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Feb 20, 12 at 12:27pmR a i n

Use this thread to brag about your ultimate creations.
We spend a bit of time in creating that ultimate monster, so why not share how you built your indestructible tank, or unstoppable force.

Maybe, just maybe, your build, sometime in the future, becomes immortal. And no paradox jokes, please. ;P


I'll start with Cloudburst!

Here is a very aggressive build for Cloudburst, nicknamed the Blitzkrieg build.

Cloudburst: Blitzkrieg Build - (Built on Mana Materials Only)
Str: 102
Mag: 1398
HP: 7057


(L) Critical Faith
(L) Auto-Enfrost
(8) HP 30% - (Lv 54 Forked Cat)
(7) Mag 35% - (Lv 22 Tonberry)
(7) Quick Stagger - (Lv 26 Don Tonberry)
(7) Role Resonance - (Lv 30 Frag Leech)
(6) Stagger Maintenance II - (Lv 20 Zwerg Metrodroid) (Get Fearsiphon)
(6) Chain Bonus Boost II - (Lv 30 Pink Lily) (Get Blizzard and Blizzara)
(6) ATB Charge II - (Lv 1 Yeoman)
(6) Feral Speed II - (Lv 1 Gancanagh)

Other passives to complete his magic set: (Optional but will be useful)

Fearsiphon (Lv 16 Zwerg Metro -- Use as directed above)
Blizzard & Blizzara (Lv 10 Pink Lily -- Use as directed above)
Fire, Fira & Firaga (Lv 45 Flanbanero)
Thundaga (Lv 15 Circuitron)
Thunder & Thandara (Lv 40 Zwerg Scandroid)

Basically, just infuse the monster next to the respective ability straight onto your level 40 Cloudburst. No order, no filter monster, just straight and simple infusion.

Finally, feed 5 Goblins to your Cloudburst to learn hidden ability Vigor. Goblins can be found in Archylte Steppe.

Here is a video:

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Mar 25, 15 at 1:43am

quote R a i n
Here is a Yakshini Build video!

Yakshini (SYN) Build (Grown using Vitality materials except for the last growth stage where I used Potent materials because Vitality crystals were a pain to farm.)

[Red Locked] First Strike
Resist Elements +30% - (Lv33 Caterchipillar)
HP+30% (Lv54 Forked Cat)
Resist Magic +36% (Lv35 Mewmao - Get Enthunder and Enaero)
Resist Physical +36% (Lv48 Green Chocobo)
Magic +35% - (Lv22 Tonberry)
Auto-Veil (Unnecessary addon from Caterchipillar)
Feral Speed II - (Lv1 Gancanagh)
Ally KO: Power Surge (Unnecessary addon from Tonberry)
Improved Raise (Unnecessary addon from Caterchipillar)

Enfire (Lv 1 Amanojaku)
Enfrost (Lv2 Amanojaku)

Capture Amanojaku twice to get Enfire and Enfrost. If you want to do in one go, then level Amanojaku to level 15 and then infuse. But you will also get the addon of Auto-Vigilance.

Note that Auto-Veil, Ally-KO: Power Surge and Improved Raise are at the bottom of abilities list and can easily be replaced by other better abilities. Make sure you infuse another Lv1 Gancanagh to yellow lock Feral Speed II and you're good to go. I most probably will end up putting Resilience +40% from Necrosis later.

To put the finishing touches, capture five Level 20 Ceratosaurs, and feed them to Yakshini to learn the Hidden Boon ability. Ceratosaurs can be found in Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF. If you want, you can even go for two Lv39 and one Lv22 Ceratosaur!

Monster Locations:

Caterchipillar - Archylte Steppe (Rainy - Clearwater Marshes)
Forked Cat - Oerba 400AF
Mewmao - Archylte Steppe (Rainy - Clearwater Marshes)
Green Chocobo - Yaschas Massif 100AF
Tonberry - Bresha Ruins 300AF (In the tunnels)
Gancanagh - Archylte Steppe (Rainy - Clearwater Marshes)
Amanojaku - Bresha Ruins 005AF (Echoes of the past - I found them easier with Battlemania fragment, on the steps closer to the south east of the central gate (east of chocolina).

"ive just found out that if you infuse lvl 70 necrosis it will also grant the boon ability. So then there is no need for the ceratosaurs."

Sep 25, 13 at 10:01am

Anyone got a great treasure/gil find monster build?

Apr 23, 13 at 4:37pm

Anybody have a Navidon Build?

Feb 10, 13 at 11:36pm

Hey Rain, just wanted to drop in and say thanks for your commitment to this thread, sticking with it and providing so much useful advice that I am definitely taking advantage of. Respect man.

