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Feb 15, 12 at 11:51amIUSEthePM-9

In MW3 there are hidden challenges, and MW2 as well. Some are as easy as "...With a Vengeance" which is practically the first title you unlock after the rank titles. But some are much harder to get such as "Hijacker" which is god knows how hard considering the airdrop trap package. I wanted to get a grasp of how many of these hidden challenges there are, and found that there were about ten and I'd done a majority of them, with the exception of one. "6 fears 7" is the one, which as achieved by getting a 7-8-9 killstreak. The only problem is, does anyone know how it's possible to get that challenge completed considering there is no point streak which has 7, 8 and 9 kill streaks within it...

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Aug 24, 12 at 8:27am

quote Boyd
Good place to get Loner is to do Infected and play the Jugg vs Striker on Dome. The Juggs have no point streaks.
easiest way to get loner is to pick the specialist strike package,but leave all 3 spots empty.when you get that eighth kill,you still get all perks.

Aug 13, 12 at 10:58am

quote DarkBlade725
In which map can I get the pushin daisy title(fall 30 deet or higher) I'm sure the future map that Overwatch might get me it
overwatch is where i got it just jump from any edge and you got it.

Aug 13, 12 at 10:48am

regarding the 6 fears 7 challenge. i've never even heard of it, but has anyone tried it literally. if 6 fears 7 then you don't want to get that seventh kill. i would try to get to a 6 kill streak with assault and predator selected at 5(or 4 with hardline), then after getting the sixth kill, use the predator and get at least a triple kill. just saying at least triple kill in reference to it saying 7-8-9. maybe it can only be a triple kill. it looks like many have tried other ways, but no one has tried it literally. maybe a little word play. give it a shot and i'll post if successful.

Aug 11, 12 at 1:15pm

I know there is 100, 40, and 65 because I have gotten all of those this prestige, if I never prestiged I think I would have the 250 if it exists.

Jul 27, 12 at 11:26pm

quote HU1CH13
quote Kholdstare
quote HU1CH13
quote Kholdstare
what are the moab challenges?
Call in 2, 15 and 25 MOAB's I think.
0_0 dear god xD I've never even made ONE!! let alone 25 xDD
The MOAB challenges are glitched out for the PS3 for some people at least, but I think the 1.08 patch fixed it.
there is one at 40 and 100 as well

Jul 12, 12 at 2:51pm

1st, half of those challenges are either not challenges at all in the game or they're not hidden, they're part of the Basic Training, or Prestige challenges.
2nd, I posted this so long ago, and the matter has long since been resolved and I know which hidden challenges I need to complete, and which ones I have completed.

Jul 10, 12 at 5:45pm

killing a enemy while he is cooking a grenade
killing a enemy, and the using his gun to kill him again
achieve max profiency with each weapon (one per gun)
fall 15 feet or more and live
fall 30 feet to your death
hijacker is in this game as well
kill x ammount of enemies to avenge your fallen team mate,
stela enough of the ememies guns and use them
falsh 25 enemies
concusion 25 enemies
stick 25 enemies with symtex
kill all members of the team at least once with out dying (4 person mininum)
there are a ton of them when i get home i will list the rest of the ones i have unlocked just postin this off the top of my head

Jul 1, 12 at 6:14am

I've gotten the 40 and 80 MOAB Challenges done before. They reset each Prestige too FYI. I'll keep my eyes peeled, but I think theres a 150 and 250 also.

Jun 18, 12 at 12:51pm

quote HU1CH13
quote Kholdstare
what are the moab challenges?
Call in 2, 15 and 25 MOAB's I think.
According to the Official Strategy Guide from Brady Games: You have to call in 2, 5, 15, 25, 40, 60, 100, 250 MOABS. Also if anyone wants to friend me on PS3 my name on here is my name on PS3.[color=red]

Feb 26, 12 at 4:59am

quote Kholdstare
quote boyd12
The Loner - 2500 XP - Get a 10 Pointstreak going with 0 Pointstreaks selected .

6 Fears 7 - 1500 XP - Get a 7 - 8 - 9 Pointstreak going.

Mother Of All Bombs (M.O.A.B.) - 2500 XP - Call in 2 M.O.A.B 's . (Call it in 5 times = 5000 XP , 15 = 10000 XP , 25 = 10000 XP )

Fallout Shelter - 1500 XP - Get killed by an enemy M.O.A.B.

Infected - 1000 XP - Killed by an infected .. ?

Renaissance Man - 1000 XP - Kill 3 different people with 3 different guns in one life.

Transfer - 1000 XP - Stab someone that's infected . ( similar to MW2 STD Challenge )

Sidekick - 1000 XP - Get 3 kills in one life with your secondary weapon.

Click Click Boom - 1000 XP - Get a kill with C4 while in Last Stand.

Hijacker - 2500 XP - Hijack 10 crates . (50 = 5000 XP , 200 = 10000 XP )

...with a Vengeance - 1000 XP - Avenge a fallen teammate .

Martyrdoh - 1000 XP - Kill an enemy that's cooking a frag grenade.

Martyr - 1000 XP - Get a kill with a martyrdom death streak .

Living Dead - 1000 XP - Survive Final Stand
so far I've earned all the ones I crossed off ^^^
For the infected challenge you need to be stabbed by someone with the title infected. You then complete the challenge and get the title

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