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Feb 26, 12 at 3:40amRVD for President

Hey guys.

I've noticed there isn't much competition for these in this forum. Nor are there many regular forum visitors. However, I hope to change that with my own WWE '12 Diary.

I have a few things to get together, such as whether or not I'll use my save that I have everyone unlocked, or if I'll use another profile on my PS3. (If anyone knows a way to transfer saved data on the PS3, the information would be appreciated.) This will, of course, greatly affect the rosters.

The main difference to my diary and the other one in this forum, is that mine will be SEMI-interactive, such that forum members can basically put in votes or something similar for certain superstars, to give them that extra edge in popularity. This will result in the Neoseeker Universe having a say in who they see.

I hope to get this going by next week, so a little bit of a head-count on who will be reading this would be appreciated.

*Metallica Approved*

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Jul 27, 12 at 8:46pm
The Voiceless

If anyone were to, say, be interested in reading more, I'd be happy to write.

Jul 19, 12 at 5:49am
The Voiceless

Basically, no one commented on it, so I figure no one's reading it. The forum is pretty empty these days I believe.

Jul 18, 12 at 1:41pm

Is this finished or something??????

Jul 18, 12 at 12:57pm

Nice try to give Drew Macintyre a push fpr a title

Apr 12, 12 at 5:47pm
RVD for President

That match took me quite a while, hence the "commercial break" hope you guys like it.

Apr 12, 12 at 5:41pm
RVD for President

WWE Monday Night Raw!

The show starts with a video package of John Cena's massive heel turn, leaving him walking away from the booing crowd. The image cuts out early, bringing up the black screen with the far off white image. The image slowly zooms in again, however, when the poster gets to its greatest size, with Miz at its focal point, it's evident that one of the masked men is pulling his mask off. Without reason, the image cuts out again, and the show intro plays.

Jerry Lawler: Welcome to the second Raw since Wrestlemania! Things are definitely heating up, and we have one heck of a show tonight!

Michael Cole: That's right! Not only will we see former United States champion, Dolph Ziggler in action, we will see John Cena and Justin Gabriel take on Heath Slater in a handicap match!

Lawler: What did you say! When did that plan get made?

Cole: Plan? There's no plan! In this anarchy, matches just happen!

Lawler: I guess! It makes for a hectic work environment! Where are our managers!?

Before an answer can be made, "Say It To My Face" plays over the loudspeakers! The theme of Alex Riley! The crowd goes crazy, as they haven't seen the rookie in a while. A-Ry gets into the ring, and grabs a mic...

Riley: *Looks to the crowd.* Man! It's great to be back! Actually, it's not so good to be back. I don't remember the last time I was at a show and had to deal with a riot in the back as soon as I show up! I mean, it's crazy back there! I understand that there is no GM, but what's going on? I mean, I know I'm just a rookie here, but I plan to get to the bottom...

"I Am Perfection" comes, signaling the entrance of Dolph Ziggler. He comes out with his usual cocky, showoff attitude. He strides directly to the ring, and takes the microphone from Alex Riley's hand, and tosses it from the ring. He is ready for action.

