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Apr 22, 12 at 3:53am
Cruel Angel Thesis

Cruel Angel Thesis here, I've been a fan of the series and lurked in WO and WO2 forums way back then. So yeah even though I think this place is dead, I'll still check it from time to time.

quote Zhaokimura Yunada
What do you guys thing of the game?
Needs english VO. I just can't feel the awesomeness of Nobunaga here...

And the arrows hurt so bad.

Apr 7, 12 at 5:36pm

Raijin here. Been playing Warriors games since DW3 on the PS2. Skipped the xtreme legends series since I considered them 'expansion packs' but fell in love with the Empires offshoots until they canned them after Empires 6. Did not buy DW7 as a result (though now I hear 7 has a built in 'lite' version of empires, so I may have to reneg on my DW boycott and test it out). Have DW Gundam 2 and 3, had 1 on the PS2 (jpn import only). I have Bladestorm, love the hell out of it, and also have Fist of the North Star and Legends of Troy. Also mastered Kessen 1 on the Ps2. Even had Crimson Sea 2 on the PS2. Played Orochi 1 briefly, never played 2, and blindly jumped into 3 cuz I was bored. In a nutshell, pretty well versed in all things KOE for the last decade and a half. I still can't believe they're making DW games based on ROTTK. So played out it's not even funny. But games like Orochi and Gundam, and Bladestorm force me to stay plugged into KOEI as one of these days they're bound to make a breakthrough triple AAA title using the right formula. They haven't quite got it, but all the pieces are there, just scattered between their games. Fist of the North Star was probably the closest, seconded by Blade Storm. Gotta admire the persistence. They'll find their stride just like From Software did. Shibusawa (KOEI's long time producer) needs to see it through one of these days. In the meantime Warriors Orochi 3 is out. Soak it in.

Apr 5, 12 at 9:23am
Zhaokimura Yunada

Hey guys, I'm Zhao (I know, I know, real original)

Soooo...this is my first EVER post on any Neoseeker forum. This is strange, because I've been an adamant follower of the site for the last decade, pouring over the Warriors and Pokemon forums, and making regular use of all the handy dandy user guides. I just picked up WO3 and am very sad to see how little forum traffic this gem is getting. In fact, I picked it up for 360 but am posting here because nobody's posting on the 360 boards. I've played every American Warriors game not released for Wii or including the word Gundam, and loved most of them (DW6 and Strikeforce notwithstanding).

But anyway...happy to have WO3 be my first forum. What do you guys thing of the game?

Feb 15, 12 at 7:46pm
Matt J


Gosh it's quiet round here. Anyway, I'm Matt J and you'll probably recognise me if you're a DW/SW/WO forum regular.

I've been watching lots of gameplay videos and the game looks really great. Here's a quick montage of new characters' gameplay for those who haven't seen them in action:

Jan 24, 12 at 1:08pm

Every new forum on Neo should start with one of these right?

So, Artirtico here - big fan of the Dynasty Warriors games and anything 'Three Kingdoms' related really. I loved the first 2 Warriors Orochi games so have high hopes for the third and what I've seen of it so far only makes me all the more excited to play it! Zhao Yun, Zhang Liao and Deng Ai would form my favourite 'party trio' so am hoping they'll function nicely together in game.

Aside from the WO/DW forums, you'll likely find me in the Uncharted 3 forum right now which, along with DW7: XL, is what I'm currently playing. I've also got 'Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning' on it's way in a couple of weeks, before Warriors Orochi 3 shows up after that, so it looks like I've got a lot to have fun with!

I've not been the first person in a forum before so er... Welcome!

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