions except saving the elcor on dekuuma and maybe a few others. i also cured the genophage instead of tricking the krogan, which gave me less salarian support, and i'm just under 7000 military strength. if you were to do everything, and i mean everything, to get the military strength up(trick the krogan, save geth/quarians) i think there is exactly 10,000 total military strength

Apr 26, 12 at 3:28am

quote BostonGoals
I don't really understand this Anderson live/die business, you can't avoid shooting him, and if you don't stop the Illusive man killing Anderson then he kills you straight after anyway, so you really have no choice but shoot the Illusive man.

Then Anderson dies in the next cutscene anyway, but some ending guides say you can get the breath scene if Anderson lives with an EMS of 4000-5000.
I would like some clarification as well

Apr 26, 12 at 1:33am
Seeker X

If you have an iPhone or something of the sort, you can download ME: Infiltrator or ME3 Datapad. They can both boost up the Galactic Readiness. A minute a day on the Datapad and I can keep my GR at 100% every time.

Apr 25, 12 at 12:01pm

I can't stand that the Galactic Readiness can only be made better by online.I don't have online so that really screwed me over. I had to play though the game 4 times to get the best possible ending.

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