Match 1: Ziggler Vs. Alex Riley

The bell rings and the competitors circle each other. They get to the middle of the ring and lock up, before Ziggler twists under A-Ry's arm and locks him behind the back with a wristlock. A-Ry can hardly move! He takes his free hand and fires an elbow back at Ziggler, not once, but twice. Once Ziggler releases the hold, Riley levels Ziggler with a spear before opening up on the showoff with a few rights. Riley wraps the downed Ziggler's arm twice around his leg, and drops a knee down. He lifts Ziggler up by his arm, and levels him with a clothesline, and then turns and taunts to the crowd, who eat it up. When he turns back from his own showing off, Ziggler is already up, and levels Alex Riley with a jumping lariat and doing a taunt of his own. As soon as Riley gets to his feet, Ziggler jumps up and hits a beautiful dropkick! Ziggler drags Riley to his feet, and lifts him up for an atomic drop, and drops him down hard on his knee. Riley bounces forward and lands on the ropes, trying to pull himself back up. Ziggler goes to hit the rookie from behind, but Riley throws all his momentum back with his foot into a kick to Ziggler's stomach. Ziggler is knocked breathless, but stumbles back and is kicked again. This time, he drops to his knee. Alex Riley takes the opportunity to springboard off the ropes, and fly backwards and hit Ziggler with a massive elbow! Ziggler rolls back hard and stays down, face down. Alex Riley gets his bearings together, and tries to cover Ziggler. 1! 2! And a kickout! Riley has a flash of shock, but goes right back to the task at hand. He glides right over Ziggler's lower body, and tightens his arm around Ziggler's head. With pain in his face, he picks Ziggler to his feet, ready to lift him for a suplex. He lifts the Blonde Bandit up, high in the air, and brings him down hard with a suplex! Ziggler writhes in pain, and A-Ry stands up, pumping up the crowd for his finisher. He grips Ziggler for a suplex again, looking for his powerful Brainbuster... But in mid-air, Ziggler hits a knee to Riley's face! Ziggler topples to the ground, and punches Riley's ribs repeatedly from his knees. Riley too falls to his knees, before being punched in the face by Ziggler. From his knees, Ziggler does a headstand, further showing off. He gets to his feet when Riley does, and kicks him in the stomach, before hitting him with his variation of the Fame Asser. The onslaught doesn't stop there, as Ziggler lifts him back to his feet, and rebounds off the ropes to dropkick Riley right in the face! He kicks the fallen Riley in the head, to a great boo from the crowd. It's only a matter of time... Ziggler jumps up and falls down with an elbow drop... A second... And then he does his signature head-wipe taunt, before wowing the crowd with an outstanding vertical leap, and falling back with a MASSIVE elbow drop. He waits for A-Ry to climb to his feet, stalking him, and as soon as A-Ry stands up, Ziggler locks in the Sleeper Hold! He takes Riley to the ground, and he begins fading... The ref lifts Riley's hand and drops it... Once... Twice... The third time, Riley keeps his fist high in the air! He fights to his feet, slowly. He hits an elbow to the ribs, another! Now, he has Ziggler in HIS grasp, and lifts him up for a back breaker! Then, he spins his own body weight, and clotheslines Ziggler's head hard into the ground! Jerry Lawler calls that his signature, the A-Slam, but it appears to be more than a simple signature, as it keeps Ziggler down and out. The move could definitely keep Ziggler down for the three count, but Alex Riley is far too winded. He slowly crawls to make a cover, and he could still have it! One! Two! Thr... NO! ZIGGLER GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Both men slowly crawl to their feet, panting heavily from this great match. They look at each other with respect, before Riley dives at Ziggler and hits a massive lariat clothesline! He makes his way to the corner, and climbs the turnbuckle slowly... The crowd are on their feet. Riley goes for a dive to the now standing Ziggler, and in MID-AIR, Ziggler catches Riley by the neck, spins his own body around, jumps, and connects with his own Zig-Zag! Amazing counter! He falls close enough to Riley to hook the leg, and get the cover. One! Two! Three!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

King: What an amazing match to kick off Raw! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were left in the ring here tonight! We'll see the following matches, when we come back to Monday Night Raw!

Dolph Ziggler v. A-Ri
Kofi v. Del Rio
Miz v. Ryder
Gabriel + Cena v. Heath

Apr 12, 12 at 3:09am

angry that christian lost. everyone makes him a jobber

Apr 11, 12 at 4:43pm
RVD for President


Desolate nothingness.

There is not even light to be seen. Slowly comes a light. As the light approaches, the world sees an image. The closer it gets, the less blurry the image becomes. When the image is close enough to see, it can be determined the image is a poster-esque picture.

