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Jan 18, 12 at 5:21pmokileo

In this post you can make a Terraria Weapon.


Twins Gun
29 magic damage
Uses 6 Mana
Very fast Speed.

20 Gold bar
1 Mechinal Eye

Later posted a Weapon, I make a mod on that and i send the link to the Weapon creator.


Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Feb 28, 15 at 12:05pm

There should be fire dragon boss

Shoots fire
10000 hp

Set of dark fire armor 100 % (106 defence full set. Bonus dark fire staff doesnt take mana. Looks like flames )

Dark fire staff 100% chance (make fire rain come down and hits any nearby enemy. And produces light. Also takes 1 mana per second if not wearing dark fire armor. Shoots insanely fast. 58 damage each hit.

Dragon staff 100% chance (summons a pet dragon to fight for you by shooting fire. Takes 5 mana. Can summon up to 15 dragons. Each shot does 20 damage. Shoots insanely fast )

Dragon tooth sword 100 % chance (189 damage. Shoots a ball of fire with each swing .insanely fast speed )

Fire bow 100% chance (shoots insanely fast. Bounces off walls. Doesn't take mana or arrow arrows. Shoots arrows that look like lava)

Dragon wings 100 % chance (looks like flames )

Feb 28, 15 at 11:38am

Teleportation Device
Can teleport you to any place you discovered when you use it a map pops up and you can choose where to go. Crafted at mythril anvil
Uses ammo see recipe below

Crafted with :
5 teleporters
50 wires
3 levers
20 adamantite bars

Ammo called plasma batteries
Recipe :
90 wires
5 switches
Crafted at mythril anvil

Feb 22, 15 at 11:35am

60000 hp
normal speed

1. choots many eye laser
3.spawns eye of cuthulu per 20 secunds

first stage:he choots the eye lasers at you and chards

second stage:he begins to chard more rapidly and can not choot eye lasers but he spawns eye of cuthulu per 20 secunds

final stage:he starts geting red and chards 10 times rapidly andspawns 2 eye of cuthulu per 20 secund

how the boos looks like: he looks like a wery wery big eye ball and has the same color at cuthulu

he only can spawn in the sky by sommuning him

sommuning tool:white looking eye

tip:only spawns in the sky biome

sky biome: a place there everything is made of clouds

Feb 22, 15 at 8:40am

super fist of doom
464 melee damage
normal speed
slow knockback
tooltip:then you hit an enemy 2 stars is coming from the sky and deals 200 damage

crafting:90 iron bars
50 doom bars

only made on an adamentite anvil

tip:doom ore is found in locked golden chests

Feb 22, 15 at 8:17am

134 magic damage
very fast speed
average knockback
uses 11 mana

drooped from shroku

choku is a hard mode boss that have 500,00 hp

Choku`s attack:
1. choots blue muchrooms that deals 47 damage 5 times
2. chards 3 times
3. spawns angry bones 4 times

how to sommun:
need to find a red looking muchroom and breack it

muchroom spawns:
red muchroom spawns in the under ground jungle

Feb 22, 15 at 8:00am

Dungeon gardian boomerang
381 melee damage
Fast speed
Average knockback

1 bone key
1 skeletron mask

Feb 10, 15 at 9:28pm

9001 magic damage
insanely fast speed
insane knockback
100% critical strike chance
inflicts all debuffs
steals 500 life
uses 0 mana for each shot

crafted with
10 pieces of bacon
10 stars
10 souls of bacon

heals 500 life points
regen lasts forever

crafted with
10 stars
10 souls of bacon


dropped from
bacon man

bacon man
a hardmode boss
9001 health
attack points 100

crafted with
999 dirt

Feb 03, 15 at 5:17pm

Beam energy rifle

25 damage per second

You can hold down the button to rapidly fire it

Uses half a mana per second

Extremely fast

It shoots a dark red beam

25 souls of might
40 souls of light
5 illegal gun parts
25 titanium bars
12 hell forges
5 star cannons

Jan 27, 15 at 8:00am

quote Weye22
Is this still a thing?
if so i want a rifle that works and hits just like the clockwork rifle, but looks more like a bolt action rifle or something,

If you wouldnt mind doing this let me know
Good idea

Jan 26, 15 at 9:19pm

Is this still a thing?
if so i want a rifle that works and hits just like the clockwork rifle, but looks more like a bolt action rifle or something,

If you wouldnt mind doing this let me know

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