Jan 12, 13 at 3:47am
R a i n

quote SLB69
Hey,Rain what monsters did you used to defeat Gilgamesh and how did you built them?
See this thread -

Dec 28, 12 at 3:25pm

Hey,Rain what monsters did you used to defeat Gilgamesh and how did you built them?

Oct 13, 12 at 12:55am

I know exactly what your problem is here... my other two creatures are the Cloudburst and the Goblin Chieftain, both of which the builds are on the first page of this thread, and the buffs applied by both the Goblin Chieftain and Cloudburst pretty much overload you with positive status effects, the most important being Bravery, which boosts STR.

Without these buffs you'll do normal damage, but with Bravery (and an increased stagger bar on the enemy) you'll be hitting +99999 with her every time.

Hope that helps!

Sep 14, 12 at 2:02am

hiya, in question to the lightning build above. i dont really understand what/why/how my lighning has slightly better strength than yours +1 lol. but i have yet to see her hit for 99999 damage on anything normally hits 5-60k between normal and stagger.

not sure whats going on some pf the vids i see online and such she should be doing better.... or am i missing something? i dont have all the fragment skills, slowly going through the game and building my monsters up. my chichu is weak though compared to lightning hes not maxed out.. i did lightning first

My lightning stats:
LVL 13
STR 1398
MAG 723
HP 1226
uncapped dmg
immovable max
enhanced commando
STR +36%
siphon boost II
atb charge II
role resonance
resist physical +36%

also while building her it took 3 yeomans to get yellow locked atb for me ?? 2 didnt make it yellow other than the extra yeoman its how you wrote it down...

shes good but i was expecting more, any advice? as for Raspatil it takes a few cycles of stagger for me to beat him, i use a purple choco build as posted on 1st page for buffs, a albino lobo maxed out but not infused, still gota work on my rav monster which i should be doing today.

Aug 7, 12 at 12:21pm

Well, considering its my build, guess I'd better step up to the plate...

First, get COM Lightning from the DLC pack where she fights Caius over and over. In order to do so, you'll need to get a five-star ranking against Caius, but only with a level 1-9 Lightning. At level 10, she's maxed out and its easy to beat him. A level 9 Lightning is still more than enough to beat him though.

Anyways, once obtained, rank up on Power materials to maximise strength. You'll need those Power Crystals which can be obtained by Moblins. Grind away!

Once done, just follow the guide to the Ultimate Chichu, which can be found right here. But only go as far as getting the monsters ready to infuse, because theres some you won't need, and the steps are slightly different...


- Select lvl13 Lightning COM.
- Infuse with lv15 Buccaboo = 15lv in RAV.
- Infuse with lv15 Buccaboo Ace = 30lv in RAV.
- Infuse with lv15 Pink Lily = 45lv in RAV.
- Infuse with lv15 Pleuston = 60lv in RAV.
- Infuse with lv6 Koboldroid Yang = 66lv in RAV.

Those are to purely build up the amount of RAV levels she infuses in order to learn Jeopardise.

- Infuse with lvl1 Yeoman (this will learn ATTACK: ATB CHARGE II)

Then go find another Yeoman and infuse it again to Yellow Lock it.

- Infuse lvl18 Fencer (this will learn SIPHON BOOST II)

Then go find another Fencer, level it to 18, and infuse it again to Yellow Lock it.

- Select lv19 Mud Frog.
- Infuse Mud Frog with lv24 Tonberry (learns STR+35)
- Infuse Mud Frog with lv23 Mewmao (learns MAG DEF +36%)
- Infuse Mud Frog with lv48 Green Chocobo (learns PHYS DEF +36%)
- Infuse Mud Frog with lv54 Forked Cat (learns HP +30%)

You should now have a Mud Frog with those above abilities.

- Select level 13 Lightning COM
- Infuse Lightning with lv19 Mud Frog (this should not only add the big four abilities to Lightning, but should also learn you the hidden skill Jeopardise - if not, just grab another useless RAV and level it up a few and then infuse it, but make sure doing this won't wipe off one of your abilities with a lesser one!)
- Infuse Lightning with lv30 Frag Leech (this will knock off Auto Bravery if its there and add on Role Resonance)

BOOM, BABY. Your Lightning COM should now match mine. I took her for a spin the other day, and bear in mind I can take down Raspatil with about 10% of his stagger bar left.

Lightning COM took him down in just over half his stagger.

It was astounding.

NOTE: If anyone tries this build and notices I made a mistake in how I wrote it down, please let me know so I can change it.

Aug 7, 12 at 10:58am

Someone give a step by step build for this lightning!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Please!!!!

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