The background is white. Mike Mizanin is seen in a pure black suit. He is surrounded, not only by the white of the background, but by the many other people behind him, also in black. However, they all have black masks on their faces. The text reads, "Genesis By Force". The image disappears, and the nothing returns.

Mar 23, 12 at 11:43pm
RVD for President

Kinda waiting for a bit of feedback before commenting anymore. I don't want to write for no one.

Mar 13, 12 at 6:30pm
RVD for President

Sorry for the lateness, I'll be sure to catch up.

WWE Smackdown!

The pyros fire, as the Smackdown theme blasts through the arena. The sounds meshing together with the familiar hoots and hoorahs of the crowd to create the perfect atmosphere. Finally, the all-to-familiar "WEEEEELLLLLL!!! WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW!!!!" blasts over the loudspeaker, and the crowd erupts even louder to cheer on the Lovable Giant.

The camera pans to the Smackdown announce table, where Jim Ross is met with Matt Striker!

J.R.: Well, as much as I love being put on the 'Tron, I think the camera should see the World's Largest Athlete make his appearance.

Striker: I would definitely agree with the legend J.R. on this one, but before then, I'd like to introduce myself. Matt Striker.

The camera goes back to the Big Show, who is entering the ring. He awaits his opponent. The familiar song of Mark Henry overtakes the arena, and at first, the cheering subsides. However, a few cheers rise up for this well known heel.

J.R.: You know, Matt, if there's one thing I hate about this Anarchy Era, it's that the fans cheer monsters like Henry!

Striker: Jim, you need to get with it here. Didn't you see Cena's turn on Raw? The crowd was eating it up! You don't need to be Mr. Nice Guy anymore! The boss is gone!

Mark Henry walks down the ramp, and enters the ring, and in one step, he's in Show's face, pushing him. Apparently, he's impatient to start the match.

Match 1
Mark Henry Vs. The Big Show

Mark Henry is still pushing into the Big Show as the bell rings. Show is having none of it, as he shoves the large black man backwards. Henry runs back at his foe, only to be met by a large chop! Still, the World's Strongest Man holds his footing. The two begin a battle of punches... Show! Henry! Show! Henry! Henry gets the strongest punch yet, and is able to throw a few more in. The Big Show teeters, before ducking under Henry's third punch, and rebounding off the ropes to a clothesline. Henry goes down hard. Show levels him with a massive leg drop! Henry is struggling to his feet, as Show is stalking his prey. As soon as Henry is up, Show goes for a massive headbutt, only to be poked in the eye. The ref warns Henry of his misbehavior, and the match continues. Henry hits Show with a shoulder block, and then a big body splash! Show is down close enough to the turnbuckle, and Henry sees his opportunity. He climbs up to the second turnbuckle, facing outside the ring, and throws his feet backwards to level Show with a HUGE splash. He goes for the pin... and a kick out at two! Henry decides to weaken Show up a bit more, with a camel clutch, which he holds for a decent amount of time, before Show gets to the ropes. Henry leaves Show writhing in pain, after fully utilizing the four-count for rope breaks, and waits for the World's Largest Athlete to get to his feet. When he does, Henry picks up Show for a body slam... and with the crowd in awe, he hits it! The ring experiences a shockwave, as Henry goes for the pin! One! Two! And another kickout! The crowd goes wild, as Henry puts Show's shoulders down again and covers... One! Two! And Show kicks out again! Show throws his massive hand up to the neck of Mark Henry! While in the choke hold, Show clambers to his feet. The Big Show puts the arm of Mark Henry over his shoulder, and hoists him into the air, reaching around ten feet, and slams the World's Strongest Man to the mat. A simple foot on the chest of the fallen beast, and a One! Two! Three!

Winner: The Big Show

J.R.: What a showing by these two athletes! Tremendous! Both could easily be considered for the World Heavyweight Champion at anytime in the near future!

