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Feb 23, 12 at 12:59pmIseden
First off click the link and try to download the MHFU demo, It's not working for me. I have logged in and installing Media Go. Is Sony just being dumb and listing it but not allowing Dls?

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Nov 19, 13 at 5:40pm
ps vita da best

========no it ill be good but we need cod ghost gta v or iv black ops 2 and battlefield 3_4

Mar 10, 13 at 1:03am
Agent Mo

Axe, really? EU has had both for ages.....weird since i think NA had the PS3 versions of both a lot before us.

Also RE2 is FINALLY compatible on Vita.

Mar 9, 13 at 6:05pm

quote tripset14
loco roco psp game demo works. on the vita just search it with your vita in th ps store
The original post was made more than a year ago, but I'd be very disappointed if Sony actually hadn't updated this after all this time.

While we're on the subject of things Sony hasn't gotten around to, I'm still waiting to play Spyro and CTR on my Vita, though. *looks at Sony*

Mar 9, 13 at 4:23pm

loco roco psp game demo works. on the vita just search it with your vita in th ps store

Jul 24, 12 at 12:46am


CFW killed the PSP.

Jul 23, 12 at 8:20pm

The vita will succeed, everyone needs to stop worrying IMO. It's still in its launch period. Once it gets moving, it will be fine. I guarantee at this time next year it will be extremely popular

Jul 22, 12 at 8:14pm

Stating the vita was saved by CFW is complete BS. They've been able to check downloads every time a pirate release group released software online, seeing how many people downloaded what game on release day compared to consumer purchases. What's more, CFW had people buying used older model PSPs because they had more vulnerabilities. It's also easy to see how many people didn't buy accessories like cases that held multiple UMDs for easy access because folks weren't buying physical UMDs.

Jul 22, 12 at 7:42pm

quote Raijin1999
The reason for the proprietary cards is mostly to combat piracy. By making it harder to adapt card readers it's harder to rip the data out and publish it on the net. The PSP lost tons of money in the long run do to piracy and there was a lot of trust lost by publishers and it still lingers (why it took so long for bigger publishers to hop aboard vita development). If this thing gets hacked in its first year, like full on backup rom hacks, it's over. I get the feeling that may happen eventually too - it isn't too difficult to make a card reader to scale with the vita cards.
Funny, more progress has been made on the Vita with it's proprietary memory on being hacked than the 3DS, which uses plain SD cards, and the only person who's made ANY significant progress whatsoever with the 3DS has said it's going to be literally impossible to hack unless you do heavy physical altercation of the system.

Also Custom Firmware is all that saved the PSP in the US. Japan it actually had games and people bought them, but in the US CFW was what saved it. Without it, it would've been shit hardware and software sales and not just software. The DS for the majority of both's lifespans was MUCH easier to pirate games on, and guess what, it STILL outsold PSP stuff here. People just didn't like it for some reason.

Jul 21, 12 at 11:53pm

You guys bash on a system thats barely on its baby legs...

Look at the PS3's first 2-3 years.......hooooly hell they improved since.
I bought my Vita, yes ill admit it needs a few fixes like ps and a full psp library, and niconico streaming, but i still love to play Freedom Unite and Disgaea 3 on this bad boy and i cant wait to spend countless hours on Ragnarok Online Odyssey.

Remember, this is a gamer's last stand for the portable gaming scene not to be overshadowed with crap you call apps and....this idea where people think Angry Birds, is a "video game" you gotta support the vita and even the 3DS

give it time guys....give it time c:

Jul 16, 12 at 11:45am

the proprietary memory cards for the vita may be a little more expensive, but it is still way better than being stuck with permanent memory capacities like the products Apple offers. personally, i prefer the flexibility you get from being able to swap memory cards. the 3ds uses non proprietary memory (you can get a crappy branded 32gb sd card for about $35 or a sandisk one for $70 compared to the same size sony card that runs for $100. a 4gb sony card is $20 just so that your vita works) so it's cheaper but the basic set up is exactly the same: you can download apps/games to the memory stick or just play off a cartridge. the core hardware differences are that the vita has tons more computing power, a much better display and, most importantly, 2 analog sticks. from my experience so far, the only real "accessory" that needs to be bought in addition to the console is the memory stick. everything else is really not needed unless you plan on having a separate charger in each room of your house...

as for the backwards compatibility, you can easily download psp games to play. if you want to play psp games you've already purchased on your vita, obviously umd's wont work so you'll have to repurchase the game through PSN. however, how can this be a valid point of complaint? the ps vita is obviously built to play vita games, if you really wanna play old games just play on your psp or buy it off PSN.

also, i'd like to point out that i have yet to see a 70 dollar vita game and that 3ds games cost pretty much the same price as vita games

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