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Jan 18, 12 at 5:21pmokileo

In this post you can make a Terraria Weapon.


Twins Gun
29 magic damage
Uses 6 Mana
Very fast Speed.

20 Gold bar
1 Mechinal Eye

Later posted a Weapon, I make a mod on that and i send the link to the Weapon creator.


Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Aug 28, 14 at 5:32am

high tech minigun

crafting recipie

4 minishark
2 megashark
1 star cannon
1sniper scope
40 soul of might

386 dmg
insanely fast speed
"tooltip" hasta l vesta

Aug 26, 14 at 12:57pm

The Dark Aspect (Melee Sword)
413 melee Damage
Insanely fast speed
Strong knock back
Tooltip: Forged by the Insanitys of The Underworld Crafted By Mythril Anvil/ Adamantite Anvil

50 Soul of night
1 Essence of Ocram
3 Exalibur
1 True Exalibur
30 copper shortswords
1 Rune of lightness

Essence of Ocram

Summons Orcram (Huge ogre)

500 Crimtane Ore
500 Demonite ore
500 meteorite ore
100 Hellstone bar
Tooltip: Death is Near Crafted by Hellforge

Rune of lightness


Makes the user Half Vulnerable

1000 soul of light
Tooltip: It will help a little Crafted by Demon Alter

Aug 26, 14 at 9:47am
TGU Leader Rainbow

98 Ranged/Melee damage
Very fast speed
Very weak knock back
Tooltip: Summons a neo bolt to shock your enemies.
Crafted at a Mythril anvil

Lightning Rod
25 hell-stone ore
55 souls of light

Lightning rod
53 Ranged damage
Normal speed
Normal knock back
Tooltip: Summons a lightning bolt
Crafted at a Mythril anvil

Souls of light: 30
Mechanical eye: 2
Magic missile: 1

Aug 25, 14 at 8:06pm
TGU Leader Rainbow

Throwing ____ sword
___ Ranged Damage
Tooltip: Throw a sword and see the awesomeness!

___ Sword

Aug 25, 14 at 2:53pm
TGU Leader Rainbow

Swag's Excalibur
347 Melee Damage
Insanely fast speed, in fact you can't see yourself swing it!
Far Knock back, and bosses get knock back rebuff!
Tooltip: The sword was forged from the ancient blood water, and the light of the sun.
Gives the Cursed and Burned Debuff to the enemies.

(Crafting Station) Water on a blood moon
True Excalibur
2 Excalibur's
400 Souls of Dark
Full set of Hallowed Armor
550 Souls of Light
(And Finally) A Hallowed Bar

Aug 24, 14 at 7:38pm
TGU Leader Rainbow

Hero/Dark Diamond Revolver
56 Magic Damage
Uses 5 Mana

20 Cobalt Bars
20 Hallowed Bars
45 Souls of Light/ Night
5 Mana Crystals
(And finally) One Cobalt Sword/ Chlorophyte Sword

Hope you like!

Aug 01, 14 at 11:05am

Ancient Raria Blade
176 melee damage
Insanely fast speed
Strong Knockback
Summons ancient souls to fight by your side
Tooltip: You shouldn't have this

Crafted with:
50 souls of each type
2 Terra blades.
Crafted at a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil

50% chance to be dropped by skeletron prime
Sell price: 80 platinum
Cannot be bought.

Jul 06, 14 at 7:47am
I don't know what is

13371337 Melee damage
Light speed(0)
Tooltip: You didn't find Chuck Norris, he found you.

OPBossness (Bought from Leroy Jenkins, an NPC appearing when there is a house and you beat every boss. Costs 1337 Op Coins, an item that comes from 100 Platinum Coins)
1337 Souls of Might
1337 Souls of Sight
1337 Souls of Anti-Fright(Obtained from throwing Souls of Fright in lava)
5 Terra Blades

Crafted at an Epic Station. (Bought from Leroy Jenkins for 10 Op Coins)

Jun 30, 14 at 10:33pm

This is like the staff of the frost heidra
Staff of the Lava Dragon
300 summon damage
Average Knockback
Uses 20 mana
Summons a powerful Lava Dragon to spit lava at your enimies

60% chance drop from wall of flesh
100% chance drop from skeletron (not prime)
Buy from truffle 5 platinum
Sell 2 platinum

Jun 12, 14 at 1:11pm
Coolman 45

Super Gun

1 minishark
1 flamethrower
2 boomsticks
5 Dynamite

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