Striker: Really, the in-ring psychology of the two giants was phenomenal, but with so much size, we didn't get as much action out of the two as we could with say, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan! Which is our Main Event!

J.R. The World Heavyweight Champion, the Undertaker, is also in action! Tonight promises to just get better!

The firey explosion of Kane goes off, followed by his ominous music, and a mix of cheers and jeers for the well-registered tweener.

J.R. : I swear! That damned Kane scares me every time!

Sheamus, the Great White, makes his way to the ring to a similar reaction to what Kane got. The line between faces and heels is so blurred.

Match 2
Kane Vs. Sheamus

The two men start off the match with an tie up. The strength of both men is shown, as each man has a turn pushing each other in the opposite direction. Sheamus finally gets the upper hand, shoving Kane to his backside! In seconds, the Great White is on top of Kane, and is pounding him with fists. Kane struggles to cover his face, but isn't without some swelling under his left eye after the ref finally gets Sheamus off. Sheamus taunts to the crowd, as the show goes to break.

We return to see that Kane has taken the upper hand. Over the break, as the replay shows, Kane sent Sheamus flying from the ring right after the break was cut to, and Kane had pulled him into the ring to begin a methodical assault since. Kane has Sheamus down, in a head lock, and is squeezing the blood into Sheamus' heat. Sheamus catches the crowd's cheers, and begins to rally. He stands up, whilst still being clutched onto by Kane. He breaks out of the move with a few well-placed elbows, and a massive back drop! He is ready to finish this! He begins his signature taunt for his finishing Brogue Kick! As Kane turns around, Sheamus leaps forward, but Kane just barely gets out of the way! In Sheamus' confusion, Kane pounces, and begins hammering away at Sheamus' back and abdomen. He hits him with a massive sidewalk slam, then waits for his signature Chokeslam. When Sheamus finally gets up, Kane grabs him by the throat and hoists him up, then back down, for the Chokeslam to Hell. He covers Sheamus, and is rewarded with a win.

Winner: Kane

Kane's music begins, and he taunts to the crowd. He leaves the ring, leaving Sheamus slowly crawling to his feet. But suddenly...
The all-too-familiar music of The Next Big Thing starts playing! Brock Lesnar walks out onto the stage, and stares Kane down, before charging the Big Red Monster! He tackles Kane into the side of the ring, and irish whips him into the ring post. Kane is out cold. Then, Lesnar enters the ring in his usual style, leaping to the apron. He lifts Sheamus over his shoulders, and nails him with a massive F-5! Lesnar grabs a mic.

Lesnar: *Pausing for a great while* I'm back! Here comes the pain!

He re-exits the ring, and as if too prove a point, picks Kane up and sends him flying into the barricade. Lesnar leaves, as the commentators send us to commercial.

Smackdown returns with Christian standing in the ring, mic in hand.

Christian: Hello to all my peeps!

A chorus of boos!

Christian: Fine! Boo me! But as you know, I'm here on a mission! Not only will I DEFEAT the Undertaker, like the old man he is, I have something to say. What's going on in the WWE is wrong! For months, Hell has been breaking loose, and nothing can be done! And that disheartens me! Two great men, Johnny L and Vince McMahon, were blown up! And no one has even checked on them! I'm here to say, that both of them are still in the recovery process. On top of that, Teddy Long had to learn how to poop on his own! What I'm here for, is to take back the reins! This company needs a new hero, a new leader, and that guy is going to be m...

The lights turn off, and the blue light appears. The titantron comes alive with a dark grave yard, and lightning in the background. An ominous figure walks to the camera, only a mere shadow. He continues walking, and lightning goes off. The last thing seen, is the face of the Undertaker, before the arena goes black.

Dong! The Deadman now makes his way to the ring, to meet a horrified Christian.

Match 3
The Undertaker vs. Christian

Christian tries to start off on the offensive, but is lifted and thrown to the ground by the Deadman! Taker is now on the offensive. He is hitting Christian with left after right, before Christian goes to the ground, and rolls from the ring. Taker is right after, and he chases Christian around the ring. When Christian finally enters the ring, he sees his opportunity, and levels Taker with a dropkick as he enters. He hoists The Undertakers neck onto the second rope, and stands on his back with both legs. He utilizes the full count, and leaps out of the ring over Taker. When he hits the ground, he hits Taker through the ropes with an uppercut. Christian makes the long climb to the top turnbuckle, and makes the leap for a top rope splash! Wait! Taker has a hold of Christian, even after the splash! He stands up, still holding Christian across his body. He hoists him onto his shoulder, and puts him into Tombstone position! And goodnight! Tombstone Piledriver! And a signature pin by the Deadman, One! Two! Three!

Winner: The Undertaker

Before The Undertaker can finish his full celebration, Daniel Bryan's music hits. He walks to the ring, right past the Deadman, without a respectful glance or anything. Daniel's lack of respect over the past months has gotten him just that, a lack of respect. Orton comes out, before his entrance theme starts, to congratulate the Undertaker on the ramp, a sign of total respect to the Deadman's contributions to the industry. Now, Orton's gaze goes to the ring, where Bryan is awaiting him.

The Main Event!
Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

Orton starts off with the offensive from the get-go. He is seen continuously yelling in Bryan's face about respect, while holding him in head locks. Orton looks to bring up the pace, and he Irish whips Bryan to the ropes, and catches him with a powerslam. Orton lets Bryan get to his feet under his own power, before hitting a beautiful dropkick! He makes a cover, One! and a kickout before the ref can say two. With lightning speed, he gets to his feet, and sets Bryan up with a massive powerbomb. Bryan doesn't know where he is! Daniel rolls from the ring, and when he is followed, he turns the impact by launching Orton into the security barricade. Then, he begins pounding Orton's face, before throwing him back into the ring, as the night's final commercial takes over the television signal.

J.R.: Welcome back, and we are watching a war be waged!

Striker: This is Bryan's third lethal submission hold so far, each one has targeted a different body part. He now has the Viper in the single leg crab, which puts pressure on both the leg, and the lower back! With the single leg crab, the opponent simply can't find his center of balance, and therefore, cannot escape the hold... But there! Orton's reached the ropes!

Orton finally has the ropes, but Bryan wants to hold the hold longer, but Orton will have none of it. He twists his body, which launches Bryan headfirst into the second turnbuckle pad. Orton recuperates faster than Bryan, and is on him in seconds. Hammering away with his forearms at Bryan's chest. He throws the shorter man to the ropes, only to catch him and drape him over the ropes. He's looking for his signature DDT, but D-Bry won't let him! He pushes his legs off the ropes, and continues his forward motion to back Orton into the corner, right into the ref! The ref is down! When Bryan sees that, he hits Orton with a sinister low blow! He exits the ring and grabs a chair, seizing the opportunity. He reenters the ring, and poises to nail Orton with the chair, when the lights go off. When they come back on, The Undertaker is behind Bryan, and he grabs the chair. He tosses it from the ring, and stalks Bryan. However, as Bryan backs away, he backs into Orton, who spins Bryan around and hits an RKO! Taker leaves the ring, and begins walking to the back, as the ref is revived, and Orton gets the three count. Orton's music doesn't play though.

Winner: Randy Orton

The music of Brock Lesnar plays. He walks down the ramp, and throws the Undertaker to the floor. Orton goes to make the save, but Christian runs out and stops him. Lesnar gives The Undertaker an F-5 on the steel ramp! Christian throws Orton to Lesnar, and he F-5's Orton as well! Christian taunts at the two fallen men, before he is scooped up and put on Lesnar's shoulders, in powerbomb position. He drops Christian once, lifts him up again, and hits him with the second of his double powerbombs! The show ends with the massive Lesnar taunting the crowd, over the bodies of the men he decimated.

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